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Conversation 3: Printing Their Portraits

Hello everybody hello internet hello oh twelve will be by this morning asking uh all right so basically like as craig said, we are missing the creative life team today besides craig and a couple others on dh so it's really up to you guys today to answer questions and so we hope that you start asking because that's what I'm here to do tow help out and I've got my friend's lorry and care here who are on the help order team with me and they will be answering questions as well um and so what's the uh yeah and asking questions um so anyway let's start firing away the topic this week is printing so I know that uh there's always lots of questions about printing how do you find printers? How do you get ink and paper? It is a complicated part of the help portrait events on there are a lot of people typically get local camera store to donate paper and ink on the even printers and you know a lot of times that stores were able to take this printer's back and keep using them so that's definitely a ...

good route to go um and sorry I'm when I'm looking away from the computer that means I'm trying to read your question so please don't be bothered if I'm looking away from the camera craig, is it literally just going to be talking the entire hour I think it is and I mean unless ah craig jamie wants to know if it is just going to be him talking the entire hour or if you have anything to add kristen grabbed mike for you guys real quick I'm not sure I'm sure he's got some input way we do have one question that has been asked it's a big deal you're created laugh uh we're gonna huddle in the uh in the control booth though since we're not to be on camera today can you get me the ball you win here hello croatia um how many prince do you normally give people that's a good question and and forgive me if I'm answering questions that have already been asked over the last week or two but a lot of people didn't see those events so we will be repeating some of the same questions and answers but I'm it really depends on how many people you have versus how many photographers you have I mean I personally try to give people a cz many princes we can we usually do five by sevens and or eight by ten's four by six is there a little I don't know they just feel a little less and a little less significant so the bigger the better usually but yeah I mean if people want ten prints and if you have that capability and manpower than by all means give them ten prints uh whatever whatever you can do I mean you kind of have to use your own discretion but this this day this help what today is all about blessing people a cz much as we can so so we we say as much as possible so I have a question jeremy yeah I know that there has been ah some announcements on that help portrait in various partnerships for printing um and I know that there were some questions early on that we didn't want to get into how do people take advantage of that to get questions huh right now there's a coupon code that we're going to be offering for ritz and wolf camera um we will be posting that here shortly how they do that her is it art in the morning okay laurie is gonna post a link to our block post about that the partnership is with ritz and wolf camera um I personally still think that it might be a good and better out tio pursue local camera stores and see if they can if they can donate supplies most camera stores were happy to do so from what we've seen in the last year tons and tons of photographers just went to their local stores and photographers even I mean obviously every photographer doesn't have loads of cash sitting room but we were surprised that the generosity of photographers last year you didn't donated their own supplies their own paper their own ink um especially for the smaller events it's really not that hard to provide yourself for a smaller events but if you're if you're dealing with you know five hundred subjects and twenty photographers then they're probably not going to be able to support that themselves so that's where it's good to have a camera store come in and do this I'm reading I'm getting I'm reading the questions do you give people multiple poses a family shot just mom and kids just dad and kids yeah yeah we tried teo and again I tried to give as much as I can with the time allotted for each family um so yeah I mean if the family really really wants that shot of just mom and dad and then they want one of the kids and then everybody together than by all means try to do that you know the important thing to remember is that really our new rules with this you know it's it's going all out as far as you can for your subjects doing whatever whatever maximized thing your time with him spending time with them it's really just about you know spending the day with them and really giving them a good experience um do you offer or think it is inappropriate to let sponsors display their logo cards et cetera for their help um that's a good question I mean I personally do you think it's inappropriate I mean it's not ah you know this isn't about sponsors this isn't about corporation this isn't you know about other people getting their brand out there this is really just about um you know serving people you know way encourage photographers not to show their pictures so if the photographers aren't going to be able to show their work and sponsor themselves I don't really see why any other company needs to get involved and have there names and logos splashed everywhere so uh she carried just ask should we print the photo immediately or tell people to come back later again it depends on your your situation typically we found that it works better if you just print right there on the spot um you know that way the subjects there they have an immediate gratification thing where they can come get their picture taken and walk away with a framed print so if you can do that I think that makes for a much better experience but then again if they're coming back to get their photos I'll like that it creates a second interaction with your subjects and and it's you know it's establishing just more community more connection so I think either way works but we've you know we've found that ah sometimes that's a little bit difficult to reconnect with the people you're working with so it's probably best to just be able to provide the uh the print right there