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Oh, internet welcome to hdr in photo shopped here a creative live I am jim kentucky and I will be your host today for a few minutes. We're going to do a little pre show and please let us know when our chat rooms where you can hear us and see us, okay? And without any further ado, I'd like to introduce our instructor today, mr colin smith. Hello, colin, how are you? Don't get how you I'm very well, thank you. Welcome back to creative life. It's. Good to be back. You've been you've been here a bunch, haven't you? Actually sending my second time. Second time? It seems like you're, you know, old old friend of the family. It's always, always good to have you. And I'm excited for both days, I think, yeah, I think we're gonna have a really good time. All right. Hey, you guys out there in our chat rooms, please let us know where you're coming from and what your name is. And we'd like to thank you for being out there today. And we also have an in studio audience member who I'd like to introduce...

. Christina, can you please good morning. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and about where we can find you online? Sure good morning my name's christina rudely you confine me on b hance currently www dot be hands dot net slash c rew plea on and I'm super excited here I love photo shop I love hdr and I want more ideas of how to do it so I'm super excited fantastic so call in I know that you live down south a little south of l a but it's not quite not quite putting it together with your accent that's funny yeah that's very from very south southern hemisphere okay so tell me were you originally from from new zealand offense how fantastic that's cool and how did you get how did you get into this? Like what was your start in photography and designer all that kind of stuff? Well actually I started off in design a designer and it's just kind of doing stuff there working in magazines and doing different kind of commercial design work and at that time I became senior editor of a magazine and I was working you know, obviously with photographers is our director creative director etcetera. And it was kind of funny because that time people were shooting film and I actually send out a notice to all of our photographer said if we will not accept digital files only on ly scans because the digital camera just weren't there yet right the quality of the digital photos were just like really terrible yeah on dh later on. As you know, digital started getting better, started tio, transfer more today, and I was actually doing to some of them photography as well, shooting film. Okay, before our transition double digital, and then it all kind of came together. And then I started going out instead of writing books and doing a lot of different stuff, and people started asked me to come and speak at conventions and stuff like that. So right when the whole world was transitioning from film to digital, you know, I was out, you know, teaching a lot of people about the digital work flow, right, and howto transition over, you know, teaching a lot of photographers, how to take the traditional techniques and apply them to photography, is in digital cameras, and photoshopped is your new doctor.

Class Description

Colin will teach you his wildly popular 3-step process to Extend the dynamic range of any photograph. Bring out detail in the shadows and highlights to make a photograph so real, it will pop off the screen. Learn how to shoot, merge and tone map using Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix and more. Make your photographs stand out from the crowd.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0