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Conversation 1: Finding People in Need

So jeremy, where shall we start today with their topic of finding people in need or do you want tio step back and just talk about how we got to r your idea of help portrait back in the beginning? Uh yeah, I guess uh either way works for me. Um uh you know, I guess we'll just start with the beginning. I just, you know, a couple of years ago wanted tio do something with photography, something with my camera toe help the community at large and us that we we decided to put together event in nashville we had about ten photographers we photographed about think sixty people and the venerable went really well and what I was surprised by how much it meant to us, um, way thought we were going on, you know, helping people and serving but really had a bigger impact on us as photographers and the people we're serving it was just this amazing experience of true community. And so after way made a video put that video up on facebook and had a huge response from other photographers saying, hey, if you ...

ever do this again, I would love tio participate and so that's kind of when I knew that, you know, this really could be a larger a larger movement of people around the country, and so we spent all of two thousand nine planning for last year's event and so last year was the first global event and we had obviously a a big response and so here we are this year and I'm very very excited to be doing this for a second annual event so and jeremy who do you have joining us today on your side yes this is uh wonderful any downs two on the right and lori mahan on the left laura is our publicist and any is our ninja uh she does she does uh many many things she writes for she helps out with the blog's she helps out with social media she does a lot to stop so they are my main to my main helpers and we have another gun in culture and well we have lots of other people but any and lauren will be helping today so anyway you alright fantastic well did you have any initial thoughts from from yourself on how you initially approached finding people in need which is our topic today yeah well it's kind of a vague I understand how big that statement is finding people need a lot of people say what does that mean a lot of people think it's fun and you know they think it's only homeless and that's not the case that I'll let me really help fortune is about doing photography for people who never even dream of having that chance people who don't have access to photographers people who just wouldn't be on the radar on dh so that could be anybody from the homeless to you know women that in abuse shelter too aren't you know retired army that's too you know children and a children's hospital uh really runs the camera and people have we didn't have people she uh that's uh help them find a home we've had vince you know in the middle of africa to help kids get adopted I mean it really can be applied to any situation or anyone that you need and so we're also encouraging you know we're looking at ways to get involved with disaster relief you know one of disaster hits and people lose their homes and their their pictures I'd love for you know help orchard events to show up at the right time obviously and provide any new photos from families so there's a lot of different ways that people can find people in need we strongly encourage people to partner with non profits is usually nonprofits already have all the people in place that a lot of times they even have a shelter and so that's usually the most organized and efficient way to do it but it doesn't have to be in and you can even go photograph literally your next door neighbor and help them if you if you feel that that would be a nice gift for them so so yeah that's kind of the idea that helps definitely um I thought it could be you know useful it's we um get some questions coming in as well but if we wanted to talk are seattle team about some of the things efforts that we've been making um this year and how we've approached it um so maxine minister I'm sure yeah so we've kind of been utilizing a lot of different avenues one of the ways that we did it last year is I wasn't personally connected with some of those populations and whatnot so what I did is I actually just a google search and I looked for low income housing in seattle and so actually found the low income housing institute and so it was actually a cold call and I basically found the volunteer coordinator e mailed him and we ended up actually partnering with them last year at lake city and we served probably about sixty families I believe from that area so um you know don't underestimate the power of google that's one option and that's when I share from other sure um for me it was actually a much different situation where um, there's actually a place right next door to my church that they've been talking if that's actually shared a parking lot was once cases where you know the hell porter stuff came up and I was like you know this place seems like a really cool place because it was a family service center they have people in and out so I just talked to our contact there and um it happened that they're actually having their open house the week before so it was actually just you know really easy situation where um you know I talked to them and you know they're excited about and basically just gave us a space doing it and it was nice because we don't have to take care of a lot of the other details that law these other events have to dio because we just had to sit there and take photographs and print them and stuff so it was much easier in my case we worked with ah city foundation last year and um uh I have previously volunteered with um with them before so it's kind of um just getting reconnected and it was really more about finding uh organization that I was