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Shoot: creativeLIVE Head Shots & Potential Errors Dem

And just let you know real quick before we get going again, you will see these images later on in this program. So so if you're watching you want to see the tethering, we're going to actually be working with our workflow. So so don't freak out it's all good s o for these next couple shots all I'm gonna do I'm gonna run through just like I do, just like I would do a normal work flow, a normal school shoot, but what I'm going to do is these first four shots I'm going to make big mistakes and these air mistakes that you can commonly make on location and then later on, when we import the data into the software will show you exactly how we deal with these and how easy they are. Teo work with so we had our first student a little bitty ghost let's bring up the next one somehow this outfit actually finish you. Sir, I have this weird feeling that you might actually wear this to the office daily is going to stand on the eggs and again for this one, I'm gonna show you mistakes are things that cou...

ld happen, so this is a student may we need more time with once you cry for me? You try and just just be very upset to keep going keep going you really upset mike can you come in and condoning making soul and make things better forget all better there we g o having me shots you need to take to get the right one now give me the good finally he's he's over his fears good so nice well played so typically you only take one to two shots per student but if you have somebody that you need to take five, six, seven shots go ahead and do that if you got a kid that has shifty eyes maybe has lots of blinks what we need to do to take plenty of photographs to get the one image that you need so next why big hat you have, sir? So during the confusion why had the kid that was crying say I forget toe forget teo photograph the barcode this time so something came up somebody who started talking to me I got confused I thought that I photographed it so then I go right in the photograph my final and you're done bring in somebody else. Holy cow, I think you have my dead grandmother in your chest. All right, for those of you in the chat room this's seal bob featured here you know him you love him now here's here's an example you got you got a kid you turned you gave your card to your kids too early there, fidgeting with him, they tear it out, they put a big booger across the park. But I don't know what happens with some reason. This one's not going to read good. Somehow it seems like you might be from my neck of the woods. Ah, right. Next. Uh, I don't want to be mean to this when I get a spell put on me like the glasses. Good. All right. Ready? Perfect. We see how fast it is. I mean, obviously we're only taking one photo, but you could take those two, three, four however many you need once you take that barcode image to get the image that you want, obviously we're dealing with well, I used the term adults loosely here, but we're dealing with adults, so it is a little quicker and easier, but it doesn't take long. We're rolling through these people, so when you have multiple stations, you could get through a full class, even with one station within five minutes. Easy. No, this kind of looks like me in high school. Nice, nice, nice. Well played, sir. Well played. I must say I must interject and say that big jim and the children say said c l must be short for we got a hand, a grand here you look like you're from portland that seattle on here's. Another good example of a card that's going to air out us. This is a this is a student. Came to us late, didn't have maybe he was new to the classroom. Very first day of school. He didn't have we didn't have data when we got it. So as he came up, we passed the cartel realize we don't have one. So all we need to do is hand write a card for him. Treat him just like everybody else. Take a picture. That handwritten card picture of the inspector. Good let's make love and he only has one name. Then later on, when we get back, we put the data in the in the computer will come back and find out, find that card and type of an individual and will definitely show you all this let's get one more than I think we've got probably nothing this toe move on. Sirius. I love it now. One where we're gonna end on this. Okay, hangout? Sure way. All have fans. You go with a lot of fans. You know who? All right, so we're gonna turn it over to amy and susie, and they're going to just continue the process and shoot. While we're goingto kind of explain what we're doing and other things but it won't be that big of a deal I just want to continue what we're doing we'll show you all these photos I know the tether is not up but we're going to go over a lot of the safety features that we talked about that he did and a lot of things that are wrong in the third and fourth segments workflow so I know you can't see him but bear with us we're going to very shortly all right girls so maybe just really quickly might can you talk about your camera? I'm heading that way didn't bring that up a great point sorry again, these new things that we talked about we forget when we do it for a living so generally what we're using what we'd like to use that we'd like to use a one six crop frank camera for cannon and generally is the twenty two, thirty two, forty two, fifty two, sixty days the seventy any of those today because we were having some issues we tried our seventy it wasn't working and now we're using a mark three, which is fine, but the reason why I like the one point six is we use this lens it's a little fifty one point eight it's about one hundred dollars and it's inexpensive but because we're shooting it like f eleven it's extremely crisp and clear so you don't have to worry about it so we try to use again a one six crop camera with the fifty one eight on it and our settings are generally around one about two hundred one two hundredth of a center speed and usually half eleven winner on our f stop one hundred eyes it's real close to one of our typical studio settings are not fancy I think on this one while I still was one hundred s stop was f ten and the shutter speed was that two hundred