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I want to thank you guys out there on the internet for joining us today. It's been just a fantastic class without you guys out there, you know, we wouldn't be able to do what we do in here, so appreciate all the great questions on the support you guys have been giving calling and us in the chat rooms today. So thanks for joining us, kristina. Thank you again. Your your said earlier you're our student of the month because you've been learning so much stuff I could imagine totally, totally investing my indication here. Amazing. Yeah. It's it's pretty fantastic having you and colin. Thank you as well. Like I said, this all this stuff really inspires me to teo to do this to do this kind of work. So thank you very much, sir. And what's. Great. As we get you back again tomorrow and I see what you're doing. Can you give us a little preview of what we may be doing tomorrow, please, sir? Tomorrow I'm gonna look at this that's a little teaser, but this is a little little toy. This is part of wha...

t you know we're going to do on dh. This here is a quadcopter and it's used for aerial photography and video, so I struck a little gopro in there and fly that thing around just kind of just recently got that's kind of a new thing for me but what we're really going to be looking at tomorrow is we're going to be looking at video and motion graphics inside of photo shop so we're going to be looking at editing video and it's surprisingly easy and surprisingly powerful to video inside of photo shop so can actually create around movies coming together put music and titling and all that kind of stuff then we can also look at some motion graphics we're gonna even look a little bit of three d compositing three d and flutter shop and even animating three d inside of photo shop and mixing the rial things with I'm really things inside of footage so it's really useful not just for photographers because part of what we're focusing on the real emphasis is a dslr stuff I'll be talking about you know how to set up your camera has take the right shots the right kind of camera moves to do and not do when you're shooting video I will touch on a little area of a target but also if you are you know a business person nothing more powerful than video to promote your business to give you an example you know I have a youtube channel and I don't even know put that much attention into it but on my youtube channel have had over three million well not quite but almost three million views and you know how much it cost me to put that up? Don't nothing s o how much the cost to serve that video? Dona so this is a great way for you you to promote your business to the second most popular search engine, which is youtube second, google youtube is the second largest search engine, very powerful place for you to promote your business for target feel, you know, baking cakes, whatever you do with the power of video and that's what we're going to be doing then you guys so tune in that's going to be nine o'clock tomorrow morning, you're going to learn the power of video and motion graphics in photoshopped delivered to you by the great instructor colin smith on dh if you enjoyed it today as much as I did and you've been watching and some of this stuff has been inspiring you please please consider purchasing the class. You know, I know having access to this type of education when you're trying to learn something is invaluable. So you know, normally it is seventy nine dollars, but until the end of the live event and actually I think till the end of the day tomorrow at nine a m you can purchase it for fifty nine dollars, so please consider that and if you're ready to do that now, just scroll down the page right there, under your video is the big green by bun. Break out your credit card and think seriously about hitting it, and with that, we will see you tomorrow morning. Nine a. M with motion graphics and video in photo. Shop with colin smith and with that. Thank you.

Class Description

Colin will teach you his wildly popular 3-step process to Extend the dynamic range of any photograph. Bring out detail in the shadows and highlights to make a photograph so real, it will pop off the screen. Learn how to shoot, merge and tone map using Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix and more. Make your photographs stand out from the crowd.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0