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Shoot: Roof Top High Fashion Engagement

Okay, so now we're going for a lot more of a high fashion look, I can put the prisoner away, which is a bit disappointing cause I really like that you're gonna put that away just to have a very quick chet uh about the types of things that you can use. I know that, uh like I said, jack vega's shoots through a lot of different things cannot describe that cd over there, please. So compact disc you can use a cd over here it's like almost like a mirror effect that's coming into the shot there and I'm just gonna I've got it it's on manual, so let me just change it quickly too capita priority and really just show you the kind of thing that even a cd can do on the c production in the background there you go over there so you can use you can use a makeup mirror, you can use broken pieces of glass, you can use water bottles. Anything that you want to shoot through that can generate some sort of interest into the shot is going to make it's going to make quite a big difference there. Okay, so what...

we're going to do now is we're going a lot mohr with the flash a lot more contrast so now it's about the flash it's not necessarily about balancing the ambient light with the flash it's the flash overpowering the ambient light so I'm going to shoot from this in this area over here with the dark air I want to make the sky a lot dark and when under exposed for the sky but then compensate with the flash over here, so I'm going to start with with sean because you know, I don't need to worry about the psychology of it right now when I started a strong quite high contrast and very european mohr hugo boss, this is the kind of thing that I'm thinking of more hugo boss or chanel there's a really cool campaign at the moment no blur it's it's really nice, but you can see that he's wearing clothes that fit him, which is which is quite nice though, sean, if you come over here so I'm gonna shoot from quite low down and what I really need you to do is you're gonna you're gonna be up over here, turn your body in this way a little bit and quite tall feet together, feet apart and, you know, buttoning up working that that type of thing, we'll just work through a couple of poses I'm only looking for seven double page spreads, so I need maybe four shots of sean doing this I'll get my interview a couple more things and then well, then we'll wrap up just that guy will wrap up with the couple so if you could move this right around here sean just to and I'll bring this with you well good it's going okay you're good day all right that's cool ok so I need to crank up the flesh power here so if you could it's on for the moment it goes up to seven and a half which is one thousand two hundred what's with off flesh output but were any way we're gonna go up to about six to go up to six on that come a little closer in there please right I like the look on your face I like everything else that's happening here just twist your body a little bit more towards me move their feet around a little ok so back to manual mode and I was on two hundred eyes so I'm gonna go down to I want to go down to one hundred eyes so this camera goes down to fifty but I think the sky is going to be too dark for that I don't want this guy to be black but I wanted to be a little bit under exposed so I'm gonna come in over here just have a look at what we've got going on over here all right purely a uh test shots over here come on sixteen uh come on f sixteen let's have a look all right and as you can see there exposures pretty good uh I think the explosion on him is right is nice. I think the contrast on him is nice and it's working really, really well, my only issue that I look at that there is the horizon is straight through the middle and you know, the rule of thirds works for me pretty well because there's structure to that and it's quite dark from his waist down. So I'm getting paid a lot of money so I might as well work for it. I wanna get down over here nice and low so that the horizon is now not cutting right across the middle of the page it's come down a little bit so I'm going to shoot from here there let's have a little look at that that's very cool posing that that's much better if I look at that image there it's much better in terms of the the composition uh, way could go with some more contrast go further away from me this one and you can see you can see how we've chased heras well, you see that on shawn for the for the three looks they've changed hair and makeup on maya and we've changed hair on shawn's that's three complete completely separately that look is perfect asian like what's going on there that's nice okay, I'm getting down lewis of the horizon that's very cool to have a look at that. I need to get a little closer. Just I don't have too much space above his head. And I've already budgeted in clothing changes and clothing allowances. So I lie down on the floor a lot. All right, here we go. That's. Cool. Chin up a little bit day that's. Beautiful. Very cool. That's. Nice and that's it. There we go. One hand in the pocket, maybe that's it and there it is. Very cool. And last one like this or sorry, it was a premature exclamation that okay, so stand straight onto me, feet together and point to one foot to the side. That's it, ben. Johnny just a little bit that's it perfect. Hold it. They're like what's going on. I like what's going on, but you're not wearing a belt, so I want you to cover. Yeah, that's called and I keep keep your keep your hand in the pocket that's it that's cold that's a good job. Hold it. They're very nice it's a look. Ok, we need to shoot landscape maybe writes all good over there let's. See if we could get a landscape shots going on a little tight, okay, hold it like that. I only need one and you'll die like that walking that almost walking that's very cool, right? Hold it there and here the other way. Sean teo? Yeah, that's it hold it like that. All right? I'm very