How to Create Shareworthy Marketing


How To Create Shareworthy Marketing


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How to Create Shareworthy Marketing

I like that it's called the held to channel could I get nineteen minutes to talk about one power subject in this keynote really is about how to do it so I feel when two things once is when you're teaching you khun give a million reasons to create something really amazing in a million different ways that I can do it on dive always looked at the impact of the students that follow me on my pages that follow me like the twenty eight day study group on big with so to see what they're actually doing and I realize that there's this level of accountability that is very important when you're teaching because you almost have this responsibility to make sure that people are following through. I try and imagine myself back in the first year of my business when I was struggling and didn't know what I was doing that if somebody had said to me you need to do this, I would have created a list of a thousand things to do and like all creatives been inspired a million different ways but actually not set ...

about doing one of them and so I've tried over the last two years to think of ways to break it down for you into it sort of a chunky bite size let's do it like this so today's how to is gonna have a really big impact and I'm going to tell you why and for status, I call it share with the marketing because our entire businesses and marketed right now on facebook and twitter and instagram, it's visual, it's connected marketing it is a little bit maybe elicit is certainly not tracking with great return on investment, but it is what we know right now. It could disappear tomorrow. We never know I've loved to facebook pages, you know, a lost thousands of followers just like that overnight a thousand photographs, you know you can work really hard. We're always trying to drive traffic back to our website, so I need you as I talk about this two parallel your block or your web site as an archive, you always make sure that you have control over that, but more importantly, she were the marketing is about being followed it's about being seen it's about being in front of a big audience on tuesday posted a video off my puppy on my facebook page you can hear my voice in the video, but my voice is very soft, so you may not have heard my voice in the video. You may have just watched it and thought posted a one minute clip of my dog sleeping or going to sleep, but you can actually hear me saying you want to go for a walk in this dog just doesn't want to get out of bed fifty two thousand views off my facebook page off my puppy forty seven seconds of watching cookie sleep I just wanted to see how far he could push something that was marketing on the periphery and marketing on the periphery is this I am surprised and I'm a portrait photographer a branded myself is supervised porter of photography my followers whether the clients or whether the photographers no my personal life as well but only a certain percentage of it and I try and keep a certain percentage to myself that you don't want to see in that nobody cares for anyway but I also tried to involve just enough personality that you know something about me and the fact that you shit my dog video just tells me the power of sharing it's not a particularly strong video I'm sure if it was one of her quickie videos that could have gone more viral and you know but justus an example we all know the power of video I mean I think we're past the point of being sold to is the power of video I call it marketing on the periphery because I see my product is being here so my camera right there is super eyes marketing on the periphery is when I walk around on the periphery and I think of all the ways I can get attention to that camera by walking around it that is not I'm selling a camera now I asked my private twenty eight days group last month to market my work shop online for my last week shot when I was here doing the pitching workshop, I asked them to share it, market it, talk about it, seeing me a testimonial and out of all those people in that group that she had it marketer there talked about it did a testimonial for did you see there pulled? You're in the twenty eight days graham, you know, ok, so everybody who she didnt did that group in that group, nobody came out with anything different other than watch supervise next tuesday, that one percent that one person thought of a marketing idea different from anybody else. So I challenging photographers all the time to market on the periphery, and none of you are thinking of anything different now if you were doing anything different. So I thought to myself, it's not that you're not creative. I know you're creative it's not that you're not clever. I know you're clever, but you're not doing something and I need to know what it is. So I thought, what if I wrote down twelve ideas and challenged you to do them? What if I wrote down twelve different ways to market yourself with video and challenge you today to do them over the next twelve months? What if I then created a group that how'd you accountable for doing those videos so that we could watch you do them so you could inspire others educate others help others help yourself but be held accountable in your business so I thought this is how I help people makati business you see, I've spent the last two and a half he is teaching you about my business model my business model is successful for two reasons I created a product that women want I'm very good at delivering it and I really enjoy doing it that's three reasons like I could give you teen reasons why it's a successful business model I taught you how to do it you will win fourth you included some of my business model into your business some of it you included a lot of my posing my genre some people made their entire business my business model but what is important is that I keep pushing you to now become more and more successful at it I feel like I don't want you to be out there going I shoot like surprise but now I am is my business model I should continue reported cheerful women this is my story this is my genre this is my mission in life and then you infuse it with your own power in your own heart in your own strength that's what I want you to do now so let's, talk about how we're going to do that for about six out of my last twelve creative lives. I've shown this marketing plan here. This marketing plan exists is a multi level tear off marketing that goes over a twelve month period it's january and december it's seasonal, it was based on a museum and season it was based on what was happening in the event market exposed that we're going throughout the year, so I could track a marketing that was basically going every single week off the year that I wasn't doing the big, even flow of getting a whole bunch of work, and they're not marketing myself selling all that we're getting a whole lot of money, suddenly having three months with no sheets where I suddenly realized I'm not marketing myself. It was about trying to teach myself to having an ongoing marketing throughout the year. The problem, wass is let's be honest, I never created this marketing play until the third year in business when I had teen staff and I woke up one day and realized we're about to finish one hundred forty one shoots that we've just booked at an expo, and not one of us had marketed for the next six months, and we were about to come to the end off a huge sales month with no shoots booked into our diary for the next six months. And we had a whole lot of money in the bank from the last sales, but there wasn't going to last long when your pain teen people and a big studio lace and so I said they one day and I just got the biggest fright of my life, and I think now I have created a monster cold stuff and I have to feed that monster and that monster needs to be fed like a constant well, that is ticking over and it's like a little red in a wheel, and my little riel had come to a stop and have gotten a bit rusty, and then all of a sudden, I was this little fat red sitting off to the side there was like, oh, I got to get back on my real again, and then I get on and on like e and I'm scared and I'm and I'm not seeing, and I'm watching money bleed out of my big cat and hello, welcome to business. So I sat down and I was like, how do we create a marketing