How to Boost Your Brand in 20 Steps


How to Boost Your Brand in 20 Steps


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How to Boost Your Brand in 20 Steps

We're going to talk about marketing if you guys know anything about may I've loved being a photographer but I love running my business it's just exciting to me and marketing is exciting to may it is just one of those subjects that I feel like you can measure mathematically looking at return on investments and all sorts of things and kind of by default it's also one of those things that you need to know otherwise you're not going to survive very long has a wedding photographer but it is very setting and I do hope that that comes off I used to have a geometry teacher in high school geometry I mean how many of us love's jail mature? You know no one person almost raised his hand, but none of us love geometry but this woman I would sit there and we're talking about like proofs from serums and things like that should be like and then this equals this in a debate that is exciting and I'm like I really do hope my excitement for it comes off on do you guys get excited about it because it is fun...

and it is interesting because our market is super super saturated? I mean, we can all agree with that whether you want to discuss how it's a good thing it's bringing up the industry down the industry whatever you'd like to do regardless it's a saturated market and not only is it a saturated market where we have to continually find ways to stand out from our competition, but we now have the social media and the technology and everything just changing at lightning speed, where we have to be on our toes, and if we're not on our toes, we're going to be left behind. So I hope you guys are getting a lot of photo week. I certainly am. I was in a class this morning that I highly recommend everyone go back and watch with gary hughes on ceo is fantastic. I learned a thing or two and actually went back and added, wonder two things to my keynote for today's, so reference that I was like, oh, good, I'm going to quote him, but go back and watch that one, too, because I will touch on s ceo, but not necessarily as he did. So we're really going to talk today about an effective way to market to your clients in order to bring in new business at the same time also talk a little bit about work phone had to get that kind of thing started, so the question that you want to always ask yourself is, how are you going to find your next client? This should always be at the top of your your mind, and a lot of times when it comes to marketing, you really have to cast that wide net. We sort of have to do a lot a lot in order to bring in the fish that we need to bring in, especially if you're running a boutique style or a higher in studio. You really do need to cast a wide net because you needs only certain big fish, I guess you could say so there really is a lot that goes into marketing, and I'm going to give you twenty different ideas today. If you go home with twenty different ideas, I would be highly highly shocked. My goal is for you to go home with three, four, five heck, even one or two ideas that you can implement and actually put into action in your business and start to see a return on investment and that's my goal today. So those of the little nuggets that you want to find so casting a wide net is really what we're going to do before we get into all of these ideas when it comes to marketing, how many of you guys actually have a lot of time in your business so much time to market nobody again? Nobody has all this time and it's funny as photographers, what what do we do? We got into photography like, I'm going to make my own schedule yeah, well apparently role workaholics and are on schedule means eighty to one hundred hours a week and I'm not even sure if there are hundreds in the week I think there's one hundred twenty years something along those lines but we don't have a lot of time and one of the things that I'm really big on is talking about finding time in your busy schedule how do you find the time how do you find the time to do the marketing that you need to do? I'm reading a book right now called getting things done I believe that's why david allen is his name I've only read the first three chapters because I have too much to do to get this thing done anything with the book but it is a really good book so far and I do highly recommend it but number one I do want to encourage you to outsource when it comes to marketing and running your business you want to think like a ceo you want to think like the head hunt show which means that you are not running to staples and getting pencils you're not making trips of post office and spending hours in line doing that so I think of all the little things that are what you could call ten dollars an hour work that you probably shouldn't be doing those are the things you should not be doing you should be doing when I call thousand dollar outwork going out tio lunches with women clients any one of these twenty things things that they're actually going to bring in business rather than something that you could hire an assistant or even an intern that maybe you're not paying at all to do so outsource outsource you want to make sure that you streamline tasks that means stop wasting time on facebook even though I am going to talk to you about how to utilize facebook but there are some tasks that could just be streamlined so e mails for example I use a program called text expander it is a fantastic program if you go to my brand new website actually it's called the learned photo video dot com and you go into the discounts or affiliate section I do have a link there that's goes right to this text expander program it is super super fantastic it helps you right back to e mails very very quickly so for example what's an email that you get all the time new client enquiring right everyone gets some let's hope right now hoping to get a little bit more but we get those and you type generally the same thing back to them yeah so what I do is when I get an inquiry in all I have to do is hit applying in the body of the email taping capital I capital a for inquiry available and instantly my temple emails popped into there if I get an inquiry and I'm not available I type in all caps to that and my I'm so sorry I'm not available for your wedding pops in if I want to follow up with the bride on an email on dh they haven't responded to me I write back and I go to the body email I just typing capital f capital gyu for I thought look course so finally this streamline your tests so that you are doing things more effectively and then I wrote outsource on here again and it's not in the stake because a lot of people think about outsourcing and you only think about the things that you can do for your business but think about the things that you do for your home also this is how I convinced my husband to let me hire maids because I was like but honey I can hire somebody to clean the toilets fall I go out to lunch with the wedding planner this's effective and it is so just to give you an idea of the things that I outsource in my business is a whole list of what I outsourcing my business everything from color correcting an album designing obviously well not so obviously a lot of photographers do their own printing but I do send out my printing I have an assistant that helps with facebook posting blogging, sending out client gifts and things like that um my lab that I send to the printing out to you again because I guess it's not so obvious some people do printing house and I was actually trained as a darkroom photographer first, so I missed that I do, but I send out to black river imaging and they do all my printing for me and that actually is it too step out source because not only are they doing my printing for baby, they're shipping all that for me too, so I find that's very effective use of my time. This is one of my favorite favorite workflow tools every post dot me happy there's family with every post not too many so you know you're like yes, this is going to change lives so every post dot me is an app that you can use for your phone I'm pretty sure it's both iphone and android accessible on dh what it does is like lets you write and customize post for various social networks like facebook personal and business google personal and pages I believe twitter's on their pinterest and tumbler so a whole bunch and you you schedule posts and you write them and they mess go out and you can customize them so you do your basic post make it customized for twitter at a photo here at a link there whatever you want to do thiss too is another one that I recently found out about it for making appointments and helps you make appointments easily in your email system with your clients. What it does is it connects to your calendar, you just click in your calendar certain dates and times that you're available to meet with clients, and it gives your clients a list of them. They just click on it and it instantly schedules and both of your calendars that meeting cyril set. So those of the two really, really fast, fast work flow tools that I found that I really like, you get nothing else out of this presentation, those things they're going to save you hours a day, so you'll be good a book that I really love entree leadership and your little note. I'm going to talk about a few different books here in this course does talk about saving time, and it talks about how you can prioritize time and that's what this chart is over here