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Day 2 Wrap-Up

For inspiring umpiring clear yeah does our in studio audience have any final questions for them now? All right, well, thank you so much. You guys for everything again really, really sincere and feel like a pep talk like now in it should you need it because we come up with all those ideas but we never implemented, so hopefully you'll implement some of these ideas and really change your business fighting and we hope that you out there internet feel the same way thank you again for joining us for the last two days for high volume photography we loved watching the conversations in the chat rooms. Hopefully there are even other conversations outside of it and we look forward to seeing your growth and you're high volume side of your business. So thank you for joining us and our in studio audience again. Thank you for being here today. You guys were awesome on let's just give mike and cody a huge global creative lives style round of a five well, your your peeps your new peeps you're creative ...

life keeps air blowing up your thank you card on also thinks that there's a lot of good love going around but to share a bit of it and reno roughly rights thank you, thanks to you for your down to earth approach mentoring and encouraging others as well as providing an enormous amount of detailed information so good and then eric rose, allah says mike and cody or tutorials were amazing. A lot of exclamation point. I've learned so much from you guys. Thank you so much for all of your advice and tips. I will not take my photography to a whole new level. I see a big studio in your future, eric. So I've been taking some notes over the last two days as well, and one thing that you said yesterday, mike was that volume is a ten tough job, almost impossible if you don't have a good work flow going, does that sound like something you might offend? That is extremely so, and I think that kind of says it all if you don't have a good work flow than your business isn't going to be successful. So over the last two days, mike and cody have been teaching us the importance of developing that game plan for your business, making your business personal every step of the way and winning clients through building trust with them. So on dso so much more that's, just like the tip of the iceberg, you can't find all of this information anywhere else in one place this's this is kind of a special program, I think I can't find this out there on the internet anywhere this is this is where you're going to find all of that information, you know, two weeks, two months down the road when you're looking for it again on dh that's why this class is so crucial for all of you out there who are you really interested in committed, teo growing your high volume business? You're welcome to purchase any time access as we've been telling you all day to these videos for ninety nine dollars, but if you do purchase today and actually I think just within the next few hours you have less than twenty four hours, there should be a clock on the screen similar, you can get a discounted price for seventy nine dollars, so that includes both days of awesome content in the videos and a ton of bonus pds I'm going to read off some of those because I can't remember them all, including calculating, break, even sales and the sales goals. Pdf, which I looked at that's awesome that's a that's a big one from from a business standpoint, a lot of people hate numbers and that one just kind of gives you a workflow of thinking and so many people in the business think that if they the name, I can only call some two hundred two dollars and fifty cents and charges before they're making money and that really breaks down, you're paying them, you're leaving yeah, and I know a lot of people in the chat rooms were actually asking some of those questions, so you're answers are right there in the pdf, you're gonna get a pdf about order form samples, I think that's the j peg, the lighting setup guide abid sample, which is really awesome, there's just so much more a photo day workflow and a photo day checklist and also you get a hundred dollars off your first year of photo velocity. So really, this course is worth it to me. Just for the bonus materials alone. This is worth way more than seventy nine or ninety nine dollars it's kind of awesome to have all of that right there in one place for you guys, mike and cody wanting to succeed on by providing you with these bonus materials. They're really leaving their legacy. You know, mike talked about how he just wants to see you guys succeed as business people. So that's that's what he's doing with those those bonus materials and thanks for offering those everybody out there. They're taking out the guesswork of high volume photography and helping you succeed. So with that click the buy button now, if you are considering purchasing the course and any last thoughts from you guys. No, if they need any help, let me know we'll help him out as much as we can. We do have a mentor in if they want any, you know, hard core, long term questionings, but besides, that will help him out. Anyway, we have a volume god, if they want more information as well. But the show is pretty pretty intense. I have to give you guys credit. This is I've been teaching for a long time. You guys do a great job, and it it was been an honor and bin it very humbling being part of it. So it's it's really being cool? I have enjoyed the enjoyed the last four days, it's stressful, but it sure has been fun, but it's just a little bit of stress having a lot of people watching, right? But, you know, people, people don't bother me, I that I don't even know it was really my mind, the way your program works, and now I see it now that you're here it's so much easier. So if we wait, you are lucky enough to be invited back. It's easier to understand how it works now, but not ever being part of here. It was very trying to wrap my brain around how you needed the information given to you and and stuff. So it was. It was pretty complicated, trying to get it put all together. And because we have plenty information was just just dissected and making sure we had. We brought the most we could in the short amount of time that we had. You brought it up. Yeah, well, it's been a privilege. Thank you guys for being here, and thanks to all of you for joining us and that's a wrap.

Class Description

Remember the childhood excitement of yearbook photo day? You can bring that same joy to your clients — by taking your photography talents to schools, events, and sport leagues. From yearbook portraits to little league photos, high volume photography is a great way to multiply your revenue while providing a highly sought-after service.

Join veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton for a two-day workshop that will show you how to break into the high volume photography market and streamline your workflow — from setup and processing to hosting and printing.

Mike and Cody will teach you how to pitch clients, build your business model, and walk you through setting up a high volume photo shoot. After this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the preferred photographer in your community.



This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.