happy without that looks amazing. And there's a double page spread that'll look spectacular. So thank you showing off you come, let's get you in here. Any questions while we're going? I don't mind getting well, we're going along here. Everybody cool with what's going on. All right, let's, get this jump over you for a sick. I know it's called. I won't be shooting for too long. Okay, so come a little bit closer in towards the flash. I don't want it to be as contrast ing a zoo with shawn, so just bring this a little bit around here and go up a little higher there, please. Ok? Just in terms of closing, we'll be speaking about this tomorrow when we, uh, wake going into the bridal posing but a great pose that works so well with women all the time is having two feet together and then you just bend the one knee forward, bring it across her body and what it happens automatically is that the one shoulder will drop, so if you look, if you look at this type of shot over here here you have straight into the camera not body shape is not so great if you just bend the one knee forward bring it right across the body this shoulders dropping and from there you can literally go anywhere you like so you can go from that shot to there to there up to there down to there that kind of thing there's a whole repertoire poses that you could go through that can work really nice tea and it gives you that nice it's shaped body shot over there like that so if we can do that maya yeah just feet gets perfect just dropped that one shoulder make sure the ring has turned in towards me yeah that's it and then from there chin up a little bit that's perfect and what we're gonna do this from there into there maybe then in there just mixing it up a little bit. Okay, right. I just need to see the lighting on maya because, um that contrast is quite harsh on uh that was on shawn, but this is beautiful that's great body shape it's ever look, you need to get a little closer just in terms of my yes, all right, so we're gonna mix it up a cz well with her turning into the light away from the light maybe her body facing that way then bring her around the other way as well okay here we go chin up lovely stuff that's beautiful keep it like that nice okay chin up a little more there we go and then just bring your left hand yeah there we go that's cool that's stunning from there just get your head straight er for me that's it oh well that it's absolutely beautiful very very cool keep it like that okay all right maybe feet apart now just open yes way yeah and if you are dealing with what what people call regular fuck it might take you maybe twenty percent longer to get these kind of shots but you will get these kind of shorts if you can articulate it to your client correctly we'll talk about that tomorrow when you talk about articulating a tear to your client just so that they can understand what do you what you want from them but this is beautiful very cool hold it there in your face towards me more a little bit this way that should open the shoulders a little that's nice stunning stunning stunning all right there we go and now potentially I need a landscape shot for my iras well so yeah that's it that's cool I love the love that contrast with the soft dress and the hard boots fashion I've learned that fashion is a lot about the contrast so if you noticed on on the grungy type of look I had her wearing and I saw a beautiful ring andi she's got the hard biker boots and the dinner and what's going on here is, well, it's got a nice soft dress and in the contrasting boots and in the beautiful extent on the on the other thing okay, so let's have a little look at that it's called just a couple more, okay? And all right, what might work nicely here but might look nicely here is if you are let's, get a bit of motion going, so walk across that way, walk across that way over there and then you're gonna walk towards the flash just like so that we've got a bit more movement in the shot. So now what I'm doing because I want a pre focus on where she's going to be when I need to take the shot so I could get it to stand there. But there's a spot that has enough contrast for me to focus on sewing a pre focus ash I'm in focus now as she gets there, I'm just going to fire the trigger, right? It's going, walking, that's, what we're looking for go back again, that's stunning keeping yeah that'll be cool, just just hold on a sec I just need to focus again, just finding that little line over there all right? When you're ready, go here we go, ok, when you're doing that it's working really nicely but you've got this really nice happy look on her on your face a lot more serious and a lot more um a lot more serious and a lot more sixty okay hold on let me just focus again thanks so that was cool, right let's go that's it that jump was that a little high but it's nice it's working it's giving me options go and go that one more more make it more of a big stride rather than a jump you know like like a stride like a like a big step rather than a rather than a jump okay really and go that's it you're going to have a look at that ok I think we've got something I think there's a lot of potential here but that arm is up too high for me so so when you going just like that okay, yeah that'll work all right, hold on a sec okay and ready let's go that's it that's nice that's cool. Okay let's do it let's do a fast walk so you just okay we've got we've got what we need we were just shooting our t get options okay, hold it there right ready and go sorry it was my mistake on again go there we go all right we've got something there that's going to work really nicely let's bring short in here ok come around a little bit this way. Okay, so uh again with what he's wearing it's very european um the flash is working really nicely in terms of the contrast in the background so what I'd like from you here now is very much straight up and down shot and then we can get a bit of motion into it and then a bit of shape we're gonna