in person yeah framing wise most most locations we found either the photographers bring their own frames or they have a local hobby lobby or michael's or somebody donate some frames um you'd be I think you'd be surprised by if you go in your house and look around how many friends you either don't like or not using and so a lot of photographers just bring in their own their own gear them in their own frames and give those away and they have somebody donate some frames yeah I think it's fine to create an online gallery for your subjects to prove their photos I mean um you know that that would even gives them even more um you no say in the matter it gives them that ability to be a part of the process I think that's a great idea um you know as long as you're perfect protecting their privacy and respecting them and not blasting the link out to your entire community I think that's a thing that's a really good idea because a lot of our a lot of the people who work with do you have you know they're they're they're people just like the rest of us that they do have computers they do have internet so I think that's great if you can build a gallery and and show people um somebody said you can put the print and a protective plastic sleeve we think that's a great idea to especially for the homeless if you have the ability to laminate your photos they can walk away and in the past we've had a lot of people say why would you give homeless person in a photograph of themselves and we were blown away last year by how about how the homeless absolutely treasured those photos they literally carried it with him everywhere they went and so don't think for a minute that the homeless uh don't treasure these photos it really is ah big gift for them jeremy I've got a question I don't know if it's been asked um what about multiple prints or how ah what number of copies air generally given um yeah I mean I was kind of talking about that like we think it's it's good to provide as many as you can I mean there's there's no there's no certain number I mean it depends on the ratio of photographers versus subjects you know last year I remember given the family up to you know up to ten to fifteen prints five by seven day but tens a little bit of everything and then there are a lot of families that literally walked away with one print because we just didn't have the manpower or the time to do multiple for everybody because there's so many people coming through but everybody always walks away with at least one print um and your experience did people want the actual image files on cd some people did want that and we try to accommodate that a cz muchas possible again to give people you know as much as we can so just make sure that if you are giving the image is away on a cd make sure to give them a release from the photographer because a lot of companies like wal mart target and all that they won't print photos without the permission from the photographer to do that so if you plan on burning cds or whatever be sure to have ah letter from yourself that gives the subject permission to go and print those photos anywhere they want um what kind of people do you photograph um it's a good question because a lot of people think that this is just about you know the homeless of the port it's really not I mean our motto is we we suggest anybody in need and that could be you know that could be your next door neighbor who's just seems lonely and they're at their house all the time by themselves and they may have not ever considered to have a photo shoot done that can include children at the children's hospital um let me conclude the elderly we think it's great to get a nursing homes and do this the elderly have a blast having their pictures taken and uh you know it could be army that it could be a pictures for you know uh people serving in the military could be for their families back home you know take a picture of the the mom and the kids with a dad and the kids and sent to their spouse overseas there's lots of there are ways to do this I mean it's really serving anybody who wouldn't have normally have access to do this and so if you think somebody could really use this as a gift than we think it's a good idea to help them but we also are not encouraging free photography we're not trying to devalue the service of what we do is photographer so that's a very clear line that we don't want to promote free photography this is really for people this is photography for people who you know it wouldn't have been on the radar they would never consider this so reading question seok announced enough of a sample of fire first these um ceo ken asked do you have a sample of the photographers release for subjects toe take to get there in prince made ah and care just that we don't have one right now but we are working on that and we will get it up on the blogger um asap and by the way we have been working very hard on our blogger in the last two weeks care and laurie and in annie have been uh pretty much ninjas when it comes to posting block boast so really really encourage people to go dig through our blawg because we've we've tried to answer a lot of questions here recently um uh somebody said they're doing a santa shoot for pet owners to help raise money for local dog rescue we think that's awesome we were surprised last year how many people turn their help portrait events into pet shoots which we think is awesome we are we're all big uh you know people hear it help portrait so we think that's great can you post the blawg address can you other there were clear um they're working on that uh reading the questions lots of questions coming in it's a very helpful um I have some questions about maty sure order I email with no response will get back to you a promise what's the secret of shooting beautiful portrait swell that's a uh that's a loaded question yeah I think I would uh be a millionaire if I could answer that question um anybody would be a millionaire there there really isn't a secret I mean this is this is really a zero seven the path this isn't about lighting or cameras or you know technique this is really just about being with people in connecting with people are mean photography is just a catalyst I mean we think this is really about um serving your community and just hanging out and talking with the subjects because they don't you know a lot of these people were working with just her ignored in their life and they're not