plan? Is going to keep me honest and keep me honest because I had to fade ten other people. Ten other people now feeding myself was one thing feeding teen others you get over yourself really quickly so I look at this marketing plan I've showed it to you I'm like come on people write a marketing plan I look at you all and I'm like with the marketing plan nobody shows me a magnet plan maybe two percent of my followers show me a marketing plan and I'm like you accountable you accountable for your business? You actively participating in the business success of your business every day by marketing anyone's like I'm t ski to make a phone call and I was that person too, so I have to stop and go what do I do, what I do? What do I do? What would I have needed back then I would have needed somebody to give me a creative tellin something that would have been easy to do because I'm a photographer something that would have been easy to speak through because of who I am something that would have excited me because if it excites me, I'll do it not something I was afraid off, not cold calling or, you know, going and doing something you know, my rule of social media, I'm going to show up for the people that don't know it this is how I built a business page from zero to one hundred thousand in two years my I had an etiquette and that was forty percent knowledge. You've gotta drop knowledge either on your clients or whoever your followers you have to have a positive opinion because we're not interested in bitching all morning. You have to have tim between personality and ten percent sell if you'll sell starts to get higher than your personality or if yourself that's to get higher than your positive opinion or your knowledge, people no longer follow view because they feel like they're being sold to you know, people want to feel like they're getting something for nothing but there's no such thing as a free lunch, so what you've got to do is balance yourself. Oh, with information and that's why all the good educators are giving and giving and giving and giving information, and then they selling team between of the time because it's not all about their buy this, buy this, buy this so all the time, I'm asking you to market your own studio and you're getting on facebook and saying, we're doing a special this month that selling that's not connecting it's, not sharing its not share with the nobody's going to share it because you're just selling something and it's not even that interesting, because none of that if he told me what I'm getting and none of that have you enticed me, excited me, educated me, engaged me or even sold me with any form of thes ears, and you've simply not to a dollar amount down. And that is just not interesting to may. Now content that is interesting. Think of all the ease is engaging, okay? It's enthusiastic so it has either up lifting power. It has smiling power, but it is some form of enthusiasm that is magic it's it's educational, because if you're teaching me something, I'm listening to you, because now you're getting something out of this, okay, so if it's engaging its educational it's exciting? Yeah, it's, interesting that's what makes any content whether it's educational or your business marketing interesting? And if you're not hitting any of those words now, hell is we've got a ninety nine dollars shoots special this month. Hell is they're engaging, enthusiastic, interesting, exciting, educational that none of those things. So if you're not taking any of those words and by the way, look up in the dictionary and use the source and you will be amazed how many positive marketing woods around the little e I started to write all my words and they all came around it. I thought it was quite amazing. Consistency is probably the biggest five that I've managed to be consistent in my social media interaction is engaged engagement is really important if you feel like you've been engaged with me on my social media and I made a help big my social media gets, then you feel like you are part of me you feel like you're shared with may oh, this is about bite sized chunks off marketing so today we're going to help to the video section now let's do it! I want to just read these out to these air so simple everybody knows is now, but these are new steps this is two thousand fourteen videos increase people's understanding of a product or service by seventy four percent. Okay, why why is the video so much easier to understand than text? Youtube is the number two search engine and the world we know that thirteen million views a day all right, you're not competing on the second largest search engine on the planet if you don't have a channel on youtube, a suitable online activity has spent watching video watching video sued seventy five fifteen abuse it visit the market website after viewing the video, seventy five percent of the people that watch your video would then go to your website. There is unbelievable statistics and tim's of grabbing audience eighty percent of your online visitors will watch your video, only twenty percent will read your content content is boring, reading is boring but they'll all watch your video your website is fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine if it includes video, ninety percent of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. All right, I'm not going to show you all the fancy videos on my website made by haley bartholomew aleandro video they are beautiful little filmmakers abraham joffe ligament mylan the people that are on my video page on my website are incredible. They also cost between three and twelve thousand dollars, so I bring these people on my show them how they make video, we still don't do it, you can't afford to do it, you can't learn it, you can't outsource it, why did I not limit? I didn't want to limit I didn't want to learn it it's not something I was interested in, so in order to outsource that I have to pay for it. Now I haven't established career in a step a studio, so dropping five grand on a video is part of my budget, but it's not part of yours, is it because who's got five to twelve grand to spend on a video so let's make it easier again? What I'm going to do is not try and impress you with techniques today, I'm trying to take the grass roots of what we do and make big money and noise with it again, I'm going to try and show you that you can be so simple, so simple and make this work, there is no excuse for you not to do it. We've created a group right now called video marketing group it's, about being accountable. We're going to do twelve video challenges over twelve months on youtube on on facebook, you're going to learn, you're going to be inspired by other people doing their videos and it's going to be on inamoto now, if you're not using animator yet, we're going to get every reason why you should, and if you are using another editing software, you can still join our group. That's not a problem. The idea is that we are creating online content visual online content from marketing over the next twelve months. I am also going to take the challenge. Why have to produce a marketing video myself every month for twelve months to go on my youtube channel? Now, I use video as well, or filmmakers do I use video as well? But the traction because of google in the relationship between google and youtube is phenomenal. The other day, I posted a video off my fear talk I posted every six months on to my facebook page, and overnight I got three thousand likes on my business page, which is very unusual, and I wanted with it traffic came from and I shared over the next week off romeo I should organic content straight to facebook, and I didn't get a tenth of the bounce I got when I shared it from youtube because he changed giggle and by the same people and obviously the search engine around those two big vehicles are driving so brilliantly, so if we need to open our youtube channels in start filling them up with content now, this is the challenge. The challenge is we're going to create twelve videos in twelve months. Now, if you want to create fifty videos and the next fifty weeks, then you're gonna blow everybody away, including your business. But the minimum in is twelve challenges over twelve months, and I'm going to give you a whole lot of really cool ideas to film over the next twelve months. We're going to put tutorials and they'd help you build these videos and eating them