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How did the at what point did the pictures go in to be assigned to the person? Bourbon? Alright, so basically, now that we have and I'm gonna answer that just second. So now that we have, we're back here multiple things you can do, and I'm gonna answer question just a second cause we have to get our data first, and now we're going to war. We're working towards getting a bar code and we want a barcode, a unique barcode for every client, for every kid we're going to photograph, we want a unique barco so that's, what we're working towards the big first step is we got the data inputted, and it was correct there was no errors, we got it correct, or if there was there's, we have a corrective. We're all happy, some of the problems that you're gonna have and some of the problems I had here and I'll go kind of over it is when you get data and you do it is a common separated value, like for our hosts, and they probably know this, our host, the information they gave us was like it had the first n...

ame last name, and it said host slash our kama something else. Well, if you miss that comma, it adds another column just for that person in a comma separated value. So with your information, when you have it in the xl format, you really need to remove all the comments from your data or we'll add these random columns and everything won't line out. So if you have five columns one, two, three, four, five, six or whatever collins, we have you want six columns on everybody, you have those random commas because you're saving it is a common separated value. It will add those extra columns for people. So I think it was eight nine host they completely messed me up first because the way that they gave me the date and I just missed the comments so you could do a find find all in the cell program google when you hit comma and it finds them all of them, and I just replace it with nothing and you're fine, so it removes it pretty quickly. You really think that items that people are purchasing is that added on later as a colin picture was asking how you organize that'll be towards the end, the programme. We're going to show you what you would do and I kind of get into it will show you later on. Let's just say in this case since there's just one picture pack one showing up we only have one image which is kind of what we're going to be doing today we're gonna end up with one image per person that image is going to be used not only from prince but it also could be for magnets it could be for key chains it could be for numerous ied on items that your lab offers you would set up let's just use millers for example because that's what we use they use their software digital autograph for schools I would go to miller's digital underground, which is a free software from latin miller's you download it you would make picture pack you'd start a job, you'd open it up, you name a job and you would create package definitions they call it so basically whatever packages I'm offering to my client on my proof she package ahas one eight by ten to five by sevens eight wallets I would create that over on the miller side the exact same file so if package g is a key chain it would be g is a key chain package h is a maggot package age would be a maggot I create all that on the miller side then when you get the orders when you come into photo velocity, all you have to do is if let's just say alley waters right here ordered package a package g and package h u m base we just put a g and h right there and then when I export that which you'll see later on all that information goes over to the miller side, the name the face, that package information, everything else, then you just open up miller, did you undergrad and you hit send to the lab and everything goes so you don't have to go in manly and physically enter every single like I have to type in alley waller's once packaging and then alley walls one package you don't have to do any of that on the miller shot, it doesn't all over on this side, and we're going to show you that little bit later exactly how that since that question came up, I wanted to kind of explain how we would tie in their packages to that. Do you have a question? Well, I was going to ask you if you have to manual input all the order information, no pre orders, you know, that's the beauty of this you don't want you and we haven't got there, so I know everybody excited, they want to jump ahead and and that's great, because when we start photographing these guys in the second segment, it's going to come a lot clear, but once you actually use the sort feature which will do either probably the beginning, the third set because we have to photograph the next segment once you use the sort feature and what photo velocity is going to do, it's going to create a folder and name that folder the I d number, and then it's going to put every photo it's going digitally read that barca and we're going to play with in the workflow. We're going to show you we take a photograph of the barcode photograph the person it's going to read that barco digitally in the jpeg image, create a folder naming that folder that bar code number, and then putting any image until it reads the next bar code until that into that folder. So if I have three hundred students in that folder, I'm gonna have three hundred individual folders each name their I d number, and therefore in their photos are in it now, not only there's a several things one, it ties that person to the data that you have, and once you have your name and photograph tied together, you pretty much can do anything you want, because that date is there you can from ieds, you know, toe products, all that stuff, but two if you need to find this individual you have three hundred kids you simply go to this part of management screen and I type in up here in the first name when someone says ali wall has lost her photo or picture package whatever