then they never feel valued and never feel special so this really isn't about photography this is about being with people and so as far as taking a beautiful portrait you know obviously we do want to flatter them and make them look great but I don't really know that there's a secret involved it's just a matter of uh making experience a good one for them um reading reading reading if we're able to partner with local stores should we expect them to bring their large equipment how does that work when we should give them to the people asap large equipment doesn't necessarily hold you back from delivering quicker they really depends on the knowledge of the photographers using the equipment I mean you know I know some people that can handle all the lights and the seamlessness and all that and set that up in five minutes and be ready to go and I know you know photographers that that might take an hour to get all that done so um you know gear doesn't really hold you back either way it just depends on what you're comfortable with is a photographer um but typically we know in that nashville last year we had two or three assistants working with each photographer kind of helping them you know run cards to the printer moving lights around because you know if you go from shooting one person and then all of a sudden you know ten people walking your seamless you're going to have to rearrange your lights and re stood up very quickly and uh you know that can get a bit get a bit chaotic soto have people helping you assistance is there is a good idea to have that available um we just have posted a link to the photographer's release thank you ron uh wait since we have brothers on the team that broke while we continue to get with families that was a cool way can you repeat that everyone there's just a chandler posted on the chinese that we have runners on our teams to go print while we continue to get to the other families I thought that was a really cool way because this is a just about taking someone's photo and moving them on it's about connecting with them making you know so very special during that day and then you know so I thought that was really cool last year high you could see the photographers connect with the people there taking photos with them hearing their stories and just I know there's there's something really special about that and it just it makes them feel important so I thought that was a really good point to just kind of not pushing away could get your print and you're done but just really connect with them on a personal level if time allies but yes I thought that was a good point well done lawrie well done uh somebody said can you talk a little bit about the clothing I have seen that was provided at some of the shoots um where they do nations or borrowed items that were then laundered and return way suggest both donating clothes and even bring close to let people borrow I mean either way I know that it any given moment I have a lot of clothes in my closet they're not being used that I haven't worn in a while and I think it's been an amazing thing and photographers around the world brought their own clothing to these photos she is that they were wearing and they just gave him a way um it's just a beautiful thing to be ableto you know teo for these seven to come to this day get free portrait let's get free clothes get fed um get flowers you know just be kind of pampered for a whole day and so ah ha leech out you know really really wanna challenge photographers to think about doing that clean out the closets and bring shoes socks you know shirts jeans whatever blankets or good thing toe have on hand in case somebody needs extra warmth for the winner just whatever you can and obviously be creative just think about what what people might want I mean even we've been suggesting also for people to have a santa claus available you know a lot of these parents and families don't have access to get to a mall or wherever for the kids to go see santa so there's lots of different things you can do to really make this a great day for the people you're working with um hot chocolate station good call chandler you want to get there but you see we'll be getting people to get stuck in the minds of people in their friends that's a great call help put your d c is that we will be giving people a ticket stub that has a number on it so they contract the people in their prints um great I did uh jim arrested you tell your images straight to the computer or did you just continue to trade out memory um yes I would beat the chandler ask did you tether your image of straight to the computer or did you just continue to trade up memory cards um we have I mean a lot of people together and for those who don't know what tethering is that means when you plug your camera straight into a computer and the images were popping up straight on your laptop or computer and you can view everything I mean personnel found it quicker to have a runner delivering memory cards toe where you know the printer can just be putting stuff while you're continuing to shoot either way works whatever you're more comfortable with um I am doing a shoot for at risk lgbt teens doing in tow worry about parental consent consume a tomato lgbt means I think it's just time I don't know what that means um I think parental consent can't hurt anything that's ah probably a good call but I really don't know the answer to that question if anybody in the chat room nos okay lesbian and gay bisexual transgender um yeah I mean that that's really a good a good question that we haven't been asked before about parental consent I mean you know typically if you're taking a nice picture of somebody and they're you know it's a beautiful portrait I don't really see what parents would have any issues with that I mean in fact they probably be thrilled that have a nice portrait of their child but it might be a may not be a bad idea so I'm sorry I don't have an official answer on that we'll look into that some more ron thank espn give a donation letter retired for littering or doc formats that can be customized ron ron asked can we get the donation letter and photographer letter and doc format so we can customize yes we will work on that right yeah we just we just have to have to make sure as the appropriate legal wording so yeah yeah well we'll look into that run can answer your question uh um somebody said are we using model releases in general um we