yourself, but I'm going to show you how idiot proof this is because I don't like editing and look, and I'm going to show you what I've made yesterday I asked nikki closer to come to my hotel room. And I said to here where you fill me saying something so that I can put make this video on inamoto for my presentation tomorrow and she said yes and I said you have to film it and we filmed it I had to talk for one minute okay? Because anything over a minute and those files go over the four hundred mig size and then they can't be uploaded to inamoto so we'll talk about logistics afterwards so we've got lots of technical little tips and tricks to make your video is amazing but I knew I had a one minute limit to say what I had to say I had to speak in my voice doing in and out and a slide in this video from stat film to finish to putting it up on youtube took one hour to film a make okay so whatever you've got to say you can do this you can do this weekly and you can say what we're going to talk about messages and ideas and everything after this but I just want to show you how simple this is hi everyone I'm super rice and today have a challenge for you everybody needs help with the marketing we know this so we have created a very special group for you we're going to challenge you every month for twelve months to create an amazing video to market your business as you know I always say youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet way need you to create an account on youtube in every month, be accountable, be inspired, be educated and get on this group and help each other create really great videos to market your business this's about recording each other this is about inspiring each other and keeping it really every month in this group group is called the animal video challenge we're going to start powering into our video ideas we want you to join us and we want you to start making these movies every month and I'm going to tell you why this video was made in one hour it was made actually on the friendless on pro on inamoto now I see it too in a motor when I first met them that my first vision of inamoto was seeing the slide show with the flippy slides in the black background and I was so repelled by it because I had already started to see in horizontal frame that I was like oh I'm not the slide show kind of photographer on then I realized that how easy it is to make it film in terms of editing software if your files under four hundred mig put clips if there longer than that you can't load them you can make up to twenty minute videos cat on in a murder with no stills and it's just editing so fast it's ridiculous it's sexy it's actually idiot proof but there are some tips and tricks like tempo voice over there isn't a voice of a feature on animados, so I recorded that on the cannon so I'm going to talk about how I recorded the audio with my microphone so you gotta understand audio's a funny beast it is one of the most important things in creating video is audio and we're going to talk about it because if you screw up your audio, you don't have a video people will actually watch bed footage but they won't listen to bed sound I don't know what that is but its effects, so I'm showing you how I did it at the most basic level. I also recorded one on garrett band holding the computer and talking towards my computer and then I recorded the said one with my airport iphone earp lag with microphone plugged into the side of my computer on marriage band, so I didn't I have a force either fled mike's I have I'm all the sound equipment and I didn't use any of it this was recorded in our hotel straight off my camera no road mike nothing and it sounded ok it wasn't bad it wasn't tinny, it wasn't echoey, you know, it did have a bus but only in audio specialists would pull that up if you that wasn't bad audio was there all right so I also did it in one cat in that it involved three frames, which were the two words that came in the syntax and then in and out, which all done very, very quickly I framed it straight away I'm sitting there like that remember, we're telling a horizontal vertical story with a horizontal frame? Please do not shoot video and vertical, and if you're going to create the best videos, try and make your stills footage horizontal as well changes everything when you don't have to stripes down the side, we'll talk about that because not all your video is set up to do this you shoot in the hotel room, we've got a nice yellow we sit out order white melons I've got big key to stand with a white tell to reflect some light back it may some I face didn't look too old and craig lee and I said on the disc and that he recorded it and just like that, we upload their for the art. I think one of the hardest things you're going to have to get over is throughout the challenge there's going to be a lot of you in the video you're going to be shooting, you're going to be behind the scenes or your message to talk to the camera and we need to get over this really quickly this is how I got over it seeing yourself is one of the hardest things that you can do, so after we record the video, I go on watch myself talking, and I'm very compassionate with myself now days because I used to not be that way. I used to be a young get rid of it, you get rid of it, and I realized I was the best kept secret for a long, long time, so people are always like, you blew up overnight and I was like, now, I think you're in this for twenty five years, but for a really large a portion of that first the internet wasn't invented, and then when it was invented, I didn't want to be on it because I was to shine. I found this video from sydney, and this was shot three years ago. I made an incredible video off this beautiful girl and she was spinning and dancing in her top was vintage, and I made that skirt, and it was an incredible experience, and she bought a beautiful big folio box, and it was filmed so beautifully, and I never showed it to anybody in the world could. How could I celebrate here when all I could see was here and all I could see was the back end of a bus? That I hated so much that I was prepared to not share one of the greatest things I've made in my business because I couldn't get out of my own way nobody cares about the back of my butt nobody in fact if anything it would probably make my female clients feel bitter about may because they think she's really she's just like may she's an everyday girl you know she's not and yet I never shared this the greatest and justice I did to my business this year was to make a video that I was too scared to sheer because I couldn't get path my own self and the truth is is you're going to be video from side on you're going to be videoed sweetie you he is going to be a bit rough you're going to be bent over it's going to be from behind you need to get over it you need to get over it because it's not about you and you need to make sure it's about here and the truth is is head I shared this it you know I would have got a big bounce from it and I didn't I didn't cause I was too scared and so for all of you that saying I hating myself on video I hate hearing myself on video trust me when I see myself on video I'm like I did talk like that my mouth why am I doing this I seem to talk out of this side of my mouth and do they write like a I time my gay, I don't speak like that, and then I but I realized that the more you watch yourself, if you force yourself to watch, you feel this deep compassion for yourself, and then you start to think I'm actually kind of cute or I'm actually kind of funny I'm actually kind of cookie, I'm actually kind of riel or oh, I like that when I did that, and suddenly all of the things she hate drift away and you can really put yourself forward. I'm saying this because when I challenge you're the next twelve months to make videos, you're going to be shocked at how many of them have your boys in them and why the reason we chose and a mother to do this challenge was for two hundred ninety nine dollars in one year, you can have unlimited high resolution video, so let me just explain that, teo, you can eat at your own videos on my movie and do all of that yourself, but you're buying your music, okay? For two ninety nine, you get all of it unlimited all year and motor pro, no logo music and idiot proof editing. It's kind of a joke, and the reason that I say that is the only commitment you have to make to marketing