passionate about passion passionate about working with um so that kind of came easily and and I had a great team so so yeah I think you know finding organizations are the idea is that you're passionate about is really I think something that we've we've talked about a lot um I have a question from the internet jeremy from the chat room and clark baron is asking without directly using the term people in need what would you say would be the best way to initially approach someone that you wanted to photograph for help portrait without inferring that we think they're in need summing sense right that's a good question and obviously you never have to use that term I mean it's really you making I think it's about you making that judgment call and just you know if you really because you know how much it's fund balance we don't want to encourage free photography this isn't about telling the photo industry that you need to go start giving away your services for free you know this is really about like I said earlier finding people who would never even have access to this you know who would never even be able to afford cheap photography on dh so it's really about you making a judgment call and making that decision say hey I don't know if you know walking up to somebody or approaching some minutes they had I don't know if you'd be interested but I'm I'm helping people this this christmas with what portrait's and so wondering if you could be interested in so you know I think it's just obviously up to you and the person you're approaching and but you never want to embarrass him or make them feel that they're you know less or whatever it's really just about helping people and making sure that comes across yeah I think that dana in the chat room put rephrased it pretty well she says people in need may be rephrasing it as people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to have a custom portrait done well we're already but affected but yeah exactly you know essentially I mean that's kind of what really touches me when I watch the videos and I watch for example there's a video about dallas and showing people actually talking about what it really means to them to have just photograph taken and it's people who you know were there twenty people who have a family who have never been together for a formal portrait and um I think that you know but that's definitely when you're approaching people could be a better way to go about it yeah absolutely I have a question from dana in the chat room and this is something a topic that I kind of wanted to discuss with you as well which which is I think it's very two very different two very different notions to be planning looking for organizations to partner with where you're going to go to their site and be on site working with them versus doing something from a larger perspective in a city where you're trying to get organizations to help bring people to that site and so that's that's also question from dana is any thoughts and whether it is more effective to try to arrange one large group and then spread to various locations and charities to photograph or is it more effective to have one master group together coordinate resource is and then spread out to make sure that everyone has enough help to make sure their event a success yeah that's that's a really good question and I mean the quick answer is I think there isn't necessarily a more efficient way it really depends on how you want to do it I mean last year in nashville tennessee we had a really large venue we probably had about twenty photographers and we combined many many non profits we even had all my friends literally running out into the street because we're right downtown nashville so we had friends literally running out into the streets and finding uh homeless people and say hey do you want some free food some clothes some three pictures do you want to just come out company hang with us and so they would drop them drive them in and so not only would they get their pictures taken but they get free food uh you know they would give them clothes and they would get their picture taken hang out with their friends we'd frame their photos and send them away with you know hole to me I like it if it going beyond pictures I like that they're really making this a day of kind of pampering you know where they get fed you know a lot of a lot of events give flowers to the women we try to pile on as much as we can just to really really make their day and help them out as much as possible on dso you know a lot of people find it more effective to do smaller events with just a few photographers and a few people there helping and a lot of people love the community aspect of getting tons and tons of people in their intends of photographers so you can't really say there's um there's a way that's more efficient I think it depends on the city and it depends on the nonprofit cousin not some nonprofit they're very home you know they have to be very sensitive to the people that they're bringing and so they might they might ask that you know only their their group is served and that's totally cool so I think it just depends on the situation yeah I agree I think we are james specifically has gone about it both ways and so right now because we only found out that we would have a large location to utilize recently were now in in sort of the the mode of reaching out tio a whole bunch of organizations and trying to see which ones are actually he committed as well to working with us because I think when there's so many people out there in need but um it also takes an organization that is willing to help you sort of coordinate as well and I wanted to ask you about some of the resource is seeing some people asking in the chat room but some of the resource is that your organization has provided on your website for helping people um understand how to go about this