youse go allie you type it in and it's going ok there's allie walter's all right she is two thousand one you go to that folder you find two thousand one you open up there's a image I mean it's that easy to keep everybody organized so it's very very simple and then you also if I would have entered her picture packages which we get rid of if I would entered um you could say she ordered package a g and b and she only received and g well I know I ordered it so where the heck is this other package or you could look at the order form and she did order three packages and I only entered into you know it's your fault as well. So by having all their package information all basically everything right here on one screen for post work also helps you which we're going to get into later on and probably the last part of the program in the customer service this helps tremendously having everything right there in that one one place so roughly when a client calls it's you say if they know their I d number it's great in school, they generally will because again they start off with from kindergarten all the way up. But for sports or the ideas that you create, they're not gonna have a clue. What's your I d number is he would say, what's your child's name where they, you know, in this case is in the seattle office of san francisco office, some of the little small details you bring him up to see their I d number and you little find the photo that quick, and I always say, oh, yeah, little johnny's got a little, you know, he's wearing glasses is where he was got little blue eyes or sandy blond hair that's my kid, you know, just something to let them know that I'm looking at the right photo, so again, so you would just enter the package information your order forms right here, and we're gonna go over all that, and it uploads everything, and we worked with multiple labs, miller's h and h c, c I there several labs this software works with. So are you ready for a couple more questions they're pouring in now? So somebody is asking if there's a value that the parent didn't fill in or provide the info for, how do you skip that in the csb file and can you depending on what is gift the main thing you really need is just first name last name and I d number that's the bare minimum you need, we can create the I d number, but we definitely the name if they have an I d number from the school, you want that because if you create one and they have one from the school of schoolgirls on that, just going to call him or headache, so if they have an I d number, whatever organization you're working with, you need that I d number other than that just first name last name, really? Because photo velocity would would trade the idea number if you wanted to, because while I created the I d number here if I did not enter originally in that column, where had the drop down said, I d it's going to say, we noticed you don't have any ideas may would you like photo velocity created for you? And you say yes, any creates a unique number for everybody, so that's another option again? I like entering my own I d numbers because that separation that I told you about from the one thousand first grade two, that I like doing that because I'm kind of really, really kind of probably over protective of my day because it's so important, but you don't have to do that great. We have a few questions. If that's no, go ahead. Okay. Uh, w w and joe both ask how it would be done if it was an event that was kind of last minute and children were coming in randomly off the street. Could you enter the data pretty easily on site that's? A great question and he's jumping ahead, but we're going to show him right now, since he added it. So right here, you just click at a person, and here it is going to add the person you notice it already creates the passcode for you, and it already creates the idea for you as soon as you put that. So you would just put in their first thing last name if it's a venue that already has their I d number, you would erase this I d number and putting the real I d number that makes sense. It's so they don't have. And then if you know their picture packets like for a school dance our workflow again, we kind of talked about a lot of work full for school dance. We'll have order forms on the table out here. A little clipboard. People come in, start filling out the order forms the dates. Then they come overto us photo velocity I will have this screen open who's getting photos who's our client's first name last name I would even putting their picture package because I already know what I'm looking at the water for a b c d whatever their package it is put it in hit print it new so it prints out a barcode and when I hit knew it clears it off refreshes the id number of refreshes the bark I mean the pass code number I take that marco they just printed off on my little printer I put it on their order form we leave a blank spot for order form to put the barcode I'd give it back to him tell him to go get in the photo then they go get in the photo line we're going to show you the next segment always yet the photographer does he sees it he holds it up he photographed the barcode and then takes his many images you need to to photograph the person to get that winning image come back we'll sort him process so once you sort of color correct him and out put him and hit sort also have to do is hit upload to my lab and I'm done with the school dance that's it I'm done I'd do all the work up front especially since I entered the package information before even print at the bar code if you don't enter package information, you have to go back in the pack such information before you upload it. But that's it that's his simple is the dances. So theoretically, if I get done with a dance at midnight, I go back to the office. Sleep. Get up. Eight o'clock in the morning I would download I would color correct and crop. However you want to do those images out, put my images