of a second and basically that's that's fast enough to stop out any artificial light that you have got a big window or maybe some which we have halogen bulbs or some other bulbs it's going to stop at all that light and then you're just going to show up your your studio lights so you're not gonna have any crazy life parents spilling from a window anything like that so it's just typical studio studio settings so very, very easy to understand and answer the last question and we'll get going so so maybe cody, can you introduce these lovely ladies over here? These are two very lovely lady. Yes, very lovely. We've got susie and amy maybe a curtsy on their part of the trick. Yes, yes they are they are the better half coast all right so we're back over here they're going to continue the shooting were going to have all this done we're gonna continue shoot through lunch and we're going to make sure you have all these photos and then after lunch we're going to get a little bit later we're going to show you exactly all the problems that we have some of the things that we want to talk about why they're talking whether doing that some of the things that we had issues with on school day is roughly a lot what cody just talked about but not only that but logistics some of things that you need to think about we mentioned a little bit yesterday is if you have multiple stations or when you have only one station you need to set that station up in an area where unfortunately can't really do it today because we're doing a lot of broadcast but you need to set it up to where you have a path going in and a path going out that's very easy accessible you don't want to have a cluttered area you want to tape everything down I wish you could see behind the scenes here because these these guys are amazing these camera guys they're all over the place they're doing wonderful things you don't want to have to deal with what we're doing with today on your job so when you get there and you have an open space it might not be the best face for this I mean it might be the best place to set up your lights but it might not be the best face for inner in exit your traffic so you need to think about all the traffic you have before you set up all your slight set ups again that's far the planning stage that's part of the initial contact when you're talking to your contact your teachers explain them okay now where are the kids gonna come in at well you're filtering through here after their photographed they need to have a separate exit place and then you walk out preferably another exit yeah exactly we try not to have the same enter and exit in the same lane because you're going to get back just like now tether and went down it's like a perfect photo day one thing like that's going to put you ten twenty thirty minutes behind and if you're rolling that's five classes now you're behind on now with this system you can catch up very very fast but if you only had one way in one way out now you just have this mass of people so you literally want that second that one exit as well so try not to have the same pattern because it makes it will come as you can see today that's what we have won into one entrance and one exit and it causes more issues but that's the set up today, we have to do it, so be aware of that and really try to lay out your logistics and if possible, and we talked about it with someone before set all this up before your before the photo day little ago there have your personal connection with that school with that sports league and that's part of the customer service, you're going to go in, you're going to explain exactly what we're going to. We're going to set up a ten here, we're going to set up a station here, we're going to have the entry it's over here, we're going to exit over here have all that information if you can put up a slide show like we have put up a slide show for visible for visible marketing, so always market every chance you get if you don't put up banners, put up something that has the stuff remember even having a big flag that says inner big flag that says exit because people going to go with all the stuff they're going to go where I go where's the world's worst photos and they see these big tents and see big, I mean, people, don't you think it's logical, you think it's normal, but people aren't all logical people aren't all normal. And you're gonna have to really just have like this big cross like this is the entrance this is the exit like a big giant flying flag says it who helps? Do you guys have any questions on what we were doing on the photo day before we go on? I know it's been kind of hectic so I wanna make sure you guys and we answer anything for you. Good. All right, so as you can see, the data is extremely important photo day what we just showed you is all we do repetitious the entire photo day take a picture of the barcode take a picture of this subject, stick the barcode down, take the barcodes, stick it down like a picture of the subject and just repeat all day long if it's a handwritten card we only have one station we do it all in one station if we have multiple stations that handling card you know, right off the bat is going to be a problem that barcode that was ripped, you know, it's going to be a problem. So you try to put all those on one station if you have more than one station, so you know where your problems are going to be and I'll show you later on when we get those images, I pull those out and put him into an issues folder first so I don't have to deal with them until afterwards or I can deal with him right off the bat and get him done however you want to do it sometimes I'm like, okay, I remember this problem. I might forget it if I wait a day to do it. So I'm gonna go and take care of my issues right now, and I'll let the easy ones solve itself later on or you can do it versa, but I like to least pull him out and separating and get him and get him going. I mean, get him away from my easy stuff. The question, honey, do you ever have ah, situation where the kids get their cards and within a minute the party lost amar? Yes. Then what you do? Because I mean it's gonna happen one, right? Right. When you go up to the, you literally will give it to