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Campaign Optimization Recommendations

Hi, my name is cindy, and I'm part of the partnerships team here at pinterest now that you're running, c, p, c or c p e promoted pins of pinterest orderto walk through tips and tricks to optimize their campaigns to drive efficient and maximum performance for your business. The first thing to think about when optimizing campaigns on pinterest is being thoughtful about your landing page and where you're taking penner's when they click through and go to your website. The first recommendation that we always have is to add tracking parameters to all of your promoted pins, regardless of whether or not you're bidding cost for engagement or cost per click. Right now, we don't allow for third party click tags review tags, but you can add you tm parameters from google analytics barometer tracking, for example, that are simple parameters that you penned to the end of your you earl. What this will do is it will allow you to track all pinterest paid campaign performance to your own analytics. Of co...

urse, you'll be able to log in to pinterest as manager to see all of your performance for your campaigns as well. The next thing to think about when it comes to landing pages is that you want to make sure you're landing pages are relevant to the content and the images that's shown in that pin. For example, if I'm promoting a bedroom set, I won't actually take someone to landing page that actually has that product on my website, but on the other side, if I have multiple products in my pin image, I could actually drive someone to category landing page such as home to court, for example, to see how that drives both click through rate and ultimately cost per acquisition and conversion rates on my site it's also great to be open to testing different flows. For example, if you're driving sign ups for newsletter lead john fear business you could drive to a sign up wall, for example, but also think about trying out driving traffic to a block post that might be a little bit more editorial. Where there's a little bit subtle ask for newsletter sign up one thing to keep in mind, too, is that eighty percent of our usage is on mobile, so trying to make that flow between clicking through on a pin and go on your web site a seamless and simple as possible. If you're asking for information, ask for as little information as possible to bring someone into your nurture flow or acquisition campaigns. It's always best to design the conversion flow above the fold as well, and then lastly, you want to minimize the amount of information captured in that conversion process. The fewer times someone has to click to do something on your web site, the more likely they are to convert and you'll drive maxim performance for your pensions campaigns. The next piece to think about is really using all the data and the insights from our pinterest adds manager to dr optimization cz and make sure that your investment is as efficient as possible whether you're bidding on c, p, c or c p e with interest for engagement pins it's important to their paws or lower bids if your pens have low engagement rates that being said, if you just launch a pin and it has a low engagement rate, you could try out a couple other things you could try boosting the bids for that pin to try to get some volume early on and potentially show up high on the page. You could also reassess your targeting terms, make sure they're relevant but also brought enough to get reach and get some volume for that pen early on. The same rules apply for a cost per click pin again. If you're not getting a lot of volume and you just launched that pin, you could think about increasing that bid to try to boost performance and show up high on our page will you ultimately pay for both? C p c and c p is based on your bid as well the predicted performance of that pin so even if you have a high bid coming out of the gates to try to get volume and impressions, you could actually pay low cpc, you've got great continent creative that's a strong click through rate or a strong engagement rate for bible pins you obviously want to optimize toward that target c p a get volume and obviously hit your goals. Not all partners are eligible quite yet for bible pins or bidding on a c p a basis, but as soon as more partners are available for this type of targeting, we'll be announcing that on our block and then lastly, to help you further drive optimization zand performance for your business, we highly recommend implementing our pixel again. If you have tracking parameters let's say you tamp parameters from g a you can certainly see any sort of click through based paid campaign performance with india, but what the conversion pixel with pinterest allows for is a lot more insight. The first additional insight that you'll get is visibility into what happens when our users repent or click are engaged with your promoted pin. They may not actually click through to your website, but we know that painters who repin are much more likely to actually purchase something on a business site over time our pixel allow you to get those insights. The other piece that our picks allow you to understand that your own tracking parameters won't is any user who may switch from mobile to desktop when they go through that conversion flow, for example, with eighty percent of our users on mobile, and if you have a more challenging checkout process on your mobile site, user may actually click on your pen on mobile and then go to your desktop site to convert our pixel will account for all those conversions and give you a much more holistic view of how your campaign's perform, whether they're c b or c p c so diving a little bit deeper into optimizing conversion tracking you may have noted all ready or not, the conversion data is available in every level of export from our ads manager, whether you're at the campaign level, pin level or even turn level, we will show you conversion data if you're tracking conversions. One big recommendation we have to optimize your campaigns and really learn how pinterest