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If that if my client said can we see this in in black and in color? I would say it doesn't happen often because they're employing you for your creative vision but if they said to me you know, I really wanted to see this in color, I might have a viewing with them and let them see what the image would look like in color and if they specifically were adamant that there really wanted in color, then I'm going teo I'm great I would try and convince them otherwise, but at the end of the day you know it's about what the client wants in collaboration with what I want and then we're going to finish off the engagement storybook like that. Can you also see how shawn's hair changed as well? If you look at the the writing beginning, he also had three changes, so for him there was a versatility as well over there, just in terms of the engagement album and the studio and the storybook that we're going to give to the client any questions like that so that's going to end up just like that story book tha...

t I showed you that's going to end up like that double page spread the the client's going to receive that call us so you glance go online and see your wedding work do they go online? Also see your engagement work can they see that is my engagement work online my online like in my gallery like my portfolio for a future clients see uh yes, I think I've got a few pictures okay, within my uh wedding gallery maybe I should up my game there too. I'm only asking because it seems like we went from traditional to bury model ish kind of look on dh I would always assume that you need a mood board maybe to show them oh yes, yes, this is I definitely show them mood boards I create mood boards for each look and I will say to them, you know, this is that this is the idea that I have for the first shot you need to bring clothes for this and I show the makeup artist the mood board definitely three separate mood boards for for their looks and from that I've created those looks by reading their personalities then going on line to look for images that I like that will fit their personalities to create those three separate looks. Okay, anything from the internet regarding the engagement story book? Yes, people are wondering how you present this book to them. Do they see any of the other images first or is this the on ly selection of images they will see from the shoot they will receive this storybook as it is printed the way I showed you the other engagement album on dh then they will still receive those aren't the only images that I've shot obviously so they will receive that because that's again, my vision and the way I've structured it in my mind, that's the way I laid it out, I will then give them that storybook. There is your storybook and additional prints that belong within that engagement from that engagement shoot. So say, for example, I have chosen seventy images that I like from the shoot, and in terms of the design and the layout, it's worked out that way thirty or forty leads to say forty say forty images ended up in the book. I will then give them thirty prints that they can use or, you know, do what what they like with them if they wanted to reorder thie entire seventy would be in my gallery password protected, they can order canvases prince do whatever they like with that, how long after the engagement session do they receive that three week I would still I would also send them a facebook cover after this because, you know, there is no is no immediate rush to send them images because you're not competing with other people that were at the wedding, so once they've received their their engagement, storybook coast or album, I will then create their facebook cover and send them saying that to them maybe this is after they've received the album and then maybe after that maybe five or six images for facebook with the branding at the bottom then he said you give them the printed images that are in the storybooks you know I mean the ones that the ones that don't make it in so I shot seventy right forty are in the storybook thirty are printed six by four six thank you you don't have to do it like that you can give them six bites if you want you can do what you like and you see a pdf of the book before you go on imprinted not with the engagement book okay not with the engagement book because with the wedding with the wedding side of things because now you're thinking but you do it for the winning side of things with the wedding side of things they're getting that big great big lord of the rings album and then the storybook is that up cell so they getting that as a secondary product I'm not fulfilling the emotional expectations by showing them some thing first and going okay and then they that wow factor is lost with the engagement station there it is there's your book and ninety nine percent of the time you're bang on and if you if they like I really don't like that image there's another portfolio book for your for your studio you know keep it in the studio but most of the times with the relationship that you have with the client you also showing them images on the day they you know I think I've never had it that I've had a a storybook rejected from an engagement session I haven't acknowledged never had that but if if I did that with weddings one hundred percent definitely I would have changes because weddings there's a lot more emotional stuff that's going on okay you made them the book are you giving him come I make the book or are you mail a book you send them by mail or you giving by hand just you are present when we're not present the book to them if it if it's in the same town if it's where I live I will present the book to them I will go to their home and present the book to them have a coffee with them and yeah yeah but if it's if they live somewhere else and obviously I'm going to get a delivery service you notice any defend between their imprint on different terms if you presented today to a book or mail them to get more principle oh no no that's a very good question I uh and I don't think I don't know if if my reprint orders are any more substantial if I deliver the album myself or if somebody else delivers it I don't know I don't know the answer to that question but I will research from no one thank you so bread in your dvd I noticed that you have one extra album that you give the bride and groom