or tools for templates and such in terms of emails and uh cold calls and such wait what what can we find when we go to the hell portrait site tio help as templates in terms of reaching out to organizations yeah I mean just this morning we posted a small medium and large map template so a lot of people they love the idea of hell portrait but they still don't know what that looks like and so um they can go to our web site and download those templates to view what the events of like and I think the biggest thing that was for people that we have a few videos on youtube on the front page of hell portrait dot com and I think the biggest thing is for people to send non profits and linked to these videos because nonprofits a lot of times don't get what we're trying to explain to them and so the best thing is just say hey watches video this is hell portrait happening and you can see you can see it live and then they'll call you back and say oh I get it now you're you're truly just this is truly just in active service you know we're not broadcasting these photos everywhere this is really just giving people pictures a lot of times for the first time so so yeah we do have a lot of resource is on our website on we've got a new block post going up every day this week so we're tryingto answer questions and as quick as we can and we also have the community website up so people can find you know a lot of times people say I want to do this but I don't know how to get involved so they can get our community website do a search for their city in the groups and that will you know that where they confined the schedule event of the dallas event or the malaysia that whatever um and they can you know coordinate with other people in their community so awesome and you know I wanted to point out that they're yesterday's post was howto find a nonprofit partner and that was the block post that you guys put up and so um frank lazarow who who helped organize a help portrait atlanta wrote a great block post and actually also includes an excerpt from his email um that he used to send out tio kind of cold emails to organizations to reach out to and I think that's also something that our group decided tio because we were organizing some events in seattle but there's tons of other people in seattle who are doing their own events we decided that we could kind of come together and be a sort of a resource of information and so we also put together a blogger where we're posting similar type things for other people in seattle so for people with ar the cold calls that we've made and again those templates where e mails that we can share with each other to share with other people to say make it easier and speed up the process but police in this is blocked both because we're all about sharing content with the community so if you are if you guys or anyone out there out there listening if you'll put together good content the weekend share from the larger website please let us know because we're always looking for ways to help the community at large so definitely keep us posted seattle and everybody else yep and and the hashtag hashtag help portrait is also kind of a great forum for in twitter four people spreading information spreading there links to their blog's I've seen already for people have already started to do events because maybe we can talk about that as well it doesn't have to necessarily be on december fourth we're uh and so so utilizing that hash tag is another place for community you cannot fake it out something sure um so one thing one other reason why we also were working on collaboration with in the seattle area was also to make sure that people were hitting the same resource is over and over again which is sort of important one here you know like a larger area like seattle because you know um you know everyone has the same photo shop or people hit the same stores or other things and they get confused because they're like well help portrait's already talked to us who are you guys and so it's nice to keep a level of communication together so that people know who people been talking to and also areas where people might know other people that need help and things like that so so every question from as betsy lackey in the chat room um and she says did you ever block or publish your help portrait photos do we need to keep everything secret even though even if their story is worth blogging to impact others that is an amazing question where you were all laughing over here because it's a really tough thing for us and this is very important for me to explain um in the beginning the reason that I'm in my team chose to encourage not to show the photos is that I didn't want people throwing up photos on flicker for number of reasons number one to respect the privacy of the people were shooting in case you know there's somebody in need that you know doesn't want doesn't want their photos broadcast and doesn't want to broadcast that they're poor they're maybe you know not in a good place and so but number two I didn't want photographers to get the wrong idea that this was about them because this really isn't about good lighting or good photo shop work or hdr would at whatever it is it's really truly not about us and so that was the original reason that we chose those two reasons were while we said let's not sure the photos now but what happened last year and here's the problem is that for three weeks straight after december of last year people were emailing me their personal stories and it's pretty mind blowing what happens at these events on both sides of the camera and the stories air really really phenomenal and so now as a is a team we so badly would love to show the photos but we you know we can't guess that's our that's our kind of base moral code but we do understand that there's these amazing stories happening there's these amazing photos and