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De-Ghosting for HDR

Debbie had asked, is this work with sports photography? But that probably wouldn't be or what do you think you can? Technically, yeah, and take a leak they could move to, because because you khun do the de ghosting, which is we're going to cover, we're going to cover that, too. When we get into a time mapping, in fact, you know, I could jump in and go to second to do it quickly. Ghost is this is something that photo shop does really well and, um, other, uh, other applications like I also have de ghosting, so we're just waiting for these to load up here. So here's three photographs here that I've shot here and this is gonna happen real quick is e j pegs so you'll be happy to know that I have some of the images I have reduced in size we can get through quicker. So this is downtown early and it's actually pretty horrible photograph if I can be honest but it doesn't matter. It's going toe suit. Our purpose in is going to close these out. What's emerging. Okay, I say we get we get three sho...

ts there to over two under. And that's ghosting and the car's ghosting. So what we do is we click on the little option here's his removed ghosts and well off he goes to gone and you can see we got a little green around the bottom here is telling us this is the image that we're using as the de ghosting image. So the question comes well, what if you wanted to keep the guy in there? Then we can click here and said, okay, let's, keep the guy and keep the car here so you can see that that's that's a basic de coasting and at that point we go on, we do everything else. Let me show you a more extreme example that is going to blow your mind because I was actually experimenting with this and kind of show that one because it's times square too many things on their uh so let me just show you that I was playing around last night because I wanted to see how good is this de ghosting really, you know, is because I'm pretty impressed, you know, every now and then, you know, adobe just does something ablaze my mind this is one of them and that was an introduce mencius five so here we go, this isn't miami and you know, you might see some reflections on the glass which you can see right now, but now that before attention till you be looking for because I shooting through a window so here's a drawbridge, right? So I've got a bracketed exposure of this broken sir, but then I also had this boat guys through and being the crafty person, and so you can see the reflection there take the strap off the camera next time I was using a tripod, so because of that, I've got this amazing amount of stability, so all my shots were there. So what I'm going to do here is I'm gonna merge these three images, but if you look at the regular exposure there, I'm not going to use the one from that I'm actually going to select the over and under exposed ones from this, and instead of this john, I'm going to choose is big honking great ship going through there? Do you think that's going to cause some ghosting? What do you think so let's, go in here and I'm gonna murder justo hdr and this's gonna merge here and I'm just gonna close these kind closes out while it's working. By the way, when your computer is merging, these files is working really hard and it doesn't do much else, so here we go, what do you think you think it's a good thing going on there? Who's the ghost the young or the tank I think this super tankers not a supertanker but it's the ship so all of a sudden we get this yacht here that there's a giant tank of going in there so I don't know I mean that looks like some serious ghosting to me so I'm gonna click on removed ghosts and you know it's like you say you know we can see what we can do there's that boat there's a boat you start to see the ship coming in a little bit there but not there we get a boat there and we get a shipping now I mean it's not perfect is a little bit of you know grunge in there but if we would pull it down a little bit you can kind of see you know that's kind of pushing it to the limit the limit but you can see I mean that's a pretty good de ghosting in there so you know shouldn't tommy's sock it sock again? You probably could. Okay, but let me ask you a question do you need to shoot that? Because you know typically you would be able to capture that inside the sensor inside that you know a really good stops eleven stops of your camera I mean, do you need to hdl? Because sometimes people say you know the one in each day because I want to do the term that perfect and we'll look at the time mapped effect as an effect in a little bit. You can do that from a single image. He couldn't do that from a row a file, you can create a tone, mate. Look it's, not hdr, but it's, a time that look that look like it was processed in hd are so, you know, avoid movement. But if you've got it, you know, as you can see here, the ghost removal is pretty done and powerful.

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Colin will teach you his wildly popular 3-step process to Extend the dynamic range of any photograph. Bring out detail in the shadows and highlights to make a photograph so real, it will pop off the screen. Learn how to shoot, merge and tone map using Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix and more. Make your photographs stand out from the crowd.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0