two one fowler I just have barco keeper image barco keeper image which will show you later on. Hit the sort feature in photo velocity and probably take five minutes to sort and hit upload. I could be done with the school dance, probably in about an hour. A post work it takes everything away takes all the computers besting on the school dance because you enter everything up front. Your intern, everything up front. Now if I don't get her everything up front, it takes a little longer because then I have to pull out the order forms, find the person in the person manage screen and entered that package information and then hit upload. But that would be the one that's the longest, so school dances or the easiest of any part of any volume job, in my opinion, using the software, probably the hardest is probably a dance studio but the neat thing about photo blocks with a dance studio and a dance you did for those watching, you know, it's basically little you get a little girls from little bitty tiny, usually about eighteen, they have three to five to six outfits there, and so there are multiple classes from hip hop to tap to jazz, and they all look the same. They all have their hair pulled back and they'll have stage makeup on and they all have the same outfit and you can't tell them apart. I mean, they all look like just little minions, that's all they look like the neat thing about photo velocity is if you photograph the same bar code when I say saying it doesn't have to be the same identical barco, but the same id number, so if that child in six different classes and you photograph that bar code six times and then photo it's going to sort her all into the same folder when you get into the store feature so you don't have to go. Is this the right girl? She's got blue? Uh, she's got green? No, not the right girl. Because we've done that so much. I mean, we literally just zooming in and out, so get same nose hey guys, is this the same person? I mean, we do that all the time until we had this functionality of it so it's literally simple as photographing a barcode headed back to the kid when you come back to me in your next outfit him in the car again or if the kids are small enough that you can't trust them with it, you can have print up multiple barcodes and they'll be the same information on it for each class and the next fast comes you you can pull that again, but if they're old enough it's always easier handed back to him let them keep up with it if you have two kids with the same name is that the idea number that is then distinguishing absolutely the idea number I'm dying here I'm so sorry I'm coughing the I d numbers what's so important that the name is nothing to us it is in a sense because I need to call the parents their child's name or whatever else and that's important, but when it comes to sorting and volume the I d number is the most important aspect of this entire workflow. So you always wanna have unique I d number for every single kid because you'll run across a bunch of mike's you know mike michel warns or mike fulton's, whatever you're going to come across a bunch of people of the same name, if you have like a big school we're down in texas, we have a huge span it population. I can't tell you how many garcia's in garza's I have in our class and there's three or four, they have the same first and last name, and so with the school twenty five hundred, you're gonna have that. And so the idea is what separates us and it confusing because you feel sorry for the parents because, ah, lottie's parents, you don't remember these kids the same age they've gone the entire school system together, so their entire school system, they've had these photos intermixed, these parents become friends because they're kids always get each other's photos. It happens a lot, and so and we've even had one. It was a really unique name was young light to young ladies, a very unique name, but they both had same name, both same grade and so they were like always getting confused, and I even got confused our first year before we started really getting into photo velocity, so it was very difficult. So you want to make sure that the right person has and once you have that it's in the lab does everything for you, the software sorts and the lab prints and separates and the males it back to you, you can also print in house but unless you're really big into this, you're not gonna be printing in house and I highly suggest not printing in house I highly suggest using a lab final lab you're happy with and let them do all the work because as I mentioned earlier yesterday our first job was this big giant school when we take a trip up to miller's I knew right then and there I was not leaving millers for this job I mean, I'm going to get it to them and let them take care of that because I had enough to worry about and so the highway's just when you're starting off let your lab do the work for you when it comes to printing and sorting because I know so many people use lads they're not volume labs I don't have any volumes solution so they uploaded everything and they get a stack of photos back this big then they have to buy envelopes and they have to store them in your life that's ridiculous find a lab miller's does it h and h does there several labs out there that will print when you upload they will literally sort every single image of that child in one folder and mail it back to you all sorted all alphabetical order all how are you? You tell it how you want to come back my grade and in alphabetical just by alphabetic order whatever so when I get my boxes back, it's, too matter let me put them in order and I go because they're already there. I just gotta stack the individual cell phone and wrapped packages all together in one place and we go it's a sports league, I buy individual cardboard boxes and about yea high, and we put everybody, each team has their own box, so you have mine early and you have five teams