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Shoot: Band Part 2

Okay ready three two yes there we go let me I'm going to turn up the main light is three to one area yeah there I just turned up the main light just a little bit so you know it's just kind of a cool little grady look to that something different just add depth I don't know let's get the bass player do me a favor sit indian style on nothing important yes crisscross applesauce definitely a father I know what's going on with it look like I'm sure over the top of her when I have to do all that love it yeah let's turn it up a little more is not looking at you that's what we come above you okay tell me when there it is that way awesome look at our return into the light cool and well oh yeah you know it kind of cool little right okay they're good mystery gets your drummer what's up sticks you do some twirling picture this nineteen eighty nine big recording studio lots of drums first album what's our drummer doing he's popping sticks on catching him and rolling them and I'm like what do you do?

It is like telling play I don't like if you heard of time didn't matter it's okay what kind of down just like you know like lean forward yeah and that's kind of cool I like the okay then glance at me area yeah very studios like well one more hung and get all both your eyes in there three two one awesome we got all right so just doing some weird stuff let's try this can we pull that crazy weird triangle thing out yeah all right and we're going to use this maybe some or clear yeah well we'll kill it first yeah that's cool now I'm going to shoot all amy life so you know and hopefully get some power to it starting power a little bit I didn't change my I s o now up to about four hundred we're gonna knock my and let's go against this right here three guys let's just pretend they're a three piece and somebody said on that apple box pull it forward yeah there you go you know perfect it's like sit right there and coming up right cool you lean in cuba is going to do this let's I know you got it very soon yeah okay here we'll get really close it's like that yeah getting tighter like turn it in turn you know like that like that going keep getting closer closer closer come forward there there's uh keep folks in with the wrong button and I'm just reading my light meter now yeah a little bit more a little hot this is a cool black and white um you know let's do one here come here a little bit more come forward just one of you and scoot out guys we're seeing the individual yeah just sit down so he didn't have to lift it so much right now actually lean back a little bit come bring this sport I'm looking at the catch lights so they're right around the people there we go yeah that's kind of weird no I thank you and it's with glasses here next person that's all right, now back a little bit bring this forward a little bit you bring this like this a little bit more okay can somebody come and help you guys help on the side and I'm just looking at the catch lights and people's awesome on one more like that right here well that's hot cool okay and what's next my color balance is going to be a little weird and I'm thinking about this being black and white too well let's cast lights there so we're ready to kind of ah like no just straight up no straight up come here lean for right right there not that crazy relax three also I'm trying I'm trying to get extra troops straight on awesome well I have no idea what the color around so this is one reason using expletives used kelvin a lot of times I'll use kelvin get that we've got a request if the booth could zoom in on the eyes so that people could see those yeah catch light is exhumed in is always focused okay let's do something let's, try doing ok. Let's do the no yeah, that's what I want to do and we're going to use what you're naming it johnny and johnny really quick let's have a jacket or something. We're gonna light pretend we're doing the scene. This is something that we're going to do in the next segment, which is where I'm going to deconstruct some of my pictures that I've shot but because this is the rocks and we're going to do another one actually going to take a portrait of john using the same kind of lighting. But this is going to be done with it. Amy alight marine newsflash for him. So what's okay, I'm gonna need some volunteers, all right? Ready? And I mean where's that big mere if we bring it in. Okay, I'm going to set the scene. We're in a really bad bar. It's got a really stinky bathroom that's got, you know, internet use there's there's a mirror over the sink and it's got these fluorescent tubes that are just hanging because the lights fallout that's the scene for this picture what? Cheyenne station for like las vegas, you're a total shit hole bar on the edge of town great show. I didn't want to touch anything all right so I need some people to help me and once with a mere in here oh, there it is okay where is going to set it back here you got that oh my gosh look at this supergirl this's lacy are fearless lead producer for this week she's been putting it all together and she's now here's the weird thing we need let's use this use this later but it'll it'll kind of mimic what we're doing um we're surrounded with white just picked us up at the depot the depot all right you know this is going to be facing you you're facing me and facing now I need somebody holding one of these things like this way and charles you were there come back come back yeah like that and there's that no but let's let's see brings even closer you know and this is going to be weird because we dim the army in is it possible? I don't know if I'm gonna be able to pull this off with these kind of lights without it being in a dark bathroom without any lights and there were now you can see it. Yeah ok so now let's see how it's got a little bit of a kicker there? You know? Yeah let's use it who? Where's where's my broken here we're going to do something different who to you just in case and even back closer the mere no like go like push your thing all the way back yes ok that's good all right let's see this wait you know that's kind of cool what china india and they'll turn your head towards me by the way thanks trip right there right there it was kind of heaven pretty cool pretty cool here let me get someone in here can you get it's like put those like so they're almost against the wall like that yeah and turn it into it late right so it's like opportunites like a white that's yeah vanity mirror exactly there we go okay now mrs shower okay cool yeah it's pretty cool you open up when we're shooting and I s o well let's not get up to eight hundred just to give me a little bit warned off the field that's kind of cool people this back here yeah actually was that on the mirror let's pull it up let's just get her a little bit better yeah they're gonna start their love it looks for having three to one cool yeah cool and you were just out of that mirror that you're holding up there is it just is just really yeah just a mere hand me or anything if I don't this is what I'm doing with this thing that like it's a broken mirror and a good strip so it's really small if this was all open to be perfect but I mean I could pull the duct tape off was saying can we just hold that up and let people see you? Yeah here your home exactly oh that's why we should use gaffer's tape well, the thing is like six ninety nine it won't work ok, where is my give me the thing I don't hear this yes, I love swelling happy father's day then what is up with these jeans about these jeans like energy and yeah okay yeah great check that cool getting closer to in closer and anguish like see that but no shadow right there oh oh okay, look serious though kind of right straight serious writer so kind of a fun little you know anybody can do this that's awesome and ingenuity we get a little bit of information about the sticks of light letter being hoping john come on in here. I need those um they're just led tubes that are sold as replacement for fluorescent tubes except there's no ballast on him so I just sauterne and a c court to each end of, um on dh I've actually have how to make him on my blog's so it's corner cello dot com slash it figures one word and I think it's the second post down is how to make it more to get the parts and the moral of the story is have friends that know how to build stuff right on, they stay nice and cool. I mean, any questions for you guys about this? You were in the audience, it's, just, you know, this's car, sliding yourself, cars in ernest hemingway. I mean, these kind of that's, where this lightning style kind of comes from, and we're going to do with flashes and grids. The next segment with john is my subject and make it was like those old, rich portrait ce. You know, when he's going to be the most interesting man in the world.