him to say do not fold this do not wrinkle it, do not lose it and they're right there in between the ten steps over the woman card is yeah, happens all the time. You get a kid of fingers in his nose and then he hands his card to you. I mean, you get some of the craziest things and worst case scenario if he loses it handwrite one what's your name, his name, which is to nineteen number putting up that move on because you can always go back and manually and put that data. Yeah, I mean, that's, that's the worst case scenario that's how we're going to show you that's what we do with san francisco office san francisco office didn't have photo velocity, so what we did was just tell him to write their name on a card they use. A white board wrote her name on it took photo of that took a photo of the parson just like we're doing, and then I because I have the data that has all the names in it, I'll show you multiple ways you can actually enter that photo into the system flawlessly, as if the system read it as a bar code. So there's multiple ways, and I think that's the strength of this software is it allows you to be flexible in the air of process or in the basically workflow while you have one major workflow, there are different branches that you're going off of in this county, people with no matter how you're doing, and I just want to say one thing that they totally shocked me when we first started doing this was how much fun you can have interacting with these kids. And just this small amount of time you're thinking I thought to myself I was going to the most boring day ever I step my life kids coming in I'm snapping shots and they're going to be moving out but you can make it as fun as you want or you can make it as miserable as you want but for example when we the first time we shot the high school well, the cool thing to do now is to be a gangster these high school kids even in junior high when you start getting this and we live in a tiny town there's not a lot of gang and gangsters in our area so so you get these kids some down and and I wanted to smile because if they're smiling the mom's going by the picture they looked like a little heard give me some crappy let me I want to do this if yeah like they're in jail don't have a gang sign or something so that when they do that it it it at first it kind of hurts my feelings because especially we're selling later the mom's not gonna buy a picture of the kid when he's acting like it a turd I mean when he's acting like an idiot so it's in my best interest to get this kid to look his best, to smile, to look good and show me his teeth on that so so initially said these kids down and like I said in high school that the big thing is to be tough you don't smile so they give me some crazy looking so come on, smile for the ladies, even one for your grandma now for your mouth no, nothing, nothing, nothing. So finally, after I took a couple shots and couldn't anything better that I would just do something just stupid off the wall just boom shaka and the kid would give me some what? And when you do that I would snap shot and then I would've item back come on, buddy, come like those lcd and had shown that last picture of him going and I said that's going to go in the yearbook unless you give me a better photo go dog, you wouldn't do that all know me now the next person up here ok, ok, so he'll sit down and give me a nice this little smile yourself so you can you can use their stupid nous against him and like I said, you can have as much fun as you want. Well, you could make it invisible day I think she brings up a great point and the other drawback to that that's positive because you get to have fun with them the negative is especially with cody cody has an unknown canny knack to get hung up on those honey melodies if you hear whatever last song he hears he's going to sing it for five hours and we're all in the same office together, we're very open. We're very family oriented, so when you're photographing he's, going to be saying the same thing to these kids over and oh well, here's, what happened over what happened our first day at lunch at our high school, the high school there, we've talked about it before, but their their mascot is a pirate and they're the buccaneers because we're on the coast freeport area. So during lunch I happen to get a laffy taffy in my laughing, tapping joke that was a normal happy taffy was very fitting for the day. It said how much to the pirate pay to have his ears pierced? And the answer was a buccaneer. So part of my part of my antics to get these kids to loosen up a smile, do whatever as soon as they sit down I go hey, did you hear what the pirate paid? His ears pierced, they go what they go our fucking air and I would take the picture and admitting lee, it was fun for the first twenty to thirty times I said it. But after about the seventy fifth or eighty this time they were ready to strangle me and then you have one guy like you're trying to get looks and we have one of our friends pp quinn he's out of new york will be back in texas, but here we go hey hey smile for the ladies and the guy was kind of getting on smart we're like, hey, that works pretty seeing the whole line is going hey smile for the ladies I mean it's just like you just take over every day becomes something different and you become stupid interacting with but it's fun because it's a challenge that's what we're photographer we still like that challenge and it challenges us some sorry I keep laughing we just had a job banana walking over there are going to love these photos come third third segment but it becomes fun interacting with these kids and interacted with the little ones each each age just like a teacher. If you ever talk to a teacher, they teach because they like a certain age group each age of kids that you photograph it at school or sports they have a different level. I have completely lost our students I completely lost everybody with that last one that's so good I'm like I say I'm to give you a million dollars in there hard day at the office you got a great job. I'll give you that. This is a great thing is I don't think these people dressed up. I think thursday attire was thursday. So you got a question? Yeah, yeah. Do