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Photography Style Experiment

Think it's about time to start talking about what we're going to do with the remainder of our time here in this room now what we're going to do first of all, I'm gonna have we're gonna have a couple of assistance that we need to bring out, so if I could bring up two more people who you may have recognized from earlier, it would be jeff rossen brooks shade what? So if you've been in this room, you've seen these are the folks who are teaching here today, and we thought, you know what? This is a photo conference, we have the opportunity to bring a lot of different people together. These guys are also just happened to be really good friends, and so we wanted to do something fun to bring everyone together, so here's, what we came up with, we're going to do a little bit of a shootout were going each take turns and shoot using each other's style. Now lindsey's been shooting for awhile, so we're going to let her kind of rest up, so I I instead I'm going to shoot lindsay in her style, I'm going...

to try to do something similar to what we've just been doing, I've got an idea and hopefully it'll work out if not, then I will be embarrassed and it'll be ok, it'll be fun, we'll learn something then after I'm done then brooke is going to shoot me using jeff style so we're going to see what brooke khun do with that and then we're going to end up with jeff shooting me in brooks style which if you saw anything which if you saw this morning something's gonna happen I don't know what but I'm excited to do it so here's what we're gonna do it I'm gonna have lindsay sit down and this is my concept what I want to do, lindsay obviously if you know lindsay at all, you know that she loves red so as I was watching lindsay earlier I saw her using cinna foyle as kind of ah makeshift barn door so what I want to do basically have her have a seat take basically kind of a beauty image of her using this as as the kind of fill light but the main light I want to do kind of a a strip of red light kind of rhetoric across her eyes I don't know what's gonna happen this is my first time shooting live here and I'm extraordinarily nervous right now it's so much different trying teo host versus actually shoot so I don't even know what we've got on that's twenty four one oh five I've got a seventy two hundred back every fantastic if we can grab the seventy two I'm bringing in it close as you need okay I just pretended to be a wimp I'm really tough, right? Yeah okay, so what we're gonna do is we are going to use as we said kind of a weird kind of looks like you got some funk or we're gonna put that and just aim it right at her eyes and then we've got this guy overhead to kind of put in some fill and we'll see what happens that might be a little bit too wide yeah I don't even know what's gonna happen I'm excited to meet you, lieutenant now the thing that made me nervous was when lindsay was talking about trying to do something like this and, um basically is this on this's kind of focus gun it's oh, okay, well, I don't know how to do that so it's gonna be fun? Here we go. Oh, there we go okay, I think I got that I'm just going to take a shot you can see what happens. Okay? So let's see if there's a way that we can you know, weird that off even more wait, we'll see we like drama. I know that lindsay likes drama, huh? It's kind of funny because like, you know, I've been here for so long and watch so many instructors shoot I never realized just how much pressure there is I always talk to people afterward on we're doing this in a very, very short amount of time because I want to make sure that we leave enough time for yes just a little bit so higher could think it it's locked it off and do we have a piece for the bottom right I don't know that's an angle give want as sharply defined a line as we can get that that's that's looking pretty decent all right so the idea because lindsay was talking earlier about when you when you used your main light and you put the filtered light on there as well it can overpower it so the idea is that this is as low as it possibly goes this is this's more powerful and then we'll get that line that would be the video video guys I know what I'm doing where wait what's going on give you sense that and can we pull that up a little bit more from the bottom oh it's looking a little bit more yeah just a little bit actually a little bit less honest we've got a little bit less okay all right now now we start working on expression on face okay e give good face alright let's turn away a little bit more like that and then it's like really dark in here and focus and um that might be a manly voice something like it wear light turn that you have to include my hair yeah, we got a little just a little while yeah, I know little brook way little talcum powder before hell right there good turn your chin away from me a little bit limit last section give it a little bit more room wait one more hair e did I got it let's see I like that a lot except actually I don't want her making eye contact with me I realized I want you looking away looking back down this direction no okay wait go okay um go ahead and breathe out your mouth give it a little bit less there we go eyes up a little bit just and isa just a little bit more a bit less look to your right way did something okay all right somebody else's turn fund so I'm going to take over from here then I'm going to photograph you rust so don't go far I'm not going for I am going to shoot in jeff style and so I've got my phone out here because I need a little cheap shit I've been looking at his photos all day like studying this website so I'm just going to show him a quick picture and basically this is what we're going to recreate now what we're going to recreate his like yes like we're going for like really sexy like like squishy lips kind of like like that kind of thing yeah I think there's nothing better than sitting here and looking at just a grown man so I talked to jeff today about you know like what? What are some tips and tricks about how he gets to shoot so I had to miss his segment today of his critiquing photos and so he said I was flipping through his website and I said, what about this one? What about this one? And he just kept saying the flight the flight for every single one and natural light so I was like I could do that so let's raise up one of these windows so we have some natural light I know I know and actually I should probably touch this because it's so heavy and I'm such a little human that let it give you different lens don't even know what I'll give you a different lens would let's see like I know this is fine I'm not going to be shooting for more than two minutes which one's so okay, I got it okay, I've got way trend this I'm going tio there's no light at all so I'm just gonna be oh sorry guess man light I don't know theo you know I've got a camera so basically