and you take it to the actual wedding on the day of and it it's of the entire engagement shoot is that correct it's is it the duplicate of your engagement album that you present them that's the guest signing book I would use some of these images not all images that I find that I think are appropriate because everybody's going to see them images that I think are appropriate I will find out from the bride and groom prior to the wedding how many tables they have also I will find out how are they naming those tables because in this day and age a lot of people are very creative and they don't name the tables table one table to table three they could name that the tables paris, amsterdam london you know places that are that's so funny out places that places that they have bean too on their travels I had I had a way they way they were the different cities the names of the different cities like you know like like I was just saying like paris and rome and london and you know hawaii I mean honolulu or whatever and I'm like oh that's quite cool you know this is this is nice this is this must be play places that this couple have traveled to so I said to the guy sitting next to me so you know this is this is cool that named the tables after places they've traveled tonto act no they've named the tables after cities that they have homes in it's like okay, so that was like all right cool I'll definitely at the right at the right target market here so yeah so I would find out I would find out the names off the tables and then I would do the guest signing book with those table names on them and then at the at the wedding itself obviously we're going to make sure that it goes around so that the guests sign it and then they're seeing my images but it's not a duplicate copy off the off the storybook because people need to sign and then they don't feel they wouldn't like to sign all over that picture so what I would do there is I might um making a little bit more opaque so dropping the put it put another layer over the top and in dropping the saturation off that image or the sorry sam I don't know the term that the transparency of that off player so that people feel comfortable with signing on and doing their congratulations with that and they obviously see you're in the work that you shot are these are such beautiful pictures and your branding is obviously still there because your tag is on the front off the off the book? Yep, awesome, but we have another question regarding regarding engagement shoots this is from yo yo forever and says people take engagement pictures to be able to use for different aspects of the wedding. Save the dates signature book how do you accomplish this if you don't provide digital files or how do you were recommend they go about, you know, getting images for these products that's when you start selling, save the date cards and that's, when you start expanding your existing business and working with local suppliers or supplies that are that are going to be giving image is giving the stationery you say yes, they say way need images for save the date to go? Yes, that's fantastic! I make save the date cards, which hears that here the choices that you have and you might not do it yourself, but you might have a company that that you've affiliated yourself with all you've aligned yourself with that you can work with to create that type of stationery. If they are wanting a digital image for a digital save the date, then you've negotiated that beforehand, and you're very happy for them to use one image for save the date. You know, I'm happy for them to do that, but if I'm going to send a digital image to a separate company and they're saying we won't give the client a high res image is like, how do I I don't even know you, you know? You know, I'm not going to trust somebody that I haven't worked with before and doesn't respect my the fact that I'm running a business, I'm not really that concerned about copyright, I'm just concerned that I need to be making money out of those images, so yeah, I mean, I hold on to your digital files, give them to the people that you trust, and if there is an opportunity for you to get into the station, remark it find a company that does it beautifully and you know our sources to them and put on a margin makes him make some money. That's this is business guys, what if they want a digital coffee to change their facebook profile? Picture one profile pic you not with your logo on it just don't another longer staying on is no, thank you. What about when they get the photos? A year after? Is your local on every photo say that again after a year when you release the images, is your logo still on every no they've got after one year? They have maybe we could post that question to the incident what do people think about giving clients hire is images after one year because you have made your money out of them and you know that you've you've solved the problem of the argument being we need tio have the images for archival purposes because that can be they argument not I want to print from them but I want to uh you know I want to keep the images for for archival purposes so maybe the internet we could have a couple of comments about that but after a year I will give them to them higher is no water marking on them whatever I know that they're not going to do anything with him after that because they've got babies and they just taking pictures of babies all the time they've forgotten about the wedding or they divorced it happens happens you shoot a winning sometimes three months later six months later people are divorced you know up in smoke. Any other questions? Yes with the engagement book you were you saying that you would put the name of the tables like on the page is only those tables would sign those pages yes, you have a double so is fifteen tables at the wedding double page spread table one that the people at that table would sign across it turn the page table to those people at that table would sign on that yeah

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This class will teach you everything you need to know about bringing an upscale look to weddings, without interrupting the special moments of the day. Brett will share his complete wedding workflow, insights on getting the shots clients want, and tricks for getting the right lighting every time. 

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