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Conversation 2: Taking Their Portraits

Hello jerry who are you doing? We're doing good this morning so today's topic is take their portrait last week we talked about how to find people in need and today we want tio get people's questions around the internet as their planning around the actual taking of the portrait ce um so maybe, um you could start off with just talking a little bit about, um I was thinking maybe that start off talking a little bit about the gear involved um in terms of the actual planning for the big day off and I mean, typically from last year from what I experienced in nashville on what I saw across the board with other help portrait, sir, portrait events mean, people bring in seamlessness in their lights and they share year whatever they need to bring but it's important to know that you don't have to have a seamless you don't have to have liked him and this is really about the act of just taking pictures. I mean, so do whatever you do that is going to make a a beautiful picture for the people you're yo...

u're working with. I mean, obviously they're not going to care what kind of gear you have, they're not going to care what kind of backgrounds you have it's really just about it's really just about the process of helping them with photographs so so yeah I mean it's really up to the photographers in terms of gear but but I know a national we all had seamlessness we set up so and um see and um we um we've been talking about sort of what sort of what oh I know what is inside there is a great video that I was actually watching this morning for people that you all posted on the blogger that talks about um that it's your friend mark austin is that his name um or no austin man and he goes through explaining all of the uh the gear that he set up literally like video showing that so I found that to be really helpful in terms of people looking for what do I need that day goes for talking about everything from extension cords to um the printers that he was using to um where to order some you know extra cables and and things like that um have you in the past it did you have specific like teams of people in terms of um how you set up sort of the the photographers um in terms of like the the flow of the day um so was that what one photographer shooting for the whole day or um did people alternate did you have like assistance and photographers alternating that type of thing yeah I mean that that's the kind of cool think about how portrait is it really brings together professionals and amateurs alike and so I mean I know last year national we had all the professionals kind of leading the way but I know with my set up I would shoot for a while and then hand the camera to the guy's assisting me and let them shoot for a while so it's really just about you know encouraging community across the camera but establishing community among photographers to so you every hauling bridge we all encourage for the cameras to be passed around to everybody because I just think it it's uh I'm not it's just a really cool thing to experience that and see that happened so does that answer the question sure sure um so looking for any questions that people have out there on the internet miller see how little questions so steve okay we're in the audience with steven has a question yeah so do you have a preference of shooting with other tendered or having cards shuffled around our doesn't make a difference what was size of a client base sir you're shooting for yeah I mean I think it's ah it's up to the photographer and their their capabilities and their their stress capabilities because I think shooting tethered is awesome because it allows the subjects to see their pictures and gives them even that mohr opportunity to choose their own pictures which I think is cool but if you're shooting you know five hundred people and you have five photographers then obviously you're not gonna have time to let every single subject scroll through there and see their pictures so that could get a little overwhelming so it's really up to the event and the photographers and how many people they have I mean if you have a small amount of people show up and I think it's going to be awesome if you can tether and allow the subjects that freedom to be able to choose their own pictures is this thing about when we have our picture taken I know when I had my picture taken much prefer to choose my own pictures and have somebody else do it for me and I think most people work that way and so to give the subjects that that freedom only you know only encourages him that much more so yeah I think I think that's one of the debates that we've been having with our team here in seattle is we actually just did an event our first event this past saturday which was really awesome and we served about forty people and we did have them come through and be able to choose which image they wanted and that was great um however we're thinking ok if we're doing a much larger event and we have say four hundred people and families and you know the in terms of the work flow that that is going to be a little bit more challenging to have people actually go through and pick those so so I think you're right I mean I think it depends on the size of the event and it's kind of howto how to do that work flow have a question from from wes in the chat room and he's asking how do you handle insurance for equipment since there are a lot of photographers and other people around and so do you I mean are there any tips you have on that um and in addition to that sort of insurance for the event itself um is that something that you guys have thought about her considered that people should be thinking about like if they need insurance with the space that they're using getting wars opinion okay we're getting a laurie's opinion who's there in the room with jeremy right now right yes she's saying that most buildings should have their liability insurance already um and I know as a photographer I have my insurance covered I mean as an umbrella we don't provide that I mean this it's really up to the retirees I mean frankly we did we did seven hundred events last year in forty forty two countries and uh I didn't hear of one issue want one single problem and so I think people will be fine I mean I haven't heard of anybody stealing in a gear I mean obviously we have