this year is the time to shoot your video the time to come up with cool stories and then the money that you're paying to do that and that's it. I pay my editor between four hundred and eighteen hundred video if I shoot it video, so if I shoot a video per week, I pay between four hundred eighteen hundred plus music. I recently did a video with haley, and haley asked me if we could write music for the video if we could actually get it licensed to write music specifically for because it's a special video and I said, ok, what do I have to push the budget up to? And she said, two grand and I was like, I'm I'm now paying two thousand dollars for somebody to write me a song hang on, I'm paying two thousand dollars somebody to write me a song that's great, but that's not your budget, is it? You know, it's, not my budget, he then I tell you, I'm not this part of me that's going, I'm quite happy with triple scoop theo the thing is, is you get two thousand songs from there, a choice of two thousand songs and it's really mind blowing you can make twenty minutes long videos with multiple songs but your largest file sizes four hundred meek now it's very interesting. The first thing when I when I talked to inamoto I was like, can you do slow motion now? Can you do voiceover? No. Can you do? And then lie that's coming and I said, right, so these are my limits and my limits can I make a video that she worthy within those limits? Because here I am trying to make it a editing software, and it was designed initially for slide shows. So the fact that I'm now trying to make like, epic movies out of it to market myself it's kind of hilarious, but the trick is, as those who my first questions, what are its limits and the limits are four hundred make files and it's a minute of footage. However, when you see this next video that I show you most of it is still in, the footage we shot is up to four second per frame so you're seeing four seconds per frame is a long shot ah long long shot so a minute of footage is when I spoke for an entire minute. Ok, so if you want to speak about your business on an a matter, you need to cut it every minute to have a slide come up either an image or some form off words so that you can restart you're talking so that you're cutting your video down that's how you do it, that's how you can make this work the audio is something that I would love you to all go on by sound equipment, but the sound equipment I can't may have is around twelve hundred dollars with it's also very had to use. I try and get people that know sounds very, very well, I totally hecht the sound on these videos I went to garrett band, which is free on my eye on my mac computer on my met pro, and I went to female basic, and I literally spoke into the speaker holding my laptop on my knee, and then I went through all of the effects on the right to see what the bass sound wass then I went into the second voice over, and this time I did it with that my iphone here finds so spoken to the event and I got a better result. It wasn't his echo, your tinny you can't have any interrupting sound. So you need with this filming you to be listening for sound outside. So if there's a corner in islam, you gotta stop do it again, all right, you gotta listen first around town. These above all iphones need to be turned off. Air conditioning needs to know if you need to be a silent as possible. You need to make sure that you lock down it's good to send its possible now the reason the sound on this video I'm going to go back sounds so good is because when we eat incident we used music as well. So there's music in the background hi everyone, I'm surprised and today have a challenge for you. Everybody needs help with the marketing orion I this so we look really helps with the fact that my sound quality is poor. What I'm trying to do is not only make this idiot proof I'm trying to make sure that nobody comes up with excuses for making these videos. All right, carriage band to me was the easiest way for me to do it. It is not the best way to record audio. It is the most heck way to put audio into your video. I'm telling you right now if the quality of your audio is bad, you cannot run it on that you cannot run it on your video. You will get crucified for bad audio now there's a whole take both of experts that air sitting running the studio today and they are audio. It's it's a swell and there I can hear them smashing the heads against that soundproof room and they're going to cheat us tell everyone to speak into her computer and recorded on garrett band gs kellen, I did, I did that. You know what? Callin we'll start somewhere and we don't know have youtube channels with two million views playing the piano, but kellen does, and he is an audio expert and a pianist and incredible music right here, and he has two million views because he created video that quinn even, you know, he was just doing his best to create video over the years, and it worked and he got an audience and he got traffic and we do the best we can with what we've got. I'm sick of people saying it's so easy cause she sue bryce it's a well, how do you think I became surprised? Well, my parents named me, but that is, and then what I did was I had the out of my career right from the beginning when I had nothing and I'm still hacking it now because it's all I've got it's all I've got, I'm just gonna hack hack, hack away, and if you call me a heck, I say how yes I am. And you know what? I'm successful in spite of it because I'll just keep hacking until I make it work. Please should horizontally and I don't just mean video you showed video bid it clay, you will not only be removed from the group, we will seem to personal hit man around to take you out. You shouldn't be a professional photographer if you shooting video video vertically and you need to be removed instantly from the world. Please, I do it ever if you have to, don't show vertical images because the difference between a slide show and a video is that you're telling a vertical story with a horizontal frame. Now, when you are lost in your shooting mode like me, you just don't think to turn the camera back this way and you should have a lot of beautiful vehicle shops when you make your video. I made a choice in this next video, too, just in large all the images on the ones I shot bit of constant of not including them instead of showing two bags on the side. Ok, I made that choice because and it doesn't look good, you can see my ear once I pointed out, you'll see it if I don't point it out, you may not. See it? But my idea was that there was no vehicle images in here and know about the other side mixed time I'm going to make sure I shoot just about everything and every time and now a shot I'm going, then get a shot the same shot horizontally so I can make the most just kick ass video. So over the next twelve months, we're going to be prompting you again do tutorials on voice over because animator did not have a voice of a function. So how did we put voice and music? You upload the music is an mp three, so you export the voice over and garrett van is an mp three and you can run two songs side both sides simultaneously and drop the volume of one of them to get the voice ever we hacked it, we had their voice over by using a b three on inamoto and it works it works and it's perfect. How do we grade the footage? Because you can't grade the footage on enomoto, yet we graded there on finish up, so we'll do a tutorial to show you how to grade the movies that come straight out of your camera on fred ish up so that you can give them more punch more contrast, filtered color, you can change the color and you can make it black and white gutsy gorgeous black and white videos absolutely amazing we hacked it a case of everything we've done today we've gone heck heck heck to me the tempo, the tempo off putting to music is one of the greatest skills and eat it too can have and we don't have that skill or we have is the ability to sit a tempo to the music and animator does this automatically you can choose the tempo in which beat you wanted to sit on slow or fast and it will adjust the slide in image based on that tempo so there is no excuse for you to be off on your tempo in your beat in your editing okay, now this is what it comes down to this is about ideas, right? Ok, I'm going to give you all these ideas to market and create video right now and I need you to think more periphery these