so it's a it's a tough thing yeah I mean if here's my take I mean if this subject if the subject is absolutely ok with their photo being shared and they know that their photos going online if there's permission even a model release on how encourage if all those things were taken care of you know we're not going to be mad if somebody shares a photo and I know that it's like I said it's a really hard balance but I mean if this subjects okay with it if the story is powerful and it helps get the help portrait message out there I personally I'm ok with it so I know that's a long answer your question but I hope that helps that's a very good question but it is I think yeah definitely a sensitive topic that e we just you discussed last year as well along um have questioned from craig m in the chat room how would you handle people obviously taking advantage meaning people who are obviously not in need say it's a big public event like you did in nash the last year sort of the test event did you have did you in curtain encounter that at home you know I mean people are you know people are good hard they know this is an event about giving back I'm sure that when you're doing when you're talking about a lot of them you know last year with seven hundred locations and forty countries so surely there's going to be people that take advantage and you know it's gonna happen so we're not going to be we're not going to be police about this you know use your is your own judgment and uh you know I think you'd be fun so and a question from frozen reflections are we and we touched on this a little bit earlier are we holding hp events once a year on the same day or can we host events at other times say mother's day yeah sorry some of these air really good questions well first of all there are already a lot of how poor shipments that happened around the year on dso as a as a movement is a you know non profit we we think that doing the worldwide global event one day a year we think that there's something really magic about that and there's something that really brings the community together um to deal one year works from a marketing perspective you know where one day worldwide event um and you know also doing it around the holiday season between thanksgiving and christmas I think is a really crucial time to do it because everybody's already wanting to get back somehow and for photographers to naturally be able to use the cameras is just a perfect it but we do think there's something asking them to shut the door we do think there's something really magic about doing this is a one day event so that being said we have no problem with people doing events other times of the year but as far as a global movement for now at least worse we're sticking to one day we might be working on something else that I can't talk about yet but which yeah I can't go there yet but but yeah for now we're focusing on december event and so but if if people want to do other events around the year them and that's awesome so great I have a question from lutfi and we in the chat room we touched on this earlier but is the event focused on lee in groups of photographers or can you just go for it alone and if you're going for it alone do you have any any suggestions yeah in fact I think we posted a blawg last year uh any is gonna put it the link in the chat room right now but we did post a block post about if you're doing this by ourselves and of course we encourage people to do this better selves that they're want to in fact I think it's a really a powerful way to do it because you're getting that personal one on one connection with people however there is something really powerful about coming together with other photographers because that way you're establishing community among your your friends and your competition and you're you're you know we like to say community uh two directions one across the camera with your sedatives and one you know pay a lot of the camera with your other photographers so yeah do you guys have any questions in the audience just wanted to or anything coming from twitter dd um so if I haven't really seen any questions there was a good comment from susie bill photo um saying that nursing homes are great too they're often for gotten um as a note um one of the events that steven worked on last year's actually um related to nursing homes and those air actually by far the most excited people he worked with last year so very enthusiastic wait you can't argue with the nursing homes being is in a lot of people did work with nursing on last year so yeah we hardly highly encourage that I can see that being a lot of fun big hit so I saw earlier in the chat room is well somebody suggesting veterans homes and another something that we talked about as well was where's were close to fort lewis was um thinking about if there would be a way to photograph families of of officers who are abroad um and and having them be able to deliver those portrait ce of the families to two people who are serving our country elsewhere so think that would be an awesome project on and that's actually something that we should we had looked into potentially doing at another time of year as well yeah I mean that literally just gave me chills and then I think people did that last year but yeah I mean cheating families you have a dad or a mom serving overseas and in iraq or afghanistan or wherever I mean that that is amazing that couldn't be more excited about that idea I mean that children's hospitals nursing homes like we just discussed all of these are amazing ways to serve and yeah it's just I love it disaster relief like I talked about before all of these things are really cool cool ways toe get involved so good because yeah a question that actually came up in one of our planning meetings that we had recently we have this sort of a one o one for anyone who is interested in