that many events you know life stand might fall over you know something something might happen but I think a lot of photographers probably have their own insurance or you know have that covered already because frankly we're all shooting far outside of these events I hope people have that that covered and I hope that's a good question that we have considered that but I mean you know we don't have any official official help fortunate insurance policy no sure sure sure that wasn't what I was that game was more about is that something that people should be concerned with and I think that was just a question I don't think it's him west I mean like I said last year we didn't have a single issue and so I don't think it's a huge concern I mean obviously you know just take care of your gear like you do it in the photo shoot I mean one thing holly encourage especially new photographers is to invest in sandbags because if you're sitting up lights and you have people walking all around the sets who haven't been on photo shoots before they're not going to be as aware of cords on the ground and wires and all that stuff so the more sandbags he can put on your lights the better um and obviously you know just keep your gear where we're get safe place and uh I mean there you know with any event there's going to be tons and tons of people my no national we're expecting a massive crowd so any time you have that many volunteers that many photographers that many subjects I mean you just obviously have to have a common sense and take care of everything so so I see have a question coming in about opposing people so again on the actual taking of the portrait's um d'oh have you had any difficulties imposing families not you specifically or what are your tricks in terms of opposing families and where what tips can you give to people out there yeah I mean I think having your picture taken is a really awkward thing I mean even for the most stand and models that I've worked with its it's always fairly awkward it's rare that you get somebody that's just completely natural so I may not be able to treat treat their centers for help portrait just like they would anybody I mean music helps I think the more they being white in the mood and make this a fun environment and kind of you know pressure environment the better I mean you know but a lot of the subjects that we experienced last year were mohr of the opposite they were so excited to be in front of the camera that that I personally experienced a lot of just excitement and people just so thrilled I mean one lady said what's that thing they do on the red carpet you know she was just she was just ready to go um but you know just I think it's just good to interact with the subjects and get to know him and ask him questions and you know this this isn't really a fashion shoot so there's no right pacific poses they have to do just as long as people are comfortable and just I think it's going to allow people to do whatever they want to do whether that's smiler do some goofy family pictures I mean it's really all about them so I'm encouraged tarver's toe asked her subjects what they want to do and you know really really make it about them and their preferences and don't don't intimidate them um just just allow them to be comfortable so great um I have a question coming in from golden twig in the chat room do you recommend using more than one backdrop option or just plain white for everyone to keep it simple um I don't think there's there's a necessarily a way had to do it I mean it's really up to you I mean obviously why is white or black or gray is time listen but I've seen every background you can imagine how much you've events and so you know it's really up to you and uh you know you can take it is his crazy or a simple as you want to as long as the long was the subject you're happy I don't think there's any answer that you know any specific way you have to do it laurie also just mentioned a good thing she was saying last year how we would hand our cameras to the kids and even the parents and let them take pictures I mean I encourage with harper's toe and the cameras over and let the subject's take pictures of each other I mean that only encourages the kind of the fun of the day allows them to be creative teo and you know so that's definitely something we enjoyed last year just handing the camera to the subjects and letting them sheep for a few minutes is really really really cool so that's a great idea I love um a question from a pilot tip in your experience what was the ratio of families to individuals uh in my experience I would say we had gosh yeah yeah it depends on the location it depends on the nonprofit but I would say in my experience that for it's probably been about fifty fifty um which is really cool I mean obviously it's amazing to the family portrait but it's cool to shoot individuals too because it really gives them their top that that individual time to feel special and fill you know feel valued and a lot of them soon this portrait's to their families who haven't seen a picture of them and years and years so um it's really cool to be ableto love doing the individual sheets because you're able to get some good one on one time and really get to know the people you're working with right and just for them for people that have something to treasure of themselves in terms of being able to just kind of look at that some of the videos that I watch where shows people like from the dallas individuals talking about how proud they were about this image that they now that they now had and laurie laurie was just saying something about I one of that subjects of people that came was is with mercy ministries and inside I guess kind of rehabilitation for teen girls that struggle eating disorders and a lot of the girls came where girls ahead and that they're phase for treatment and for them to have having eating disorder to be able to stand in front of you know target be able to look at that photo and say I'm actually beautiful and we accept you accept their self image was just really a powerful day instead those were individual decide which is something you know family over individual that was really cool to see these girls that could actually look at their photos and say they're beautiful yeah that's all I had a question with regard to the events that you guys have done um in regard to props did you have