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Shoot: Bride and Groom Post Ceremony

Can you keep on using this background? So we've got a bit of a theme going stand a little bit away from the from the fabric. Come in a little closer for me. Okay, that's cool in me. Just move this draping up a tiny, but here. Okay, there we go. That's. Cool. All right. Okay. Fantastic. And what you're doing there was working. This is pushed. This built in a little bit more there for me. Okay? Because he moved forward a little bit. I need you to move back a little bit short. That's perfect. I like that. Look, keep it going. Their rights hold it just like that. I'm also thinking you you asking a little earlier, jim, about which images are gonna go into black and white? This looks a little bit great gatsby, don't you think? I mean, I'm not going to say vintage because great gatsby is becoming quite a bit of a thing at them. Or where you looking this perfect. Keep looking there. In fact, could you do that? Maybe the other way. That's it? Yeah. That's. Cool. Very nice. Good job. And here we...

go. Let's. Have a look at that. Okay that's the difference between that broadside lighting and narrow side lighting there it's not really working too much for him I like it probably liked it the other way we've across this way back into the middle for me or not what you do with your legs to do that again all right let's do that as a full length well, first of all I wanna do it is a three quarter look down at the floor show okay and then I'm gonna do it is it is a full length as well hold it they can't keep it just like that and then I'm going to hold the foot way okay that's cool I'm gonna hold the focus just go off to the side for a second just out of frame thank you. I'm just going to shoot that the background just so that I've got something to work with because what I'm really going to do is extend the sides can you see what I'm thinking about them when they're just gonna extend the sides okay so I think we need to shoot the two of them together so happy coming lady I love how you're shooting for your re toucher you like that it's good I love that you came I retouch is also liking you because then she doesn't have to battle with backgrounds in the you know onda thing is that if you developed a relationship with your re toucher I can see in those files to her don't even have to talk to you knows why I've shot like that all right so um okay so what we gonna do over here sean if you could please bring the flash let's go over here was gonna be in the way of the camera for this bring the flash to over here to this area over here what's the lights over there keep going a little further back for me okay stop right on let's go up on that power it's good it's got to go okay, so now we need to get shots bridegroom together twisted the rubber towards me that's great. Rachel, could we have the flowers back there please? You're being a fantastic bridesmaid. I'm gonna really enjoy shooting your winning ok, so you come over here right there we go in nice and close we need that shot for mom and dad, right? So just to do a light test let's have a little look at this turn your bodies and towards each other I need to see that dress flowers down a little lower his nice and close together. Okay, I need to open. I need to close my my appetite a little bit so it was on two point eight I'm going down now to a four and I'm going down to one hundred eyesight so it's nice and close together just telling you, look at that, ok, sean, you might have to give me a bit more contrast. No, you don't call right heads and ice and close together. That's it and beautiful. Very, very cool. Oh, I think I think one of the things that's really important. And you can see this through me and my passion. You can see that I'm past. What about this? I think it's like being a radio deejay, you're always the guy's chi. This is draining it's. This is hard, hard work. At the end of the day, you are wasted. I know it's a first world problems because there are people out there that would love to be doing what we're doing and would love to be as tired as we are. But you've gotto keep up that energy away day. You're gonna be as excited for them for their winning as they are. So I'm not that's beautiful. Keep going. You're doing that all day. That really, really takes it out of you. So you know that's, if you're if you're not a people's person, if you don't like people, you know you can't, because your tolerance levels also change emotionally, your tolerance levels change and you you could say something to somebody whose only having fun you know they're at somebody's waiting there having fun and they could just make a little comment that you get upset about and you could say something that could you lose your potential job and if you weren't in that emotional state of mind you never would have let that comment bother you so you've got to remain calm and remain happy and remain amicable constantly which is training but this is what we're here for you now and I'm not going to be doing that for nine dollars an hour all right? So let's get a couple of shots here together so we can have a nice uh array of images that we can choose from beautiful flowers down a little bit piece okay, there we go right we'll start off without smiling so just looking at me nice and close together all right there it is, right let's go let's go nice and happy there we got a big big laughs on my work it baby there it is that that was a joke guys I don't mean seriously that was a joke when I'm saying working baby, I'm joking okay people think I might be being serious about that okay, here we go nice and happy flowers down a little lower that's it that's cool good job okay very easy transition over there would be for maya if sorry for sure if you could just go into this side of maya maya tenure body that way just like we did upstairs nice and close together flowers down a little lower get in nice and close next to her their hits nice and close together looking at me turn your face towards me sean that said beautiful nice we've got options now because there was a serious shot and a sexy shot in a lot of attention but now well there we go I don't even have to talk to these people okay listen happy again there it is big big smiles beautiful hold it there and fantastic rachel, can you please take the