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Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

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Bonus Video: Getting Users To Invest Hotseat with John H. & Ryan R.

Nir Eyal

Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products

Nir Eyal

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Lesson Info

12. Bonus Video: Getting Users To Invest Hotseat with John H. & Ryan R.

Lesson Info

Bonus Video: Getting Users To Invest Hotseat with John H. & Ryan R.

All right, so let me invite ryan and john on up and we'll work on we're working creative line right? Where do you guys want well goes okay, great. So uh gian and ryan are from creative live and, uh, trying to make creative live more of a habit, right? Absolutely great. So what did you guys come up with for your narrative? We didn't really collaborate, so I'm interested to hear what you're johnny ryan ryan meantime e think ours are different actually yeah. So, uh my narrative was a photographer. You know, if we want to get more narrow wedding photographer uh who uh you know is maybe aspiring to build a business based on their skills they may have, you know, some initial clients but I really looking to expand and become more of more of an operation. Okay. Great and what's what's the habit you want them to do I want them to tune in regularly to create life. Call it weekly tune in weekly. Okay. And what was the internal trigger? Uh, the internal trigger was sort of a, uh, difficult emotion...

al quantify guess but it's sort of a combination of inspiration and doubt so they are, you know, sort of fledgling in their career and they you know, I kind of believe in their abilities but they want some validation and they they want to improve their skills. Okay, so, there's, this dad about my professional skills, I wantto constantly get better and my money out of the no do I know the latest techniques? Yeah. That's. Ah, something that professionals feel all the time. So it sounds like a frequent internal trigger and what you want, the action toe the habit is logging in and watch of it. What would you want them just tuning in to see what's on. Okay. Anytime. So, just to note and tuning in. What does that mean? Just goto uh, the flash watch page. Okay, just go to the page, but I don't actually have to actually start watching a video or check out or anything. Just just go to that page. Yeah, well, tio and then select somethingto watch. Okay, so the steps are go to creative live dot com click watch now and then all the streams will show up, and then you select which one you want. So this is this could be an example of maybe asking these air to do too much. And the actors that I my guess would be that when I'm feeling hey, I'm being left behind that I know the latest and greatest maybe the actually take us just to see what's on offer. Right? Open the app. I'm guessing that that's probably gonna be even easier open the app that if there is such a nap and see, is there such a no? No. Ok, maybe we'll create one on and see what's on offer. See what the latest and greatest potential offerings are that's in itself a variable reward of the hunt, right? What? What? What? What was out there that I don't know about? Right searching through these different categories now the what might the reward or what might be investment be? How could I do something simple that gets me toe low the next trigger and invest in the platform? Yes. So after you're finished watching or after you've been watching for some period of time, we ask you to either enroll in upcoming class or maybe telling something about yourself so that we know what type of content you might currently that's after you want something uh oh, this is new. This is just product functionality and making up okay, but in this in this making up on the flight would you say watch the video first is part of the variable reward and then invest or scroll? I was thinking that we were just looking for you even view something right before even view it that taking the time for taking the time to watch you that's that's kind of you know heavy lifting but what if it was you know, this is something I'm interesting put it in my locker that's giving you data about my preferences and loading the triggers the next time we see you have such functionality today you can wish list of class so maybe we make that super easy that the investment the first few passes through the hook is you know, put this in the wish list put this in a like later button and that gives us a tremendous amount of data around the user right? What are they interested in where they're not interested in can we load the next trigger to say, hey, you know you like this class and before guess what it's on sale might be an opportunity to low the next trip and bring them back and accrued data about that particular customers preferences anything else that you can think of um there's also the ability toe load your work, right? So we have this gallery functionality where you can load photographs that you may have taken or anything that sort of pertinent to the class that you're you're taking so we could ask people toe load that work or review other students work excellent uh so that becomes content the more this becomes my like little library that I show off what I can what I can do for folks and professionally that helps me excel yep alright terrific very good all right how about how much he runs my hair's a little different came from more of I do the marketing for the business class is so from sort of content marketing wins my focus is a little bit more on getting people to check out block content okay and so I myself search a lot on google for solutions to the problems that I'm having and marketing and so I would rather have creative live be some sort of resource that you can come too for business advice how to build a freelance business things like that awesome awesome so what what was the uh the narrative that you built every time the user feels what with a and I think there's a lot of different ones for us but the one that I chose was every time the user feel some sort of like dissatisfaction about either of their job or their own business okay they're looking for a way to come back find resource is and get better at what they're doing okay so business john dissatisfaction okay terrific and what do they do and what do you want what's the key have it I want them to come the blogger and search okay come to block in search okay and then we've got rewards of the of the hunt around searching for the content that's inherently invariable experience um let's jump there's I have questions for both you around the other variable rewards but for the sake of time let's jump to the investment phase what's something they could do to make the service better with use and too low the next trigger I think having some sort of like favorite ing feature that could add like a preference I guess to their profile which would allow us