um any props that individuals used our families used that you could just kind of have their for more fun pictures or did people generally want more sort of posed traditional yeah I think props are awesome I mean we didn't have them on our sets but but I know a lot of families would love that you know in the kids would love to have stepped to play with and I think a lot of times props gives people the ability tio not feel so awkward because when people are just standing on the same list they really start to freeze up and so I think props or good idea whether that's you know toys for the kids or like a bench to sit on or a stool to send whatever may be I think they get a really good idea probably encourage it because like I said seamless is tim toe tend to feel pretty intimidating right so yeah I think that's ah really good idea so great see question from golden twig in the chat room is so how important is it toe have new or different closing clothing up in options for people to change into so I know you was have on the help portrait say on one of the block post there is a there are maps that you have provided for examples of how to actually set up your event and I noticed on on there one of them it was sort of a changing area or our clothing that maybe that was people were getting donated um so is that something that you run into people um not even had not having a particular clothing that they want to be photographed in yeah I mean for us it's really about going beyond photography and doing as much as we can on this day and so yeah I mean imagine like you've been homeless for years and years and you finally get a chance to do a professional picture but you don't really want to be wearing well you've been wearing for the past you know however long and so the idea that photographers could bring in close either to let people borrow or to let them have for good I mean I think isn't also my dad so we threw that on the map kind of a suggestion it's not something and they have to do by any means it's just we think it's a cool thing to add to the event you know if girls wanted to bring you know stuff to let to let other women where or bring stuff to give away so we kind of put this two options um and leave it up to the photographer's again it's not a necessity I mean I absolutely especially by any means but it's just way think it's a good idea question coming from I'm in photos ah where should we post the video of our event youtube video and is there a tag that we should use so that you can track them um that's a good question we should have a tag to track those I might just do that we're getting some details from jeremy yeah no it's a good question because we do want to share all videos with the community in fact we now have a media page upon the help portal web site that lists a bunch of the videos and we'd like to share this year's videos with the rest of the world we think the video is very powerful so we'd love for the community to be able to watch the rest of the community's events and website because we think it gives everybody ideas for the next events and so um and he said what do we want to have his email or happy we'll tackle on youtube and okay so she said the tag them on youtube with help porch in two thousand ten and then and then also email info help portrait dot com um and we'll put that we will put that up on the block tio grainy but we'll send that out in the community blasts as well for people yeah because that basically after the event we have a form for people to fill out that's a good thing that form we have a form for people to fill out because we need to know this statistics and numbers this isn't about numbers at all but one of the thing you want to do stories on help portrait for some for whatever reason that's the first thing they want to know how many vince did you do how many cities how many countries all that stuff so it's not really no you know we're not doing this for numbers but it does help us as an organization you know can continue to tell the story so yeah I mean I think it's really powerful when you are going to talk to organizations to try to get them to help bring people here I'm just when you when you do throw out numbers like you know forty one thousand portrait's taken last year um by you know thousands of photographers I think it is it's really powerful and I can only imagine that the actual numbers from last year were way greater than you know what the information that we actually have from that so right so that's great a question from photos by jenny um I have a lot of local nonprofits warned me against advertising saving that we would get a lot of people that don't really need us how do you suggest handling that thinking about it hold on say sure yeah I mean I guess just you know the sermon I mean it's uh you know we that's a great question because I haven't we haven't really advertised publicly usually we deal directly with the nonprofits or organizations that are bringing people in and so I do think it could get a bit tricky if you started promoting publicly in your city putting posters up because there's no who will you could attract and so I think it's best toward directly with leaders who are already in those communities who are already at the hospitals or the you know uh homeless shelters or wherever said that they can kind of manage that directly right and that's you know that's something that my team was talking about just last night with regard to um working with organizations to get people to come at certain times but then sort of in the last week do we pope you know post the flyers that us have provided on on the website and and do an open call for people um and and still probably focused at organizations but um we were wondering what an open call like what effect that might have s o I think it's a it's a it's a good question a question in the chat room from our zvi how much collaborating should all that help portrait photo volunteers do with their organizer beforehand to ensure a successful event um and so maybe it's ah what are some things that um you you recommend that the questions and dialogue that goes back and forth between the volunteers and the the organizer's themselves to ensure they get all their people there signing up time frames and such like that right I'm gonna let a anne into this one girl on this's any down their offense coordinator coordinator title