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How to Advertise on Pinterest®: Social Media Training


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CPC Promoted Pins Overview & Account Setup

Hi there, my name is cindy, and I'm part of the partnerships team here at pinterest today I'm gonna provide you an overview of our cpc promoted pins product, including a tutorial of how to set up your account. By the end of this video, you should feel confident in your ability to navigate our ads tool as well. Set up your promoted pins to maximize clicks and performance right out of the gates before I dive into the tutorial provide just a quick overview on how the product actually works. So first off, you only pay for clicks from your website directly from a promoted pin. What this means is that any clicks that are because of a repent of a promoted pin we consider as downstream clicks or earn traffic, you'll be able to see this in the reporting exports from your campaign's profile. Second, what you actually pay for a klick is dependent on a few things. The first is your max cpc bid. This is the maximum cost that you're willing to pay for a click to your website. Other factors that will...

come into play for what you ultimately pay are the competitiveness of the auction as well as the ultimate performance of your pin, so basically, if you have better creative, better targeting and stronger performance, this could mean that your traffic may be more efficient. Lastly, the way that are targeting works is that we will contextually target your pin across pinterest based on the terms in which you bid, so I'm going to get started and actually dive into a tutorial to help you set up your account. So here I am in the pinterest profile for arcade bell company there in apparel company based out of olympic valley, california, and they sell belts and outdoor gear for both men and women, so to access the promoted pins in her face, what you can do from your profile as I'm doing right now is you can go to the gear icon and slide from the drop down promoted pins this now takes me to our kids cos overall promoted pins dashboard if you haven't set up your account yet, the first page that you'll see is actually get started page. If you click on the get started button, you'll then follow the flow, then about to walk through. So the first thing that you need to do to promote a pin is click on this promote button up here. This not takes me to the section within promoted pins, where I will pick the piece of creative that I want to promote there's, a number of different ways that you can choose pins to promote. The default view that I'm in right here is I'm scrolling down is basically a view of all the pins that arcade has pinned to their profile. You could also sort by thirty day most clicked pins as well as thirty day most reap ends. There's a few things to consider when choosing which pins to promote. First of all, in order to promote a pin, it has to live on a public board. It also cannot be a jiff or a video pen. Additionally, I strongly encourage you to check out our d r creative guide. This will provide some really good tips and thinking about which creative will set you up to drive more clicks and better performance right on the gates. A few important things to think about are making sure that your pins have a tall aspect ratio. Additionally, having longer descriptions, if you look at this pin here can also help boost up cliques and engagement. We've also seen that for direct response, cpc pins, having a text overlay or multiple products in a shot can perform really well. I also wanted to make sure you pay attention to our advertising rules. When thinking about which pins to promote, you can advocate to our advertising rules by looking at our promoted pins help center. Right here is kind of the link that you can review and this has all the details about what we will and will not allow when it comes to promoted pins definitely check this out in detail before promoting her pins, but a few of the most important call outs are that first you can only promote pins that have one hashtag additionally, we don't allow any pins with pricing information to be promoted if you want include price and you're promoted pin you should promote a rich pen and last but not least you need to think cautiously about how you want include promotional pins we do allow promotions if there's a start in an end date such as fifty percent off from december first through december thirty first, two thousand fifteen we also will allow promotions if it's an always on sale such as always free with your first purchase going back to the pickup in flow for promoting pins I'm actually going to choose this pin right here this is a great pence promote because there's multiple products in the shot there's text overlay and it's a long aspect ratio so once I click on that pin to promote now I go to the targeting set up in this step what you'll do is you'll select the terms that you want to bid on for this pin in addition to any sort of audience targeting as well as tracking for your girls so they scroll down here, you can see this is the image of that pin that I just picked to promote there's a few things that you should think about when selecting the terms that you want to target first it's important to think not just about that specific product, I'm absolutely going to include terms like belts, belts for men and women in belt brands. It's also important to think about use cases, this pin could perform potentially really well if I had been on terms like gifts or guest for guys, gifts for friends or adventure, snowboarding, those types of terms. Additionally, it might work well for someone who's browsing on pinterest and trying to get inspiration for spring fashion and what to wear for spring. So with that in mind, I'm gonna go back up here to the targeting for terms, sometimes start by adding in spring fashion. So selecting this, you can see that there's not only spring fashion outfits that I put in, but there's also a bunch of what we call related terms. This is our own suggested terms tool, and you can see here that on the left side where it says results that are ten, these are basically what we would call phrase match terms. On the right this is more like broad match terms and so these are all related terms to spring fashion outfits what I'm gonna do actually is instead of adding them one at a time like I just did I'm actually gonna add them all at once so let's try this again with maybe spring fashion let's say I wanna add terms that are related