in minor league. I'm going five boxes, so I have, you know, whoever? If I have major leagues, I have ten teams, I'm gonna have the astros, the giants, the yankees, the rangers don't have all those, so when I give them back to the league, they love it because so many photographers give him a big box of crap, and then they have to sort everything, whatever if you individually sort of not only individual storm, but seal him up, it also protects you because you're not there handing it all out so you can verify each team you can verify everything is in that box correctly and then seal it up. And so when you give it out and they said, well, we didn't get someone so photo when we put check marks on all our items after we verify there's a check mark there it was in that box I'm not saying you can't say no no you've got it you're not going to want to do that but again it goes back to that list you make it write it down who's missing it and every year after year so also money these names are the same identical names that are missing their items so it helps you to have that that that data like shoes first and then you question the idea numbers are they unique to just this one upload job here or would you try and reuse them every single year with every single kid the great question and then part b of my question also the packages so do you keep the same packages for high volume and school dances or do you need to assign different packages it's time and then so when you upload them to the website do you say okay well this is my new packages my new packaging only pertains to this one group job that I did we I d first if it's a school idea we'll use the same id number because we're getting if we get the idea number from the company that we weren't from our client we use that and she's with the same idea number otherwise it's a new I d number for every job we curate however we want it's just for that job don't think of it is a world thing I think it is just that one job and it can change you change from job to job job, because most time you're not going to know their I d if they don't give it to you, you're not gonna have a clue. I just make ieds and help me for my work flow for that one job on our pricing. Absolutely, we change it all the time, I think each pricing that we try to have a general for our sports leagues, we try to have five packages are always the same, but then I go back to what we talked about yesterday, maybe somewhere leagues want to raise our packages by five dollars, but we try to keep so we don't really pay attention to the price, but we try to keep the items in each package the same for our sports league. So if a soccer league calls and says, I want a package c in my head, I know exactly what's in that package, because all our sports leagues have that that in there, and it really helps when you start doing a lot of sports or a lot of different leagues, same thing for our schools are under class. When we try to keep all the same packages and our seniors, we try to keep all the same packages the pricing might change if we because something out of my networks so we might remove some of the atom bombs or whatever else but our foundation, the one that remember I showed you yesterday a b, c b packages we try to keep all the same, but I think, like, for school dances, you're going to change it. So we kind of balance out those packages to be broken in half since it's a couple and so what goes in those are a little different than what's in our sports package is because it's it's a little different volume thing. So all our dance package is really your kind of broken into multiples of two. So when they buy it, they consort and you're going to find if you put in one eight by ten, they're going to push the first back. Just wanted ten. Then your next one has to pretend we're gonna go for that too. Eight by ten lots of times. Or you have kids go. Hey, just what packing should I get and love cody? Because he's like that's the best value me. But the last one, the most expensive one was the best value. Get the best value one says so right here in red letters, I get okay. It is the best value I mean you get the most photos for the less percentage the less money, but they might not want to spend eighty dollars in the package, but if you ask me you're getting in eighty dollars package and then as the kids right now checking us how you tricked me, you know trick you you asked me my opinion I'm just lucky he knew how to write a check e like I said it's a lost art if you're gonna do checks we literally have lots of kids come up and say okay, I want the factory can you write this check for me? I don't have to write it well, the thing that gets me is no matter how simple your order form is, people are so lazy now they don't want to read, you know, if you give an order form that has more than two senses on it, they just they're they're not going to read it they what do I do? Help me help me with this? They don't nobody want to take the time to read something and figured out so I know we touched on earlier I have a clean order form and make make your choice is simple don't clutter it up with a whole bunch of different packages, but the simpler you could make it the better because people just get way overwhelmed really fast and it helps like that we have a sixteen year old kid that worked with us zach and help say exactly thing but it's a war for looking too good man that's way crappy looking okay let's you know, we spent five hours with this is a perfect reforming you hand it to a kid who is your client and you go oh man, this is stupid you need to just take out all of this you use though use your friends that your client age and let's get that feedback because what you think again as the artist they don't care so make it is he said make it black and white, so our first order forms were just way over fancy useful stuff full color who were spending the money in full color you don't need any that