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Shoot: Bride Post Ceremony

Okay, so the bride and groom photographs off just a couple themselves we've sent the bridal party off down to the reception area so really now it's it's time to create some images off just the two of them together we don't have to spend an hour doing it you can really do it within ten fifteen minutes if you wanted to a lot of the times we do a post wedding shoot so it might be quite nice to shoot a little shorter for the segment because we've done everything before and one of the most important things once again we don't want to keep guests waiting because they're our target market right? So the longer I take no matter how good the photographs are, they're going to remember me as the guy who took a long time with the photographs and they're gonna remember me as the guy who was a brilliant photographer they're going to remember the fact that they were standing out in the cold, you know, sipping the champagne, freezing and waiting for us to go and shoot and it feels as if they're away fo...

r a long time and just from just from a sort of morals side moral standpoint the bride and groom are the hosts off the winning so if they're they're present it doesn't feel like you're waiting for anything even if the bride and groom went back to them and they spent another fifteen minutes eh the bride and groom are there they feel like they're not waiting for something else to happen so very, very important shoot quickly should efficiently have a plan in your mind you know how the layout was gonna work? We've already spoken about that, you know, twenty times in the last two days so I'm going to start off now shooting, riding groom aline again like you saw yesterday I liked to mix up my shooting styles I still have a common denominator sort of theme going through my work I can look at my work and so you know, I I I shocked that I could feel like I'd shot that that image but I like to mix it up so that is not only one look and it doesn't feel like this like I like my style is one dimensional my style needs to be multi dimensional so yeah, we're going to shoot a couple of shots with the bride and groom separately and together and then you know we'll spend maybe twenty minutes half an hour on that and then we'll do the first answer the reception type of short so if we could get maya and shown back in here please for a second, okay? So just in terms of what we've got here in terms of our the facilities that we have with us you look gorgeous by the way it's absolutely that's stunning okay so just in terms of what we have here available to us and sometimes this happens when you've got a beautiful draping this is the kind of environment we are shot that it shot on the shades large with all those bridesmaids one and hillary you asked me how did I shoot that this would have been similar in terms of that with the backlighting from the natural light from behind coming through the draping so what I'm going to do here I didn't shoot for in terms of what I want for the album for the storybook I didn't shoot I don't think I shot enough off meyer for for for me I want to shoot a couple more shots I need to shoot this this beautiful gown in a full length type of environment so I'm still going to shoot a little bit more individually and then the two of them together so I want to start off with you maya shawn you khun hang out over there for a sec keep the flowers with you absolutely beautiful what I'd like you to do and when you are at a venue where you've got the marquee or the draping that's going on within reason move stuff around you could move the furniture on that kind of thing just put it back andi just be respectful of other people's property so what I'm going to do here there's a pole over here I'm just going tio bring this draping out a little bit more so that so that its covering the wooden floor and it's also going to make a bit of a soft box for behind where maya is. So, maya, what I'm going to ask you to do, just hold on a sec, I'm just going to show you first, and, um, a lot of people ask me, how do you tell your people your subject, how depose and that you saw yesterday that I do quite a lot of it myself, which can be a little bit embarrassing when pictures end up on facebook, where you're just like you're doing your thing? But, you know, it's, it's work and that's what we're here for, so what I need you to do is you're going reverse back into this so that this light is just wrapping itself around you, and you're going to just be working your body like this, that gorgeous body and the flowers, so we're going to a couple of fuling shots like that, okay? Right now, terms of my lighting, I've taken the octo soft box, and I've thrown it behind the draping if you look over there and I'm bouncing it off the back wall just in terms of power, I think go up to maybe two and I'm just going to come and hang out over here and if I look at that the stalks beautiful she's gonna look like she's floating on clouds over here let's mix this up a little bit can that stunning nice beautiful regal shot just like we did yesterday feet together to start with been the one need forward bring it right across your body that's stunning how easy is that? We haven't even picked up the camera you know it's gonna be a good shot right? Okay so just in terms of lighting and how things work to get variety in your shots I'm going to take a shot of this with ambient light without the flash going to the background there so I'm just going to switch my flash off my might trigger off their sick and I'm just gonna have a little look at what's going on over here I'm going to go into aperture priority and I'm going to go right up to two thousand I sorted see what that looks like my