were just ideas as I set down used today and thought what if some cool ideas I could give people because if I give you ideas you go and do them ok because your creative people but I'm just going to prompt you so I want you to think about this on my supervised ike dot com I haven't about sue video it was shot by alejandra the dow beautiful video and she's a beautiful videographers she has an I very much like ah haley and that's why I was very drawn to her work is a very beautiful these professionals you're paying for, and I know that some if you can't afford them going pay them because, wow, but for everybody else in the world I want you to create and about video that has you and your message in it, along with some behind the scenes and a little clip of your studio, and I want you to put that on your about page. I want you to put that on your youtube channel. I want your youtube videos to have the link to your web site and every link and tag and she worthy take that you can possibly think that goes around your studio. Sue prize los angeles glamour makeover creative live is one of my tag words, of course, you know, I have so many tags around my name that no matter what people at google searching, I'm going to come up somewhere along the line in the more hits like it on those videos, the quicker I'm going to come up. I want you to think about the power of this video is it is free to put on youtube in the power of marketing it is to link tag and shia linked tag and sheer, the more link tags and she is you can get the more it's going to drive your ceo okay, so you need to lincoln tag your website? Link your words to your tag words these really, really vitally important. Once you've done that, you're about video, you need to embed it and you can embed it from youtube. You can a bit it from video, and then you can watch the counter off how many views you're getting through that because it's embedded from there. Okay, so you can actually watch that count go up. We want to tell people who we are. My about video says my name is supervise, and I've been a portrait photographer for twenty five years, there's so many layers to being beauty to being beautiful and every one of them exist inside you. I wantto invite you to a personal physician with me, and I'll change the way you see yourself, it's, beautiful music you see my studio, you see me, I'm looking at the camera and engaging. The first challenge we're going to do is to make the most beautiful about video, but instead of being just to slide two of your best shots, it's going to be video of you speaking. It's going to be video of you working it's going to be video of your studio it's going to include your strongest message and the best part about it is it's kind of engage people, endear people and sell you as a person once they meet you, they're going to love you straight away. These links can be put on every email that you send out. This is about you. This is everything you need to know this is meet me and everybody's going to love it. Okay, anybody right now can create a slideshow, vertical or horizontal to kick ass music if that's all you've got right now if you can't get anything filmed for the first month, you are very first challenge leaders to create a slide show off your best images to go on youtube. Do you know how many people have not done this year? Even though it is the most simple and effective way to market your business right now is to go and take your two hundred best images? Pick a song that matches your brand put it to a tempo, put it on a simple basic template slideshow. Open your enomoto account, select the tweet one hundred images or two hundred images from your file, upload them, walk away and make a coffee. Come back, choose music, set the tempo to the speed of the images, choose how you want to crop, how you want to fade it by going this one or this one there's one on this one, this one or this one, this one exported uploaded to you to put all of your tags on it and ensure it on your social media. And we're sitting at about I think, at last poll, seventeen percent of people head a slide show on youtube, stephen ten percent of photographers asking me had a mac of their business. But later I start. But where do I start? He stopped there. All right. Taking may every year that your work gets better. You create a new site show multiple slide shows you grow, you change it. You remove your old footage. Doesn't need to stop their it's. Not permanent. Ok, everybody wants to see behind the stills behind. Everyone wants to see behind the scenes stills and footage. So the other day I challenged myself to do a shoot and I had a lot going on. I was busy. I had to shoot for this girl because she needed new images for a folio. I needed to nail some beautiful shots that she wanted by them, and I needed to also ah, record it and this is the most hilarious pat I thought I'll record it myself because I'm going to prove I can do this myself, so I asked my friend justine a guard to shoot behind the same still and I decide I'm going to shape this go and video this girl as well, like I'm goingto ride two horses with one ass very hard to do, but I'm going to do it because I'm surprised I can surely do this and I mean shooting for years, I've got this knocked down and then I decided to do it all on stroke, so I had something else don't freak out about and that's probably why I failed, of course I take all this footage of her getting really and justine shooting may and I'm shooting this girl and everything looks like it's going off and it's wonderful and then I get stuck into the shooting, I'm banging away and I get to the end of it and I realize two things I shot a whole lot of vertical images, so everything in here is vertical streets doubt which doesn't work and I didn't shoot any footage after I started shooting, so I photographed here video here getting a make up done and then did not take a single footage clip after that moment forward, so I got to the end and I was like oh, ah, it's harder than you think, because I went into photographer mode, not into filmmaking mode, and it is riding two horses and it's very difficult to do so and so I was like, oh, ok, you've got a couple of choices, you either need to give another photographer to come and film it, so I should have actually had justine filming may not shooting me behind the saints because footage was stronger, and then she can't fill me for more than one minute, but they're really only forsaken clips anyway. So what I did was I took all of this footage and I put the makeup footage throughout the video, right? And then I picked a song and I uploaded all the stills and stretch them out because most of them a vehicle and this is my screw up video, so this is me making huge mistakes, but these are my huge mistake. So you tell me if this is still enough to speak to an audience of people and not photographers or filmmakers, they're going to go a lord. What was she thinking that my audience is going to say something different to you? You got it, it's, my screwup video and even my screwup video is good enough to show people because it's interesting and it's fast and it's and it's got looked of attract ability and it, and it shows behind the scenes and everyone loves it. But did you agree with me when it cut to the footage? You are more interested? Or were you looking around the stills like, did you feel like you were still interested in seeing the photographs or the finished images of here? Like, at what point did you feel like I thought it was really good, just all of it, but I was interested in seeing you behind the scenes that justin would have shot. I thought that was cool. Yeah, it is cool isn't, and I feel like it probably one of most important parts of that you see me in my environment and you see my environment, so there are three components to that slide show being that you see who finished product you see here getting ready and you see me photographing her said that three perspectives and they're all coming from a different point, the perspective of her getting him may get done is showing the process the perspective of may. Being on the camera shows my whole studio and the perspective of seeing what's coming out of my camera, those three things in itself are really, really interesting we've got a mother and daughter video coming up next, we're I have got the perspective of me being in there as well but when I give the video to them as