start off quite straight up and down and then you're like onto him and you're yeah okay come a little bit over here for me that's cool okay we're under like test first and see how that works out yeah that's pretty cool this's purely a lie test uh it's got more sideways more contrast that's beautiful with the ring hanging over there yeah that's cold feet closer together there sean oh and your uh I need a lot more shape from you uh maya so just bring the one knee and I said that's called beautiful that's lovely that's very nice way god yeah I like that uh my your eyes your face is in the right place but your eyes must just come around this way a little more and maybe looking straight over my head day that's it there we go that's cool, beautiful, lovely stuff there that's nice that's it ok hold it there on right? I'm just gonna get my landscape shot and then I'm gonna change it, mix it up a little bit maybe get them sitting on the uh on the age of the off the ledge there okay, so that's nice beautiful keep it like that. Yes, I like that a lot. Okay, so now, um just for the bonus shots that we've got going on here uh, so if you could come down a little lower here just because you're quite a tall guy and what I'd like from you maya I've seen this in a perfume ad I need you to be behind him so just just to make sure that she gets down lower you just gonna open your legs a little wider and I want you in you're holding on to him almost almost smelling him so it's like like that kind of shorter than you smell quite nice anyway. Okay, open your legs a little wider that's going to allow her to get shorter without changing what's happening up here. Okay, so let's have a look at that that's it uh even even wider my because I'm only shooting how many shooting from here this hand here bringing more? Yeah, that's it but I liked seeing the ring so that was working for me that's called and then just get your head right in close next to his neck ally like that, I like that hey, hold it there just for a sec. Beautiful now what I'm looking at their I'm thinking okay her face is too much in the in the shadow so you're gonna need to have your chin up a little bit to keep you but I like the look I like it so much that I need to change my lighting so sean come around this way a little bit more well the lighting on him is is really cool all right let's go down for the same pose the same pose again ok, now your chin must go up a little bit higher but your hand must I need to see a need to see detail that's going on over there so yeah that's it that's cool that's beautiful in fact that's the shot gets beautiful stunning keep it there for a second I mean just see what's happening with the lighting because because we're shooting like this you don't what you see is not what you get so because the flash is firing it's very different to what you see in the end that's called don't move that's beautiful that was that's actually quite a nice strong alright, so go around a little bit more for the contrast keep it keep it in mind that same exactly what was going on there that's it but your hand is blocking the light a little bit so keep it what's that take it take it down against one took it down again I'll sort out the pose over here how much post processing will you be doing on these kinds of shots? Um do you light your liking that because I know you got that dark gloomy sky and your love your love and your exposure how much post would you do on something like that? Um right now looking at this image you would just take the crane well not me personally because I'm gonna talk about that I don't do my own postproduction yeah we'll talk about that on the stage yeah, but there's a crane growing out of her head and we need to get rid of that yeah, that one that telephone line in the background doesn't bother me too much but in terms of the post production you need do we need to do too much to that yeah because I'm looking at your those the exposure on the faces they feel pretty pretty solid yeah and I think maybe I think this will work in black and white maybe yeah that'll add just another dimension to it as well great awesome thank you good there right can we do that again? I know that you're in the moment and we're right that's cool if you stand up with your feet closer together you're gonna get a taller too right that's cool all right so that's nice I like that like the hand up into the into the hair there that's it that's perfect and beautiful and I like you looking at me you're looking at me like yeah that's right so let's have a look at that okay so all right let's just have a little look at that ok sean I need you to move away from her a little bit that's called okay my uh let's just do one more like that I'm just worried that your your forearm is too much in the shot it's too much about the form yeah that's called that's called right hold it there that's very nice good job hold it there but it's not it's not about me is that I'm looking to into the camera they look look into him and you all yeah that's all in your mind it's very very sexy very essential like there are things I want to do to you that you're gonna it's gonna blow your mind that's what I want you to feel a swell right that sits there we go all right that's stunning there we go okay and front that's it all right that's it beautiful keep it there chin up a little bit more there, maya because I can see that the light is a little contrast into your into isaiah that's it that's cool uh nice and beautiful okay, so just in terms ofthe what we've got there I think that that is insane I'm loving that shot is a double page spread it will be beautiful in their home it would be beautiful I just want to finish it off maybe with something a bit more inter interactive so you're yeah maybe if you put one if you put one leg up onto the if you down here my people wanting upon today come in nice and close you bringing her into your into your body there that's it that's cool. Okay um yeah that's not working for