Class Description

Hack Your Light is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join award-winning photographer Chuck Arlund for an introduction to innovative lighting methods that result in breathtaking, dynamic images.

Chuck’s methods will enrich the work of a wide variety of photographers, whether you’re a natural light photographer trying to incorporate off camera lighting into your work, a studio photographer wanting to work on location, or a beginner looking to take your work to the next level.

As Chuck guides you through ways to make a photograph you’ve mentally envisioned into a reality, he’ll give you the confidence you need to fearlessly approach approach lighting not as an exact science, but as an art.



I just watched the rebroadcast of Hack Your Light with Chuck Arlund and at first wondered if I would get anything out of the class as he seemed ADD (he warns you he's scattered and a "blond"...LOL) but I stuck with class and by the end was sad it was over. I have a few years experience in photography so I could perhaps understand what he was teaching better than a true beginner. He gave some fabulous points and even demonstrated how you could overpower the sun with one speedlight something I've only seen others do with a strobe or multiple speedlights. He took some awesome pictures without thousands of dollars in camera and lighting equipment. He explained the difference between the portrait and the fashion look. He showed you could potentially go above your camera sync and still get a decently exposed pictured without high speed sync. Best of all he reminded me of the principles that it's the photographer not the camera/equipment that makes the difference, it's all about the light and most of all photography should be FUN! This was one of the most awesome demonstrations of lighting. I would love take a workshop from Mr. Arlund as he is obviously very talented and passionate about photography and knows his subject even is his explanations aren't practiced. Some found him frustrating; I found him refreshing. If you like experimental you will probably appreciate Chuck Arlund.


I have been a pro photographer for 30 years, and I loved watching Chuck and even learned quite a few things. He is creative and enthusiastic, and reminds you to think outside the box and get back to the enthusiasm you had when you first picked up your camera. He certainly knows what he is doing, and he has fun doing it...