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Getting Started with Promoted Pins

Hi my name is cindy and I'm part of the partnerships team here a pinterest today I'm gonna provide you an overview on how to get started with pinterest ads by the end of this video you should feel confident in your ability to run either cpc or cp promoted pins on pinterest as well as navigate our ads dashboard to get started the first thing you should do is log into your pinterest business account once you logged in you should go to your profile page as you can see here I'm actually logged in to the main pinches for business account this is where I can get started with promoting pins on pinterest there's a couple ways to navigate tour adds manager you could click on the drop down gear here it's like promoted pins or you can simply click on the red promote pens button here which I'm going to do right now this takes you to our ads manager you can also see that if you simply go toe adds dot pinterest dot com up here in the euro but that's another way to access our as manager the page line...

looking at here is the main summary dashboard for any campaigns that you run with pinterest if you're not running anything you'll see a bunch of zeros when you first saw again but as you can see here I've been running several campaigns for pinterest so I have some stats in my summary dashboard if you look here at the top, this is a summary of all the impressions, the engagement's, the conversions if I'm tracking any and my overall investment over the last thirty days on pinterest one interesting call out here is that we're actually showcasing some of the urn metrics such as you aren't an extra two hundred thousand impressions and cost savings due to the downstream nature of promoted pins and the fact that we never charged on any of our downstream activity for cost per engagement or cost per click promoted pins scrolling down here on the summer, you can see that we have stats for all of the campaigns are running, you could be running engagement campaigns, which is a cost per engagement model or your traffic oriented campaigns, which is a cost per click model by clicking into view all here for engagement or view all here for traffic. This will take you to a summary of your c, p, c or c p campaigns to finish willing to summary dashboard here we're also highlighting the best performing and some of the lowest performing promoted pins if you look at click to rates or engagement rates, and I also wanted to call out some tips and tricks down here, which is some of our best practice guides for business accounts, as well as creating great pins for pinterest to get started with creating your first campaign and promoted pin, you can simply click on the promote button up here at the top right hand corner of the page. This now begins the flow for choosing what type of bidding I want for my new promoted pin. I could choose to bid on engagements, which will drive region awareness of my business and my service, or I can choose to drive traffic to my web site for this pin. I want to drive traffic some of the click on that now I'm going to decide where do I want this penda sit? If I have existing campaigns, which I dio, I could select an existing campaign in the drop down or I could create a new campaign some to create a new campaign I'm gonna call it august twenty fifteen marketing campaign and then shells create new traffic campaign, so this is where I'll choose my start in an end date if I want for my campaign, I'm not going to choose an end date, but I can always pause any pins if I want or the campaign at any point in time. This is where I also sent my daily budget for the campaign I'm gonna go with one hundred dollars a day for this campaign, but I can always add it the budget as well as the end date at any point for the campaign the next thing I'll do is choose which pins I want to go into this campaign again campaigns is how is the budget as well the start in the end date but the pins and the targeting and all the terms set up the pin level it's not gonna choose my pen one great caught here is that you can look at all pins to your profile or you can choose the thirty day most clicked or thirty day most repent as coming from your analytics. This is a great way to get started with choosing pins that might drive the best engagement or best traffic tear website. One thing to point out here is that you can on ly promote pins that have a you are all with them if you upload it, upload an image file to your profile, you need to make sure that that image hasn't actually you are out before you can promote it. Additionally, the pin must be on a public board it cannot be on a private board with that said, I'm gonna choose this pen this now takes meets all the targeting as I mentioned the targeting in the bid said at the pin level this pin will then map to the campaign that I just created that has one hundred dollars budget as you can see here it's an ongoing campaign with no end date and I named it august twenty fifteen marketing so I'm to start with selecting a few terms marketing ideas since I want to promote pinches promoted pins so select that and then you can see here there's results that directly relate to what I am put into the term bar but then there's also related terms if I click on at all it will add all terms to my targeting or I could select one at a time summits like marketing ideas marketing ideas for small business and then maybe I'll add in some more here let's look at marketing overall at that one marketing strategy and so on and so forth overall fuel to get some of our best practice videos, you'll know that we recommend starting at least twenty terms per pen this will help ensure that you have the most reach with your promoted pins across search as well as category and home feed. At the end of day we will report back on terms for all the pins you're running whether it's a cost per click or cost per engagement pin and that's how you can optimize