comes in like superman and uh the best way to handle that organizers definitely needed if possible at least once before the event if for nothing else just to put names with faces and understand what's going on could you I'm sorry anyway let we had a little bit of ah we lost you there for a second could you say that again oh sure sorry I definitely together with their volunteers and photographers at least once before the event on our community side each group you know has a place and then a lot of people have said there are facebook pages so they're able tio communicate there but it's also going to educate and realize at least once before the event just so that you all can know who each other is and now with the organizer is and the organizer has you know big responsibility is making sure there's not volunteers making sure the photographers have a spot and so they need to know who their volunteers are as well so but at the same time it volunteers show up the morning of the organizer needs to know ok I have a couple of places I need filled a couple of things I need done so that hopefully volunteers do show up that morning that haven't already registered and they can have a spot for them to help out I think that's great information I think this actually actually this question was about um the the organizer of the hp event ah working with the uh the organizations that they might be working with to get the people to get the subjects there oh sorry sorry okay yeah definitely if you're hosting an event at a nonprofit then you totally need to meet with them before the event happens for sure so that you could be on the same page they can understand what help portrait is and so that they are able to bring in the right people with the right amount of people from their nonprofit to help and to be photographed cool yeah and I think I think um in terms of what kinds of things to collaborate upon I think what we're running into is really needing organizations of a point person at the organization the nonprofit um to be actively signing people up and that sort of thing um and not just um expecting that if you put sort of posters out there or whatever at a site that that that will commit people too coming but really um e I think it takes a true collaboration with organizations um and for them to get people involved absolutely and you don't want to plan to bring food and the non profit not let food be in their upright like there's all sorts of stuff like that you need to work really closely with the nonprofit that tell me that's the number one reason we encourage people to partner first with the nonprofit rights but that's really where the power comes from is is using these nonprofits who harding worked really hard to have a base of people and now having let's go in and serve that base right right great see ah question from our jeffrey in the chat room having my daughter in the hospital right now I am surrounded by people in need how do you suggest approaching someone with a child in the hospital about these shoots um I mean I would just suggest you know going up going up to them and telling them what you're doing maybe even taking a laptop and showing them the videos as to what hell portrait is tell him you wanna you know just give them a free free portrait is as a gift I mean for their child I mean is that what they're asking for chilled other children and parents in the hospital yeah I guess maybe it's right children in the hospital um do you coordinate with somebody at the hospital or do you do have people in the past like gone around and individually asked people if they want their portrait taken yeah I mean probably the better answer is to according with the hospital and make sure make sure they they're aware of where of what you're doing and uh you know make sure hopefully in scheduled event you know with the hospital with other photographers and make it a big deal so that a lot of kids can get uh can get pictures and obviously the parents would love that and so I think if they get to the hospital that's definitely that the smarter thing I don't think hospitals would be too happy if they just walked in and found a massive photo shoot so yeah definitely connect with the management of the hospital there or I mean if they you know talked a couple parents and they want to do something outside of the hospital that's an option you know but it's definitely get we tried to work with a hospital here in town last year and ran into all kinds of issues you know that it takes a lot to coordinate with the hospital especially the bigger ones so chan I think that that's the better off to go some great thanks a question that is from ah robbie klein ah have you ever had any quote unquote sketchy or dangerous situations and how do you handle them um we haven't I mean we haven't I haven't heard of any dangerous issues I mean that's not to say that can't happen but I think people know that you know this is about giving and it's uh you know it's just an act of service and you know from what I understand everybody's that have really good spirit about this and really get hard so I personally have not heard of anything happening again I mean out of out of all the events we did last year nothing happened so yeah and that would be something on and he said to discuss with the venue and right makes brothers you know um all the bases were covered I don't think security is as a necessity I mean it might be in some some events but from what we are aware of nothing has ever happened so great question from jeff on and I know we touched on this last week but it's a question again can you talk about photo releases it seems to be a different policy than last year and are you now suggesting that we get them from folks uh I think we just answer that on the blawg I mean I answered it last week in our creative love on then we re posted it on the help orchard blawg general the title of that based on and he's going to look that up and posted in the chat room but it's not necessarily different policies was it the low posting why don't we why we don't share event photos with one exception that on november fifteenth yeah if they're going to do video they need to hang up the sign just so that people will are aware that there is video happening on day one suggestion we heard last year's toe well I can remember this is a good idea that we were going to suggest that people could wear