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High Fashion, Low Budget


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Hello, my name is emily arctic, and I'm teaching a course high fashion photography on the budget. So I, in the video that you saw before I talked about light that is very, very inexpensive about two hundred dollars per light in comparison to ten thousand dollars. But I forgot to show you their low budget on steroids. A light there is not two hundred dollars, but twenty dollars, and it has exactly the same effect. So this is the light what's, a super cool about it. Is that it's so light there, almost weightless. So you can you can you hold? You can't hold it yourself. The price of it is about fifteen dollars for the body, and the bulb is maybe seven dollars. Um, so it's virtually free. Also let's say, when you're traveling and you, you meet amazing model and you want to take the amazing pictures with her, and but you were just just on the road or on your bike, but so how do I am going to get all the gear in place? So you just go to a hardware store, home depot for a ce anywhere in a loc...

al mamas and papas shop, they will have this light, um, so there several several bulbs that you can find let's say you are somewhere in the middle of really nowhere so they will have the light and there have rago bulbs like a type of lot of bulbs that you put in your lamp shade you know reading light at home so this is for example frosted like that that gives a very creamy effect and I called the slight a poor man's soapbox so it's like a poor man's vanity fair life so you you you you kind of have to hold it kind of close to the model what's cool about it is that you while you're holding it you can find the most perfect angle for this person's face for example if the person is concerned that the chicks liberal party going a bit more from the side then you can also modified it to create this reversed triangle or now the cheeks or when you go more frontal than it's more creamy it's less your magic and it's more flattering for people who are a little bit order so it just has this infinite amount off drama right here it's kind of more rock and roll light and a special look very good when you should be in black and white so however if you don't have this the frost edible then there's another trick and even cheaper if you can only imagine that you just take any kind of shopping bag um sammy opaque it was if it's clear then you just use several layers of that shopping bag garbage bed a available anywhere and you just put it over and then and even cheaper no maybe not a stupid garbage bag but it's a close thing so you just hold it together like this if it's not big enough you have just little piece then you just attach it like it is here or you can use a golfer state or even a scotch tape and what's cool about this life that is so kind of weak power so he doesn't get really hard so for example this plastic bag is not going to burn so it's very very safe it's you know, a five year old continued awful pictures with this kind of this kind of life and is also very, very intimate. So when you want to do on dh impromptu shoot and it's a part that's a celebrity or the person who is not very comfortable about having many people around just come it's a few a woman you come with your handbag and just fullest out of the bag and you're ready to go and you just need a regular plug in the war. So that is my superduper light and during the course I was speaking about would have high fashion photography actually is and it's not necessarily about the model having perfect placement off her hands on the waist it's actually about the mood is about atmosphere is capturing another field that transports you into this fantasy so first thing is light of course and the second thing is this almost here which is created by the background so at the court during the my class you could see a black background and wire background while the ground is very cool because it's very flexible from very washed out white it can become gray you can cause different shadows on it you can work with just with different radiations or gray you can also make there wide background colorful by putting joe over the light and kind of bouncing into the white background but there's another type of background is actually very cool and it's it just makes the picture look look like it's it's a sci fi drama and it's not only certify about also in the twenties one favorite photographer cecil beaton he used that a lot even with the royal family just put it on the background and and bounce the light injured and then he creates this gorgeous out of world glow and and shimmer so and that thing is oh so they believe it or not it's another unto under ten dollars um device and all it is is this a blanket that you can buy in a in a sports sporting goods store and then you put it on tape it to the background to the wall and it's actually very cool that it's it's crinkly it's it's not perfect even even before you you put it on the wall smoked together even more possible way. Mess it up, create this track, because when you buy in a bag in the store, it has its horizontal pattern, and that can be a little bit on seem mechanical. But when you create additional crinkle, just creates a more kind of, and you were whole studio fifty four field. So then you play with the background and the light. You you need to find the perfect racial off the light, on the background and on the model. But the models should have another one of those twenty dollars light. Then you also need to play with f stop. The for the model is from the background, the more obstructed the glittering part is if she is liberal closer than it looks very mechanical, which can be very cool as well. Um, so that was my secret background from space age, and this was my bonus video. Thank you very much.

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Model-turned-fashion photographer Elle Muliarchyk is known for her DIY fashion aesthetic. In this 90-minute workshop, Elle will reveal her crafty tips and tricks for creating high fashion editorial images. You will learn how to create drama and magic with three unique styles of portraiture — using everyday household items and a budget of less than $300. Elle will give you a DIY handbook for dreaming up creative, edgy concepts and bringing them to vivid life.