How To Create a Non-Destructive Workflow

Lesson 4/15 - Levels Adjustment


How To Create a Non-Destructive Workflow


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Levels Adjustment

I'm gonna add a levels adjustment marriages by clicking on levels from that pop up menu, you'll see that that gives me a levels adjustment layer on the layers panel and more importantly, perhaps on the properties panel, I have a set of adjustments that relate to my levels adjustment so the properties panel will always give me my adjustment controls for which ever adjustment layer I happen to be working with at the moment. So in this case levels, it might look a little bit complicated at first we've got a nice history graham here that demonstrates the distribution of total values in my image we've got presets I can choose, individual channels have got an auto button, some id droppers, some sliders down here, some sort of warning just a lot of stuff going on here, but when it comes to levels, you actually need to worry about three things and that is your white point, your black point and your mid tone adjustment and those air found directly below the hist a gram here. So then the questio...

n is ok white point black point mid tone values overall brightness for the image didn't we see some things? And it became a role that looked very similar to that? Yes, we did therefore isn't maybe the levels adjustment a little obsolete it might be and couldn't we do the exact same thing and curves maybe but we haven't gotten to curves yet so do we need levels? Maybe not you could certainly use curves curves is a little bit more complicated we'll look at that shortly but maybe you've already gotten the image to where you need it in terms of that level's adjustments so that white point does this look familiar in terms of applying that white points adjustment with a clipping preview or does this look familiar applying that black point adjustment with a clipping preview it should look from here because we just saw it a few moments ago those are essentially the same as the whites and the blacks sliders in adobe camera rubble if you already established those settings in adobe camera do you really need to do it again? Maybe maybe not I find in most cases I don't but sometimes I do this image would not fall into that category but in theory maybe I want to create kind of a silhouette effect or I want a more dramatic interpretation I want to create a high key image I don't literally want to obliterate all the detail in the image but I want to create a high key interpretation of the photo where that detailed disappears at least temporarily and so I might still want to go into the levels adjustment maybe take things a step further than I was comfortable with an adobe camera raw for example and I can adjust the overall brightness of the photo as well. Using that mid tone slider. So a pretty straightforward adjustment, but one that you may or may not need, depending on what you've already accomplished in adobe camera.

Class Description

Non-destructive editing helps you maintain maximum flexibility when editing your photos in Photoshop. Learn how it’s done in How to Create a Non-destructive Workflow with Tim Grey.

Tim will show you how to leverage your RAW captures to ensure the best starting point in your workflow. He’ll show how to use adjustment layers for non-destructive edits and how to use Smart Objects and Smart Filters for safe, effective edits.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2, Adobe Lightroom 5