lots of time for dances especially they just wants him to feel out they're not paying attention to any of that stuff. So save your money pretty black and white xerox whatever you know you can do it helps and that kid I mean, he really kind of hurt our feelings, but it was honest truth like now you don't need this, you don't need this, you don't need this just this this this this and that's what we need and ourselves went up so kind of use those kids is a feedback we have a few more questions that file that you get from the school tradition that's going to be their formal name, and if you have a package, maybe it's a mug or something where it puts their name on it, do you? How do you accommodate knowing what name the kid wants you to print on there on our order for mainly on our order form? We have the name basically there's writing on the order form that says, and they're like little squares you have to put a letter in each square kind like have you ever gone through customs or anything else? Because people write really, really bad, and we put on there one if you write bad, we can't be responsible for misspellings because and then to whatever name you put on, the order form will go in the products. So if his name is freddy, but he goes by fred, they need to put fred because we don't know, and so so then you would just quickly sort through all the orders, see if there's any especially products and then update update the data, and we don't worry about until we actually once I'd come actually enter the packages that's when I would actually do that and we were, it takes a lot more time, but we order from multiple companies. And so what we'll do when we first get the water forms and we actually color code like if it's just a miller's lab or if it's going to go to like, cover all the timber line if it's going to go to whoever going to go to denny's well color correct color code those products because I know like connell tamerlan has a longer turnaround time, so I need to order those right away so that's that's what I order right away if I need to but if you use just one lab, which is what I suggest right now doing don't don't over over analyze this yeah, heidi, use one lab use one product for your first jobs be happy understand the workflow while you're doing that research other companies of other products and you want incorporate into your business and then start incorporating those but when you do, you need to like said you need to look a turnaround time we gets pulled with miller's they're free overnight shipping on everything and so literally I upload two thousand orders on a sunday I'll have all those back separate sorted, ready to hand out probably about wednesday thursday at the latest and so makes us lazy it was like we'll do that tomorrow we'll do that tomorrow then you're like, oh oh that's not a mill oh, we're in trouble that's gonna take two weeks to get back so it does hinder you when you get spoiled from the fast turnaround time we just answered a handful of questions online late a few people are asking about ordering from multiple labs so thank you would you like to continue on with your content or is it okay if you question my mum's got one and then we'll go to the online awesome sometimes you'll have ah problem with the child so where you may have to take two or three pictures eyes closed something like that does that same number go with those three or four pictures that you have to take how do you deal with that? Absolutely it's a great question and we're going to show you for sure we're gonna talk about it right now suggest question but we're definitely going to show you in the centre in the third segment really when we get after after we photograph today seattle office but the way that this works your whole work flow will be once you give this date and we're fixing to show you how to get the data actually barcodes once you have that you put him on the car we're going to show you that when we go to photo day the first thing you're going to do when the kid comes up you're gonna have their car and you're gonna look in and say hey john, how are you doing? Have a seat over here or stand over here call them by their first name the name is on the I d card it's there for a reason because we want to have that personal interaction we don't want to just say hey you get over here when I call them by their first name it especially the little kids it kind of calms them down we hold it at an arm's length the barcode and we just take a photograph of it we're gonna show you how to do this then you can take us many images you need to get that image that you need so if you do have a kid that blinks you do have a kid that has some handicap issues that have a hard time if he's autistic or whatever you take as many images you need to to get how are many images you know you're giving the client if it's one image if it's for images whatever you take his many as you need to that point if you have different stations we have a lot of clients that actually take a photograph of the barcode pose one station one post to station to post three station three they little have three photographers and three setups photograph barcode photograph station one two three images and the barcode over photographed barco their own station to take his many images they want and when you get back to your office you will download all those images in light room, bridge or any other color I mean, processing software, we use bridge and light room, but we would use what in the star system when we're going to show you this later in the day, we would start the barcode with one image. I mean, the barcode image would be one star, and then our keeper images will be too star, so if you have five images and you're going to keep one, you have five, you would go through and pick the winning image, so to say and start then I just look at my stardom is just color correct them any way I want and then output those to a certain