on the right, and it talks about just separating the things in your life into what's important or not important into what urgent and not urgent. So really, what needs to be done and what can wait? And this will really just help structure your days and make sure you're getting done the things that need to get done quickly, the important and urgent. Column there crying baby kitchen fire things like that the's air things to be handled right away. The opposite of that would be not in virgin. I'm sorry. Not important and not urgent. Those are the things that you just need to get out of there. The highlighted one though things that are important but not urgent. That is a tricky one. Things like exercise vacations, that kind of thing. Make sure that you are paying careful attention to that section because those were the things that a creep up on you and we'll talk a little bit about that later. So finding the time you can find the time, I promise, I promise you can and you will be happy you did, because you will have a much smoother life when you find ways to find the time and then to bring in new and more credible and consistent business as well. It's. Just going to help your quality of life. I do have again, ton times of pros and freebies. If you go to the new website about a lot of the programs that I just talk about, these are all programs that I use, they're just ones that have been effective for me throughout research, I'm constantly researching and by all means. Hit me up on facebook or twitter if you have workflow tools I'm such a junkie for new workflow tools so if you have any cool ones please recommend them to me I would love to check them out so now we're going to get into marketing so I added a slide in here fairly recently I was reading a book this is from the book jab jab jab right hook by gary vaynerchuk check I'm obsessed with gary vaynerchuk I just love him I'm going to actually see him and seth code and a francia someone are seen something very excited but what was funny about this cold and I'll read it in the second is he wrote this book to have jeb jeb right talk in this book is all about social media and how you can effectively use it some good examples bad examples of people that have used it effectively or not effectively he writes it he pours his heart and soul into this book and then right when he's sending it to publication instagram besides to add video to the ap and everything he wrote in the chapter about instagram now needs to be updated moments before he sending this book to publication how frustrating right? So what he did to just add a whole section at the end of the book where he could talk about this a little bit and he started off with this quote I have bad news marketing is hard and it keeps getting harder but there's no time to mourn in the past or to feel sorry for ourselves and there's no point in self pity. Anyway, it is our job as modern day storytellers to adjust to the realities of the marketplace because is sure as hell isn't going to slow down for us, and I found that to be so powerful because he's in the midst of trying to harness marketing and social media, and it's just changing on him but he's not crawling under a rock or throwing a childish temper, tension he's doing what needs to be done to get it done. And I like that, he said, it's, our job is modern day storytellers he's, not a photographer he's, not a filmmaker, but he uses storyteller says his now in there, so I thought that that's pretty pretty fun, but we're all in the same boat from this guy who's, just marketing genius tio, all of us trying to run photography's studios, I feel like every time I figure something else out, I figure out facebook and figure out a ceo google plus it just changes and you get frustrated and you have to adapt to something new, but you're not alone in that, so keep it up, so we're going to get into our twenty things the first of them here is vendor networking, and this one is really, really key, especially in a world where advertising traditional advertising. Most people are now number, too, because there's too much of it, or especially in a world where social media even is becoming too saturated with advertisements. Vendor networking I put as really number one because those personal relationships are, or what's going to help you rise above the rest. They really, really make a difference when you are networking with other vendors in your area. So photo and wedding groups are a great way to network all of you guys here in the studio, aunts and creative life. Everyone in there in the chat rooms. These are your networks, these air people that you can I talked to don't think of yourselves as competition in anyway. My first two weddings that I ever booked well, miss from a d j one was from another photographer. So these groups, these networks that you build a reliable sources for new leads and new business, local photography groups and industry mixers. And, yes, it might be a little bit painful to go to some of these things, especially the industry mixers, you know. I am believe they're not very shy person by nature, I am not feeling an outgoing person if I had my way, I would go crawl into a corner and stay there and they think a lot of photographers like that because we'd crawl into the hole with our camera photograph what was happening, obviously, but these types of things are going to help you build relationships with people any educationally events like this one or you could even host your own event and it doesn't have to be something grand you don't have to host a huge industry mixer, post five people for coffee, five local photographers at your home or meeting up at panera for lunch or whatever it is that you'd like to do just fine places to meet these people and start relationships. This is another book that I highly recommend it it's actually very good audio book to listen to because it's more story based rather than you know, action item base that you would want one it's right down but how to win friends and influence people by dale carnegie it's really just talking about how to make friends and if I were to some of this book really you just stop talking the whole book could really be summarized by just stop talking on dh start listening because other people want to do what talk about you or talk about themselves they want to talk about themselves so give them the opportunity to do so by stopping what you're saying on instead you know, smile and ask questions and things like that you are giving them the opportunity to talk about themselves and they will walk away from that conversation thinking they had the best conversation in their life because they talk the whole time may not even have been what you would actually call a conversation but it will help people will help that exact concept you know when friends and influence people and I'm not saying be fake be genuinely interested in what they're doing and that kind of thing and find ways where you can serve them so we're photographers we have something that every business owner wants and usually has to pay to get we have photos of their work of their product of their service so use that find ways where you can serve them and it may not even be with a photo it might just be cross promoting something on social media but find ways that you can do that this is one of my newest ways to network with other vendors and again give give give is really the mean point give give, give and then ask but I like to give my vendors for shores so for florists I will give them a five by five double sided brochure of my pictures of there flowers or centerpieces both of our logos and contact information on them, I'll give them slide shows and moto slide shows of again their work that they can share it social media but my newest one. My newest experiment when it comes to vendor networking, is using sticky albums because heard about this so sticky albums it's, just sticky albums dot com is a way where you can make aps for clients, for other vendors for yourself and it's super simple it takes, I don't know, a whopping seven and a half minutes to make an app who maybe and that's, if your internet is slow when you're uploading your pictures, it really doesn't take long at all on that's what the picture is on the right here it's, an app that he made for a wedding coordinator in my area, I put her logo on their her contact information, and then my photos of three or four weddings that we did together. She loved that she's sharing this with clients, and if they're super simple to make, I think it's a yearly subscription so you can make a man, the ap says you want to make him for flores may come for wedding planners, I make them for clients, of course, and use it that way, but now they are offering forty bucks off congrats that again that the web site under the discount so I really really like using that and then on top of making them an app I go one step further and I told them, hey, if you want, I'll make a little coupon code graphic on there where you can tell people or encourage them to download the app they download the app, they get a coupon for using our services and if it's a vendor that those bridal shows how much more effective is she going to be at a bridal show if she's getting her business card on people's phones rather than just in the stack of the discourages getting in that bag from the bradley show so much more effective I am helping them market themselves with this and obviously my logo is on all these pictures cancer it's cropped up there, but so I'm I'm exposing