to serve up some more relevant content to them kind of meet their needs more effectively sew up voting something maybe you're starting something liking something and says I want more content like that that could load the next trigger and say here's a similar article the future they could also submit an article right if they found some piece of content and maybe they put it on the platform and then they're loading the next trigger because if somebody else likes that piece of content now they get a message and says hey guess what reward of the tribe opened up the e mail to see what somebody else thought was a great contribution that you made it might be an idea yeah like that any other investments that might work you know it's a little different with it's a little different blood content I think than our video um but yeah, I don't know like there could be some sort of reward for sharing also something that you're interested in okay great so we've got content? Maybe maybe I also have some kind of similar locker constant concept where, like pocket pocket reader is to pick a reader where I'm saving the stuff I want to read later here somehow and then it gets better and better because, you know, my taste preferences of what I like to read could also consider some kind maybe a follow model where it's not just you making the block content. If people are submitting content to this central site, they're also accruing a reputation of how do you know how nice it's been that you've submitted other content that the community finds useful? So you build your reputation that way as well? Cool, awesome. All right, give me a hand. Thank you guys. All right to review any questions about the investment phase of the hook. Anybody online? Maybe we've got a little bit of time for for any questions so far in this phase. Let's see here's one that came up earlier might be a good time to touch on it. And, uh, the user posted says maybe I'm jumping ahead a little bit on the psychology, but uh, the gist of the question is getting desensitized to certain things, and their example is getting desensitized notifications and other external triggers. Sometimes these triggers lose their novelty and no longer affect motivation. For instance, if you see you know, you have thousands of on red messages it's like, okay, I was I was into it when I saw I had three but now it's overwhelming right? Any thoughts on getting desensitized so people just give up on their inbox because they declare inbox bankruptcy because they'll never get maybe their phone rings so many times a day that it doesn't have the same impact as it did before. I am not eager to answer right? So you know the reward has to be rewarding. We talked about in the reward phase of the hook, if if the ratio between things that are actually rewarding and interesting to those that are just mundane and boring, if that ratio gets out of whack and I don't get relief for my itch and it stops being effective, right? So there's a lot of companies that that struggle with that right we we've all watched show is that start out really interesting when they're super novel and you know they're you know, the first few siri's are great, but then they're kind of repetitive and we don't actually get the guitar it's scratch they're not entertaining any more because we kind of know what's going to happen or they're not very good at satisfying that problem, so it the same way with with concentrators that don't actually lead us to get our reward then we do eventually stop using those services but there's there's also another thing that you touched on with, you know, why do people give up on, you know, in boxes that are flooded with three thousand messages? Well, part of that think about what happens when when users what happens to users agency when there's a task they just can't complete that's just too impossible with the ability right? The exact your motivation is high, but your ability or moment is high, but ability is low because I can't I can't ever accomplished that. We unfortunately see that with met too many services that try and change healthcare behaviors where, you know, we try and motivate people to eat better, eat healthy are teo exercise more whatever it might be, but unless they see results, unless they see something changing in their life, it's very difficult to keep them motivated because it's just too hard it's just, you know, they need to see this feedback or else they stopped using the service. So one of the hacks that we can do around this is to use a different variable reward type right to use some other variable rewards so that if the user is participating in a fitness app which requires, you know, long term behavior change in order to see the results that we don't rely on that being the reward it's not I used this app because I want to lose weight because you're not gonna lose weight instantly, it's going to take time. Maybe we utilize one of the rewards of the tribe, right? Maybe we utilize our social structure. Maybe we utilize rewards of the of the self where you don't need to work in the goal. Here isn't teo, get skinny. The goal isn't to reduce your cholesterol today. The goal is to do check off these three things today. That's it. Just check off these three things by making these rewards of the of the self, for example.

Class Description

Customers who come back save you time and money. You don’t have to expend as much energy attracting them – they already know you and what you do – and they are a more predictable source of revenue. Learn the science of creating a repeat customer in Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products.

Nir is a writer and thinker whose primary focus is helping businesses unlock the power of habits. In this class, he’ll teach you how to build products and experiences that are inherently “sticky.” 

You’ll learn:

  • The psychology of triggers and how to build them into your product/service
  • How to use variable rewards to increase engagement
  • The stages of habit formation and how to optimize them for better retention

Nir will teach you how habits develop and he’ll show you how to apply those insights to your business – no matter what kind of service or products you sell. You’ll also learn about the common design patterns of habit-forming products.

If you want to lower the cost of doing business by increasing the number of repeat customers you work with, don’t miss Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products. 

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The information presented by Nir was excellent and pertinent to today's evolution of business development and success. This was beyond my expectation. There was great material that was stimulating and engaging.

Jason Casher

Loved it! Was thorough and gave a strong sense of direction, as well as clear methods to check to see if you are on right track.


Nir Eyal is great! Insightful, interesting course on how habits are created, established and reinforced.