a mother and daughter video I'm actually going to take me out of it as a component and just have hearing her daughter and as a video for them to keep this is not about selling video this is about giving a free gift of a slide show to your clients but this is also about really marketing you business everything here is just about marketing and sharing and storytelling before I start this video I have to tell you something this was actually shot bases and roderick we visit on inamoto it was shot and we use this in a video example that we did about a year and a half ago but what we never used with the story we used some of the footage to show you how well we did this when we was so new it it writes is and we was sonya with it and we were we were sonia and we didn't know what we were doing but we shot it anyway but what is so remarkable about this video is afterwards I asked here tio what story which he want to tell and we also made it incredible video I am doing which we loved and then we showed you a lot of that well this was at the same week and christmas story wass chris had lost one hundred twenty pounds or I can't remember how much it was it was a lot and the power around chris in her story to re embrace herself and love herself was so strong that when we asked here she's speaking into there garrett band into the laptop no left might and you khun the the audio for me is not what it could be and it hasn't been chained or tweaked in anyway and it could be, but this is again at its most rudimentary storytelling, and what we've done is just put together her voice over with music with footage this time more footage than stills and I feel like in terms of seeing a video it it you understand it a little bit more about storytelling, so one of the challenges of the next twelve months is going to be how many stories can you tell in what stories do you want to tell often you will get an amazing client with an amazing story and they're not very good at telling it and unfortunately you're going to record them speaking and the speaking voice will be bad and it won't work very well and it's not going to translate very well as anything that's going to be sheer worthy and then every now and then you're going to get someone like chris that not only has a voice, she has a mission and just the power loan of her mission is quite mind blowing so this was the video that we took and we edited this on any murder we mp mp three the voiceover from garrett band with no mike my name is chris today I'm having that torture taken I want to see myself as a woman I dreamed I always be you see I been unhealthy I couldn't get off the floor to play with my children I hid behind a camera and would never get in front of it today I am beautiful on I want to celebrate that I'm a wife I'm a mother on a warrior beauty is lacking beauty is smiling beauty is being able to enjoy your life the way it was meant to be enjoyed I'm so proud of where I've been and what I've achieved I'm beautiful I could see it every woman deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful to feel fabulous to feel like the woman they were always post this's this is ridiculous is this one of the first video susan ever shot? So where no experts and video at the time we recorded no audio we set it down that afternoon and we made his speak into the laptop with no microphone we recorded on garrett band to prove that that this could make you feel something that this could this is easy and that this is doable and anybody can do this and I kind of feel like it's like off polish is what makes it even more powerful it short it's sweet it's interesting and it's rials she's not reading it she's speaking from their heart I just wanted here I would ask the christians what would you tell your daughter in twenty years? What is the strongest message that you have that you would like to share? And then she shared her before photo and you just see this vibrant woman the most incredible patters here has been rung me contacted me and originally booked the shoot and he said, I want you to photograph my beautiful wife and you know, she told me about how she's always been loved by this incredible man, even when she was on well and curve ear and all the rest of it and she just always had this love in her life and and now she's just the woman that she just always wanted to be and she just glows and it's obvious and she's so beautiful and I mean, I know for a fact that when this goes out this week, the bounce on this video is magnificent and you can't you just you can you can't buy that sort of traction and you can't buy that sort of interaction and you can't buy that sort of engagement and you can't buy that sort of entertainment cause it's riel it's the moment when somebody sitting in front of you completely vulnerable and officiate and they tell you why they're vulnerable and you say, can I tell that story? And I just don't meet people that say, no, you can't because there's something freeing and that for here because she is remarkable and that blows me away. Another challenge is going to be specific genre multiple genre. If you're a multiple genre photographer, I want you to create multiple videos based around your multiple genre. So right now, if you're shooting new bonds of issuing families, if you shooting winnings, you are first goal is to create a video for every one of your genres and that you cross market link and shia and tag and cross market every one of your genres to one source. Okay, that's going to come up over no, begin, I want to see videos on the generations we're shooting, we're not shooting enough generations we were critiquing the other day, and we saw this photo of this older man and michelle santana and brooke shade, and we're critiquing portal with me, and we were talking about how incredible of this to shoot truce in years, not not, you know, school seniors and the stories around these people will make remarkable videos for family portrait for generations to sheer I just cannot think of anything better than trying to get older people into a studio to tell these stories mothers fathers grandfathers great grandparent's multiple generations there are so many opportunities to create capture and make stories of marketing around these people that is so powerful old hands old hands with young babies older hands with small children you know my child my generation's building families there are so many peripheral stories simply around the subject and I don't see anybody doing it I've been shooting a lot of fifty plus women but I need to see some more generations I'm going to challenge myself to get more generations and to get people to bring in the grandparent's the's images are priceless girls stay out bachelorette parties glamour days whatever the sunday in your studio can you imagine a video with a fast paced beat music showing girls drinking campaign cheese and crackers getting really being photographed together laughing show me a group of girls of any age in the twenties or thirties they wouldn't watch a video like there and won a book in here and every one of her girlfriends okay but we're not thinking like that we're not seeing like that we're not creating stories so that so these air prompts to say this is your goal if you do anything like this you have to create a video for this in the next six months okay and it's going to be awesome now if you cannot shoot this and shoot well, you need to get in this system that can sit up a tripod and record for you or you need to get another photographer in place. What? See all video you you video may you give me the footage I'll make my own video, okay, but there is no reason or you're to pay somebody to come and do it but there is no reason that you can say I couldn't get anybody there interview a client show the process client reveal and the reaction so the video coming up is of a mother and daughter shoot and how it came about was they contacted me and asked me to photograph their daughter for an acting folio in some portrait they have one child and next minute this beautiful mom walks in with this child and I'm like, oh, I love to photograph you together and she says on are not made just the child you know, like I've heard that a thousand times that's like, you know what? I'm going to put you in here and make up and I'm just going do you hear makeup and you can have some shots with your daughter the end and you have to just trust me and I talked her