all of my work to all of their potential clients too so it's really, really great under networking that's probably the longest part of this entire presentation because they really do believe that is huge huge huge is vendor networking so facebook, facebook a lot of you might think facebook is going downhill and to an extent that when it's a necessarily going downhill that the demographic is most certainly changing it's not hitting teens and young twenties as much as he used to it's more mid twenties terribly fifty five further bell curve is but it is still very relevant quoting a stat a stat from gary vaynerchuk ce book jab jab right hook hey said that one out of every five page views on the death talk when they're opening up uh you know their web browser one out of every five goes to facebook that's a lot so it is still very effective form of advertising one out of five very relevant and I think we all probably add to that but this is the way that I work my facebook marketing I have a sort of hit them five times mentality on facebook first the night of the wedding I do post pictures from their wedding the night of that you have my logo on them and I do tag them the week after the wedding I am throwing up in an emoto slide show and I don't post it I actually have my bride close to l a email it to them along with you know my next steps after the wedding the hay in major it's a great slide show be sure to share it on facebook why don't I do that because more people are going to see it more her friends are going to see it if she posted rather than if I do just way the algorithms work I do have my graphic designer making them a timeline banner which is what you see on the slide shows there on dh mike my clients just eat this up all day long all day long there, constantly using these photos and their friends air, seeing them, getting tons and tons of likes I do a blogger post that again, I email them say, hey, you're famous, your block is up and bill post that on facebook. So another thing that I do is they also do a happy anniversary post on this is great, and especially since you can schedule your posts of the six months in advance every five months or so, just schedule the next set of anniversary post, you know, happy one year anniversary, I just do the one year because that be way too much to keep remembering and scheduling, just please make sure clients are still married. You couldn't do that on day. I don't say that to be a physician, but it actually happened once and that's a very think so you want to just make sure that's the case in your address book with them so usually can see these things. So what I really like about facebook, a cz you could do all of these things and you can do other things on facebook. I like to have a consistent posting on my wall with different pictures that have taken recently and that kind of thing but what's nice about facebook most people actually complained about most people complain about facebook because the algorithms have changed and not as many of your fans or seeing what you're posting right? You saw you know, you have a thousand fans and used to be five hundred people would see it now it's like ten right super frustrating, but what is nice about it is facebook is really the only type of advertising that lets you test a promotional piece or test of post see if it's getting feedback good, see back and then pay the most for most it painting, boost and promote it so it's, really nice so you can test something may be tested with a couple different images, or test it with a little bit different text in there are copy and then see which one is working the best and choose that want to actually put some money behind, so think about that and you can target it. You can target your post in a way that normally, if you were to do that with direct mail, you'd be paying a considerable amount of money to get the demographics of I don't know when the between twenty five and thirty five in this area and this country and who is engaged and who likes weddings or whatever it is, so facebook has that inherently built in use it as a tool and it's fairly inexpensive again when you're comparing it to traditional advertising, so I do recommend that you interact with other people I just have a few tips when it comes to posting on facebook and the first one is time of day. So when you were posting on facebook, you want to think of your clients, so for me my clients are wedding clients won is a time where my clients are looking online during the lunch break it work, it is most of my clients and they flat out tell me this tell me that they're looking at my website during their lunch break it work, so I usually post between around twelve thirty and one forty five on average if your clients are mom's new born photographer, family photographer your moms are most likely going to be on facebook in morning before their kids get up and that night after their kids go to bed so those your times when you want to be posting, so think about the time of day that you want to post think about the type of post tax versus link versus photos so there's three different types of post that you can have and facebook tries to vary what people see recently they are changing or they just change the algorithm where they're giving preference for links as opposed to photos so for lengths that you know when you type of lincoln there and it pops up with photo from that website apparently discerned tio give more preference to length that have the photos in them organically as opposed to you posting a photo on the post why they do things I don't know this is just what I read um interaction so in our action is huge you want to interact with other people so you don't want this to be contrived you don't want to just find random people that you don't necessarily know but find ways where you can interact so your bride for example if your bride is posting pictures on facebook from her wedding in arrests with us before after the wedding where there's your pictures or not her pictures interact with her a little bit and people are going to end up seeing it. You don't want to always be on facebook just to talk about yourself you want to make sure that you're interacting with other people as well business versus personal so a lot of people have opinions about this some people like to separate it completely. I do believe in the not talking about politics, money and religion that would be my stance on it but I do think talking a little bit about your personal life is important clients like to see that sometimes they get more likes on the picture of my dog then I do pictures you know my favorite wedding picture of the year so it is up to you whether you want to separate or combine er sort of combined and gray the area a little bit but do have a specific plan for us that goes and again jab, jab, jab right hook that is a thin plastic fantastic book to look out when it comes to facebook posting I'm here to talk about when to boost post we talked about that before yeah, I'm just curious but nasa because facebook is such a big topic and always changing what are some of the biggest mistakes that you have made or that you see people making that you can help other people avoid? Yeah, so the biggest mistake and actually what the title of jab, jab, jab right hook is all about is jams are essentially defined as those those little things where you're not necessarily talking but you're not necessarily trying to sell them something they're just I don't know what you eat today hashtag food, porn or whatever your dog is doing here cute little jab where it's not always that right hook where you're we're coming in like buy my stuff book your session many session marathon looking now for all the dates go out that kind of thing you're right hook is obviously you're called action that's we want them to do, but people make the mistake of every post is a right hook and then what then you just advertising then has just been so you want to make sure that you jab a couple of times first put things on there that are interesting to your clients whether it's for us it's easy to tell you truth, inspiration details for brides anyway or family sessions they want to see these pictures because they want inspiration for their own photography session to do those little jabs then right hook all right, we're going to get into pinterest pinterest is a great tool to start utilizing its one of the places where I have painfully gone towards pictures and I think a lot of photographers feel the same way when it comes to pinterest because aa lot of our clients are just pinterest crazy and pages are on it and making boards and I don't know how they have much time to make these hundreds and thousands of boards and they end up asking us to take all these other pictures that other photographers have taken and you're sitting there like, well, why didn't you just hired that photographer? You know you ever get that? But however pinterest is where your clients are if you are a wedding or portrait photographer period, I think the stats or something along the lines of seventy percent of pinterest users are women, so if your client is a woman she's probably on pinterest so this is a place where you want to interact with her pinterest is a place for ideas and inspiration I know a lot of graphic designers actually use pinterest as a tool and they say hey make a pinterest board and show me what it is you feel or think about when you look or you imagine your website or your new logo are something along those lines you can do the same