shutter speeds a little higher I think I need to go to that I shutter speed goes up went up to five hundred may I don't think I need to do that light behind her is going to be a little bit of an issue but very easy to remove in post production I'm going to go down to a thousand off a second so this is your expected shots beautiful my absolutely stunning don't waste too many good poses just yet you're doing so well that's gorgeous okay, so let's just look at that at the bottom of the page I can just fix up all that draping to make it to cover the cover the floor let's mix it up now because that's a nice shot but anybody can do that you can see it's straight at her ambient light after no manipulation or anything like that let me see if I can make it a really nice while type of shorts I wanna put the flash on from behind which means I'm probably gonna have to go well, I'm going to have to go on teo to manual so let's look at shooting at two point eight two hundred shutter speed with flash now from behind now I don't know what's going to happen here let's just have a look that's all right it's absolutely stunning I'm loving what's going on the floor I can fix up the thing that bothers me a little bit is her elbow going oh, there we go she's stunning just like that, right hold it there there we go. Check that out. She looks like an absolute angel that means it's you look gorgeous absolutely stunning all right, so let's just do I would say five or six little poses you can bring that that's beautiful there we go drop your one shoulder that's it there we go nice all right I can see she's working I don't want to interrupt her because she's on a roll I don't wantto tell her that she's doing the right thing the wrong thing and because she's not obviously and I'm just gonna fire away and how many do I need for my him I see the back shot maybe it's a turn your back towards us chin down shoulder up that's it turn you back to us more no so you're facing that way a little bit more okay chin down a little bit that's it keep it day beautiful hey I might have retained one of the bridesmaids to help with because generally girls are more mature than voice I would retain a bridesmaid rather than in the groomsmen so rachel could you please just help me over here and just behind maya if you could just move the draping so you just make sure that the dress looks gorgeous you just hang up perfectly over there and if I need you I'm just gonna ask you to help me there rachel right that's cool night we good for now just round your shoulders some or their peace are there we go all right that's it okay, I've got my fooling shot like that and I think maybe I can go in for a three quarter shot over here okay there it is hold it there that's beautiful keep your flowers they're like what's going on just just bring those stems down a little bit more for me there we go lovely ok here it is okay rachel could you just please take maya's fine flat flowers for her for a sec okay what I'd like to do now is just really work this this bodice area because the detail there is amazing yeah that's cool ok here we go that's stunning keep it like that and chin down a little bit for me there we go all right we could even start to use your hands that go up towards your face maybe a little bit so yes there we go but keep it looking not underneath your chin just to the side of your face there was a mistake that I made when I said to not underneath the chin why did I have to say that I didn't have to say that so I've already I'm rip reminding myself for that that's what I'm talking about the negative language so if I say I shouldn't have said not like that I should have just left that sentence I was completely in its okay that's nice but your hand over here okay all right so keep your hands where they were keep your hands where they were and just bring your hand into your face but keep it soft on two years that's it that's stunning now from and your other hand just love your body they're beautiful that's that's the shot to keep it like that ok hold it there just for a sec more shoulder there we go the sand can go up even higher onto your face keep it it there we go nice there it is and beautiful last one like this here we go okay both hands uh can come both hands can come in like this maybe yes. And then just bring the leg in, bring your arm down a little bit more in the front there that's it that's cute. Okay, and I can just shoot as many as I like here she's not really her adrenalin is pumping so much in terms of what she is going through she's not really going to remember every single shot, so if it works, it works and I'm just giving myself really a lot of choices here, okay? I could go on all day like that because you know how beautiful that is, what I'd like to do. I'm just in terms of remembering to get images for the suppliers I need to shoot the shot just of herb ok eso hold it, hold you back a nice and it might be a typical expected shot like way spoke about in terms of the wedding shoot but we need those expected shots balanced with other types of shots of bringing flowers down a little and then just tilt the heads towards me, push it away from your body and I'm asking you put it away from my body so that it's got a bit of a depth of field about a shallow depth of field so the flowers are gonna be in focus in the background out here we go, martha stewart eat your heart out okay, right there it is the florist is going to be super happy with that, okay, so thank you very much for that. What? You come for a sick ok, what I'm going going to do now is wearing short if you could bring the flash away from behind the draping and come over here to this section let's see what we can do here, all right? And I would be really doing this myself. I have no issues