so now you can see in this right hand side the summary is updated and I'm targeting four terms schooling down for my targeting this's where you can choose location, language device and gender you should leave the default toe all across these different dimensions unless the on ly offer your product of service in a specific location for example over eighty percent of pinches traffic is on mobile devices so it's critical that you run all devices you could if you want choose to run this campaign on desktop only and then maybe create the same campaign running on mobile only just for purposes of manager campaigns across devices a little bit more easily so the next up here is where you pick your mac cpc bid again for cpc promoted pins we will only charge you on a click through to your website any instance of a promoted pin when it's repent and then discovered there after we call that a downstream click if someone discovers a re panova promoted penn and click sudhir site that is all earned traffic that we would never charge you for it's time to start here with the dollar fifty bid you can see here we do have been indicators letting you know if you're bit is strong or not high enough for example let's say I put five cents in here you can see the pinch is letting me know this bit is too low and I'm not going to get any traffic other partners that are bidding but between a range of sixty four two dollars six cents for these terms that I'm bidding on so I'm gonna go back and just say, you know I'm gonna start with my dollar bid that seems like a good bid and that's what I'll start with you from there, I can simply click on promote, and now I'm taken to my campaign summary with this new promoted pin that it's now also pending review. If you haven't gone through the slow before, you will be prompted to provide your billing credit card information. This is a one time thing that you'll have to do to set a promoted pins. One call out, too, is that at any point in time, if you need to change billing, contact information a credit card, you can simply go to tools as I'm doing here in this drop down and click on billing. So here again is the summary of my campaign with this new promoted pin. If I go back and click on this adds link up here, this is going to take me back, so that means summary dashboard in my ads manager to dive through traffic campaigns or engagement campaigns, you can simply click on, view all or go to reports and click on all traffic campaigns or all engagement campaigns. Something click on all traffic campaigns just to walk through a little bit of summary of what our ads manager will show you for any promoted pin that you run, whether it's, a cpc promoted pin or a c p promote a pen, so here I am and this is a summary of all of my traffic campaigns. You can see that I run seventeen campaigns, but actually of eight that are active, so I'm just like my active campaigns to get a quicker view ofthe what's currently running here's, where I conflict my drop down and say, you know what I want to look at the last thirty days, you could select the dates manual yourself if you want to look over the last quarter, for example, a swell at any point in time, whether I'm on the some review here or click ins who have promoted pin, I can export the data and get insights for how my my campaigns are performing. So if I click on this campaign running here, this is not going to take me into a pin level view, so I'm one layer deeper into understanding how my campaigns are performing. Now that I'm within this anedge test campaign, I can see that I've got two pins that are running. If I export data here by clicking on this button, I can now see pin level stats for impressions clicks, click through rate re pens an investment, for example. Even if I click on these different tabs here, I will get the same data for every export, so for example, if I'm tracking conversions always have conversions at the pin level, if I export from this view. If I want to see ki would level data that I can click one more time and go into the pen level data because again all of the terms and the targeting sits at the pin level so here's where I could export my date at the term level to understand not just terms but how am I performing across devices if I'm running on all devices for this pin going back to the tools I had mentioned before we do allow for conversion tracking, which is pinterest own pixel that allows you to track any sort of on site activity whether you're bidding on cpi or a cpc basis. So within this view I can look at any sort of conversion tracking that I have set up so you can see here that for my campaign's thus far I've been tracking page visits and I set my look back windows at thirty days for click throughs thirty days for engagements and then one day for a view. The quick overview on howard pixel works is that if the pixel fires on your site whether it's a page visit you're tracking leads or you're tracking actual checkouts, the first thing we'll do is we'll look for a click through on your promoted pin within whatever that look back window is that you said we don't see a click through in this case within thirty days and the next thing will look for his engagement if we see that engagement, such as a repent or click, happened on your pointed pin than will associate that page, visit, or if it's a checkout or ah, sign up back to that engagement, and then the last thing will look for is a view, which is a simply an impression of a promoted pin. So if you click here, this is where you can create your conversion tags. I'm gonna go back to my as dashboard and again. This is where I can simply click into any campaigns, and I'm running to get a high level overview of how pinterest as are performing. And with that, said, you should feel confident in your ability now to create your first promoted pin on pinterest bid on c, p, e or cpc, as well as gain insights from our ads manager. Thanks so much.

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