me don't don't worry about it it's cool if you hold on to her onto her but again uh shawn that's that's it there we go. All right that's it okay, hold it there just for a sick okay, turn your face towards me a little more are there we go. All right, now what happened? There was quite cool, but in terms of what's going on photographically and the what happening in waiting industry we're seeing poses like this all the time and no, no, no, no, no, no it's not boring, not boring so boring because we using cool lighting and it's not expected because of what's going on right over here it's very different too your stereotypical stuff that that is going on in the industry at the moment so um I really like the tension that that is in their short but I just wanted to go back to the fact that that is quite a standardized pose but there it works for me quite nicely. Okay so right that's cool ok take his job I'm button the jacket and then just take it off his shoulder just a little bit for me can I? You can see I'm shooting quite a lot more landscape but I think it's just working for what's going on here right that's cool head back a little bit there I think the lighting on her is going to be a bit too dark yes yeah that's it there we go that's cool that's nice I love it beautiful I like you hold on to her next like that as well they're shown that's working nicely for me there we go. Very nice and sixty stunning that's it I like you looking down like that that's working beautifully for me. Okay? All right, so in the meantime um shawn, can I ask you just to go downstairs down to my camera bag and get, uh get the talk that the baby the baby connor? Yeah, way cool. All right, well, let's, just drop this down a little, okay, so in terms of the timing, in terms of the timing that we've been allocated, you want to get your okay I've been called here just in terms of the timing that we've been allocated I'm very happy with with what I've got I could stop now I'm not going I'm not going to stop now but I could stop now but the fact that we've still got a little bit of time means I'm allowed to play so I'm gonna I'm gonna show you a little technique which which uh shawn's gone off to go and get some some baby powder from some talk and I want to shoot some stuff that hopefully will be just inspirational and because I'm playing I've got what I need I'm happy if if if it doesn't work at all doesn't matter it's still cool I love it you want take a couple questions while we're uh yes people wait on sean fantastic. So brad what the folks would like to know how much does the couple how much involvement do they have in choosing their own wardrobe? Well, it's it's quite that's obviously that's a very good question um but like I said, I will draw up a mood board hellsing bring what you got. Yeah, the type of clients that I shoot will go off to nordstrom and going spend I'm not jerking they'll go in spain two thousand three thousand dollars on clothes to come bring for the shoot and we'll choose from those and, you know I'll be like, oh, wow, you even bought clothes that specifically for the shoot, and they'll be like, yeah, so? So you gonna take back what we don't use? Yeah, you're right way got to get that, you know, I wouldn't do that. Yeah, because we are not our target market. Yeah, yeah, it's a different concept it's a different it's, a different world. And when you're working with these clients, how do you physically present yourself? You try and dress up is hot as much as you can and be comfortable. Okay, I can I can be ridiculously honest about that. Yeah, um, everything is for a reason I'm dressed like this today because it's the engagement shoot. I need them to think that I know about fashion. They've never met me before. Okay, so I come, I come dressed like this? Um, you know, I'm not but the skinnies on it's a different a different color. You've got the boots. Uh, you know, I've got the right. It wasn't a mistake. Yeah, it was done on purpose. Um, in terms of making them feel that I know what I'm doing. Yeah, I really I'm I'm not going to use the phrase that is going on at the moment. But if you have the perception then it's going to fit in with your brand and they they look at me and I go thiss guys pretty hip he's pretty cool he knows what he you know, he understands fashion, but I I spend money on wardrobe it's a business it's like you buying a uniform to go to work right now I'm dressed like this when I go to the wedding, I've got my wedding clothes were different watch when I go into the waiting I'm wearing this watch right now because you look at this watching guy like a normal guy can relate to that if I was wearing a big fancy rolex or a big fancy, you know a tag you're gonna be like, oh, you know and this is going to be some sort of separation between but if I'm at a wedding different watch yeah different different should different different charles is you know, I'm wearing my prada shoes and I have invested in that because it's my business you don't decide to start a construction company by buying a shovel get everything yeah that's it yeah this's expensive I don't wear this every day, so you know, I'll put a foot in the hangar when I'm going to climb meetings, but I'm going to climb meetings I am conscious of what I'm going to wear on guy and I you know I'll present myself like that intentionally cool let's play I think our talk is here right ok so um okay so what I'm gonna do know is I'm gonna take the speed light and use it as backlighting because because the ambient light is quite nice for shooting with the appetite priority or or a you know even on program murdered I shouldn't I shouldn't all the different modes that she don't shut a priority aperture priority a ll the different boys that are available where is that white reflected that came with the thing yeah that's cool ok so now so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to create the effect as if there was a bit of smoke behind them in the beginning of my career