thing to be it would also give ideas and inspiration and again this is easy our photos are their ideas and inspiration and a lot of ways whenever you are posting make sure that you are linking back to your web site or blogged because yes it's good that you have clients on pinterest but you want to pull them back to your store front right? You want to pull them back to your website if you don't have that on there that that's not going very much I will say every post which I do use to post to pinterest is a little bit annoying it does not let you put that source that link back to your blogger in there I do have to go back into and I means my assistant has to go back into pinterest and look at all my recent pans and put my web site and so just a little disclaimer about every post there if you're using that to make sure that you do that you can have a call to action so whether it's you know list of conn is that what I heard it referred to today? Where it's ten things that will help make your wedding day easier or five ways to make yourself beautiful on your wedding day or six different outfits? Suggestions for your family session? Whatever it is, you can have a called action where you are telling people that, yes, that's a great post a pin, but then you need to click outside. I need to do something else get to my block, get to my website, you have a call to action again to pull them off printers and get them into your store it's kind of pulling them off the street and getting them through your doors, and you can get your clients involved much like those clients or this graphic designers who are asking their clients to create boards to them. You can do the same thing with your clients as well and get them utilizing your pinterest page. So one of the things that I've done with my clients is I've said, hey, take a look at my work, that's on pinterest or my work that's on my block and making me aboard on your pinterest site that tells me why you like my photography, why did you choose you? What are the things that you saw that really? Made you book me or caught caught your eye and your just getting them essentially to post your pictures on pinterest however, it is very helpful for you two to know these things, and it doesn't have to one hundred percent beer work. Yes, it's nice to have a lot of your work on pinterest some yes, it's very organic and easy for us to do that, but I have other boards like easy hairstyles or recipes or my style pin board, and I'm posting random things that I find on pinter's that I think you're interesting and other people will repost him that's only going to help you because if your stuff is getting reposted, then it's going to come up higher in the feet when other people are on pinterest. Looking at the main feed. All right, this is one of my favorite suggestions. Number four read a book and when I say read audiobook counts that's fine. I'm an audiobook person. This quote has been said numerous times, but charlie tremendous jones to be the last person that I found. That that it, um, says you will be the same person in five years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read. So these are all books that I recommended you recommend a whole lot more if you go toe learn photo video dot com I have a section on their recommended reading books that I love because here's what's happening guys I am not a marketing genius by any means I'm just a marketing dork I'm a business book nerd I read all this stuff I listen the podcast I go on websites x experiment and do it I take what I know I find what it is I try it on my own business find out what works and then I tell you what worked you guys can go to the same thing and what's going to happen you're going to get the ideas first jurgen experiment with them first and maybe you'll even find ways to utilize these ideas that I have in and out or ways that are better for your business or however you interpreted it differently. So read a book you know you can essentially be the first photographer that read something and tries it out and that really will boost you and differentiate you from your competition so definitely read a book I have lots of recommendations just a just on the web site there and podcast to podcast count I love listening tio tim ferriss he has a podcast it's a favorite of mine dave ramsey entree leadership there's also there's. Quite a few. So much fun. You know what? We spent a lot of time driving two locations, right? You've got time. Hey, what else? He did it in the car other than jamming out and that's. Fine, too. If you need some creative inspiration, you just let it go for a minute. Seeing some shinny between before you get to your wedding. Whatever I want. Judge number five. Guest posting. So guest posting is a concept where either you work with another vendor or whoever, preferably another business, to create a post on their blood that you have written in, or a post on your block that they have written. So if guest appearance, I highly just doing this with wedding vendors or in vendors that are just in your circle. Because these are people that have your same audience, same clients that you're looking for. So that is very helpful. You want to create a lot of post that are informational and it's really easy. Obviously. Just make them supportive with all of your photos. Again, you have those photos, eh? So what I have here, this is one that was done this year was a guest post tips for choosing your wedding colors, and it was actually just a writer. She was just a log writer so she knew how to write in a way that would help ceo in a way, though, the interesting for my brides on these are the things that you want it's really good for your search engine optimization for this? Because obviously all these things you know, when she writes tips for choosing your wedding color, she'll put key words in their life, fall, wedding colors, spring wedding colors, autumn wedding colors, whatever it is so that you know, you're coming up higher on search engines, but it'll also be great when you are a guest post on someone else's blogged, and you get linked backs to your site. Now, as of this morning, that only said link backs it now says a relevant like backs. Let me explain to you the difference, as it was just explained to me this morning by gary hughes, so relevant link backs it's, not just one, it says, vanessa joy dot com it's when it says new jersey wedding photographer and it's, hyper linked to vanessa joy dot com so it's key words that are hyper linked to your website very, very different, and relevant link backs like that are much more effective than just saying that that's, the joy dot com that's what I learned today, and what a week it's really great to be able tio incorporate social media this way too so once the post is there you can cross promote via social media so you and whoever wrote the blogger the block that you wrote for can now all post it on social media so twitter, facebook interests whatever is that you want great for building vendor relationships and great for getting new clients so it does two things for you there yeah question for a cross promoting having having it reposted on yours let's say if you post on something do do you see like a relevant time like letting the original post be out there for a while before you re posted on your site? That is a really good question and if you're referencing facebook for example I'd have to research it in general but the answer essentially is yes I do find a value in letting the post be there organically first letting their organics elevate the post and then sharing it or and then boosting it because that way the people who would have seen it already you're not paying for your letting it organically grown first and then using it so yes, I do find a value on that whether it's mathematically proven in their algorithms I'm not entirely sure but normally yes I do find that it's good question I like that one all right we're going to move on to number six which is same day edits and this is a favorite of mine this is a big favorite of mine on but it is something that I absolutely active really do at almost every wedding unless time constraints or something else has happened we cannot do these. Basically the concept behind this is that I truly believe that there's nothing better that you can do for your business than to do your best work and let everyone see it you know, on a high july under a bushel when it comes to your your work I mean people to see it otherwise it's not going to help you bring in new clients as effectively so I like to do that as faras same day edits go there really great just a snippet on same day at its traditionally you guys have seen them is just a slide show presented at the reception whether it's projected on the deejay screens, digital picture frame whatever it is but for me and I do have an assistant that helps me I do that that will hold up more I'd do a same day album that I give my clients at dinner time my photos air uploaded and to facebook and tag this is all before I leave the reception by the way this is not done later that night I go have a martini after weddings I do not do this and have built in the morning I create an online gallery, so you smugmug so that online galleries already created I create an and moto slide show. My blogged post is ninety five percent finished. My photos are ready to be submitted for publication if not already uploaded and submitted, and I get all of my second photographers photos as well, so think huge list and not only is this a great