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How to Boost Your Brand in 20 Steps

Vanessa Joy

How to Boost Your Brand in 20 Steps

Vanessa Joy

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Class Description

Activate your brand with marketing tips from Vanessa Joy. In this class, Vanessa shares 20 fresh ideas that'll take your brand from bland to booming. You’ll get actionable ideas you can use to bring your brand to life on social media and at in-person events. Vanessa will help you develop marketing activities that will put you in front of new clients, increase your credibility and expand your network.

Ratings and Reviews

Vinod Kumar

Thank you so much for such a informational session. She was such a fantastic speaker and i really learned a lot. Being a wedding photographer from India this helped me so much for my future plan for Marketing activities in lot other ways. Vanessa Joy .... session was truly Joyful :) Looking for more in future. I wish all the very best have a great year ahead. Creative live team You ROCK :)

Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin

As a fan of listacles; (list articles), this 20 step session on marketing was broken-down beautifully. I find marketing a bit of a daunting task, but Vanessa's fabulous personality, clear speaking and great slides definitely gave me some immediate inspiration and some ideas for marinating as well. Definitely recommend!

Marit Thostenson

I am watching this class as it is streamed for free because I am a college student and unfortunately can't afford anything - even this class. But I can tell you that once I can afford to buy it, I will. I find this class SUPER helpful towards starting my business up (I haven't even started it, but soon, and I find it helpful!). I will be going into photography, but if you are willing to think outside a few tips and stories she gives, you can most definitely use this for other types of small businesses. This is a great class if you are lost in the marketing world. It serves as a great introduction to a lot of different marketing tools. You will not be disappointed in this class!

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