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Add a Title in Adobe Premiere Pro

And we're gonna talk about adding a title. You couldn't add titles in After Effects. After Effects is another Adobe piece of software that you can actually do much more in the way of creating titles, and that kind of stuff. But I think I've thrown a lot at you. I'm gonna show you a simple way of adding a title inside of Premiere. It's really, really easy. I'm gonna find that part where he introduces himself. So we are gonna recreate this title here. To make it easy for me I'm just gonna copy... the font, real quick, so I'm gonna find that font again. So I'm gonna delete that. So I'm gonna move my play head to the beginning of where I want that title to show up. So I'm gonna come up to title on Premiere Pro. I'm gonna add a title. Now default's still roll or crawl. Still, it's just gonna stay there, go up, show down. Roll, it's gonna come bottom to top, Crawl, then go left to right. Or it's gonna go across your screen. I like still, it's just simple. I'm gonna go okay, and I'm gonna cal...

l this Ivan. Alright, so now I get this frame. So if I wanted to, it's really neat, it's really cool, I just grab text. Just make a text box and then paste my text in there. And then I can resize this. Move this down. I can do what I want with it. And then I just kick out of it. And I've got that title right here. It's in my bin. I've gotta take it and drag it across into my timeline. So now I can go ahead and fit it into that space. So if I play it... It's there. What we're gonna do though is, I want it to fade in and fade out. So in order for me to do that, I'm just gonna come into effects. So go to my effects window. I'm gonna find a video transition. I'm gonna go to dissolve and I'm just gonna toss a cross-dissolve at the beginning of it and at the end of it. So here I'll do this. And then I'll just toss a cross-dissolve there, and just pull it down. That way now when I play it, He comes up, comes down. Simple titling. Doesn't require a lot of time, a lot of effort. At this point we want to get out. We're so close to the finish line. We just want to get out. Let's not worry about how pretty the titles look. Let's get them in and get them out. Now it's off to the races, because now I'm gonna go in and lay in a graphic. Let's shrink this down a little bit. We tossed in his logo, we tossed in some information about the place, and then we give our credit to the company that gave us the music. So each one of these things was a still that I dragged in. When it came to Ivan's logo, here's the logo, so let's get rid of that, actually I'll just move these... Out of the way real quick. So again I drag this in. Oh hey, it's too big. It's okay. Just click it. You can do...the same way we did the other one, just drag it down. Scale it down. How are we doing? We good? Yeah, what's up? Can you go into how you got that image file into Premiere? Oh, yeah. Did you just import that in? Or where you got that from? Yeah I just imported it. I'm gonna go into my project. If I just click at import, I'm gonna go to where it is in my project folder and just click import and it puts it right in. Is it an AI? Yeah it's an AI. This AI is black so I ended up having to pull it into Photoshop and flipping it, making it inverse. So here's this one, here's the ping. Just like that. So in the case of... Just so that I show you everything, the Photoshop lo- the logos in AI I decided I can open up in Photoshop, So let's see here... Let's just go ahead and dump this into Photoshop. It's gonna open it up. And then here, just command I. When you save it out, save it as a ping. Because if you save it as a PNG, it will take less space, and it's uncompressed, and it's transparent, so it will show up in the video really nicely. So there is a ping format right here, PNG. Save it. I don't want a compression. Click okay. And then it's popping out right there.

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"A tumultuous amount of technique and process info given by Victor in this class. Just wonderful. Well done." - Michael UK

Creating a film or video is a decision-making process from beginning to end. From what type of story you want to create, where to film, how to capture audio, editing your story together - the entire process can be overwhelming and confusing. Victor Ha will make this process attainable by laying out the foundation to set yourself up for success in the planning and pre-production phases. Victor will show you how effective planning can make your shoot and edit faster and easier. Understanding this workflow and adding video to your portfolio can increase your business and expand your creative offerings. In this class, Victor will cover:

  • Pre-production techniques like creating shot lists and shoot schedules 
  • How to use your DSLR to capture video 
  • Capturing the right footage for the edit 
  • How to piece together a rough cut in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 
  • Producing multiple pieces from one shoot 
This class will take you step by step from concept to completion so that you can begin creating films with your clients and friends within 48 hours.

"Love this class! Victor really knows how to break things to simple language so you understand and retain. He also teaches you all the fundamentals before you ever fire up your camera. Victor is Ha-mazing!" - Jerry Suhrstedt


Beatriz Stollnitz

Victor is an incredible instructor, clearly passionate about teaching videography to photographers. His teaching style is engaging and energetic, and the content is interesting and useful. I was very fortunate to be part of the audience for this course.

Lynne Harty

Victor is a wonderful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher - I learned so much. Thank you.