kind of don't recommend that when we don't want these photos to really get out on these air really this is really a prophet thing for the subjects the last week we talked about how you know if you have an amazing story an amazing picture and your subject has given you the permission written permission teo teo use their story or use their picture to spread the word of help portrait then we really don't have a big issue with that but you have to have there written permission so only and that only in that time do we think it's good to have a model released but in general we don't encourage you know people to post the pictures anywhere we don't encourage you know free to do anything these pictures besides give them to your subjects so I do think we have moderate lease is up just in just in case people do want to do that they're on the blockage there on the hell portrait download section on our web site so I was asking how do you find people like the home was never kidded suggested kind of got more shelters but you know last year just what wanted sheets yes we had somebody asking you how you find almost people and we found that the best thing is to call your local rescue mission usually a lot of cities have different nonprofits or organizations already working with the homeless and that usually makes life easier because the homeless people already trust that organization the organization already knows everybody's names they it's a place of comfort and so it's best to partner with him and it makes your life easier but we've also seen people literally just set up a seamless in middle of the street and you know provide free portrait so um again it depends on your city but I think I think partnering with organizations is a safer better out to go speaking outside re tonic asked is it feasible to plan shooting on two different locations with just one team for example children hospitals in a homeless shelter I'm sure it's feasible I mean it depends on how many people you're working with I mean I know that people have done one event in the morning and then traveled over to another location in the day to shoot another help portrait event so are once again it just all depends on your capabilities your manpower how many people you have versus how many people you're shooting but we think it's great to do as many events as you can and help out as many people as possible mmm corn chilo asking me share for those of the h with you can use your creditors in h eighteen worked with yeah we think we think that's ok to share the portrait he take without porch a team you work with I mean you know because a lot of you know it's really just about not publicizing your photos not throwing them on the internet respecting the privacy but I mean if if I have a group of ten photographers and we're all shooting a huge group of people together it's a big community day for all of us I mean we're all there were all you know working together on the subjects they're usually thrilled to be there and so I personally don't find any issues was sharing your pictures with the other photographers you worked with that day because they already saw that person anyway uh that's my personal opinion um as long as you're not you know posting them online there or whatever leading questions and our quickie you're doing two events one time stripper days right inside yeah and albuquerque either doing two events on two different days we think that's awesome in fact leaves we know in atlanta and different cities I mean there's there's up to ten different events going on so it's really cool to see to see this happening ah can I ask how did I come up with the idea for help portrait um smells really bad in there I knew it no sorry small distraction um get what was your questions over and created lambs johnson ass where does hd stand on are using the images to directly benefit the community that were helping you book our tweets every trace funds wait okay hold on one second guys sorry um what is only right images of the subjects sign police force music to this in their community uh jonathan jonathan s where does help or to stand on our group using the images to directly benefit the community that we're helping ivy book gallery etcetera to raise funds to help them man that is a loaded question we attended this to try to do a book last year is an organization and for for good reason it was not well received on dh so we decided to do that and so that's hard because I know they're they're powerful stories they're powerful pictures being taken but I think we have toe stand firmly and and saying and and recommending again is that which is which is really tough I mean again this is this isn't about so yeah I mean help which is really not about fundraising war you know um raising money for nonprofits as hard as that is to say we really try to focus on just blessing individual people and so it's obviously a fine line I mean you know we're here to help people and so I think that's that's a really good question and one that will have to continue thinking about but I think I think right now we recommend against somebody asked earlier fits better better to print glossy versus matt honestly it doesn't matter I mean I'm not sure which one would with last longer and especially in terms of a homeless person king are kicking it around in their pocket maybe somebody in the chat room knows more about that in which one I mean for me it's it's really about which paper earnings from or archival um that's that's obviously a good thing to look into his archival printing so that in forty years you know your prints or still nice and nice and vibrant um so if anybody has a better answer to that in a chat room that feel free tio feel free to answer um yeah well we're reading give me once think it sorry um edi s is there help what your team in floor where that can help me get an event together I guess it depends on where you are in florida no there's lots of events happening in florida the best thing to do is get to our community page on the help what your website and I've been florida where your city and most likely there will be a city already working if there's not then it's essentially a ppe to you to start a new group reach up to your local photographers and begin the process of planning an event um a lot of people are made are overwhelmed at the idea of planning an event and that's essentially what help porch it is it's it's an event that the photographers