planning a hell portrait of that not just our team but other folks in seattle um the question came from salmon he was he was wondering you know as you know there's two things you need to do what you need to find people in need but to you also need to gather volunteers people who are willing to help out at these events and so his question was around you know in what order would you suggest doing that because you do secure the location first or do you go out and find the volunteers first and do you have any suggestions about that balance oh nothing it typically works best to find the location first um find out we're going to shoot but how much space you're gonna have and then start looking at nonprofits and figuring out you know again how many people you're gonna be able to work with uh we just did it again yeah they're they're they're grand with me on location first because a lot of times I mean if you get if you call a non profit and they have five hundred subjects to work with and then you can't find this based a house five hundred people in one hundred photographers and volunteers and you're gonna be up the creek so definitely encourage people toe father space first reach out among photographers first and then work on the finding the people in need some wanted to pass along jeremy am a comment from clark baron in the chat room is suggesting an idea that he in alabama is working alongside a teen shelter to shoot crate of senior school portrait's for teens and orphans who would never have a chance otherwise which I think is awesome as well yeah I love it that's that's huge and something that our team had talked about two was uh the potential of photographing even if it's just a family are there other scenarios in that in that photo session that you could do is well so say some mom looking for work who needs a head shot I know craig we've talked about that as well it could we do a station that's just people people who are looking for work and now so much is online um that you're sharing your head shot is that you know is that another idea um let's see yeah I mean I think I think that's a great I t a gridded teo you know if somebody is as been unemployed out of work and they really mean to head shot I think that's a great use I mean again it's a it's a fine line and we don't want we don't want to start saying that help portrait is a movement of free head shots you know right this isn't about free photography but yeah I mean if somebody really really just needs a simple had shot get there to get back on their feet and mean by all means them then let's do that so I think that's great and jeremy have a question for you from j c for life uh do you encourage organizer's to physically invite people or can you just rely on hanging the posters if you go out do you give a lot of details about hair and makeup when you're talking to these organizations yeah I mean we try to let them know that hair makeup people will be there is that the women can know that they're going to be taken care of and that they're going to look amazing and we do encourage the nonprofits to really be aggressive about spreading the word and so because we have rent events before where we have you know thirty photographers show up ready to go and about ten people show up to be photographed which makes for a really awkward day uh so yeah way we have encouraged both sides the photographers and the nonprofits to be aggressive about spreading the word to the community and getting people they're so great and I have a question from who I believe is zacarias in in the chat room uh and he's saying can you speak about other ways photographers can help I know for me I'm busy on the fourth but I make my I can make my gear available tio help portrait groups in atlanta or that he does do that so yeah sure it's another another thought for photographers who can't actually be there that day I'm sorry who is second I can't I can't uh zack is a very good friend of mom and a ridiculous photographer and teacher and he looks really good so that's most important sorry um so uh well yeah I'm getting back to the question um yes there are a lot of ways photographers can help but they can't be there I mean yeah toe to allow their studios to be used to allow their care to be used to great questions that still thinking through that um yeah interest about I mean really really spreading the word yeah through social media obviously photographers as much as they much they can tweet and blogged about it and spread the word you know facebook all that good stuff off the donation of gear and studio time all that good stuff it's awesome and what's up yeah I mean you know I have to again you know I have to do it december fourth you can do it whenever you want were doing earlier this year so that the subjects will have time to mill their photos to their mom or to you know overseas to iraq because I'm sure we did in december twelfth and it was a little a little late in the game and so we wanted to push it up a week this year so people could have time to do whatever they wanted so good question mr areas that is um just the ability to actually ask them to reach out to their network so especially if their portrait photographers a wedding photographers they might already have connections with hair stylist and makeup artists as well so right I would say I have another question from elvis in the chat room and that is is there a flyer or poster or some other faa cue sheet that I can print up to take along with me to help people who aren't familiar with how portrait better understand what I'm trying to dio and I just wanted to ask specifically about that building on that question I believe you did have posters that you've you've put on your website is that correct of with that you could print out and post somewhere so you have provided a template yes uh and he said that she could answer that question