doing this kind of thing because I'm going to put it back to the way it was and waiting cold tonight is going to be happy with if you open up a little wine, okay? And I'm loving this gold fabric that we've got here so sean don't feel like a neglected you I'm still going to bring you in here might so don't worry too much, but I just found out that I can use this as a nice little background here too so uh shawn this one if you could just come over here but up nice and high over there all right maya well I love the way you sitting there come and do that over here come and do that over here. All right so do that right over there for me um I was sitting on a hunch is like this right over there that's cool and uh here we go that's it if you could go stand stand up and they just go further back for me without putting all the draping down hold on a sec lift your foot up for me another one all right. Okay, now go down like you were that's it okay beautiful for very cool. Thank you. Ok, that is stunning so maybe that wasn't in my pre planned idea but I saw her like that naturally there looks like a cool shot bring in and let's do something like that. Okay, so I'm gonna come in over here. Whoa, whoa. All right so you know I pointed down towards her right that's cool that's fine that's tonight it'll work like that. What power? You too okay, I want to stay on a shallow depth of field you need to go down on that power then go down teo but onto one and a half, which is the lowest that it'll go down too and I'm going to do a test shot at four hundred on two point eight shut aperture shutter speed doesn't matter him because I'm shooting with frontal lighting flash I'm shooting with flesh so that the flash is going to expose for the subject if I'm shooting this with um ah slow is shot to speed it's not really going to make a difference until I get down to like thirtieth of a second or sixty eighth of a second when the ambient light is gonna have an effect on the shot so let's have a little look at this ok I think that might be a little over exposed all right good job okay so let's have a look at this it's just mix this up a little bit okay there we go up nice and tall that's beautiful okay tilt your flower let's get rid of the flowers so rachel were you thank you rachel if you can throwing the bouquet you really here we go all right so what you can do here now is use your knees you comfortable everything okay that's stunning like that your hand must go a little bit no no no that was working turn it to the side just a little bit that's a perfect hey hold it there right it's that stunning keep it like that gorgeous now what I'm going to do and this is probably taking things a little bit more advanced then what I would usually be doing when I'm teaching but I'm goingto probably send these images into a magazine so I know that I've got something good here and I'm going to start now thinking about shooting for the magazine so now we know shooting I'm not only thinking about shooting for the supplier's she did for each bridesmaid shooting for each cruise when shooting for the mom shooting for the day and now I'm starting to think about things a little bit more advanced and I'm thinking right magazine cover because if you look at that that's just gorgeous I'm thinking ok magazine cover what do we need you we need headspace for the people for the people to put in vogue vogue brides ok, so we need that kind of thing there so I'm gonna give a little bit more head space at the top then I normally would so that I've got instead of my rule of thirds I've got a little bit more going on at the top so okay, here we go that's nice that's beautiful keep it like that okay I want it nice and soft and romantic onto your face like this that's it that's beautiful keep it there like that and then from there what I need you to do you're going to come hit back wonderful romantic that's it stay we go absolutely stunning that's it and okay and now just in terms of variation what I'd like to do is maybe shoot this I've got a long shot going up at the top there and so I'm gonna put him right at the bottom of the page what would be quite nice maybe if you turned sideways it's instead of the frontal shot it's ten year little sideways keep going keep going keep going that's it rachel if you could come in here please and just help out with the dress in the front here okay keep going a little bit more okay then it let your one hand just hang over the front there are there was a there was a vogue cover that looked like this it was from that movie it was probably about november twenty levin it was from that movie that swedish movie um that was transmitted just think about this and let me know if you remember it it was that movie there was this like three parts to it on dh the girl was the assassin or something what is that okay think what's that girl drinking that was it think the girl that actress from that she was on the cover this is the pose that they used for that thank you for that okay here we go and again just a couple of different poses for me chin in that's a nice nice and regal license told okay wonderful hold it like that and all right, I'm holding focus. I'm holding focus on her. Maya, if you could please stand up for a second and then just come off the fabric for me for a while, right? Good job. Know what I'm gonna do. I'm holding focus. Still, remember, with my, my, um, auto focus on, but enough, hold the focus. Now. I need to shoot to put stuff on the floor in front of her, and also so that my re toucher has got some things to play with. I could even focus super close over here and then that's going to be even more out of focus, and I'm going to use that somehow in the background, some way.

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