have to individually plan and it it can be overwhelming but we also want to encourage people buzzing that you know last year we we had less than one week teo set up an event and we ended up having I think around five hundred subjects come and about twenty to thirty photographers so it can be done last minute it's not too late right now so don't get to discourage it can't be done so I gotta ask questions I attended an hp meeting last week and basically they're going to set up all the stations with lights and don't want you to bring anything but your camera also I didn't want to get into whose taking they didn't want to get into his taking the foot is my question is basically why'd I need photographers than anyone progressive but I'll be happy dancer that um it's a really good question you essentially don't need photographers I mean you don't need a pro you don't need the light it's um is long as you can print a photo and give it to somebody then that's all we ask for I'm glad you asked because that's something we should probably what's up yeah that's something we should talk about in the block problem um more focus yeah so they answer questions yeah I don't think you do need photographers I mean as long as you have cameras and putting available it's just about connecting with people um and that's the beautiful thing about this and it also you know gives people that who aren't photographers that ability to experience photography and experience how fun it is and so I think that's great if you're you're more than welcome to just get a bunch of volunteers together and you know take pictures with whatever cameras you have access tio make sure it's a relatively clean backgrounds you don't have a crazy crazy busy portrait and try to keep that your portrait simple and about your subjects ah but it's a really good question that something will plan on addressing more yeah yeah laurie laurie made a good point on the hell porch routine there's about ten ten of us now and really I am the only photographer so we're aah we're mostly made up of non photographers ourselves so it's because that matters not being a photographer um do you usually have any kind of prop somebody just asked yeah we think I think that's a good idea I mean you think about your traditional you know sears portrait there mall portrait's and I think people usually like props in my experience props makes the portrait less awkward for people sometimes if they're just standing on the scene there on the stage seamless there they don't know what to do with their hands or they're here they don't know to do but if you give him an environment to sit in something to lean against something for the kids maybe to interact with that usually makes it a little bit more comfortable um so yeah I think that's a great I did to provide props if you have access to that too if you have access to that that it's not a necessity by any means reading your questions give me one second sir for the downtown what's that with singing to you but I don't think that to get out there all I heard in a great lounge leslie gracias uh somebody asked how I came up with the idea of hell portrait was kind of a mixture of things that there's something called um advent conspiracy they're really really inspired me there's that there's a video online a few google had been conspiracy or maybe one of the girls were composed a link to it remember seeing that video and just being really inspired by their message they're basically talking about how our american culture we tend to get so obsessed at christmas with materialism what we it all becomes about um buying buying buying you know getting your kids new toys that they don't need getting you know by your spouse new clothes they don't need it just becomes this we get focused on all the wrong things and they were saying how what if instead we focused on you know making something with our hands serving people in need getting out there and doing things that really matter versus just buying into the consumerism of our culture and it just really deeply moved me and I started thinking about how I could use my gifts to do something so that christmas in two thousand eight we um I got together about ten photographers and we just held an event at a gym here nashville bill and it was an amazing event because it was we spent you know a little while taking pictures but then we probably spent a longer time just playing basketball with the kids and hanging out and uh I was just really really moving and it was a day I'll never forget and so we put up a little video of our experienced that day and I was overwhelmed by photographers saying hey if you ever do this again I would love to be involved and still on that that's kind of when I realized that this could be a much bigger a much bigger deal and so I started planning over the course of two thousand nine to launch a video promote you know kind of putting out the ideas have scott kelly b my friend out of orlando put this blogger upon his but this video up on his blogged and we launched it and but then I had my friends chase jarvis of insula ferree and uh zacarias and a few other guys kind of start promoting pushing in the word out there before you know we had thousands of photographers participating less christmas so it really has been a viral movement and uh it's amazing to see the power of social media because essentially even though we've put a ton of ours and that portrait this has been easy thing to do to make this happen and so it's encouraging to see what can be done with with the power of social media these days ok laura is going to answer a question quickly on can was asking do you recommend trying to do a local pressure needs to get local media involved or does that go against the concept similar to creating a book can because and that idea of the motive behind getting press involving beat either one get more people to come to the vent as our subjects or getting your little businesses involved it does not go against the book kinds of the concept was more people were against that you know more for I think raising funds and things like that so I one hundred percent support sitting local pressure is we have a sample pressure leads that will post that you can use to send your local media entering all your information but we look at more press involved war people's lives could be affected next year so we look at is a very positive thing that answers your question I