performs over time is to send a longer attribution window people use pinterest to plan for their future, and a longer window allows you to capture and understand what is the painters future intent when it comes to your products or services. For example, if you're a value evaluating a c p seven days after launch a campaign, you may notice that if you set a sixty day window or a thirty day window your c pays me look drastically better at thirty or sixty days out versus seven days again this really highlights the future intent of users on our platform additionally, pins last forever on pinterest so you'll continue to drive conversions or c p down over time even after you pause a campaign, those pins will continue to be surfaced across pinterest and you will likely see cp go down over time. The next piece, which is absolutely critical is optimizing your creative there's a few things to think about in addition to making sure that you dive into some of our creative best practice guides which are available in the ads manager you want to make sure that first off you keep an eye out for creative that's burning out monitor declines in ctr for time and also make sure that you really supplement creative and have it fresh if seasons are coming in it's applicable applicable to your business make sure that your content speaks two seasons seasonality on pinterest is key core important items such as longer pins promotional messages calls to action text overlay can also work really well and as mentioned you want to start with higher bids typically when you're launching new creative help get it volume and dr performance and as mentioned before, you want to make sure that you do reduce your bids or pause poorly performing creative so what happens when your pen is disapproved? Well, first first off disapproval is come from pinterest add quality and their emailed to whatever the email is that's associated with their pensions profile that you're running promoted pins from the most frequent reasons for pendants approvals are multiple hash tags, so make sure the only have one and any promoted pins that you're running the second is promotional mess aging such as price or incomplete date and the third is a relevant landing page resulting in a poor user experience for promotional messaging. We have learned that including sales or free shipping with starting end dates can actually drive up click through rates as well as conversion rates for partners it's just critical that you make sure that you have started and dates within that description and you can never include the price of the promotion in the image itself. For more information or advertising rules, you can visit the site link below and you can also access it from your ads manager so next up is thinking about how do you optimize your targeting as a quick summary of where ads show up on pinterest based on your targeting terms as well as what we know about that pin we will surface? You're promoted pin either in search results categories or home feed that being said, the way that you optimize targeting is still down at the term level and that's as granular as we get with our reporting. So with that in mind, there's a few things you should consider when it comes to optimizing your targeting and thinking about your terms the first as mentioned is that you should really ad any sort of seasonal terms that makes sense for your products. For example, if you're promoting recipes or bait goods, you want to make sure that you're running on thanksgiving cooking ideas, for example, also think about how your product can be a part of a painter's aspirations for example, bank of america and money saving they might not just want to run on terms such as financing they could run on terms such as money saving ideas ah budget management, for example, and then also focus on terms that would map to some of pinterest largest categories such as d I y in crafts, wedding health and beauty pinter's come to pinterest not just looking for specific products or services that you may offer well looking for ways to enhance their lives and plan for their future. Think about how your product can be applicable to how they plan their life events, and lastly, you do want to make sure that as you monitor, cure performance, the human of terms that aren't performing well if you're tracking conversions, we do show conversions down to the key or level if you export at the pin level from ads manager, you can get all of this insight lastly optimizing for more skill so you may ask if performance is really great all right? How do I get more scale there's a few things you khun dio the first is increased your bids this could help you show higher up on the page and drive more clicks or engagements driving reach awareness or traffic to your website. You should also think about expanding your targeting and adding more terms as a best practice. We recommend at least twenty terms perp in, but you could have up to one hundred as long as they're relevant to the pin that you're promoting, you should include them in your targeting terms example, if you sell a beauty box, you could run on beauty terms such as makeup or lipstick for example, we could also apply this as a gift item right for seasonal so you could run on gifting terms, gift ideas for girlfriends, even gift ideas for weddings, the other pieces that you want to make sure that you're always running on mobile over eighty percent of our users on mobile and so this is a key opportunity to get exposure for your business and drive traffic and lastly, it's inborn to cop poor performing creative poor performing creative could actually be eating up some of your budget. And you might want to remove that if it's not driving the best click through rates. Engagement rates are on site conversions. And with that being said, you can visit business, not pinterest. Dot com. To learn more about how to maximize pinterest for your business as well as promoted pins. And hopefully, after this video, you feel ready to go in and rock and roll with optimizing your campaigns.

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