into it and she said to me afterwards, best experience of my life I can't believe you made me do that you know blah blah blah border the photographs you know seen it seen a million times I recorded that shoot again I recorded behind the scenes I recorded a bit of footage to my camera didn't go to a big if it because I was trying not to be too fancy to show you I can still create connective stories the one thing I haven't done with this video yet is recorded her reveal you see she was so shocked by seeing the back of the camera I thought it would be really wonderful to film her seeing her images on the war so I'm going to do that when I go home and then re edit the video because the video to me of seeing the reaction as a viewer you would think one thing I'm planting a seed and you hear that the finished result is photographs I can planting a seed in your head that this is not something you watch but you're watching someone go through a photo shoot and then seal the photographs on the wall to me it's subliminal messaging and then I photograph you and you love them all and then you buy them and then you see them on the wall and you go oh look at me and then I photograph you holding a big foley a box and my subliminal messages now you're on it's beautiful folly a bug of images and you pay me three thousand dollars and you're happy and you're smiling and that's advertising but it's really because that's what really happened? But I'm shooting it and then everybody seeing it and they're very taken with it and then the subliminal missing inching has come by beautiful portrait leave with foley a box and in the wallet make you very happy. So the idea wass how many of your of your clients can you actually connect with enough to interview? How many of your clients can you actually show the full process off right through to them picking up the folio box? I want them, tio see your product and then I thought, hang on let's think about this. One of the challenges is not only going to bait to film some clips of the reveal, one of the challenges is going to be a show people had a pretty for the photo shoot, okay, now this can exist privately online, so you don't even have to have this out on youtube, but let's say, I record, eh? Five minute video and I break it up into five segments because I can put slide show with it on how to prickly a shoot, and I'm just speaking to the camera and I'm doing this hi my name see bryce and we're going to talk about prepping, please shoot I'm going to show you some great ideas of what to do, what not to do, what to bring, what to wear, how to make your chute amazing, and I'm going to send it to my clients, okay? After they've booked this chute so that they can watch it and that they can see what looks good, what doesn't? I'm going to show them a little slide show of this works patents don't work so much, we want you to bring in five outfits, or you can talk to them on the phone that either way, what a great way to show the process. I want you to think about doing a studio tour. Can you imagine filming anything through your studio, showing them your space and in your space happens to be all of the products you sell and it's not like, and this one is five hundred forty nine dollars. You're doing it in beautifully, and the thing is it is peripheral marketing because you're showing people the space the process of you should know you're going to have to get pretty creative with this one because I feel like this one could be quite silly and quite off putting if you don't do this properly, but I'm going to try and think of. Ways to do this really creatively where I can show you the process what to wear what to bring how to connect with me and show you my studio and show you my product without being an invidious mint with it being a story and so the only way you're really going to do there is to show behind the scenes show reactions show people looking at products show people picking product holding products doing the reveal a lot of you were doing the reveal wall now I think it really works I also thought the bridal posing this came up in conversation after us talking to peter here lee peter hurley was saying he did a video about the jaw line and he's head over two million views now not from photographers from human beings that want a bit of your line in the photographs and remember about a year and a half ago they'll food she she's a photographer she was a student here creative live on winning photographer he went and did a youtube tutorial on chin ford and down for brides and coded have a take a bit of photograph for brides or something of that and at the time of year and a half ago she had seventy eight thousand views that's traffic to her name who website and if seventy five percent of people are going to her website after watching her video what does that tell you? That's the statistics then everybody watching that video is going to her website is looking form or so I thought to myself how can you interact with a client base by just being you how can you interact with a client base you khun teach the world basic selfie tricks you can teach the world to do ten fourteen down he can teach the world how to connect to shoulder either on the trade mack on that you know this is about connecting with an audience as you you can show tips and tricks for brides like throughout the day you need to know a couple of things brides always ask about the arms so let's talk about all the way she complains your arms they're gonna make your arms or better without it being flattened hard against your body you can give them to you you don't even have to make that public you can just create online little tutorials for your clients that they can cheer out and you can share it with them but what it's going to do is just constantly drive traffic and if they can share it even better how much of your videos can you create over the next year there are infused with a personal message something that actually you believe in you know simon cynic is one of the biggest tv talks and he sees the golden circle it's not what we do it's why we do it you know, and then people, brilliant people like jeremy cowart tell you the why the why? Because they're so infused with a message in a love and a passion and enthusiasm for what they do and it's it's everything they do. Well, how much of your personal message can you put in a video? So I go to film this video of this mother and daughter haven't done the reveal yet, I'm going to make it better, and I realized that I don't just wanna watch this mother and daughter shoot to music because it's boring. Although I want to say something, I want to say something, damn it. So I record my voice now, this time I recorded on garrett band with my iphone here finds plugged in straight onto the microphone in the quiet of the quietest room, I locked my puppy in their speed be doing because I knew that she would, you know, I could click on the wooden floor and for one point a minute and thirty seconds I recorded myself just saying something very authentic to me. That is a tree message that I really believe. And then I put it to this footage, so this is infusing a personal message until brand this is going to be one of the challenges. I have bean a photographer for twenty five years, and I have heard every excuse that you could ever imagine and it's always mom, they're not me just forget about the children I feel my greatest journey is a photographer is being to convince mom tio hope in front of the camera he's always behind it and there's always an excuse, but what will you do one day your children look for photographs off you and around them it doesn't matter where you're physically with your tired your bodies that your children just think you're perfect, I want you to exist in photographs were children with people who love you for himself after a lifetime of capturing memories for people, I know that there's no money in this world that will equal value off memories that you create last, so don't be afraid to be a way you can use that hash tag existent photographs if that's what you want I don't mind I want everybody to use their hash tag. I'm not trying tio dominate the marketing and watch people copy me. I'm trying to teach you ways of getting traction and trying to teach your ways of getting noticed if you want to use exist in photographs hash tag exist in photographs for your children, for yourself exist in photographs for