mean last year the stories he had done you know it was cnn it was just a they told a beautiful story and it was great to see that and to share that with the world so I'm hopefully that he helped more people be involved in this year create are we a portrait like instead of doing this year's fortune to make our from somebody spoken ces yeah of course I mean you know I didn't but saying serious portrait's a little while ago what literally wasn't saying you had to go do that I'm just saying that that allowed some sears portuguese props and I think props might be a good idea but certainly if you if you want to make these really artsy and really cool I think that's awesome I mean last year we worked with um uh not an abuse shelter but the women's shelter who have come come from abuse or alcohol or drugs or whatever and so you know they're all teenagers there ah or in their early twenties and they love the cooler the better if you could if you could do something rc than they absolutely love that so obviously just just apply your style to whoever whoever you're working with him and if you're working with teenagers then by all means you know try to make it really cool and hip that really mean a lot to them but if you're working with with the elderly you don't want to be applying any hdr effects or crazy lighting so you know just just have have common sense about it I think I think you'll do just fine oh joe annexes our resource is I alongside except where people can share info on sponsors who are doing paper foreigners in different cities I found a sponsor will provide free paper there's miami and can do so in cities around latin america how kind of this communicate this resource um I hope you heard that question I think um she's basis thing there's somebody who has found a company that is willing to donate resource is not only in their city but in other cities as well I think probably the best thing to do is to go on our form in the community section and post your message post what you just said and let let the hell portrait community know what you're talking about and I think that's the best or you know tiger with help or get on our twitter or post on the on our facebook page but I would think our form on the community website is probably the best alex for that let it be dear subject to write their stories or do you remember their stories just based on contact with him I'm glad you asked that eddie because we as a is an organization its power for it's powerful for us to share stories because not being able to show me but his pictures often times when we were trying to spread the word we need stories and so we think it's great if you can document that stories whether you write them down I have somebody even record somebody talking and sharing their story um so in my personal experience I've just remembered a few stories that they're good to tell but the more you document those the better I mean for your own for your own memories for your subjects memories for the organization you know it's just good for everybody to have any of the stories documented um I just posted a link to the event reporting block that tells you exactly how to report after your event yeah that's really crucial for us care just posted the link in the chat room to the to the reporting form basically what that is is after the event is over um we really need to know people's numbers and the stories that were heard help fortune is not about numbers I mean it's we're not doing this so that we can brag about how many way had but when we you know for us the more the word spreads the more people get involved which means the more lives are affected and to spread the word you know the media is the best way for us to do that so last year cnn did a story cbs evening news did a story for you and the first thing they all ask kel how many starters did you have how many pictures did you take so unfortunately we do need to know people's number so as soon as your event is done with if we can have people fill out that form that will help us is an organization continue to spread the word so that more people are getting participate in that somebody asked um they're doing there then on december tenth and eleventh is that still too late to send in their numbers and the answer is no it's not so just whatever even if you do your event later then the tender eleventh I mean later than the fourth still fill out that form and send us your numbers that's very helpful for us you just suggested computing community you're talking about just yeah adam adam asked about doing a hell portrait coffee table book and there for a little bit of a season last year we were really pursuing that basically what happened is we we're blood means simply blown away by the stories that came in especially is that as the founder people were emailing me all their personal stories and I had no idea of what this would mean to be well I just thought this was a good idea and thought it would be cool for the community but frankly I was shocked by the stories that came in and how life changing this was for a lot of our subjects and so we were so moved that we really wanted to do a book last year but we there was a lot of negative feedback towards that because people didn't want to show the photos which is our core thing so you know it was a bit of a tricky situation but we're we respected the desires of the community not do a book and we still don't plan on doing a book to keep that private but we we do hope to still share the stories in other ways a lot of people can block about the events and share the stories and so we do want of stories to get out there and in various forms because that just means that more people will be moved by how portrait more people will get involved in this more lives will be affected so the farther you can spread the word through video or stories the better for everybody so um chandler asked at a friend that's a wedding videographer and approaching about making a video what should I tell him I think it would be cool but would it go against the whole concept of not having me involved we think that is a great we have a whole section on our web site videos from questions events videos just help tell the story um in a way that's good I mean some events can't do any video because of the the subject matter that's involved in some of these nonprofits just don't want that and they'll let you know in some subjects will ask be asked not being