folder, and we're gonna show it to another folder and so that's my keeper images and from there that's when I would run the sort feature from photo velocity, so we're going to show you all that it's very, very simple. We're going to show you how all that works, so the freedom is you photograph the bar code you can photograph is means you need to get those images that you need, no matter what their handicap is, no matter how bad they are, whatever else you don't have to worry about you just and it's all wireless there's, no computers that are needed there's no. Anything. You could do this in the middle center field. You could do this middle in a janitor's closet at the school where ever you got to set up. You could do this. Awesome. Eso photog one in the chat rooms asked what about storage of all the csb files and pictures? How long do you keep everything? How much space does it take? And what kind of on site or clouds cloud storage to you, it's. A great question. We do multiple things when we get to our office, we have a server, so to say justinian house like a home network type set up in our office, you could buy a big giant network if you want. I mean, you're looking at ten thousand more dollars, but we just buy a simple home network, and we have one hard drive that we will download everything to his initial backup. We have initial, like, external hard drives are on each of our computers. That is kind of our working files, and we'll work him all up and do all that stuff. And then once everything's done, will also keep it off offline storage. So we actually kind of have three storage devices. We have our initial computer that we work on our we have the initial raw data it's backed up locally as long with the final product, and then we haven't leased the raw data that's backed up off line in case our building burns down that we can, we might lose some of our work if we don't if we don't upload the final product, but we know we're not going to lose the actual photographs kind of a three tier system. We keep them as long as possible, but we do not tell the clients that because I think if you open yourself up to a lot of issues, if you say we'll keep it forever and then if forever happens not to happen, something burns down, you lose data, it can open yourself up for issues, so we like sarah, volume stuff is kept for like a year and gone. You khun do shorty could do longer, it didn't really matter. Some of it depends on our product offerings. Also like our high schools, we keep each of their yearly photos from when they're a freshman, all the way to senior and then their final year as a senior that's, when the product we offer is a progressive shot where it's a single friend it's, a collection of each each of the four years, what has their freshman sophomore junior senior photos altogether on it on one parents eat that up, the kids hate it, but the parents keep that up and when you get to that point, of course you have to shoot that school for four years, but when you offer that product, the commercial the community gets used that product and a new photographer won't be able to do that for another four years because they won't have that data that's that's products that not only serve your community will but also help you kind of sink your teeth into that school deeper, so they're going to keep you around and I can't tell how many people when we offered that product recently loved it. We even had one girl that actually used this war the same shared her sophomore and junior year and didn't know until we put with the photos together, but it's just like a ten by twenty, we just way basically make a simple photo shop template and we just draw out dragon dropping damage in there. So, like he said, our school photos were going to keep at least four years for sure so we could make this problem again, right? So you can combine them exactly, so they're all gonna have, like it's perfect what you said so the school gives me the idea they're gonna have that one, two, three, four, five I d number of the entire time it's all I have to do is really oh my computer where I store files search one two three four five it's going to pull up all for their folders and there's their images and so at the beginning of each year which is about now because we'll start shooting these kids in september I will already have all but this new year already separated so I will actually have a folder I will sort what is now the seniors freshman sophomore ingenious files that we have in storage I'll put him in one folder on my computer and then when we shoot the seniors this year once we sort um I'll put those images another photocopy of there so when we have any these orders I just go that one folder and there they all are and a little just click and drag makeup and the parents love it because they forgot what their freshman year looked like and you really that from fourteen years old to sixteen seventeen eighteen is probably the last huge growth spurt that these kids are gonna have their little change from a child to an adult and that photo really shows it and that's what we're celebrating is this is a high school graduate we're celebrating them their last year of childhood for the most part they're becoming an adult there the freedom and that really that we call it the quad but that quad really really really shows that off

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Join veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton for a two-day workshop that will show you how to break into the high volume photography market and streamline your workflow — from setup and processing to hosting and printing.

Mike and Cody will teach you how to pitch clients, build your business model, and walk you through setting up a high volume photo shoot. After this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the preferred photographer in your community.



This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.