flowers away? Thank you so much. Okay, we've got our safe shots now we need you here now we can start shooting images that we bring in a bit more of a fashion element too. So sometimes with fashion it might look like the people are there's a little bit of it there's a little bit of tension between them or he's looking away is not really interested in her but it is there's a bit of tension is a story is a bit of a dip so what we're gonna do here now very easy one to start with especially when you're dealing with clients who aren't exactly one hundred percent models you know when you're dealing with clients who are confident but they're not necessarily are going to do stuff in front of you that that you don't have to direct them so very easy one to start with you just turn your body a little bit sideways but you hands into your trouser pocket and you're going to be like draped all over him so bring coming over there from this night but there was that also work let's do this side first night on your body in towards sean that's that's cool that's it's lovely stuff I'm loving this hip coming on here because khun see the back of the dress maybe you could twist around a little bit more and get your body in lice and closely beginning all this beautiful detail in the dress dress design is going to be happy magazine's going to be happy because we're gonna be sending pictures to magazines and when you're shooting for magazines it's all about details okay that's nice with you looking down there sean that's a beautiful look on your face there my absolutely stunning my bring your hand down a little lower onto his chest okay jewelry design is going to be happy sean eyes to me bank beautiful very, very cool okay whilst you there whilst you they keep that post keep their post whilst you there you could actually come around now but your hand in underneath here hold onto his arm like you just holding onto the arm there but your head in towards him and go in nice and close I need a shot for the hairdresser tenure hidden towards him chin down if you can just watch the lipstick on the suit okay rights there it is and okay that's purely for the hairdresser now are you gonna turn you keep your back there but turn your body towards me as much as possible keep your head into him and hold onto his arm get your body in nice and close shorten this hand can hold on to her waist and bring it in towards you you're protecting her that's it okay let's just hold it there just for a sec okay my your right hand must come up underneath him a little no no no where it was so I said no again shin and on that keep going in there put him in nice and close to shawn she's better looking than you I want to see her a lot more than you okay there we go chin down a little bit okay so you just put your mouth onto his shoulder there see there that's the shot all right and now she's looking at me like I shouldn't be doing that but it's a little bit of tension there and it's absolutely gorgeous I think this could work in black and white and there we go that's cool right maya go to where you wanted to go that's it uh this reminds me off the poster from eva vita with with madonna that was that there was a shot over there and just lean your head onto him what is closer together you two is an arleen onto him shown your head a little and asked stone you'll head straight on to me yes, I just google that picture with madonna the poster for the movie and it was very, very similar to this that's nice chin up a bit there my butt so even became my that's a beautiful very very sexy lies okay, hold it there. Okay? Just in terms of the demonstration and what we've got over here obviously if you're in a location where you shooting outside you're gonna have a different location to this background. Although I think that we can work with this it's not it's not going to be too much of an issue terms of getting that background may be a bit smoother. It works really nicely. I think the tension is great. I think there's there's definitely a fashion elements to it and it's not your predictable type of posing work that that is going around at the moment. Okay, questions what caught my attention while you were photographing this was as you're changing each pose for the bride and groom you are very purposeful for each pose and one was okay, we're gonna get this one for the hairdresser and it struck me that every single post you do every time you shut that shutter release it is to make you know a purchase or sales it's with intention and it's also too you know, if you're not selling the print your promoting and marketing with that image years every single time yes, there could be negative sentiment towards with opposing a lot of people might think that it's quite contrived however I have got a lot of natural elements too whatever was going on previously, you know, the congratulations and the the more photo journalistic opportunities that are happening but in terms of the types of clients that I'm working with, there is intent and they want me to worry about the make sure that the dress is sitting properly on her body and, you know, shooting images where they are directed because they want to be directed they you are not looking to me to just shoot whatever's going to happen they want me to shoot in my comfort zone, which is definitely this kind of thing where I'm in control. Yeah. Do you need to get permission from special permission from the bride and groom ifyou're gonna submit or sell two magazines? Uh, yes, you you wouldn't need that um I have found more often than not, especially with the high end side of things, people convoy teo, if I just ring them up and say I've got your images into a magazine are you okay with that loving it? You know, it's not going to be a case of wei, don't you will get some people that are a little bit more private and they don't want to make a big deal about it, and I will respect that immediately. I'm not going to go and say on my career's more important because I know that if they if they if I keep them happy, they're gonna tell their friends that I respected their wishes and you want to get more work from from that side of things, but submitting I don't like to tell people that I'm going to submit to magazines because then you kind of setting them up for disappointment. It's not very easy to get into magazines, but once you have a report