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How To Create Shareworthy Marketing

Sue Bryce

How To Create Shareworthy Marketing

Sue Bryce

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Class Description

Let Sue Bryce show you how to create your own compelling, highly visual marketing materials and grow your photography business.

In this class Sue will offer tips, tricks, and ideas you can use to design and shoot your own marketing stills and video. Sue will help you develop marketing campaigns you can complete all by yourself and on a tight budget. Sue will also help you transform the way you talk to your online audience – switching the focus from tiresome selling to meaningful engagement.

If your marketing lacks panache and inspiration, don’t miss this transformative session with Sue Bryce.



So funny, I got an invitation from Animoto to make my own video and I didn't have a clue what they were talking about. Actually hit the delete button and thought, I don't make videos you do. Finally got around to watching this video and It's a brilliant concept! First, I was overwhelmed with the concept of shooting my own marketing videos, but Sue broke it down to where I'd feel like I can do this. I'm super excited to try it out and now have some ideas I'd like to try. This class is worth every penny.

Shea Richards

Sue is so awesome! I love that she's willing to lay out everything she does. She tells you exactly what programs and software she uses for everything so you can do it, too. I see others commented that this was just a long advertisement for animoto, but I saw it as valuable information. I am grateful for the time taken to give this instruction. Very helpful.


Sue Bryce goes in depth on how to produce still slideshows and videos using Animoto. She explains what you need in order to capture your viewers attention and what you need to make your marketing efforts shareworthy. This wasn't what I expected, as far as the content of the course, but I did gain new knowledge in an area I was looking into researching more anyway, which is marketing using video. Overall I am glad to have this resource in my collection. I would have liked to see her go into deeper detail with some of the things she mentioned but for $19 this information was worth it!