kickoff for my marketing plan, but I don't have to do all of this on monday or tuesday or wednesday or whatever it is. I do have a same day at it checklist that basically runs through how I do this with what equipment and with what programs and you can find that message or dot com forward slash s d e. So I find this very, very effective moving on to getting published getting published is stems from my same day at it process, because when you're getting published, it's really easy to get daunted by getting pictures ready and then having to send them to editors and all these things, I have it stem from that same they had process is a little bit easier, but getting published is really, really important. It adds such credibility. For your clients, when you have those little icons on your blogger website or when they walk into your studio and your photos in all these magazines that you have around it adds a lot of credibility it's also another place where you can help those those relevant link backs and the ceo when you're getting published on other blog's getting publishes absolutely free. In fact, some publications will even pay you whether it's monetary or they barter and give you a little ad placement on the website or in the magazine on bride's freak out. What bride is not freaking out about being publishing magazine it's funny, I have one bride who who said that she didn't want to be published, she kind of, like didn't want her picture is like up in about on facebook and social media. I'm like, ok, that's fine. A couple months later, she asked me how to get her wedding into martha stewart magazine. I'm like I'm confused e I want your wedding there to uh oh, I just wanted to know from folks at home what are a couple of your top tips to getting published? Because as as a photographer or somebody who has never been published like get published sounds very, it does, it does very scary on hard, right, hard, scary all the above, and one of the things that is the first question a lot of people are first fear that comes into my mind comes to getting publishes and my good enough are my photos good enough and the answer is just simply yes, because the way that you look at your photos in the way that clients or publications like your photos is night and today it is about content for them not quality, so for us we're looking at the quality of the image we're looking at is the lighting good is that sharpe is in focus they're looking at? Is that a new idea that I haven't published yet? They could care less if it's sharp and focused on the lighting's harsher soft yeah going on publishing here I shoot a lot of action sports and one thing that they they have a problem with is asking if it's been posted already and going back to you know if like I go out on a shoot and I get, you know, just these awesome shots it's like, should I on that same day post maybe should select some different photos then? Or is this something that you know be thinking about just maybe post those big ones and see if you can also get in with publishers or not yeah, I like that and what you're talking about it they called exclusivity s o some publications have a very strict exclusivity policy, meaning those pictures cannot be seen anywhere and not even on your blogged on your web site, on your facebook, nothing other ones and that's a very strict example other ones or hey, you just can't have of them on another magazine or another wedding watch because that's their direct competition and be like them both showing up to prom the same dress, the way someone explained it to me and other ones are what you would call non exclusive, and you can have a published however many times wherever, all since you do the smaller blog's of the one I don't care. So what I do in that case is I think about it ahead of time. If I'm shooting a wedding, that is oh, my gosh, so amazing! And I think it's going to get published, I probably will hold back publishing it on my blogged, not really on facebook because they haven't found him really. Any publications have a problem with him on facebook, at least in the wedding market, but I'll hold off on publishing on my block, knowing that I'm anticipating summoning it somewhere else. So you kind of play that by ear? Yes. Releases from the private room. Oh, yeah. So how do you get releases in my contract when it comes to my wedding contract it's in there? You know, photos may be used for such russian church but not limited to that kind of thing, so the model release is in their words says not only do I own the pictures, but I can put them on social media in publications in print competition as logo for creative life but a week can use them for whatever I want on with that limit your delivery time to your client since if you give your photos toe right, she will want to share them immediately hands reducing your chances ofhim publish enough right right up in the first one magazine yes, that's that's a good point I will not my client to my first priority period, so I will not hold off on giving them their proofs because I think it will be published again. Most of the publications that I deal with don't mind if their client gallery is up already they didn't have the quick of a response time. I'm way faster than my clients for the proofs and like three, two, four weeks some publications take three to four weeks to like read my email so now but again check the publications if you know you want to be submitted into a certain publication and they have super strict guidelines, then take that into consideration yeah, there's a lot when it comes to getting published and there we go on their course on that was one of the main tools that they used for getting published is too bright lights dot com it is a really great online source makes it easy, super easy. The first time that I sent my workout to get published, it was hilarious. I made contact sheets and dvds and cover letters and mailers and all these different things and mail them out to all these publications, and it was like five hundred dollars and ten hours of my time. Now all you have to do is go to to bright lights, upload your pictures one time and choose who you want to submit them to. Super super busy all right, number eight holding a contest. So this is a really great way to generate brand awareness or to generate new business when you hold any sort of contest. The first thing that you want to do is just determine your goal. What is your goal for this contest? Is your goal to get more facebook likes? Is it to get a lot of people that want facebook to follow you on instagram? Is it to get more business in the door, whatever it might be, maybe it's getting more blood comments? Oh, determine your goal for that contest so that you know how you need people to interact with you. You do want to make sure that you depending on where you host this contest that you are adhering to rules almost every site has different rules when it comes to contest, so facebook I believe they used to say that you couldn't use likes for votes, but then they said that you could and now they're saying had you can't use like generators on facebook whole huge thing changes all the time point is wherever you decide to host it, check the rules last thing you want is your facebook page getting taken down and cause you tried to marketing idea give photo prizes your photos are valuable a lot of times you think, oh, but no one's gonna want like an eight by time canvas if they d'oh because he charged, you know, three hundred dollars for that and people find value in that actually did a survey of one hundred different clients of mine and asked them if I were to hold the contest, what would you want as a prize? And that was the top answer photo prizes perfect done is less expensive anyway. Number nine drip campaigns if you guys they're not familiar with what a drip campaign is jeff campaigns are usually done through some sort of email system like mad mean is who I used you could do constant contact or male chimp, but what it is you have people sign up for your mailing list and it's not really just a mailing list they're signing up for their signing up for a set of pre written emails that they will get every three weeks every two weeks, every day, whatever it is that you set it up so for example, you would write and then schedule these drips so one thing that I did and you can see it there that's just a pinterest picture it says want wedding tips from someone who's been the hundreds of weddings and what I did is I wrote fifteen different e mails snippets small some of them are like a sentence small is good nobody has time to read anymore I wrote them have them set up so when somebody signs up for that list they get an email every two weeks with a new tip I had to do it all at once and then I've got continual marketing going on for over two weeks is tempting um and you just post a sign a blank and you can have little call to action in drips to maybe again think of jabbing chanting in your senior email drips too, but you can also have a called action in there maybe you are having a sale maybe at some point you want them to look at a certain blogged or you want them to book a session or whatever it may be so you can have a called action in there too and then share that sign a blank whole social media thing number ten is a bridal show, so I do have a little disclaimer about bridal shows I personally do not do them and I will talk to you about why but that does not mean that they're not effective, so bridal shows you simply have to know your market and know