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High Impact, Low Fuss Lighting

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Class Introduction

Lindsay Adler

High Impact, Low Fuss Lighting

Lindsay Adler

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1. Class Introduction


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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

We photographers have an obsession with gear hence why there's a geared channels this week? It was really funny I've been talking to a lot of really, really popular websites, you know, the ones that have, you know, fifty thousand hits per day one hundred, you know, like huge, and I was talking to some of these people and over and over again, they say that gear reviews are like the most popular we like a love and obsessed, but this tends to give a lot of photographers that our first starting off, we're looking for solutions, the impression that gear makes that big of a difference and it's, something here doesn't make a difference. It's it's not something to obsess over and so what I would like to do and what I would like to discuss today is I'm going to take some essential studio gear if you were going to go out and buy a kit to do anything, what would you need? And so that's it we're going to cover today, so what I'll be doing is three lights or less and three modifiers and just those ...

three modifiers and nothing else. So yeah, there's, I mean, in my studio of not gonna lie like I've got a lot of crazy random stuff and that's the stuff that collects dust, like all of these things that I I thought that I needed that were more expensive or more unique, to give me a different look. Most of time, those were on the highest shelves in the back. And so these air kind of the core things that I use now, granted, some of these things might not work with your workflow. Maybe it doesn't quite work with your style of photography. But I wanted to give you one approach to three lights or lesson three modifiers to do anything and everything that you want. So to get started, I am going to give you an overview of these modifiers, and then we're going to take a look and see it in practice.

Class Description

Ready to capture gorgeously-lit images without expensive gear or complicated lighting setups? Join portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler for an exploration of high impact, low-fuss lighting.

In this course, you’ll learn how to achieve a wide variety of visual styles using basic zoom reflectors, a beauty dish, and a soft box. You’ll explore dozens of possibilities for setups that require three or fewer lights. This one-of-a-kind learning experience will give you the tools you need to create dynamic, beautifully lit images -- without investing in crazy modifiers or breaking the bank buying multiple strobes.

Lindsay will be using Profoto gear during this class.


joanne duncan

I got so much out of this workshop! so many wow moments. the set up with the light behind the model, was just wow wow wow, and the fun bit at the end just sealed it, thankyou so much!!!

stephen lenman

Really fantastic. The thing which i liked most, is how Lindsay gave options on how to do each set up with speed lights, and shoots in smaller home studios. John is also amazing as is his purple bandanna. Hope he gets his own creative live course at some point. I would be interested in what he would teach, and how? He would have to wear the purple bandanna though!!! But not just the purple bandanna? Maybe that would work too.. Maybe we should start a crowd funder "John to teach a creative live course wearing nothing but a purple bandanna" .. It could be the future :)

Patricia Solano

This is about the 5th class I've watched of Lindsey. As a teacher myself, I am impressed with how great an instructor she is….she has a way of explaining a concept in a manner that the less techie person can understand. I love how she uses water as an analogy to light. I'm a retired Spanish teacher and one of my favorite stories is Isabel Allende's "La Luz es com el ague" (Light is like water). Bravo, Lindsey! Looking forward to watching even more of your videos.