so I don't want you go teo help fortune dot com back so much downloads and with that wink in the chaplain there are or different three different posters you can down also if there's if you're going to accompany questions answered there's also a frequently asked question on stage and said he committed print that out take that with you and they can read that and that will help them understand that project is long great thank you handsome as questions that air coming through about well let's say let me get back to this one farren is asking how do you approach the sensitiveness of people who have no home to display the photo uh you would be very very surprised at the answer to that because he won't be a moment for about last year when you and he's going to tell you all the story that relates to that question after last year and national it started after a lot of homeless people and two nights later we're out of show downtown and we were walking back to our cars in a homeless couple walked up in the husband said will you tell my wife that she's beautiful and my friend our life ok because we were like sure she's people and then he held up this health fortune picture and said the glass broke on the frame and she doesn't think she's beautiful anymore and they obviously were homeless and we're just carrying the picture with them on so that was just a really moving story for us to hear and to experience and essentially for us being on the organizing and to run into hell portrait subject out in public was just was really need so if they don't have a home that's ok then they're not coming to you because they want you to provide a home they're coming to you because they want to provide a picture and an experience in a moment where they feel works something so it is ok if they don't have a place to take the picture back the purposes you're giving them the picture wow that's an awesome story thank you yeah and somebody said on the chat room that day that they laminated their photos and I think that's a great fall because even if you give them a five by seven and laminated obviously they can keep that photo under all kinds of different conditions and so yeah you got to get a debt yeah I think that's awesome wondering I've got I'm giving a lot of questions with regard tio not necessarily about how to find people which I know is the topic for today but um it just talking about the prince and uh what air good strategies or suggestions for printing if you can't print on site is it reasonable to deliver the prince later and I think I know we're going to talk about that later but as december fourth is coming up close of people aren't sure about about what kind of prince you're actually delivering in terms of four by six is or eight by ten's or or just what should people be thinking about now um yeah I mean we do have a now a national partnership with ritz and wolf camera a t least in the states and so they're going to be providing printers to the major markets and they're also going to be home there's going to be an online code for them to get uh buy one get one free right so that's one thing that khun dio I mean I do realize that printing is the trickiest part of the help portrait equation I mean a lot of smaller markets have local camera stores donate printers a lot of photographers obviously bringing their own printers um there's a lot of different ways that can happen it is a little bit tricky um but but everybody eminence far as I know last year I was able to work it out in a lot of them I know a lot of them did have local companies donate printers and stuff so is that a good answer to the question sure well well just for everybody out there we will be talking more about that in detail and later weeks to come but um see so other questions about as you're thinking about approaching organizations and how many people you're going to be serving then how many photographers do generally plan for looks like you know I mean generally I guess that depends too on how comfortable the photographer is how fast they are harmony printers there are um and you know everybody has to feel it out on their own but I think you know I think one photographer over the course of day can shoot um you know up to one hundred people that's that's actually on the very high end I'd say more like fifty is a good number because we encourage the photographers to to try to spend some time you know really shooting lot laughing hanging out with the subjects not just shipping them through you know this because they can you know like it's an assembly line so the more time you can spend the subject is better and so that being said the more photographers the better you know for example if there's you know thirty people to studio in twenty photographers there's going to be a lot more time spent that day with the subjects you know hanging out and I love that idea on them our very first of them we did it in a in a school gym and it pretty much the whole day just playing basketball with the kids I mean we got the photography out out of the way in the beginning and then just played the rest of the day and uh I mean that's really what it's about photography is just the catalyst I'm it's really about hanging out and spending time with the people you're working with so see I am looking for some more questions do we have any more questions in the audience there was a question um from I'm in photos it's actually about ah printing but I was just question do you guys did you guys team up with a print company again this year since there's just that press release I thought it would be yeah it's the ritz wolf partner should have I think they're our details there's a pressure release on our web site and she just uh any put it in the chat room just now as well going to it and yes very shortly we will have much further details on what that partnership looks like and how that will