your demographic for me I am in the tri state area in new york, new jersey for the most part and for me the people that go the brides that goto bridal shows are kind of the lower two made end bride they're looking for deals my pricing is much higher my client's not going to bridal shows. However, when I first started my business my clients are brother shows I would do brother shows and book eleven brides off one bridal show but that was because that was where my target was. My demographic was there this is different depending on where you are in the country where you are in the country maybe bridal shows air exactly where everyone goes and that's where people find their vendors so you just have to do a little bit of research know your market in here a demographic you're trying to reach and see the end of a battle shows but once you get there be different stand out, brad oh shows air insane wealth you cushion no photo shows air insane, right? You go through there and everybody is just bombarding you with different things and pamphlets I have this policy when I go to shows I don't hold paper I think pictures of things that I don't like the way I'm not taking your paper I'm sorry but be different and stand out and then follow up with them personally. So when I do brother shows one of the things that I would do and my husband robert I would do them together he does wedding video so that worked out pretty well. We will follow it personally instead of just writing this massive email worth says your wedding photography in the subject I would write that husband and wife team you like from the bridal show saturday or whatever it was and that would trigger something in their minds and I will get much higher response rates to those emails as opposed to just generic one. So follow up personally, something personable that will get them to remember you and then there's always an option where you khun do inserts on ly and this depends on the bridal show but some of them will let you just put your business card or brochure in the bags that they hand out to all the brides that come that might be just as effective for you because when you meet them, yes, you may hit it off with one or two, but they're still just taking your business card during in that back serve your business cards are ready in that bag and all of them anyway, maybe that would be this is effective number eleven blogged with intent. So again, when you are blogging, blogging is fantastic for ceo and you want to create original content. It has to be text teo and that's very camera into it into a lot of us because we just want to really hear some pretty pictures love them, but no one's going to find us or they're not going to find this is effectively as if we were to write text about what those pretty pictures are of. So you want to make sure that you do that just some ideas that you can do this, fill your blood? Maybe you're not shooting a lot that's ok, you don't always have to block just about your shoots. You can right nicely about other vendors. You can do those guests posts. You can do those listed cons airless tickles that's what they're called mystical list articles list ical you know ten ways to not get your wedding kicks or whatever it is, so you can put different content on there that's just going to help your search engine optimization and then, whenever you post, link your blogged to social media so you can pull in your social media falling again and get them to your blood, get them two years storefront to your website. Um, make sure you're making informational in creative posts, I believe three hundred words is the recommended number of words when it comes to creating block posts for a ceo. So you do have a little bit of leeway to be creative. Use lots of adjectives, keywords, things like that, and then make sure that your look at your stats to see whose work what's working for you. So if you're using wordpress, wordpress has stats built right in there, you can look at your blog's suit ones, they're most effective and then repeat it, you know, so it works, maybe those mystical zehr working for you, maybe it's those guest posts that are working for you repeat, whatever is working don't have to reinvent the wheel there. All right, number twelve and this one, I really like this one. I just actually added and swap something last week. This one is a compound effect, and this is a book that I have read recently. It's called the compound effect do not make up that phrase, but the compound effect is essentially think of compound interest. Compound interest can either work very nicely for you we're very, very badly for you but it's very small right compound interest you could buy something that was one hundred bucks and leave it on your credit card and that compound interest can just keep going and going and oh my goodness later now leo a thousand you do the same thing a savings account and it's like oh my goodness that we have a thousand so it's a little bit different but the compound effect when you apply it's your life can work exactly the same way and the easiest way to think about this is with physical health work out a little bit every week you're going to be in better health don't work out every little bit every week you're going to be in poor health and you sort of see this you know everyone kind of in the teens and twenties looks the same and then you sort of see this happy little spread and difference and the compound effect of your actions starts to be noticeable and starts to pay off here for the good or bad but I wanted to put this in here because you can make it work for you not against you and the way that I'd like to tell people too do or to utilize this is to find ways to work on your business not in your business so working in your business is like working on your photographs calling that clients shooting, working on your businesses did you the things that you could really use it you like updating your website, revamping your pricing rating, handwritten thank you notes going to conferences, education, working on your business as opposed to in your business, so set time aside for the things that don't pay off short term. These are things that you will see a long term investment on not something that's that's right away it's, not instant gratifications absolutely the opposite, but these results can be so much more effective than instant gratification or short term results. And I like to say this fun little phrase I think tim ferriss actually heard in state on a podcast business can be a form of laziness, so you're not working on your business because of that too much to do. I need to work in my business right now, and you can be using that as a form of getting out of the things that you know you should be doing but aren't so think about that. I did write a two articles on this it they're in a shelter mag familiar shutter mag on behind the shooter dot com august in september, I wrote to sense of articles on the compound effect, giving you ways where you could do this in your business and in your life. One of the best examples in this book that I absolutely loved and I have to implement still I probably should he talks about how he simply wanted a better relationship with his wife so what could he do every day he decided to just write down one good thing about his wife whether it was something she did, whether it was something that was a character trait that he saw or whatever and over time because he was constantly listening and looking at all the good things in his marriage and in his his wife it had such a compound effect in a beneficial effect on his relationship, so I thought that was a very good one so you can use this in your life as well. All right, number thirteen search for conversations so conversations this idea I found in gary vaynerchuk other book called crush it this is also a great book a little bit more inspirational ish rather than action heavy like his jab jab jab right hook but the idea is that you're searching for conversations. I almost think of it as if you were a client. If your client on social media your let's say your bride, you're getting married, what are you doing online? Your constant looking for other brides? You're constantly looking to get involved in discussions with people that are in your summer situation so you can join in on those conversations as well by just searching twitter, facebook, pinterest google whatever for relevant hash tags, find those conversations and then engage in those conversations did not engage in those conversations by saying, oh, your bride, us really? For a wedding photographer book me, I'm talking about a way that I have engaged in these conversation is by going on to instagram and looking up the hashtag engaged our engagement ring and just writing hey, that ring is gorgeous this love, congratulations or whatever it is, nothing crazy, but then what are they gonna do? They'll probably go through that again. Glad first of all, but I want them to go with because that because then they're going to click on me and they're gonna look at my profile, see what I do or my work and be inspired by it find ideas, whatever it is, and I've set up a sort of first impression there too, and I've done that on purpose, so when they go when I'm engaging with them and they go look at my profile, I make sure when I'm doing that little marketing exercise, that the first thing that they see on my instagram feed is not what I had for dinner the night before. Yes, that might be good for people who already invested in me and following