something if they don't want to be in the video because obviously pictures air pictures are first and foremost we want people to be able to be respected and have that prophecy if they don't want to be in video or photos I mean again the last year I mean I think almost you know it seems like the majority of events were videoed and you know I know that I haven't heard of a single issue that was raised um you know we do the videos just to share the story so people can share a story with their own communities of what happened um but again all of this is covered in that block post that was just posted in the chat room so great well jeremy a quick follow up question on that um so what if the um nonprofit that we're working with wants photos for documentation I'm for instance I'm working with an organization where is their open house and so they want a documentation of what's happening also is the event goes um so not just beyond our materials but for there is just so that when they talk to the people that donate to them and when they re cap you know they're open house and events that went on but they can show the difference that was making for people um I'm looking at lorien any for a for an answer to the one second you know it's good for all e e essentially as long as the subjects no that those photos will be used for other purposes and I don't know if it's something that when they come in and they sign in to say you know people using you know background shots where things like this for to show our open house or something like that I think as long as their way but they may show up at some point with this organization I think but they're getting about release this means like sense yeah thank you thank you yeah I mean obviously it's it's a tricky issue because uh we're working on lots of great organizations and we're working with people that do need stories told and so that's coming obvious thing and so you know as ah umbrella help fortunate organization we can micromanage you know hundreds and hundreds of events across the world so I think people just need to use their common sense and we obviously don't want uh anyone taking advantage of hell portrait and using it for other purposes to make money off of or whatever and so I think it's a people are going to have to use their common sense per situation because you know if if there's a situation with the nonprofit where they really could use the help portrait video toe to show the other donors to kind of maybe share some stories we think that's a good idea I think as long as they're not people aren't trying to take advantage of the situation exploit the photos or the video than thin it's okay great thanks question for from r s v is with the potential for big turnouts do you have any additional tips on pacing people through the process of getting their portrait's taken with minimal downtime yeah I mean it frankly it's this is kind of help fortune is very much trump tribe by fire type thing I mean we have now than five events and they've all been very different they've all been a different pace but I think this year because we're still in a new organization I think this year we've done a much better job with our block post explaining how these events go I think the maps that we posted will really help people see what this looks like definitely so but you never know I mean there's no way to teo tto have exact members as to how many people are coming in so I think as long as you're you want to answer okay and he wants to say something too right one of the things we did our national event is we partner a small groups of subjects with a volunteer and that volunteer walked people from station to station and that's another way to keep from downtime happening too much is that you have helped portrait person with the group's going from here maybe getting their makeup done going to the photographer going to the voting station going to the friendly station and walking him to get a sandwich or whatever and so that's another way to prevent downtime is if you don't have subjects just wandering around but they have if they're with someone that is with the is volunteering that helps a lot too great thank you I think that's a great idea we're hoping to take that tip for for the event we're doing here related no I think last year we had a ratio probably about two to three editors per photo booth station so maybe could you talk a little bit about what your suggested ratios are between like the editors versus the photographers versus the printers and how that worked for you yeah I mean uh like I said it's been a bit chaotic each time bill I think last year we photographed about about five hundred about five hundred people we had about twenty twenty photographers um and four printers which the printing process was way needed more printing them that because there was a long line to get people's pictures printed we did get them all printed and everybody walked away with their pictures but we didn't need more printing so whatever the math boils down to that I would say the each photographer probably shot about um I don't know thirty to forty people throughout the day and some families went to multiple photographers which is that which that's fine I mean it's really up to the photographers in terms of their experience and how many people they can manage that day how many photoshoots they khun do how many prince the people can make a minute all you kind of have to determine based on your own supplies and equipment for the day so so do you have any tips on that sort of that work flow so and he talks about having somebody greet and guide the family around but in terms of um actually like the thing about the image files from going from photographer editor and printer um did you have dedicated people to a particular photographer um or like a separate team of people just editing sort of centrally like everything um or or tips on howto manage that workflow yeah any in our booth both are going to answer this I wanted I want an answer on the editing situation I don't think the editing is that uh necessary I mean it's great if if they if you have a smaller number of people and you can do retouching and editing and all that stuff I mean but frankly I know a lot of my vince we've gone straight from camera to printer a lot of times there's just I don't have time to do the editing but I think the escort plays a big