here and no instead of so much pensive because he's kind of like, you know thank you but he's doing make up for it I'm not even a photographer okay? So sort of so pensive I want to be like, you know, I'm pushing my leg and I was thinking about this a lot and I was like, you know, I can't just take a regular picture of him because he's not a regular person so way have to try to see spices up a little so I'm gonna take your glasses front of you thank you and I'm gonna put these in the capable hands of lindsay for the moment and good yeah so I want to actually switch this to black and right so I'm going to actually I'll just let you do that I'll do anything he can do that work here so we're going to go black and white because that's really jeff style I want a little bit of contrast on his face I want to really kind of stop it down a lot because I don't want tohave anything blown out really, really dark we're going for here but then I thought, you know, if if I want to give this some personality then let's put the glasses right in front of my camera and like, shoot through the wen's is so it has a little bit of my style and it's like sort of like a portrait of the man that is russ so no this's what? I'm okay, so what's just I'm just going to do a test shot here, all right? So you give me that look yes, thank you, okay so this is a god it's not focused but don't worry o e what I want to do is tilt your head back a little bit and then tilt your head this direction perfect and then same thing okay there's my focus but I feel like I'm replicating everything he's doing okay I can't tell if it's in focus but if you say it is okay I like this now let's get those glasses will you be my official glasses whole but okay I'll tell you where to place it all right so in closer yep yep and then over slightly we showed the window and then down a little bit and down a little bit more okay so I'm trying to get like well this is going to be odd but let's just see oh I'm trying to get like really blurry glasses in there but there might be a little too blurry so let's take them a little bit closer I think the right eyes slightly less weird then the left I have two different prescription so okay okay that's that's cool ok no actually I kind of like that we're doing like a floating glasses thing here with sexy shot I've never tried to look sexy white like this let me explain this picture because even though this looks ridiculous I kind of like how like his head is in inside his head I was gonna say that's my picture of history you think this is this is a setup that irving penn years for many years with the b flat like this so just to get a history in there yes so russ can I ask you a question yes again how did brooke to her class this morning I watched something involved baby powder and cholera mess and a lot of craziness and rapping people and stuff so I can't shoot her style in a clean style so what are we gonna do about that I think we need to do whatever you want teo what I'm taking up let's do this I'm ready when you are should I play music and this like that I don't know what making you get not very let's do this way gonna have to wrap him with this man are you ready I need your help on this gas way find a way of one in safety pins have been given we're recycling is you guys can tell bandages already been used shapes and sizes of something in there I don't want your camera what lens tweets would you like brooke was using the equivalent to thirty five thirty five cia watched her class and I asked her and you is it boom you start with booth thank you sir on there was something about touching models they're not touching them here I have a little if you want your mind is clear is that the only rats tricky cloth? Oh yeah freaking ball several more that's okay no one way auction those off can I can I put some of these you do whatever you want to do I think I might make you look like you were I don't know what I'm doing he looks like a halloween project that's good this is it could get here so many people like that you ready can somebody take his glasses off so how did you did you just literally pour this in your hand and a paint the way I said pretend like it's lotion and I just called your body did you get your way back ok ok russ you remember how I told you I loved you before you may not feel that way you get this on film oh yeah oh my god theo yeah the end don't like it so here's what I have to say you look like a warrior I like this I feel like marks on his forehead I can't do that okay and then I remember you have a cost to wipe your hands off the booth wait nothing in here's a town thank you very very much that there was something I was told not to use what you're gonna do it anyway way brooke she's like yes oh my god we'll do a close up I'm going to do you know what no let's leave it we can leave it for the way I like his makeup like that his arm is fine. Okay the only reason I'm putting powder on my hands to kind of dilute the solution I would never, ever not listen to producers like a bully. What you doing with it? I'm picking my hands to drive this it's my camera. It's okay, we can hear. Thank you. Okay, what's your vision here. I'm thinking angry warrior when it was angry warrior a lot. I like that. How will be there on the cameras. Good black. I want black and white. Okay, I'm a black and white kind of guy. All right? We're ready to be. Oh, the's are the tools of the trade. Perfect. Perfect. See, that looks like one more time. I'm gonna focus in a tiny bit more right there. Perfect way to see the last one way. There goes my booth e I have been in charge of deciding who wins and I think it's super obvious for both the awesome photo of me and being an awesome model that the winner is definite. So much going oh, my gosh, this was I can't see what that is, but it looks like it's vaguely awesome. So much fun. Thank you. Everybody out there for joining us thank everybody here in the room and you guys obviously are the best

Class Description

Ready to capture gorgeously-lit images without expensive gear or complicated lighting setups? Join portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler for an exploration of high impact, low-fuss lighting.

In this course, you’ll learn how to achieve a wide variety of visual styles using basic zoom reflectors, a beauty dish, and a soft box. You’ll explore dozens of possibilities for setups that require three or fewer lights. This one-of-a-kind learning experience will give you the tools you need to create dynamic, beautifully lit images -- without investing in crazy modifiers or breaking the bank buying multiple strobes.

Lindsay will be using Profoto gear during this class.



Such a great class- second one i've seen from Lindsay and both were really informative! This one really helped me, i've always liked the idea of playing around and not being too hung up on the numbers- nice to see a pro taking the same approach and getting nice images.