me but that's not the first impression that I want new people to see me so I make sure that the first impression is something a little bit more leading me something a little bit more inspiring for them so search for conversations number fourteen styled shoots because heard this term style she's becoming a lot more popular so south shoots are essentially a shoot that you set up with a mock bribing room mock wedding mock family session it's pretend it's playtime stress up let's make the least that's what sowed she's are on and it's a great way for you to network with other vendors. So these two pictures, for example, or from a styled shoot and I simply showed up because I got a florist involved, I got a wedding hole, then you involved and I've got what in planters involved they plan that did the whole thing. I found the models and I showed up and I shot the shoot shot the shoot what's nice about this is it shows what you want to attract. So these air ideas and inspiration coming directly from wedding vendors, which is nice and it's a fresh view on wedding photography and ideally, you get this published so this starchy that we've got a six page spread in new jersey a bride magazine so hey, that was really really effective my only thing I would say definitely do them but avoid excessive styled shoot you do not want your portfolio to be nothing but styled sheets and workshops one slightly deceptive two you're setting yourself up for failure holy grab because I could do those beautiful things with these lanterns and lighting whatever that you're showing on that style to when I have five hours with the bride and groom how often do you get that much time with the bride and groom don't you get five minutes sometimes right literally my last wedding hash on saturday five minutes was probably a generous estimate of how much time ahead with them but was raining and I got a really cool shot marine so number fifteen google plus oh google you know google and I have a love hate relationship but definitely hating google plus when it first came up but I think we all just need to accept the fact that google is taking over the world you know fine and annapolis fighting them on it but whatever they would both take over the world they can get married for all I care and take over the world together and I probably be happy with that but google plus is very, very important and we do want to make sure that again this is something we're keeping up with your c o is affected by google plus on when I mean google plus I do mean you're places where your pages so they have almost like facebook has personal and business pages google plus you have a personal plus account and you can have your places or pages business account so you want to make sure that you have that on there because your search engine optimization is absolutely affected by google plus you want to make sure that you were getting client reviews on google plus I absolutely ask my clients for these after their wedding the week afterwards, I talked to them about how great their wedding wass do the next step on what I need to do them with thank you notes and then I asked them, hey, can you review me google plus and wedding wire and I give them the length and usually they dio your reviews absolutely make a difference when it comes to your search engine optimization, you want to make sure that you have that pages, but more importantly the places so you know, when you search for something and google, I don't know freehold wedding photographers and a whole list of businesses come up and the map is on the right hand side. You want your business there on the map, so the way you do that is you go into google places if you want a little bit more about this I believe the sdo classes morning he talked a little bit about this, but there is a process. Sometimes in order to set up your place, you have to get a postcard sent to you it's really not that difficult, but you do want to make sure that you set it up and set it up just like you would set up any other outlet that you have online about your business. You want to add key words there, so make sure that you are describing it in the same way that you describe your business on facebook it's really repeating a lot of it. But google plus is very, very important because it does affect your search engine optimization number sixteen is charity work, so I will purposes you should absolutely one hundred percent not be doing charity work if this is for nothing else in a publicity stunt, I am not absolutely not condoning that you create, you know, a spotlight for yourself out of charity that's not what this is about, how ever if you have something that you are passionate about, that you want to be a part of, maybe that you already give tio find a way to do more of that definitely a self esteem boost, but are moral boost I would say not self esteem boost a moral boost for you, but it is a good way to market yourself into brain yourself there are places where you can sign up to shoot for free like hell portrait dot coms of much larger urban organization for photographers to be able to do charity work you could organize a fundraiser I live in new jersey where hurricane sandy really hit very, very hard and there is a deejay in my area that became the hub for people donating and bringing in supplies for people to recoup from the hurricane. So he did it out of the kindness of his heart, but of course he got publicity from it. You could do things like giving away a wedding or donating your profits my husband robbed recently shot for free shooting a documentary he went to costa rica for a week on shot in the drug lords ruffle pflum of costa rica to talk about this school that's being started there to help adolescent men get out of the situation. So there's a lot of things that you can do but whatever you do, you do want to make sure that you are being genuine that's very, very important one of the people that I really enjoy who does this correctly it's actually a program that I use light room retouching toolkit again a program that I use you get discount for this program it lets you retouch pictures in white room much like you would in for shop so yea, taking a step out of the work flow process but he does this correctly it's really great what he does is he gives five percent of his profits to this organization called operations smile on day I'm not gonna explain too much about it I'll just play the video so you can see what it's all about hey guys, I'm brett john again, creator of the lightman retesting tool kit and it's our mission to make sure that everyone looks the best they possibly can but there's some things that just can't be retouched on for thousands of kids born around the world with cleft palate cleft lip they're left feeling like they're smile has been stolen from them and it's a photographer I know how important smile is it's your source of confidence it's how you express yourself that's? Why I decided to donate five percent of our online sales toe operation smile because they help kids get corrective surgery for cleft palate and cleft lip and it helps change their lives. Your order literally helps put the smiling face of the child and that's pretty awesome I absolutely love that. So for me one of the things when I tell people about this program this you know lightman retouching tool kit yeah it's a fantastic program helps my work flow I use it in all of my same day at it it's to retouch my bride's faces because again I'm editing the same day at its really quickly and I don't want obviously rough skin out there things like that, but I love talking about this program so much because it anyone gets it. I know a child is closer to getting a smile so your clients can have the same sort of pride in booking your services because they know that some of it is going towards whatever it is that you're deciding to support to date because I've decided to talk so much about this program, we've actually saved seven smiles so it's pretty incredible and it's a great feeling when you are involved in something that's bigger than yourself. So charity work is amazing way not only to bring in branding and marketing but to be able to really make a difference number seventeen spontaneous promotions this is just a fancy way of saying have sale so just how the sale you can have a conditional sale meaning the more that client maybe shares the status or the more referrals that they bring into your business the more money they will save you could, you know, tweet about it yet five percent off tweet about it and facebook about it you get ten percent off your next order whatever it is you have to bring a friend sale you can have whatever sale that achieves your goal is your goal to make more money? Is you're able to get more facebook likes is your goal to bring in new clients? Is your goal to bring in repeat clients for extra sessions is a goal to get clients that have already booked session to buy more stuff whatever it is, spontaneous motions have a sale really writer on the holidays that's an easy one obviously so you know right around the end of october, I usually send an evil all my clients, twenty percent off galleries for holiday orders number eighteen never eat alone and this is another book that I read it's called everything alone but the idea um you just don't want to waste opportunities and maybe it's the italian of me I don't know that what it is, but eating to me is a social thing if I'm eating alone like hope so sad, so sad so you really don't want to waste opportunities and you can keep