help the tigers so um and if everybody wants aiken sing again I'm kidding I will not put you all through that pain again which um any other questions we we have remember we have a number of other questions coming through that aren't necessarily related to the finding people in need but so if we have since we do have some ten minutes left can we do we want to talk for some some of these questions for people yeah you know what I could do I'm seeing that chat room if you want out of this I can just run through here and answer some questions with him um since it's uh chandler ass since it's the middle of december how do you do with the weather um I mean obviously the best thing is to find an indoor location and if sometimes that's not that's not an option last year we actually did do a couple of ends outdoors which was interesting um but you know I mean I think that's up to the location but obviously if it's ah twenty below you probably don't want to shoot up doors so um see how do you recommend do you recommend using software such as the dhobi like don't be like heaven to touch up the photos before printing um again that depends on how many photographers versus subjects there are if you only have a few subjects then yeah you're gonna have time to do retouching and let the photo but the subject's pick the photos that's a good call but if you have you know five hundred people to photograph in twenty photographers you're not gonna have time tio retouch everybody and let a subject's picture and photos um somebody asked ish being tethered is a good idea and again saying the same thing if you only have a few subjects I think she didn't tether it is a great thing because it allows the subject to see their pictures and pick which warren and that makes them that even makes him feel more special and more value that they're getting to you know weigh in and have their own opinion on the picture so I think that's awesome um but if you have five hundred people you're photographing than shooting tether it is going to be a disaster so you really have to just play that by ear depending on how many people you're gonna have there uh west just asked me why do I have such great here well just born this way it is a question from dodge in store how long do you see how portrait going for once we have shot and most of the areas what is the next step and I also saw a question earlier that was did you think that how portrait would take off like this um I'll start with the first one well we're not really sure how long this will go I mean um it's a good question and given no idea we're just we're just along for the ride right down and you know it feels right and we were in official nonprofit so obviously we're committed to this for quite a while but you know I don't know I think there's always going to be people in the there's always going to be photographers wanting to use their camera to get back so I see this renounce and indefinite and indefinite uh thing we're doing so um did I ever see this getting this big um yes and no no because it's me and I'm not a detail person never get it doing stuff like this but uh yes because I believe photographers in general are very very passionate people and like I just said there's a lot of people in need and so I knew I figured this would resonate to some degree and so but I am very very shocked to see it blow up so quickly but that's the beauty of social media that's the beauty of you know launch this thing I was able I was able to call zacharias vince a lot for a chase jarvis ends got killed we and between the five of us you know we were able to spread the word pretty pretty wide and so like I said that's just the beauty of it of the internet these days and twitter and facebook so so yeah I guess to some degree it's ah very pleasant surprise and we have a question from twitter ah from again from a susie bill photo um how do you approach companies to donate printers or laptops um we actually have can you post that link we actually have a donation letter the people can download and into these companies that kind of explains what we're doing um all that good stuff way specifically have a pdf just for that exact question that I think and he is going to post here in a second in the chat room if she can find it that is still on the website okay she found that so she's about the post that link in the checkroom so please look for that there you go there it is so great and for people who he sees me who aren't in the chat room that's on yours on the site as well um I have a question from zero g in the chat room what would you suggest for someone who is new to their area who hasn't made context yet or doesn't have strobe sets um well they don't have to have lights for one thing they can shoot a natural life I mean again this really isn't about good photography per say this is just about the act of photographing somebody and and then active service so this is really just about helping people just the fact that you're spending time with somebody just the fact that you're taking that picture it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have just just the act of doing this is what this is about so you don't have to have lights if you're just finding out about him and again I encourage you to go to hell portrait dot com and click on community and then do a search for your city under the groups and you'll be able to connect hopefully with other people in your city if your city is not listed than we I recommend that you reach out to other photographers that you know and it at a new group on the website great and another question that came through in the chat room was from sarah b bet sarah beth turner do you have a standard model release form for hp subjects and I know that I'm seeing that annie did um post the link to that model release form but it is there just for people who aren't in the chat room it