you for like, a school dances, then do you has just have them write their names where you write whoever paid name on the card, then for each, you know, what we do is we have an order form and basically on that order form, when I designed it, we're going to go with how we designed order form. But he was not any way you want weaselly issues. Half sheets ain't half eleven. Cut him in half. So we xerox to on when she when we had the smaller little clipboard safe space on the bottom will leave a big blank space is just big enough for our label. So when they come up to us, we actually bring a laptop and a barcode printer right there on location. We'll enter there first. And the last thing, like you said, whoever is giving us the money and when that barcode prints out, just like I showed you will into the package information, we put that actually on the order, form that label. And then we give it back to the couple, and then we send them to the next stage, which is the photo line. They give that to the photographer, which is like the barcode you just saw, he photographs it and then keeps them in order so they actually photographed the order form, so we don't have a so called note car with a barcode on it. It's the order form itself, but if during the session your laptop goes down, you run out of labels you can hand write their name on there are just photograph, just photograph, photograph their order form because it has your name information and go back physically do it in your office later, but when you're designing the reforms, always have a spot that says print name because they're going to help their names didn't have another one, says print name at least last name something like that because the kids right, horrible and they're gonna write fast that's another is what we like the actual barcode on the order form because it's very clearly written, we type it and make sure it's correct, but if you don't have a bar code on their and their handwriting, make sure you haven't air this is print their name because they won't it won't be very clear that answer a question all right? And then finally on the photo days you could see just going to roll you're going to be done we were actually behind that we're ahead of schedule just a little bit in that little bit of time don't freak out if you get behind that's the best thing I can say if one time when we got behind handing out cards, we couldn't find him they didn't give us that was the big school they didn't give us the teacher which they were going to be coming to us and they just said here's ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade in twelfth grade well, ninth grade's got eight hundred kids in it, so I literally just had stacks of ninth grade a through z, which we broke up into groups of last name a last name be but when they came in four classes would come in at one time and so we had this line way out the door trying to get the cards we look at the schedule on the first four classes of first four periods were really having than the last ones relied er we just said start handwriting cards so some of were getting their cards with the bar codes on them and then we had someone on the side just hand writing their names and their id numbers yes it's going to be more work on the post work and but it's less headache while you're there and you look better and that's more important, I would rather do more work on the post, work in the privacy of my studio in the privacy of my home, then look like an idiot in front of my clients and that's. Another reason why we like doing it this way. I want everybody barcode because it makes my life easier for the workflow, but if I can't, I'll just hand write their names and write their number just like cody photograph that one often mainly enter it, and we'll show you how to do that, just like we did the san francisco office, we're going to show you, but again I get that line out, get him gone so when the teachers come in there's no one there, they're like, while these guys are also because, again, it goes back to like that wedding photography if they tell us where the greatest wedding photographer in the whole world had never seen a photo because the experience would give him if we give him a great experience and there's no line, they think we're the greatest photographers in the world when it comes to boil.

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Remember the childhood excitement of yearbook photo day? You can bring that same joy to your clients — by taking your photography talents to schools, events, and sport leagues. From yearbook portraits to little league photos, high volume photography is a great way to multiply your revenue while providing a highly sought-after service.

Join veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton for a two-day workshop that will show you how to break into the high volume photography market and streamline your workflow — from setup and processing to hosting and printing.

Mike and Cody will teach you how to pitch clients, build your business model, and walk you through setting up a high volume photo shoot. After this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the preferred photographer in your community.



This course is very comprehensive and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to get into High Volume Photography. We have been doing this type of photography for 5 decades and still found many great ideas to improve on what we do. However, this class was produced in 2013 and although I am not certain as to the current circumstances of TriCoast, it appears that Cody and Mike are no longer in business together and because of this, the FotoVelocity program (which in my opinion is the greatest program for what we do) is no longer being offered. Regardless, this program is worth every cent of the purchase price. My hope is that new versions of FotoVelocity will soon be available. In the meantime we are still using the current version and it still works great. It literally saved our three man high velocity studio thousands of hours of pre-/post- production work. We are a small town operation which provides photos for schools and sports in our local area to over 27,000 clients a year.