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Auction Overview

I am jimmy and today I want to walk you through an overview of our auction product you could take advantage of to offerings and our auction product first intent where you bid on a cost for engagement and second action where you been on either cost per click or cost for action. Our auction is a journalist second price auction what this means is you are only charged for the price necessary to be the next highest bidder in the auction. If you're optimizing for engagement, you'll be charged for each unique engagement per per ad insert insertion including reap ends reaping close ups and and click throughs if you're optimizing for traffic, you'll be charged for each unique click back to your website if you're optimizing for actions you'll be charged for all mobile purchases from buyable pins promoted pins are just like regular pins they're beautiful and native visual bookmark units that help enters discover, save and do things that matter to them just like regular pins promoted pins are avai...

lable in several different formats that can be applied to your campaign against driving pinar intent and action first standard promoted pens are seamless way to take content from your campaign or website and help your audience discovered on pinterest rich pins allow your audience to see more details about your brand or product without ever leaving pinterest you can promote five types of rich pins, places, products, articles, recipes and movies buyable pins help millions of people get the things they want for their future they have a secure made for mobile check out experience so you can drive incremental sales buyable pins get you in front of new customers and our four businesses that care about quality customer stranz, please note that this opportunity is only available to a select group of retailers until twenty sixteen as a pinar goes through this discovery journey of discovering, saving and doing on pinterest the pictures at algorithm will show your message to the right person in the right place at the right time. We do this through terms expansion in the auction you bid on terms, and we mapped those terms that you've indicated as targeting to broader level categories to serve in search categories and in the home feed based on penner's interest. When targeting, you have the option to select local using a subset of us dna is language, devices and gender. The default for each of these targeting options is all note that promoted pins is currently available in the united states. Only people who do not specify gender when they sign up are placed in the unspecified gender bucket. Given our cite demographics, we expect that the majority of these penner's or female, targeting the unspecified gender demographic will help you reach additional penner's and bidding on a cost per click or cost per engagement basis ensures that you only pay when you're content has really resonated with penner's for cost for engagement pens your goal is to reach people who are expressing future intent in your plot in your brand or product so capture a broader audience by selecting terms that reflect categories for example home to core living room ideas or interior design ideas for cost per click or action pens your goal is to reach people with high intent who are ready to act so capture a more specific audience by selecting terms that describe the product for example living room chair or accent pillows we also recommend targeting at least twenty to thirty pins per campaign and we recommend separating mobile verse desktop targeting to make reporting easier your maximum bid bid is the amount you're willing to pay for that action so bid the amount the action is worth you you'll never pay more than your maximum bid for action and remember the higher you bid the more likely it is that you're a pin will show up in the home feed search and select category feeds and you'll get more volume over time we recommend bid range to help you understand how your bid will perform in the auction recommended bid range depends on the size of the target audience you can drive more volume by targeting more general terms we are often asked how our partners should set up campaigns, and it really depends on what your goals are. If you want our systems to help you optimize your campaigns, you can aggregate pens with the same targeting under one campaign. This is ideal for testing different types of creative. While your pins will not get even distribution, our systems will deliver against the best performing creative and serve the best pins. If you want greater control over optimization, we recommend setting up one pin per campaign. This gives you the ability to control budgets perp in, and makes it easier to consolidate reporting as well. For more information on how to get from our depends, just visit our promoted pen speech and check out the rest of the videos in the auction. Siri's toe. Learn getting started with your campaign optimization recommendations and reporting a measurement.

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Pinterest® is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas. Every day, people on Pinterest® get inspiration for the things they want to do next: everything from a recipe to cook tonight to a trip they’d like to take this weekend to a car they’re interested in buying. Pinners tell us we’re a well of inspiration, helping them to feel more creative and bringing their future plans to life.

Learn how to advertise on Pinterest® with this social media training course, brought to you by Pinterest®!


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