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Introducing the Full Funnel

Hi, my name is galen burke today we're going to talk about how you can reach penner's as they're planning their future on pinterest. We'll review the value of our platform for both penner's and for brands like yours but let's start with the pinar for penner's pinterest is about the future it's the only platform with an audience looking forward it's not about sharing the past or reading about the present every day millions of people come to pinterest to plan the most important events in their lives and to search for daily inspiration it's the only platform where people are looking forward pinning is personal it's a way for people to plan and organize their lives were not a social network were a me first network fueled by social discovery a pin is the strongest signal of intent your brand khun get from getting ready for a newborn to saving for the latest smartphone opinions air raising their hand and letting us know what they care about, what they want to dio and what they'll be buying n...

ext we partnered with millard brown to learn more about how and why painters use the platform. It turns out that pinterest is a value tool to plan for many major life events fifty one percent of pinter's would consider using pinterest to help plan for their upcoming wedding thirty three percent of penner's would consider using pinterest to help plan to buy a new home sixty eight percent of penner's would consider using pinterest to help plan for a remodel or a redecoration of their existing home forty seven percent of penner's would consider using pinterest to help plan for or becoming pregnant or having a baby twenty six percent of penner's would consider using pinterest to help plan for their next car purchase and sixty five percent of penner's would consider using pinterest to help plan for a major event or a party that they're throwing like a graduation for their child or an upcoming baby shower fifty percent of penner's would consider using pinterest to help plan for their next vacation your brand is welcome and essential on pinterest people need your products in your services to plan their future and make it a reality in fact, two thirds of the content saved by penner's comes from businesses like yours that's why brands are so essential on pinterest you're adding to the experience not disrupting it without brands like yours pinterest does not exist this is what sets pinterest apart from other platforms on pinterest consumers are emphatically and authentically declaring their their commercial intent marketers are an integral part of that experience we also know that painters air motivated they're looking for the right brands to help them plan their lives and realize their dreams looking again at the research we performed with millward brown, seventy three percent of penner's agree that pinterest helps and discover new products and ideas and eighty seven percent are using pinterest to decide what to purchase next. In fact, ninety three percent of survey respondents use pinterest to plan a purchase in the last six months, and these purchases spanned across many different categories. Now let's, take a closer look at promoted pins, which help you reach more penner's as they're planning their future on pinterest promoted pins look just like regular pens through your promoted pin targeting, you can assure that you reach more of the painters you care about and that they see the content that you have to offer. Perotta pins are different from other types of digital media buys and that they're a natural part of the pinar experience and performed just a cz well, if not better, than organic pens promoted pins amplify your reach against coveted audience is showing up in the same place as our organic content, and because brands on pinterest are essential, they contain content that's welcome and useful to the pinar as they navigate our site pinch is just one of the few platforms that gives your brand the opportunity to own an end to end consumer experience. Let's start with the look you're promoted pin shows up in feed, allowing for easy discover ability. It is only differentiated by the promoted label applied at the bottom of the pin. The behaviour upon close up your promoted pin captures a painter's attention because it appears across the full screen on desktop and mobile and tablet. A viewer can engage with your brands content by liking, sending, re, pinning, cooking or commenting, and finally, the destination pins or visual bookmarks, and each promoted pin leads to a destination owned by your brand. By linking to a destination of your choice, you're able to drive the pinar experience on and off interest. Now let's, talk about the full funnel are promoted pin solutions are organized into a full funnel, and it provides you with the opportunity and the flexibility to buy against your true objectives. Through our research, we found that penders air at all stages of the purchase funnel on pinterest with the full funnel suite of solutions. You can choose the objective that aligns with your campaign goal with awareness, you get access to the best of what we offer our marketers top placement, the most desired audiences and more creative units to tell your story. Finally, you get greater reach with our awareness solution than any of our other options on pinterest within ten you can reach penner's as they're engaging with pins like yours. This allows you to hit in market consumers with the right message at the right time with the right content to keep them engaged with what you have to say with the action, you can reach pinter's who are ready to start doing pinter's air motivated looking for the right brands to help them live out their dreams. Turn these people into your customers by invited them to click through to your website from that promoted pen to register for your website or to actually make a conversion let's take a deeper look at the value and benefits of our awareness solution. The awareness solution allows you to achieve high reach against a coveted audience contextually when they're browsing a category feed on pinterest or behaviorally based on who they are or what life stage they're in by reserving media on a key date, you can guarantee coverage against important audiences to drive awareness when it matters most with premium placement of the top of feed your promoted pin will deliver the maximum impact on pinar awareness and affinity and intent towards your brand using our wearing a solution we have seen increases in band metrics from companies as diverse is who didn't beverage oriented c p gs two movie studios who are launching a new film more specifically, walgreens leveraged our awareness solution to let pinter's no that they have the one stop shop for everything from beauty items to gifts and d I y projects walgreen saw significant downstream value from their awareness campaign as they move penner's down the funnel in fact walgreens tripled their pinterest referral traffic after the campaign if you're interested in using the awareness solution, reach out to your pinterest partner manager to learn more now, let's, take a closer look at the value and benefits of our intense solution through our intense solution. You can reach people who are considering and saving products and services to make their future plans or reality to build and deliver a cost per engagement campaign. First building engaging pen, then target that pin with terms that describe the pins. Content will deliver your promoted pin to people who are currently engaging with similar content, but you'll only pay when her when a painter and gay apps with your pen with a two to five percent average engagement rate on pinterest, the intense solution is an efficient way to assure that you're reaching everyone who's in market for your product or service, while only paying when penner's raise their hand and engage with your content. Specifically let's, look at some results bank of america is a great example of a brand that achieved both efficiency and scale on pinterest by leveraging budgeting tips from their better money habits website. Bank of america reached six million unique penner's in less than five months do the helpful and relevant budgeting tips within their promoted pins their engagement rate was two x the average of promoted pins on pinterest finally, let's dive into pinterest action solution. Our action solution is a natural, native and mobile first way to drive traffic registration and conversion on your website, he reached a motivated audience that's ready to take action, but you only pay when a painter clicks through to your web site from a promoted pen. Key things to understand about the pinterest action solution engagement matters twelve percent of conversions come from a repent or close up earned media also matters eighteen percent of conversions come from earned impressions because pins last forever, you continue to drive conversions from your earned media even after your campaign ends. This means cps has continued to decrease over time. For example, citrus lane, who is very focused on intent, found that purchases from pinterest were three times larger than purchases from other platforms finally, through their promoted pin campaign adore me, increased email sign ups from pinterest by six thousand percent and purchases driven via pinterest by thirty seven hundred percent. Like sitters, lane adore me, found pinterest customers to be very valuable customers driven via pinterest spent twenty percent more than customers refer from other channel, thanks so much for taking the time today. To learn more about the pinterest full funnel. For more information on promoted pins, visit are promoted pins page and check out the rest of the videos in this series.

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Pinterest® is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas. Every day, people on Pinterest® get inspiration for the things they want to do next: everything from a recipe to cook tonight to a trip they’d like to take this weekend to a car they’re interested in buying. Pinners tell us we’re a well of inspiration, helping them to feel more creative and bringing their future plans to life.

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