I would have this long extension cord and have a smoke machine and and use it but I've just found that welcome powder is so much cheaper and so much easier so what we're gonna do here is not on that day yeah that's cool thank you uh yeah we actually do need to use those yeah all right let's just try again no no no it's not it's not about that all right, so what I'm going to do here is I'm gonna put the flash behind them just test make sure everything's cool we're going back to the pocket was is and see if we can make them work their various reasons. Why possibly it doesn't work. But wait, wait, wait and go with a cord let's. See what happens? What happens, right? We good? Okay, so, let's, get rid of this. Okay? I'm going to shoot because the wind is blowing this way. I'm going to shoot from that area over there, which means that this light needs to be behind them to create that back lighting effect. So I'm going to just leave that as it is, because it's it's pretty fragile at the moment. Yeah. That's. Cool. Don't bring this to over here. This works really well in ambient lighting conditions as well. When you've got sunlight coming through the back with trees, perhaps way might do this tomorrow. Just be very careful. Right? Uh, I don't know if you should've moved its sea again. Okay, so all right. Um, my let me just do a couple of shots with you. Please write. So, maya, you're gonna stand. You're gonna stand over here. Very. Sean, you got the welcome party there. So what you're gonna do, what you're gonna do, essentially. Essentially, is he's gonna put it into your hand, and then you just gonna blow over there like that so that it goes into her back? Okay, right now, I have to shoot this on shutter priority, and the reason why I have to shoot this on shutter priority is because, um, I don't want my shot to speed to go above my flash thing speed, so I want to shoot it on shutter priority, uh, maybe come down one step, and you're over here, see if that plays. Yeah, that's. Cool. Yeah, we're all good there, right? Shut a priority. Two hundred, uh, fifty ias, or because I'm going down, and my my aperture is bouncing around at five point six five. So we're on there some some way, so I'm just gonna have a look at what's going on here. Just having a quick look first just check there that the flash fire dish on all right so because I mean shutter priority I mean in a mode with the camera is choosing the aperture so my exposure is going to be correct flash in the back that's gonna make the that's going to make the halo effect and going to illuminate the powder okay uh it's a little bright go down on the power just a little bit what what are we on a three uh let's just keep it up that let's see ok come across into the front of the right it's not chemical ok right that's good right shawn let's just have it uh maya turn your body no that's not gonna be enough part of it yeah okay but yeah that's it that's gonna work perfect come across this way sean come closer to me all right that's good maya turn your body towards me more feet apart that's not not get the one hand that that perfect perfect perfect right hold it there for a sick I'm just looking at lighting first and making sure everything happening that we have a flash firing their way didn't write all good okay shawn ready three two one go smoke right that's market it's cheap right here we go and point your feet towards me and you know that's a that's cool maybe bring the one knee in just a little bit hands down makes your side was working okay, here we go on right let's go sean get down a little lower body really and go that's it there it is there it is perfect cool I'm just firing away I'm not sure if that's it there we go nice that's cool right uh shawn can we get you in over here quickly because the working the working all beginning in effect real good wear bit overexposed okay so I can go under it that's because she's wearing a uh all right cool so you want me to drop it just a little so I'm gonna go onto exposure value compensation and I'm gonna I dropped the uh you wanted to have a quick lightest again shouldn't get down next to her please okay let's just have a quick little look here but that flash might be really overpower you might be straight into us but I'm in life's better okay thank you. It's really important to have a great assistant okay, so yeah that's that's cool uh yes there we go that's nice. Uh I like your socks short like your socks that match your time I don't know that's cool don't worry that's cold that's cold all right, keep your foot like that it's working the shapes nice I'll drop some socks in in postproduction don't worry right here we go and that's beautiful let's get some smoke going that's fantastic keep it like that lovely gorgeous keep going keep going that's nice that's it told it they're beautiful now obviously sometimes we get more smoke and less more there we go that's the short keep looking that way showing that was working that's it on dh all right, good job. Just make sure that you're just make sure that your clients don't have some sort of allergies and things like that. That call was happening. Yeah, that that works really nicely when you've got lower ambient light conditions. There you go. All right. And obviously it depends on what your background looks like in that type of thing, but you know, I'm gonna take out the the rangers shot there that's in the shot, so yeah, that's I'm pretty stocked with what's going on over there. Okay, I'm very happy with that. Um, thank you very much, guys. That's been absolutely amazing. Eso your engagement session is over you're gonna go and have your bachelor party tonight? Don't drink too much don't let your friends do things to you that they shouldn't do but you have good fun and we will check you a little later but in terms of the engagement shoot that's pretty much it and I'm very, very happy with what we've got and I think it will be a nice story

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