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Lesson 3/8 - Managing your Promoted Pins Account


How to Advertise on Pinterest®: Social Media Training


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Managing your Promoted Pins Account

Hi, my name is matt, I'm on the partnership seeming hera, pinterest and day I want to talk to you about managing your promoted pins account. By the end of this video segment, you should feel comfortable managing your account, navigating our online interface and be able to tease out insights and how you can best optimize your account. Now we're gonna dive into an actual account here called arcade belts co as you log into your account at adds up interest dot com or navigate their through your user profile, you'll come to this page. Once you started promoting pins, you'll start to get data and the interface this is the account level at the account level. I see a summary of all of the data within my account. Within my account, I have several campaigns running and a summary of the stats of those campaigns here of the top for my entire account across the date range that I've selected, I have this number of impressions I can see total re pins, clicks, average clip, the raid, my cost per click...

and my total spend. I also have a nice graph here, which will show me over time the trend line for my clicks and reap ends with this toggle here on left, I can switch that to show me spend and how my spend is trending over time. Also have the flexibility to adjust my date range to whatever day range I want to examine and and analyze within the account the way an account is set up on pinterest you have the full account within the a counter campaigns and within each campaign if I click into one of these here there's promoted pins so again the structure of the account is account level campaign level and then promoted pin level. Each of these levels within the account will provide me a similar set of data I can look at the impressions re pens, clicks, click through a cbc and total spend within the specific campaign. I can also look at this same graph with the same functionality, and I can also see a summary of the promoted pins within this campaign. This area down here gives me the functionality to be able to sort you can sort by those that are most clicked and within each promoted pan I can see impressions reap ends clicks, click through rate, secrecy and spend. If I were to click into one of these promoted pins, I will get in get similar set of data with similar functionality at the pin level. However there's an added layer of granularity in the targeting terms that I've selected again terms are words that I've selected that described my my pin we use those terms to place an ad doors contextually relevant across the site as I look, I can also sort here to see which of my terms or driving the most traffic I notice here that gifts is driving a fair amount winner fashion, and I can see where I'm getting the most of my impressions. I can also hear in targeting at the pin level drill down into devices and other forms of targeting by doing so, I can get insights into what kind of device is my users you're using and where I'm driving the most efficient traffic you'll notice is, well, if it come appear there's bread crumb trail so I can see exactly where I am within the account. If I want to get back to the account level, click here on promoted pens that will bring me back to the summer of my entire account. You'll notice you can tell if you're one of your one of your pins is running through several notifications here. I see all of the campaigns that are actively running also see below those that air paused, or those that have ended fire drill into one that's actively running. I'll see at the top that this campaign is running itself and that the pins themselves are approved in other campaigns. I might notice that while the campaign itself is running, the promoted pin is pending review or perhaps has filled the review q. Pending review means that it's a recent pin and our team is looking into it to make sure here's to all of our ad policies so I should expect this within twenty four hours to be through the review q and a live pin the data within your account will populate once a day and after twenty four hours after it's been live I should expect to see some data here for this new pin that I've promoted at each level of the account you can also use the export functionality to export data tio analyze in excel or other tools by export here give me a download that I can pull up which summarizes all of my campaign level stats similarly if I do that within a campaign I'll get a similar download that shows the stats for the peril depends within that campaign and again if I drill into a promoted pen itself I can export that data to get an understanding of the terms that that promoted pen is targeting now if I want to think about how I should best optimize my account that's where the data really comes into play if I come back to the account level I'm first going to start within all of the campaigns by sorting by klicks I can see which one is really driving the most traffic I can also see cpcs here notice that this campaign bill general terms is driving traffic fairly efficiently forty three cents I'm actually comfortable getting traffic to my side and paying a dollar per click also want more traffic. Fourteen clicks over the last few days is not enough, and I can go into all of these pins and edit them by clicking here on added promoted pin to drive additional traffic, I can go in and add additional search terms here, or I can copy and paste from a excel file here, either comma, separated or by line breaks. Additionally, if I'm looking to gain more traffic, I can increase my maximum cbc bid, which is the maximum amount I'd be willing to pay for a visit to my site. Currently bidding one dollar, I'm going to adjust that two, two dollars and see if that will help me get additional traffic. You'll notice that the bid was one dollar, but the average cpc was thirty five cents. Typically, you will not pay your maximum cbc and fall somewhere below, based on the competitiveness of an auction and also the quality of your ad. Further, I can look to see which pins are not performing here in the bells, buy gifts and noticed that there's a fairly low click through it a point of three percent I can drill into this campaign to try and understand why there's one pin here and I'm going to look and see why is this not performing well? It may be a number of reasons perhaps is the pin I can click view pin to go through and see which promote pen I've chosen and perhaps the pin itself doesn't follow some of our best practices and could be enhanced by promoting one a pin that does follow those best practices. It may also be that I'm bidding on irrelevant terms and those terms are not resonating with pinterest users when they see this particular ad. If I start here by impressions, I can see that the term christmas is generating a lot of impressions but no cliques perhaps on that's not a term that actually been on when thinking about how to best structure your account there's several things to think about I personally like an account that structured based on topics this particular companies sells belts you can notice that they've structured their account by different types of groups of terms general terms, women fashion terms, men's fashion terms, gift terms, that's a really nice way to break apart the types of targeting that you're doing and to gain insights into how those different targeting terms perform. If you have several product lines let's say you're a furniture store, you could have campaigns around couches, sofas, armchairs or if you were an apparel retailer, you could have campaigns around jackets and shoes and jeans campaigns or where you're daily budget. Sit. So you can also use campaigns as a way to allocate your spend across different product categories. If you would like. Overall, a campaign structure is fairly simple, so this covers managing your promoted pins account. If we after this module, you feel comfortable navigating your account and finding insides help you get the most out of your promoted pins.

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