your calendar full and when I say keep your calendar full, I'm not just talking about business. Yes been this is great go out to lunch with that flores wedding planner whatever I'm also talking about keeping your calendar full when it comes to your personal life too for me I'm not hanging out with my mom if it didn't go my calendar, it happens it's just it's how we structure alive there on work and how we have a work flow when it comes to scheduling schedule in your personal life to just as important, I take that back, your family and friends are mom brain um, your network is your net works, so but people have said that porter gail is somehow she wrote a book pressure it's the title of the book, but the larger your network is the better get to know people build and maintain a relationship. And again, I don't care if you're shy because I am and trust me, I'm right there with you totally even hear a creative life. I walked into the cafeteria this morning because I didn't want to be alone in my hotel room working because that's boring, so I walk in them like, I don't know, you know, in this room right now, I just think a chair to sit and just talk to people, and I did, I just sat down next to people and I got to talk tio gary hughes, which ended up me sitting into his class this morning and being very happy about that. But the trick to not being shy it is just don't act like it, that's it if you're shy, just act like you're not. That's all it is is there's no other trick to it I don't know if there is a way where you can actually get over being shy if there is please by all means let me know but all I know is if you're shy just don't act like you're the number nineteen customer experience and this is really really key I have this at the end because I wanted this one to really stick for you because if you are creating a good client customer experience really relationship that is going to be your best marketing tool period eighty percent of my business is from previous clients it is word amount it is referral and it's because I gives such such importance to the customer experience just some ways that you can highlight your customer experience you can turn your products around faster than expected you know that under promise over deliver I was sitting backwards for that was right right under from its over deliver it's going to be four weeks for your proofs get it to them in three all right give amazing products obviously you want to be giving beautiful albums and campuses and all sorts of fun stuff but give amazing product that they will be happy to brag about showed other people give surprise gifts and that's what these two pictures are right here when a client books me I found them this book tengri dates before you say I do they love it a month before their wedding I send them these really cute luggage tags for the engagement pictures on them if they did engage in pictures with me um the book I usually just get from amazon the luggage tags I get from black river imaging they make those and then I also have a cute little honeymoon toe bag that I send them and has my local on also but you know there they are these air people posting about the surprise gifts I get them so just give them something to rave about give them something to talk about and it will create a word of mouth for you number twenty down to the end so these air a lot a lot of ideas on dh what I want to wrap this up with is just an idea that whatever you're doing, you want to be remarkable at it because your marketing won't do much otherwise that is not to say that you need to be the best photographer in your area that is absolutely not true mediocre photographers and I'm not insulting anyone I'm including myself in their mediocre photographers can absolutely make a better living than incredible photographers if their marketing is correct when they found the way to be remarkable so what makes you different? What is your fascination factor how can you be you if you look up and I recently just heard about this on the entree leaders shit podcast if you google how the world sees you test there's a really cool website out there that basically is a personality test, but it's not like the meyers brig personality tests where it tells you how you see the world, it is a test where tells me how the world sees you so that you can harness what essentially makes other people fascinated about you and you can use it to your advantage. So it's really, really cool and enlightening to take a look at it, but the idea is simply that you are remarkable and it's you you were the factor in your business that's different on dure, not necessarily remarkable because of the type of pictures you take, but it simply because you are documenting beautiful moments in people's lives and hear someone's hero you're you're going to be someone that people remember and it might not even be your name. It just might be the fact that you took a photo of the grandmother that has now passed away or whatever it might be. But it is something that you are passing on to people that you should absolutely be passionate about and will make a difference essentially you're living to give memories to other people and a lot of time at the expense of your own. From wedding especially and this may own friend's wedding I'm miss my own friends funerals to go document memories for other people and to give that to them to cherish her lifetime so find ways that you were different, that you stand out that you are remarkable and it will just compound effect all of these different marketing ideas so I do have a ton of again a lot of the stuff I talked about you can't grab tons of permanence and free meals at learning photo video dot com under the affiliate discounts section on dh then we have time of leave for some q and a you can all breathe e way you're so good with your timing always have been always out like that teach me yeah I have five college degrees how many languages do you speak to fully and learning a little bit of french and dying clearly comes through what a researcher and like you said in the beginning study er and share of melody thank q so so much it was really, really comprehensive. I want to see if there are any questions and our studio audience and now we'll go to the phones yes could grab a mic I was just going to ask in terms of social media, do you have any strategies for using youtube as a marketing tool? Besides the slide shows yes, so youtube and whether your video are for photographer you can definitely is it? I have the youtube channel I use it for educational purposes but you could do the same thing make a short video on behind the scenes of the leading day making sure video on again list iq als but don't know how you're going toe combine those two words list videos but yeah absolutely anywhere you can spread yourself cast that why net go for it all right so the list ical again is an article that's how list yes great he's curating contact there is huge it is very really, really anyway to get content out there yeah and catching in the titles do a top ten top three top exactly what's your favorite number top six yeah yeah six thanks. Okay, good good like it. Okay, uh this is cute from licata capo despite being shy, you are a great present. Any tips on how to become this good public speaking? How did you how did you get into public speaking? And I think I was a teacher you're a teacher I was a teacher from so that helps but go to trade shows for small businesses moment speaking I don't too yeah okay, maybe one last question from park avenue so we recently rebranded and went into a new market whatever the first things that you would d'oh to market tio bringing new wedding clients. After you have moved, we see this question all the time, I guess moving and rebranding what may be the top ones, which is scary, but that's a very scary thing to do, and I commend anyone who does that. The top two things that I would focus on would be meeting your the vendor networking, meeting your networking vendors around you and meeting the photographers around you. Because, again, building those social in person to person relationships are going to be key and then focus on things that create, needing more time for building up your social media ceo branding that kind of thing. Exactly. You also ingredients. Well, thank you so, so much for that kind of applause.

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Vinod Kumar

Thank you so much for such a informational session. She was such a fantastic speaker and i really learned a lot. Being a wedding photographer from India this helped me so much for my future plan for Marketing activities in lot other ways. Vanessa Joy .... session was truly Joyful :) Looking for more in future. I wish all the very best have a great year ahead. Creative live team You ROCK :)

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I am watching this class as it is streamed for free because I am a college student and unfortunately can't afford anything - even this class. But I can tell you that once I can afford to buy it, I will. I find this class SUPER helpful towards starting my business up (I haven't even started it, but soon, and I find it helpful!). I will be going into photography, but if you are willing to think outside a few tips and stories she gives, you can most definitely use this for other types of small businesses. This is a great class if you are lost in the marketing world. It serves as a great introduction to a lot of different marketing tools. You will not be disappointed in this class!