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Managing Workflow and Social Media

This morning we're going to be talking about my post production work flow we're going to talk about how much editing is done on the on the image is talking about the layout ofthe the storybook what the client gets after you know shooting all of these images we're going to talk about your interaction with your client with regards to the final proof off the storybook or off the album so let's get going with that basically the very first thing that you do when you get back to the to the studio back to office you need teo do a bit of a back up right okay so the first thing that I do is I put all my files into one folder and then we rename the files the reason why I want to rename the files is because I don't want them to be dsc seven eight three five two I want them to have some sort of personal connection with the client I'm going to talk about a whole lot of things today and I know that there are a lot of questions with regards to the files and images and do we give these two the client ...

and what happens to the art takes and things like that so just bear with me I know your questions well we will get to it I need those files to be renamed so that they appear in an order I usually put the clients initials so if we shot maya and sean yesterday I put m s and then renamed all the files from one down to however many images that we shot and typically I would shoot for an average size wedding you know one hundred fifty guests three bridesmaids three groomsmen you're probably looking at a bart one thousand five hundred images you know if you're doing you know big a wedding with a huge entourage and four hundred fifty guests or six hundred guests you might go up to two thousand three thousand images but let's just keep it around you know one five or two thousand images so renamed the files back them up and and I renamed my files in bridge and when I say I do all of this I have somebody that does that for me on assistant who works for me tio I bring in the cards hand over the cards and that's handed over to somebody else so uh back up onto an external hard drive portable external hard drive all the role files and then burn it to dvd as well so I've got it as a dvd copy gotta there's on a hard drive and then it's still on the heart the external hard drive that I'm using on that computer to do all the to do all the work ok any questions with regards to back up and renaming we all good with that? Okay then the very first thing that my re toucher is going to do is get stuff ready for the social media. Now the reason why we going to do that is because everybody has facebooked images from the wedding already all the guests have started to get their pictures up. If you wait two or three weeks or even two or three days before you get your work up there, the impact is lost because this day and age, you know instant gratification bang, bang, bang you you know that wedding? Oh yeah, there was like so last week, so you need to get your work out there as fast as possible. I choose ten or twelve images to put up on every ten or fifteen, ten or fifteen images to put up onto the social media sites. Obviously I'm going to make friends with my clients on facebook, and we did that, you know, pride to even shooting the wedding s o so they're obviously going to get tagged in those in those images, and I'm going to email her and say to her or facebook and say to you, you know, your images are up, share them with your friends, I would upload it to my facebook page so that she shares my album driving traffic tio my facebook business page no, some people say, you know, ten, fifteen images that's not very many I don't want to fulfill my client's emotional expectations now I know that there are a lot of photographers out there who like to blogged and they will you know when they're done with the wedding they'll put two hundred fifty images up the entire winning from beginning to end personally I have never ever seen at the end ofthe those long blog's I've never seen a comment by anyone who's looked at that plug saying can't wait to see more it's always been like a nice pictures great great representational but there's never ever mean a comment that says I can't wait to see more I put up ten or fifteen years just you fulfilling the emotional expectation because they know that they've got great shots because they are concerned you know they've seen have seen images that you shot for other weddings but there's still that little bit of insecurity you know our picture is going to be as good as what we've seen online or what we've seen from our friends winning so there is that a little bit of insecurity that I need to address so if I put up ten or fifteen amazing images they're going to be emotion emotionally tantalized but they're not going to be emotionally fulfilled so that when the storybook comes in like oh yeah way saw those online yeah you know and when you do block it like that you know two hundred fifty images you can't bring your visual vision to that wedding as you would in a storybook loud because in a storybook loud you can create ebbs and flows within the storybook and tell a story within that storybook by by the way you place your images in the sizing off the images that will tell a story that you had in your mind and you guys have seen when you when you've looked on websites and blog's where they've had a lot of images don't you end up just like and sometimes you've gone down the page, that image hasn't even loaded yet and you've gone past it so you know, I really think that blogging a lot of images you're just you know, trying to get your work out there but you're fulfilling your client's emotional expectations put out ten or fifteen shots they're gonna be like a while that's cool I can't wait to see more don't put out your shots that are your meat and potatoes shot don't put out the shots that you know that you can shoot if you should ten different poses at a wedding next week you're probably going to shoot maybe seven or eight of the same posers don't blogged or don't facebook the same images all the time because then people go oh yeah, he did that at the other person's wedding yeah, I've seen that before put this the images that are that are going to make you know they're going to resonate with your brand and images that you want people to associate with your brand when I do what I do there as well is just in terms of the uh the likes on on those images I'm monitor the likes on those images and when I told you you know that that bride and groom close together heads together that images for the mom go and look at the likes that you get on certain images you'll see that there's an older generation that likes those pictures and then the other images that are fashion inspired or your style inspired that's where your target market likes those pictures so I don't really mind if the shot that I love only get ten likes and the mental peace shots get like two hundred likes because that's two hundred likes that's all the parents, friends and all of that kind of thing and I mean, everybody knows the found of, you know, creative, live and, you know, chase jarvis, right don't shoot images don't shoot images that you want other people to like on facebook, we're not shooting for likes we're shooting for ourselves and we're shooting for quality likes you know, I don't care if we get ten ten likes on my on my images as long as it's the right people, so I only need twenty people to like my work twenty people a year to like my work all right, so water marking and branding I put a small lager at the bottom left hand corner or the bottom right and corner I don't brand my images copyright and all sorts of things because that just makes me look a little insecure or arrogant, depending on which way you look at it, but it doesn't give me a good feeling. It's not it's, not a brand impression that is going teo give off a positive sentiment ifyou've got copyright do not do this and do not do that, you know, people are going to do that anyway, whether you like it or not and you're not really going to follow up on it. It's going to cost you too much money, so I'm gonna I'm gonna post images that I'm happy for people too fly around and, you know, with the with the watermark story with the brand at the bottom right hand corner, you know, it's on my facebook page, you can go and have a look there any questions about that? Okay, so what? This is the kind of thing I was talking about the image on the left is the image that I'm going to put up there so that I've fulfilled mom's emotional expectations on facebook, mom's going to be like super happy about that and then on the right hand side, that's where I'm shooting, maybe threw a piece of glass it's not a nice, happy, vibrant shot, but the bride is going to love it, and you'll see that she likes and all her friends like it as well types of images that are going this image here was shot in the rain, so this bride and groom it was raining the whole day for their wedding, and I shot this image with that room light coming from behind my assistant is holding the led with orange kind of gel on it and a reflector from the from the front, and it looks a ziff it's nice late afternoon light coming from behind. I put that up because she was I had the feeling she was expecting disappointing images because it was raining all day, so I'll put that up to make you feel like, okay, we actually got something that's pretty cool, that's the kind of thing I'm going to put up to make her friends want to come and book me that show that's and friends like that, it would be nice, so I'm going to shoot that that's a vera wang dress, I'm going to shoot it in a way that that is going to resonate with that type of brandon, that type of client so I'm going to facebook that as well. And then, you know, you've got your beautiful, iconic shots that are just gonna have that while impact and really going, going, going to get you a lot of publicity in terms of people talking about your images.

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