role in that and I'm gonna let in any answer again call on that way had one volunteer our biggest national event we it was a two story event where actors you could see the dow stingers and we had one voluntarily stood at the top of the stairs and told the volunteer with the subject which camera to go to theirs a person who was kind of keeping a watch on how before I was going in said ok go to jeremy go to jobs go to whoever so that's one way to do it another way we did we the tempers were in different rooms and the same thing that we had one person kind of saying these are the rooms that are anti says said it decided volunteer job is someone who's kind of the you know the one who runs it the hostess we were talking about this last night a good person to recruit for that would be somebody who was the hostess of the restaurant and like knowing out of fill in slots and tables and that type of absolutely that's exactly what he saw friends their restaurant hostesses you know for december fourth right right ok great and then and then in terms of um tips on on taking the cf card or what have you this d card too from from the camera to aa and editor to a printer we we don't work a lot with runners so they're specifically people that would be ready by the qatar burton would take their card and either take that to the editing station or take it to the printer usually wasn't the guitar for running all over the place you defense a smaller then I think that's fine but with the bigger events and all the chaos I think it's better for there to be runners allocated so that they can do the delivering of the cards and everything so and any ten apps ah on sort of that organizational structure of keeping the cards um with the right family or with the right photographer is that sort of the having those dedicated runners yeah I mean first of all the photographers all need to write their names on their cards at the end of the day everybody knows his cards or what because they will get passed around the event throughout the day that's a good start and it's good to have a dedicated runners her photography station so they're kind of managing their own their own gear there in cards everything what else did you ask I think that yeah I think that was good news and I know that dj here in seattle last year he worked with clip boards ah that stayed with a particular card throughout the entire process of the event I thought that was a really good idea do you wantto share that yeah and actually that wasn't with the help porter event that was with shooting ah easter portrait at my church but it actually worked out really well because um the clipboard always said exactly what was on the card and actually a clipboard is much easier to hand around then having you know little cards easy to get lost in the shuffle and often you know the cards like their paperwork or something else the clipboard has made it much easier great yeah I think that's a great idea and it's funny because you know as a help or to a team where we're very busy uh running the umbrella of everything and looking at the bigger picture so a lot of we found that a lot of the people running the events more than we do and so it's good to have you guys chime in on your experience and what we're trying to reach out to the community even with our log and have other people be posting like austin man posted the dallas event how they ran their receptions any tips that the community wants to put out there we're all ears for our blawg in our community so that's a great suggestion cool great paul vi and the charm had ah follow up work flow question what about pre sign ups for time slots will that help and his particular event is at a senior home yes absolutely oh agreed uh yeah definitely keys too question so do you actually do sign ups per family or do you just give like an overall time slot for an organization for example um again I mean it depends on the day if you're working with one organization that works with families that think it's smart to have time slots per family um but if you're just if it's just a open call for multiple organizations I mean I know this year natural we're working with multiple nonprofits and organizations so it would be probably too chaotic the schedule individual time slot we're just going to let people come in and let the escorts and volunteers kind of manage where everybody goes and win but I think if you're running a small private event it's very uh very courteous I guess to allow people individual time slot so they can plan their day and not be hanging around all day toe get their prints and a related question from susan I know we talked about this last week but how long do you usually spend with each subject and when you're planning your those times thoughts and how many people you conserve in a particular day well I wanted to just ballpark right we encourage as much time as possible I mean I would say in my experience you know anywhere from five minutes toe up to fifteen minutes per family just depends on the on the situation if we're having a slow it then and you know we have a lot of tarver's and a few families will let them do for around and you know make funny faces and do whatever they want to do and try to get to know him and uh just just talk to the people were working with but then there been events up done where there's it's just chaos and you're spending you know thirty seconds to a minute you know with the family trying to get a quick picture and just foul people through I mean you know I don't like doing that but sometimes you know we get surprised by how many people show up and you're you trying to give everybody pictures at that point the evan evan flow of your day and the people coming in so called ah question from ah alexandria virginia ah say you have a single mom with four kids how do you keep busy or entertain the kids while mom is getting her hair and makeup done um okay lori is going great last year something way had like a play area have people some moms bring into toys and I think they have coloring books and some colors so the volunteer mamas gave hair down the volunteers with that family I could sit down and play with the kids and what kind of interactive that in while the moms game there have been getting all beautiful so I think that was really good idea to keep the kids occupied because they obviously have no tension stands that time frame