with the magazines, then it is obviously a lot easier and magazines then start mailing me saying, have you got any cool winning? Because I know that I shoot lavish weddings and they started emailing me, which obviously is a lot easier then continually knocking, knocking at the door when you shoot for magazines, the shot of the bride and groom hits close together that that's not what they're looking for, they're looking for details the that shot of the bride and groom mental p short that is that's that's a given for every single waiting what makes awaiting different are the details. So you've gotta shoot little things all the time that the color palettes the little favors on the table, the flowers, the arrange everything that makes that winning unique to that waiting that's what you're going to be shooting if you are going to submit to magazines it's really not a picture of a bride, they're not they're not really into that too much it's maura about details. Any other questions were intimate questions. The lighting here is controlled, so winter comes and now it gets darker quicker all sooner. What do we do with that? I mean, you have front lighting here. Yeah, you head to the southern hemisphere. I know it sounds like I'm talking. I shoot perpetual summer. I should in europe in from june, july, august and then I should back in south africa december through too much. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's the kind of try and follow the waiting seasons. I know your question, but that's all really about timing that's all really about timing and making sure, right now we shot indoors with that beautiful, ethereal lighting coming around from behind and that could have been in a great location and we made it look as if it was it was a cool spot you can shoot in the hotel lobby and really make that work nicely with ostentatious furniture and if you have to shoot outside then maybe going shoot in a forest where you can like the lines the trees up in the background you can use other lighting to you know, shoot uh illuminate things you khun you can work it okay what I'd like to do here just quickly just in terms of mixing it up again I want to demonstrate that led against the short if you can bring the lady for me I just want to do a couple of shots because I've got a little bit of time and I'm really gonna play I'm going to do one or two shots could you put a blue jo onto that I can show you gonna come a little closer to me that's cool, maybe even closer so that this life has got quite an effect on you even pleasant right that's perfect. Good job. Okay, if you if you look a tte chanel blur the new fragrance from chanel is ah the shot where a guy's walking in the dark and then is a blue sort of highlight onto the side of him so bring that up over here please sean and just pop that onto his cheek over there for me that's it okay and I'm going to go into a pitcher priority taking a risk it and think I should be an effort to authority. Let's. Just see what this is going to look like. So it's which the trigger off for the flash. Okay, let's, put cool. Just keep your head right there. This is going to be over exposed because of his black suit. Yeah. See, uh, I knew that already, so I shouldn't have taken the shot because I don't want to be taking a shot going. Okay, that was wrong. Let me do this again. I knew that already, so you know okay, okay. That's perfect. Hold it just like that. Keep your head looking just over there. That's great that's. Nice shawn. You can come a little closer to him. Is there a sick and gel in the bag? You put that over that as well just to try and get a bit more of a blue for his shoulder that just unto that yeah, that's cool. Uh gucci is also using it. There's like a reed signed to the to the model and in a green side to the model good she's using that in there in the advertising at the moment right that's cool all that their eyes to me that's perfect that's, very cool all right whilst you've got that on last you've got that on sean if you just step over here for me for a second my you can come and notjust like okay my coming over here I don't want this life to have too much of an effect so sorry it's gonna go further away from me okay that's beautiful what I need you to do is just hang okay nice little pose as well that works get the get the girl to put it hands to get all the bride to put her hands together so she's got the whole leg thing going on their hands together push your one hand forward and now she's also essentially saying they bringing that in there and then she just move from there so did you see that okay start off down here like this hands together and then just that's it keep going up and right go back to where you were okay sure you're gonna come in over here with this light from above uh I want to change this. I want to change this to tungsten white balance because I'm gonna go overly blue with this shot and just see what happens because I've got time okay let's go right kate with the hand like that that's it stopped like that beautiful shawn I might ask you to go in a little closer to her face so it's more about her face that's cool and I want the background to be darker so going closer to her face they're going ok hold it there beautiful just like that and it just got a little darker k right here we go chin down a little bit for me okay I can go even darker sean stay exactly where you are maybe you can go up a little higher those shown in terms of the light in terms of the positioning of the light okay we go that's it love it keep it there chin up a little bit for me there we go and more shoulder in this way I can it's right here there we go chin up chin up I'm telling it to put a chin up because if she puts a chin down you can see this dark rings under her eyes so head up towards the light ok hold it there that's nice there we go and I love the way you were working the shoulders that I said keeping you keep the hands and then just feeling onto your body that's a perfect hold it there okay and let's say told it just like that perfect that's pretty cool. Right? Okay and it doesn't matter that it's blue because we've got one that is perfectly colored you know we've got one that's perfectly white balanced so this is playing this is now trying to do things that were a little bit less expected

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