is there on the uh download's section so the help portrait dog help dash porter dot com backslash downloads has a number of documents including the model release form and again maybe we could talk about when you might use that the model release form it's a good question I'm not really sure um I don't know how to answer let you guys down in what way yeah I mean like I said I mean I'm just being honest we had any mural is there was a moderately form on the website that's ok because it's good because like we said is an organization we don't encourage people to blast these photos on you know on the internet but if for some reason there is a somebody that really needs to share their story with maybe someone else in their community or really wants to share a story about help portrait and needs to share that photo then uh then you know that moderate least might come in handy so it's it's there somebody really really needs but we again encourage people not through the photos up online so of out hold on yeah one of the stories on subjects but that's a really great later this get their permission you know they're going to be on tv you they're going to share their story with the media so that was another reason that justice compassion tio enjoying that yes yes we did thank you and how portrait d c is also saying in the chat room that he's found here she has found that posting on forums twitter so many ways using social media to find photographers who want to help um see so again we've got some questions about people who are just joining us how long is how portrait been around um well it takes place yet next year yes we've yes question insurance so so for us I help wrote should seattle this is going to be our first you're actually holding one main event and bringing a lot of organizations to that event and one of the things we're trying to figure out is how to handle sort of three put throughout the day um so in your experience have you found it was easier to sort of a sign organizations times lad's or do you just kind of say come anytime between eight and for what was your what have you found has worked the best uh we think tom clauses that was a good idea I mean maybe tell one organization to come in from you know ten ten a m to noon and the next one maybe come in you know the next two hours so it's probably going to do but but that's what we did in natural yeah for something percent organizations and then we had random homes people falling through two so it's usually more organ as if you did that way we don't have to mean some some organizations enjoy letting they're people see and meet new knew other people so it's really up to the people running the events and how they best think it all it'll go so and building on that point maxine did you find that you had organizations signing up families in advance for particular so so there's one thing being a larger event where you having multiple organizations coming but did you have did they know exactly who was going to come um and actual allowed times and I also saw a question on that was how much time did it take for each each portrait session yeah I mean um no the very first national event we did we did have a scheduled tom's for each family to come through and that did that was very helpful and as far as time I mean I've spent anywhere from you know thirty seconds with somebody to you know thirty minutes and so I think it depends on again just how many people do you have coming through and some families even go to multiple photographers and get their pictures taken several times and if you have the resource is if he had the printing if you have the time way don't think that's an issue a cz well I mean uh give the men's many photos as you can but obviously and just make sure everybody gets equal equal attention and equal time spent have a great comment here in the chat room from hell portrait d c and the suggestion is to contact event planners to help they have experience in logistics and allow you to concentrate on the photography so that's a that's a great ideas well you were good and a question from I'm in photos do you consider do you still consider this a movement and a shift in thinking rather than event I don't consider this a movement in a shift in thinking rather than an event okay yeah I got um it's a great question um yeah I mean it's certainly movement there's no doubt about that I mean this is this is very much a borrow thing I'll love hearing that pull a portrait not me or nashville or my team I mean this is definitely gone beyond beyond us and I think when that happens it's certainly movement I was reading the other day about the event happening in tel aviv israel on that's you know that to me is is definitely movement a shift in thinking I mean yeah I certainly think that that is there too because you know photographers I think historically or you know our thinking is I'm gonna go take great pictures I'm going to show the world how amazing I am how brilliant I am and e so we've um lost you there for a minute jeremy you're in a little bit of slow slow motion oh and we've lost what it is nine o'clock on and so I think we were just too wrapping that up so we are going to say thank you very much for joining us this week we hope that that was very helpful as starting this the conversation wherever you are in your planning stages for help portrait this year for december fourth and we'll be here every tuesday morning with jeremy and some of his people as well as some other potential guests for the next three weeks and feel free do again continue to utilize the help portrait community site and the hell portrait main site and there are all kinds of conversations going on there with regard to how to connect with other people and find people in need so we'll see you next week thank you very much for joining us

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