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How To Create a Non-Destructive Workflow


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Non-Destructive Cropping

I might want to clean up the image in a couple of ways I'm going to start off by applying a crop wait a minute this is supposed to be non destructive so how can we crop in image non destructively oh it can be done I'm gonna go to my background image later thanks to photo shop that I'm going to choose the crop tool from the tool box over on the left side here of the interface I could also just press the letter c on the keyboard for the crop tool and what I want you to notice first and foremost is this delete crop pixels checkbox to make this a non destructive crop I want to make sure that check box is turned off so I'm now cropping non destructively I'll show you what that means momentarily but I'm going to go ahead and try and rotate this image so I didn't really want a crop the photo technically right it was framed up just absolutely perfectly on the edge of that thousand foot precipice but I think that the horizon might not be perfectly straight I want to check that out I'm gonna mov...

e my mouth outside the crop box and click and drag now the problem here is we don't really have a horizon it looks like a horizon but actually the rocks over toward the left of the image they're sort of just tapering off it's a valley kind of the river itself flowing off away from us and so it's a little misleading. And so what I would say here is that we don't actually have to get a straight horizon. We have to get an image that looks like it's correctly cropped, correctly rotated, and so maybe somewhere around there looks a little bit more accurate. I could check various areas of the photo, but something like this where we don't have a straight horizon, very tricky, if that proves to be a big problem, I encourage you to do a lot of photography, like in kansas, but in places with sloping terrain, it can certainly be a little bit of a challenge, and then again, I didn't really want to crop the image. I was happy with the overall appearance of the photo in that regard, but I'm going to have to crop a little bit just to cut off these corners, so when I rotate, the image now got these kind of triangular piece is sticking off outside the frame. I need to make sure that all of those fall outside the image, in other words, that each of the corners of the crop box falls within the actual image area pretty straightforward, I could crop it more if I wanted to, in fact, just to prove how nondestructive this is, let's, make a silly panorama from our crop and then I will apply my crops. So once again that delete cropped pixels checkbox has turned off, I can click the applied button, a little checkmark button, and my image is non destructively cropped. It doesn't look very nondestructive does it because we've lost all of those pixels that were outside my crop box, but they're still there. They're just hidden from view. If I go to the image menu and choose reveal all, then I will reveal all of those hidden images, all those hidden pixels, so the you can think of the document being cropped, so to speak or the document being resized, but the image is still floating around outside of the boundary of that document, and there it is. Of course, I did apply rotation, and so you can see the evidence of that. I would still then need to re crop the photo to make sure that all four of those corners once again are inside the area of the actual photo. Normally, of course, I would zoom in very carefully to each of those four corners and fine tune the position as needed. That looks to be pretty close. I'll go ahead and apply that crop again, a non destructive crop, because I'm not actually getting rid of those pixels. I'm just hiding them from view, so when I print this image or save it is a different file format, or what have you, the appearance will be preserved, but in this master image, all will be there. All those pixels air there, if I ever need to get back to them. So a couple of very nice way, we're actually getting some votes, and you're including myself, like I didn't know you could do destruction of the crop. So that's, pretty that's, pretty economic, you can kill pixels without hurting them or something like that. Yes, and this is it's, a relatively new feature. I think it was new. Well, there used to be a work around away, you could work around it, but it got much improved. I think was about photo shop cs five or six somewhere in there, where they added this option and it's really wonderful.

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Non-destructive editing helps you maintain maximum flexibility when editing your photos in Photoshop. Learn how it’s done in How to Create a Non-destructive Workflow with Tim Grey.

Tim will show you how to leverage your RAW captures to ensure the best starting point in your workflow. He’ll show how to use adjustment layers for non-destructive edits and how to use Smart Objects and Smart Filters for safe, effective edits.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2, Adobe Lightroom 5