to that so you can see there's nineteen related terms here if I click up here I can add them all at once if I click on individual terms that will add one term at a time someone had all of these related terms another important tool that I wanted to call out when thinking about targeting terms is our import tool so as I mentioned I don't want to just run on spring fashion and some inspirational terms but I also want to make sure that I get coverage on more product specific terms if I click on import terms. This is where I could copy paste any sort of bulk set of key words that I have and so what I did is actually I used some other tools out there on the web I did a search to find you know, terms related tio belt buckles and belts and I found a list of a bunch of other terms that I could bid on someone walked through that stuff now so here is my csp file of these roughly four hundred terms that I also want to bid on that are very specific to the product so you can see here that got men's belts for sure it's women's bells top belt those types of terms if I simply copy paste these terms I can click on this import terms I'm gonna use this drop down because they're separated by line breaks and then I can just copy paste those terms in so you now can see here that I'm bidding on over three hundred seventy three terms for this pin another important call out is that you should make sure that you bit on at least thirty terms per pin you can bid on up to thousands of terms as long as they're relevant we suggest that you start a little bit more broad and then you can narrow down throughout organization so moving down the next section is all the audience targeting that you could overlay for this pin right now promoted pins are based within the u s only so unless you offer a local business I'd recommend keeping the location broad to cover anyone in the u s who might be coming to pinterest to discover more about spring fashion or belts or gifts for the boyfriend. For example, the developer device as well is all devices over seventy five percent of pinterest traffic is on mobile so it's critical that you run mobile across all campaigns and pins I believe this as default for all devices for now, but you can see that there's a breakout down two different types so there's, ipad, iphone, android, mobile, android, tablet and web of course and what's great is that in your reporting for this pin, you can see all the performance broken out by device. Lastly, the default for gender is all genders as well. I'm going to keep this in place because I don't really want to rule out anyone who's searching for my pins based on their gender. The next section here is setting up your mac cpc bid so again, this is the maximum cost that you're willing to pay for. Click through to your website we recommend starting a little bit more aggressive to boost your performance out of the gates, so I'm gonna start with a dollar fifty as my max bid and again, if this pin performs really well, I could actually see much more efficient traffic than a dollar fifty. The next step here is the destination you're all set up. You don't have to do anything here. What the panel organically do is pulling three year old it's already associated with it, but what will see many partners do is if you have any sort of tracking. Set up on your side, such as with google analytics or ometer, you can upend u t m parameters into this girl. As long as you're not trying to paint a third party or use of you tag, you'll be fine. You just need to make sure that your domain is included in the destination u r l, so that just took us through the entire set up for this pacific promoted pin. The final step in getting this promoted is to choose which campaign you want this pin to sit in for a quick overview of how campaigns work and what that structure is right here, you can see that the campaign houses both the start and the end date for any pins as well. The overall daily campaign budget, you can have one pin running in a campaign or you could have up to hundreds of pens running in one campaign it's up to you from a structural standpoint, how you want to set up your promoted pins and campaigns so you can see here in this account actually have a number of campaigns already running, so I could choose to put this in an existing one, or I could create a brand new one someone created brand new one and call this belts gender neutral spring fashion, some to create that brand new campaign. Here's what I'll choose this start in the end date some have this start on february twentieth, and I'm not gonna include an end aches. I'd like to keep this going to see how this performs, and then I'm gonna sign a daily budget of one hundred dollars a day for this campaign. And then the last up here is selecting promote this pin, and then you'll see here that data for this pen will start to show up after twenty four hours. And what this page took me to is basically the stats for this campaign, and any pins are associated with this brand new campaign, and I just set up so if I scroll down here, you can see there's one pain in this campaign and that's the pen that I just created and set up if I click into this pin. This is where I can look at all of the different targeting dimensions that I had set up so here's all the terms that I included, and I can also look at performance as I had mentioned by device. So once I start to see data aiken segment out in any way, I want one important call out too is that at any point in time, once you promoted a pin, or even before it goes live, you can always edit what you've done. It's right there, I just clicked on edit, promoted pin, and what I could do is I could decide. I want to add more term is or potentially I could reset this and add new terms or decide to optimize against other terms. Additionally, I could out my better lower my bid, depending on performance. So with the goal in mind of driving sign ups to this website, I'm seeing strong results so I could easily just decide to bid up to two dollars, instead of a dollar fifty. Aiken, save those changes and will go into effect right away, and you'll start to see the data again twenty four hours after you make those changes. And with that that's, an overview of an account structure and how to set up your first promoted pins on pinterest. And you should look for our next video, featuring matt who's, also on our team, and he will dive into overall account structure and how to optimize your account to drive even better performance. Thanks so much.

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