video obviously respect that but for the most part we you know had a lot of events film last year and a lot of those videos are on a web site so we think that's a great way to share the impact of hell portrait you're pretty on side how many do you suggest for eight to ten photographers uh for eight to ten photographers ah I don't know probably probably to to printers is good maybe three um I mean last year we had thirty photographers and three printers and it was a bit chaotic but we made it work they have probably just two to three printers is probably a good idea um betsy asked do you follow up with the people you work with I'm in contact with my church is small groups to continue to meet their needs post help portrait event any suggestions on following up um yes absolutely we think it's an amazing thing if you're capable of keeping in contact with your subjects absolutely I mean this is this is what hell portrait of is about is establishing relationships with people and so if you have the ability than then by all means please continue to invest in the lives of the people you're working with um any suggestions on following up I guess that depends on who you're working with them in every non profit that I found is a bit different in terms of how often they see they're people means some people there all the time so if you can do that we think that's great to continue the relationship beyond your help portrait event still reading questions we have about ten more minutes for anybody else who's warming to know anything from about lgbt teen she were thinking about putting the portrait into a slide show and use for dan savage is it gets better campaign would this be in keeping with the help that poor chick philosophy um I don't know what the dan savage is it's get better campaign is um yeah I don't know how to answer that question is that yeah I mean care was just saying it's not about making its statement or supporting and other causes I mean this is really individual focused he notes about just helping people individually so I think that's that's my initial that's our initial reaction if we're planning on printing and black and white on a buttons with eleven photo stations and expectation of four hundred plus people attending do you have any suggestions for how much ink we will need how many in cartridges did you use last year to get questions and too hard on the answer I mean honestly I don't know how much ink weaves last year it was a bit of a blur for me personally I felt like a wedding where the whole day just blitzes by and you don't even know what happened but um I hope that somebody else will chime in on the community and answer that question we did have a block post buyem my friend austin who uh not much in boston yes my friend wants to the last man that posted on that he posted on all the gear for the help fortune to better yeah from dallas boston man posted so there is a block post one of the girls here we'll post that link in terms of gear and printing and all that good stuff um tons of the vinson europe I'll be participating in belgium that's awesome um let's see still reading events thank you all for listening in by the way I hope these I hope these q names were helpful for everybody um it's very very exciting setting you uh yeah we got eight minutes so keep asking sorry betty s in this house is do you know the t shirts from larger small are patriots in sex somebody asked about the t shirts and whether they run larger smaller the true to size they are there the other unis x t shirts on we just launched those a couple weeks ago see I'll be sure to check out the help what your website we do have t shirts now available and you also can print your own t shirts if you have that capability we just posted a blawg post a few days ago about that for you to be able to download our logo and and do your thing with it um right yeah um where is a good place resource for funding anyway volunteers we don't know it in you is make up make up in uh model mayhem get call model mayhem is a good place to find makeup artist and hair stylist and I should know it anyway is being bizarre um a lot of aa lot of local hair salons will send a whole crew tio shoot so definitely look at model mayhem lookit I'm call your locus of hair salons they usually really enjoy what's that yeah mac is really good about donating people for these events so please ask if we get a sponsor who is interested in becoming a national sponsor do we need to run it by me first she just posted it for you if you found somebody that wants to be a national sponsor you need to get in touch with us directly um just email info at help fortune dot com helped dash fortune dot com and we will look into that with you guys um still be chris's check hole here schools like tio check check local hair schools oncologists they like to get their students real world experience that's a great great idea just make sure they know it's not report full of usage that's just for getting experience only uh photo means dok would you recommend trying to set up it has been at a pregnancy help center there is a need since these people are in crisis pregnancies but their client ship with the sinner is confidential would you recommend trying to do an event with an organization like this um yeah absolutely I mean I think I think anybody I think they could use the pictures just as much as anybody it provides them a great day to get going clammed up and to be to be and feel beautiful so we think that's a great uh that's a great thing that being yes you can still report the events if you're a bin is after uh december fourth I think we're about wrapping it up here and any last questions I'm watching the chat rooms that you have any last questions now is the time cracker we get in ah craig stepped out but I think I think we're good so um yeah jamie thanks a lot and thanks to everybody online for asking questions um and are we on for next week I'm assuming we are yes next week I will be answering questions right there familiar from your studio in scandal awesome sounds great yeah and it and it sounds like I don't know if I'm able to announce is but it sounds like we might be doing ah chase jarvis live on monday so mohr announcement on that coming soon colletta I think that's a possibility so awesome all right well thank you very much and we will see you guys next week all right he goes by internet

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