and then you know they are loved for twenty seven and something here so you have a coloring pages or play now or anything of that nature where they're not going to get marked three if that's all right idea uh question from ron would you recommend using a j peg or raw to speed up download times and printing I definitely suggest j pegs I mean again it depends on the time of your day I'm a guy that she it's all wrong that I mean in this case when you're flying through this money pictures it's good I think it's wiser to shoot all j pigs because I mean these people the people that we'd photograph I mean they're not going to care if the contrast is a certain level they're not going to care what the white balance is I mean obviously obviously want to give them a cz great pictures as you can but you know the I think the important thing is to get it right and camera you're looking right get your exposures right so you don't have to go in and process files um you know and I think you know most photographers are capable of really getting a great picture out of camera um but you know I mean if there's like last year we work for the girl who had a lot of scars on our face and she had always dreamed of getting those having a picture taken with those cars from so if you're dealing with somebody has specific um you know issues or insecurities or something they want hidden that would make them really happy with her picture than I'm all for having a retouch would go in and work on that picture and removing that scar doing whatever she wants you know to be done so get it you know how portrait really is all about kind of using your knowledge is a photographer your common sense you're making good use of your day but I think overall it's good to get your pictures you know straight at the camera sheeting j peg on having everything would get straight off straight off out of the camera so well and we found it to be actually a pretty significant speed increase on light room way started off in an event last year with running it and raw and it was just taking too much time to load off the cars we searched ajay pig and it actually made things run a lot smoother and in terms of speed and efficiency I think I was I was watching this video that I mentioned earlier about gear and um in terms of the print quality maybe you could talk tio um are you set in terms of efficiencies again setting the our quality on your printers at super high or just kind of in the middle um to speed things up yeah I mean that's funny I haven't really gotten that detailed I mean I was a running the printers last year so I don't know what we did I mean yes sir lance it just whatever is fast is with your printer um because it can get pretty backed up on we've had lots of technical issues go wrong with printers so yeah I mean the more you know if you're pretty eh about ten um it might be better to shoot medium j bag if you're on if you're shooting a a large camera I mean you don't want fouls that are way too big for where you're putting in so adjust your settings appropriately for what ever it is you're doing and for the printer itself um question from j gaines was how maney prince do you give each family um so if there is an individual um that's one thing but if there's a family of five people ah in your experience um what what are people what are you giving people um I hate to sound like a broken record but I mean it's kind of it's kind of doing it depending on what you what resources you have I mean for me personally I remember giving one family several prints I mean you know giving one for the parents getting one for the kids and the kids are older um giving them a cz much as you have the resource is to do but if you're short on paper and short on printing then you might just want to give them that one a but in print for the house but I mean a so far as I'm concerned I think you should give people a cz muchas you're possibly able to um you know maybe maybe frame an eight by ten and then give them problems yeah and and any was saying that some people they only give them one because we're just she just short on time so it's really about the events and you know just doing the best again okay um and and are those sort of the two sizes that you guys worked with in the past four by sixes and eight by ten's and was there did you do like when did you do the smaller ones with the larger ones and um I don't think we've done four by six is we must be worked with followed by sevens there's something a little bit mohr significant about a five by seven than a four bus sticks I don't know why that way mostly work with five seven and eight by ten's uh yeah they're good frame sizes and so even bigger I think is great if you could do if you have the ability to do you know eleven by fourteen or eleven by seventeen but I think a but tens and five by sevens made made people pretty happy um and last week we talked about laminating I think that's a great idea especially for homeless so they can you know you know obviously there are going to be wanting to care on the glass frame um so lamination is a good idea there's for ourselves is something a bit tins and found by sevens are a good way to get him so right okay great and question from dj in the inn in person is that how do you plan for redundancy into the shoot in case of equipment failure or volunteer issues um how much sort of extra um volunteers and such you do you plan for yeah and what about like backing up the images as you're going along or that type of thing yeah I mean ah you can never have too much redundancy I don't think I mean I think it's good to have backup plans backup photographers back up lights back up cameras I mean every photographer knows that there's bound to um for something to go rome and so I think the more the more density of the better and again you mention austin man's block post earlier and that's a good can you post that again in the chat room I think that's a great blawg in terms of the gear what you need and what you might run into so how I recommend that people read that block post yeah and just and watch the little video that was really helpful question from photos by gen some locations may have trouble with printing and process funds do you have any tips yeah I mean obviously printing is is usually the trickiest part of hell portrait because a lot of photographers you know don't have maybe the funds to pay for