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Email Marketing

Lesson 6 from: High School Senior Photography Marketing Plan

Alycia White

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Lesson Info

6. Email Marketing

Lesson Info

Email Marketing

All right so now we're going to cover email marketing uh this is email marketing is not sending out individual follow up emails to these people that your creed getting when you're getting their e mail addresses because they're entering to win a prize you're not grabbing that e mail address and sending them individual emails and be like hey do you want to book a session with me that's going to take entirely too much time okay, so what you're going to dio is you're going to send a bulk email and this is not a bulk email just by bc seeing everybody on your email uh whatever email program that you use but this is sending a professional e blast is what they call it whoever they iss um so this is going to save you time of time is money this is saving you time which is saving you money uh a lot of people think that email marketing is expensive to send out bulk e mails and it absolutely is if you're purchasing an email list just if you're buying an email list of names than it is very expensive...

but you have created your own email list through senior through senior week you have it it's free and it's not just a list of names that you bought like I said and they're from spread out all over there from your town and so not only is it free but it's effective so you own this list they're hot leads and you're going to take this list from wu fu you're going to export it from move fu and import it into male chimp if you already have something like this, you don't have to use male chimp there are other there are other websites that you can use but I love male chimp they give me awesome templates I'm not a sponsor like they're not a sponsor of mine so I'm not getting money we're talking about this, but I use them for several years so what I do is I is I I export them from move fu I import them into male chimp it's not a copy and paste deal that you can do it just got that yep okay and then I create what's called a campaign so I'm gonna use the images one or two of the images from my model session they're coming back around and I'm using them again it's going to take me ten to fifteen minutes to create this campaign because because they male chimp has a template or several templates that I can choose from to use so very easy to me and then like I said, including my images from my model sessions inside my templates again I'm going teo include my incentives are an incentive, a deadline and now a call to action which is a very important piece of marketing right here is ah, is a copy like a screen cap because all in male chimp makes it very mobile friendly, and most of these people are looking on their phones and male chimp will tell you, who's looking on a computer, who's looking on their phones, they give you statistics for how many people are opening the emails, what time they're opening the emails? It's very helpful, and they also give you great tips and tricks on when to send this out. My incentive now, now the one hundred dollars, is gone, they can't get it, but what they can get a seventy five dollars ah, ok, seventy five dollars off their session or free hair and makeup, so I'm putting a little bit more of a spin on it because sometimes seventy five dollars, the girls don't care like, who cares? My parents are gonna pay for it anyway, but all of a sudden wait for here and make up like, what if my mom wouldn't pay seventy five dollars for hair and makeup, but I can get free hair and makeup now that's going to catch something? All right, so all of these noticed these links right down here, the girls, the guys, kids and families, and a little, uh well, not so a button that says book now, all of these things are linking directly to my website, so if they click on the girls it's going to take them to my website to show the gallery of girl images it's gonna have all the sessions on there, all the prices on there and a whole section on how my sessions work the same for the guys and same for the girls. The reason why incorporate guys and girls into this is because because I don't do a lot of marketing to guys, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to photograph guys, I'm just gonna put all my efforts into my specialties, but I still want people to know that I do photograph guys, so I'm still going to have it in there because guys still enter to win gift cards too. It's it's, a non opportunity lost if I don't put that in there and then also I have noticed that a lot of moms will enter to win these gift cards for their girls or for their kids, and I want them to know that I also shoot kids and families, okay, finally, our deadline only five days left important to always, always, always have a deadline and then are called to action. We only have nine session dates available. Okay on lee nine available so you better book one fast and then the next one I send out we only have two session days available so book them fast I'm not lying about this this is not a bluff like a lot of people may d'oh I am serious about this I'm not going to take time away from my family I'm gonna work too weak now I'm going to do my photo shoots two week evenings and then one saturday a two week evenings a week yes and then one saturday and one sunday a month and once they're booked their booked no more okay I don't make room in my schedule for more at least I don't right now because I have small kiddos and I once spent time with them so as an example would be this if you're walking by a store and you see and you see you look in the doughnut store and you see the the nice shiny glass and has got a hundred doughnuts in there and you're like the first time that's look so good but I don't really need one and there's plenty of them there I'll come back and get one later but if you walk by a donut store and there's just one doughnut left in there all the sudden you really need a doughnut now like now is the time for a doughnut and I don't know what it is about us if it something where we get some kind of sick pleasure and like stealing the last doughnut so nobody else can have it, but whatever it is, a call to action works, and we need to implement that into our marketing strategy. Finally, an email marketing same day response when they now you've sent out all your emails and they're going to start sending you response emails back, and they're going to be asking questions or just wanting to know more information, but this is you keeping the conversation going with these potential clients, okay, an immediate response is one of the most important ways that you can secure a booking. Okay, an immediate response is one of the most important ways that you can secure a booking the moment they contact you the moment they send that email that's when the lead is the hottest, so if you wait for four days to get back to them, they're gone and I'll tell you why, because some other photographer saw that you were starting to do your marketing and they were like, holy cow, I better get it together, and so they started to do their marketing, and now they're the hot thing that week and you've lost the sale because they're already on to the next, the faster you respond and moved to the next step, the more likely you are to book the session your follow up messages this is when you start doing your individual email marketing, you're going to reply to them. Um, all follow up messages should contain this. Now. I told you I was married to a musician techie part of the musician part is we've got a lot of music playing in our house, and sometimes I think about things in the structure of a song. And so I thought for my for my emails, agood way, tio structure it would be the every follow up e mail that I send would have a verse, it would have a hook, it would have a bridge, and then it would have another hook. Okay, the verse is going to be the answers to their questions. The hook is going to be something that sets me apart from all of my other photographers from all of the other competition in my area, something that's going to hook them in, draw them in. Then I'm going to have a bridge, which is going to be a connection from me to them it's going to be an offer for a phone chat or to come into the studio and meet me in person so that we can discuss what a session would look like, and then my last hook, which is always one question I always and a follow up email. Or message on a question why do I do this? Because if I ask them a question they will feel obligated to respond if you say great let me know if you have any questions cia and then they're like okay, we'll let you know if you have any questions but if you say great let me know if you have any questions by the way when were you thinking about booking a session do you like fall leaves? Do you like snow? Do you like summer and then what are they going to do? Oh what do I like? You know I should I've really like fall leaves that's a good point I love fall leaves could we plan for sometime in october? It keeps that conversation going and then something that makes me different is, um is is the way that I when they come in for their consulate I'm going to give all of my girls a personality test. It sounds a little weird but it's not it's just a way for me to get to know them personally because I can't get to know all of these girls like take them out to coffee, you know? But if I do it this way I can get to know them it's a crash course and the moms love that I'm going to spend time figuring out who their daughters are because every daughter, every every high school student is unique and different. And they should be photographed that way.

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