the printing all themselves so they may not have the printers and so um it's always tricky I mean it's tough in the hardest part we do have a national partnership now with ritz wolf camera's bars in the states so hopefully that will help people there's also details on our block about that partnership and what that looks like aa lot of photographers last year did we're able to get donations from local camera stores donating both paper ink and prayers a lot of photographers brought their own printers and paid for everything themselves and so I'm reading the question again ah it was just with regard tio yeah in terms of and and in terms of fundraising but I think again there are sample template letters on the help portrait site ah that people could use for requesting donations and so there's there's a lot of great information on the on the general help portrait site as well to get tips on that yeah the donation letter is on there and that's a great thing to send to the companies you want toe provide for you so that's why we put that up there for people to print and sin to whatever camera stores they're wanting to help out so and another question from wendy via twitter is what about giving them an elektronik file of their portrait in addition to the print and did you um do you know if events did cds that they're giving people or was it mainly focused around the print it's mainly focused on the print I think it's fine if people want to give their photos away I mean a lot of the a lot of the organizations I've worked with I mean the subjects have computers they're able to be photos and so if they ask for that then by all means you know give the electronic files away teo I don't have any issues with that and I think it just gives people even that much more just that much more rewarding when they get to go home and have their own photos and play with them on the computer if they want tio um so yeah I think that's great a couple of things I want to add about that um wait gave away cds at an event that we did last year and is significantly increased our throughput time so we needed a lot more processors to just make the cds for the recipients um and also I think some people when they took the cds to d printers like wal mart or costco are or whoever wherever they sometimes ask for releases so if you're getting ah cd a digital file to your um to clients then you'll be good tio also give him a release so that they can actually printed with a printer yeah I agree completely I mean that that's been an issue for me in the past when I've done pictures for people be sure that if you are giving a cd of pictures that you give a really a written release from yourself that it's ok for these people to print pictures because they'd be it be really sad to give somebody disc and then they leave and you never see him again they don't know how to get in touch with you and they also can't their pictures a walmart or target so that's very very important for photographers to note have written releases if they are going to hand out elektronik for electronica cds copies of their photos so and do you do you have anything like that on on the blog's way that's a great suggestions yeah that would be great I think we have ah question for maxine here so I think you might have touched on this a little bit earlier but one of the questions that came up in our meeting last night is leave you know we have a lot of volunteers who are signing up that we've never met before and so just wondering if you have any recommendations on how often are like how much do you have a policy of meeting them beforehand you know before you actually commit them to the event or or how you would recommend doing that as well yeah I think I would say get together with once even if you just say hey let's come over my house and have pizza and watch the help torture video and kind of sure maybe the back of the you're going do you know max we have online just got to give them a heads up you know this is one of those things that most a lot of volunteers if they didn't do last year they've never done anything like this before and so you and they're really your advocates to the subjects especially the partner then and have them post around so you want them to understand so I'd say yeah get together with one time maybe a week or two before see what works people schedules and and then that morning it's more of a hey remember we talked about you're goingto do the printing and hey remember we talked about you're going to put the pictures of the brain that kind of stuff so yeah you don't say so and what about a day of in terms of do do you how early do you have people come say to kind of regroup that morning and have ah have ah have a meeting right I think we started the couple of events we've done we started at nine or ten in the morning and we usually have the volunteer show of an hour before okay so just whenever you decide to start just get your volunteers there an hour before and that way everyone can help you said that the volunteers could help the photographers because obviously the volunteers have no supplies the photographers have a lot they have to bring in and so on and then I was setting up workflow and seeing how it works before there's actually subjects all right um well we have gotten to our hour time period of there any other thoughts and tips you guys wanna add today jeremy um just that we've been working really hard on the block in the last week or two you wait for this going up almost every day so there's a lot that we've been answering and figuring out on the blog's so highly encourage people to check that out and we'll be doing this again a week from today people going to ask more questions next week awesome well thank you so much ah I know where getting down to the wire with everybody's plans that they're they're making but I just I think it's really amazing to see where people are planning and the events that are going on around the world is you follow the hash tag help portrait on twitter or you can see you know but teams in china that are putting together events with migrant farm workers and you know just all kinds of things so I think it's it's really incredible and we are excited for everybody playing in their events and we will see you all next week thanks so much jeremy yeah thank you I really appreciate it all right

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