your children, for yourself, for the people that love you, trust me we need to, as photographers tell the world why they need to pay up to take the photographs, and we need to stop competing with each other's photographers just long enough to get aside from our really big kids that says it's, not about you it's about the person that one day looks back on a photograph in twenty years time and says, look at these photographs, look what we own this is more priceless than anything my family could ever buy was this more process than anything I could own? That's what you making, you know, making a facebook following you're not making, you know, making yourself into the next big thing you're not trying, what you're trying to do is get paid by creating time this incredible images that people will cheer it, cherish, cherish for the rest of their lives. These are there's a line in that video there's so had to me to stay because this is how deeply I feel it. One day your children will look for us if you hear, what would they have? Oh my god, I must have recorded that about eight times because I just say it without crying, I'm sitting in my office on my own, but I'm so and you know what? I haven't lost a parent, I've got both of them, but I am so jolted by that the reason I'm jolted by there is because I went through a period of my life where I wouldn't be photographed because I hated myself so much so I understand the power off I understood the power off not being able to see myself and I understood the power of not thinking I was good enough to have a photograph of my life and I understood but mine was not about loss mine was not about losing anybody mind was about losing myself so I was so jolted by the statement that I was trying to say it on the video without by voice like cracking out away idea but I am so a munch my attached to that statement that I challenge you I telling she right now with the you've lost a parent a base frame I challenge you right now to put head take existent photographs for the world because as a portrait nation as a photography nation we need to world global message needs to be that you need to have beautiful photographs you were good enough to be in a family portrait you were good enough to be photographed with your kids you are good enough to exist in photographs you must celebrate your life I don't keep health thirty thank you are I don't care how old you think you are my job as a portrait photographers to take them most beautiful photograph you have ever seen of yourself so that you can cherish this for the rest of your life and that your children can love it and enjoy it and it will be more meaningful than anything your family will own and yes, it might cost you a few hundred dollars but trust me, the value of what we'll create for you today is far greater than anything you could even buy. I want to believe that with every cell in my being and I want to infuse it into my message and I want to have fuse it into my life and I want to stop acting like this life is a dress rehearsal people because it's not but it's too just so tired of it being just something that's like no, not me no not may know no, you know and if I can speak about what really most me my photography and if I can infuse that myself, then I'm going to do it and that is the strongest message that I can show it's a photographer you know, it is really the strongest message that I can show is a human being because it's something that I believe is infusing this personal message. All right? I want any questions if there's any christians out there, I said we're going to join the facebook group anyone can join the group with you want to buy an inmate or not? This is about a video challenge it's about doing twelve challenges over the next twelve months I'm going to do it too. If there's any personal questions about actually using animal nato, I have both thinking end selling here micro find if there any personal questions about challenges, stories, how it's gonna work anything you more than you can ask me anything you voice on that so first question is, I tried to join the group because we did drop the link in our chat room. And do we have to be approved to be in the link or in the group? Ok, so go ahead and click on the link ad joined the group and then you'll get accepted later. Yes, everyone that can accept you is actually in this room at the moment. Yes, everybody that's administrating on this group is actually here live and we're not allowed to have our eye finds or your computer. Otherwise I'd be teaching classes is going this is actually my life. What? Yeah, ok, tio, I'm just shaking my face. So here's, what you're saying? All right, um, a couple of let's hear a couple of things I just want to show you because I feel like this was really, really important. I went tio tune on my camera and I got nikki to come over and film in my camera the video that I shot for the animated challenge was shot on an I pair ipod what do you call it? A tripod and ipad ipod tripod you know I don't use a tripod and made mickey bring her tripod. The video was shot on a tripod that's why it's nice and still and it doesn't have much movement the videos I shot off the girl with getting him makeup done janice video I shot on a monitor pod with a video heated and video feed the video feed a bendy feet that you can do your tighty with and the video hid was a ball joint you could flip back that would be the ultimate and the other one was the fig rig so everyone says, what did you use? However you're going to get really good at doing this and if everybody has a tripod really it's one of the first things he buys a photographer I went tio I think being a to new york when I was there doing a shoot and I bought a fifty nine dollars tripod that was so light I could travel with it and it is very flimsy. It is the smallest, lightest tripod they have, but it works exceptionally well if you don't kick it or knock it over and it can travel anywhere with me when you're filming I do have a second body so now I've always had two five d mark three's that I shot with one videoing and one I'm shooting with now I have the face so now I have two extra cameras so I gave my assistant my other cameron say shoot behind the saints and she should stills these stills are getting huge traction on my social media now the video is going to get me a ceo it's going to get me a lot of people drawing to my website the stills that I'm constantly posting behind the scenes are just interesting so many photographers just posting one should awake as opposed to showing the process showing the makeup showing the behind the scenes showing the outfits showing a pretty room showing all of that process that's really interesting I want to see it you know I was really blown away we did the animal odo advertising video in january in new york it's on my channel I've posted it many time it's the one where we all hollywood stars we can't show it on creative life because of our copyright because it has it's been licensed but it's not license when you're buying creative life so that's where the copyright stops it from being viable but when selling made that video we were shooting behind the scenes but we went itching for videography we were just shooting it and when she said I'm going to make a behind the scenes video I thought, you know, the footage is not good that we should have got a videographer and what were we thinking? You know, you know, make this in quipped that video blew me away because she graded all of the footage on finish up black and white and then made all of the stills really got to black and white put that really bombastic sixty song, and I just watched it and I was like, you kidding me? I think this is a slide show I was I love that video I referred to it, I show people that video all the time, I think it's fantastic. I'm gonna post it on my facebook page this afternoon, soon as they get out because just so you can see it again. That is a cold video that was not shot by a videographer that was shot by nikki and edited by sally. So I said to sally, how would you grade the footage? Because the footage stepped on jonah's video, the footage looked like the stills and she's like I did it on finish up, I said, how do you do that? I'm fun show I didn't even know I had to do there, and she was like, well, neither did I, I just thought I'm going, I'm going to google it. So we're going to do a tutorial on how to grade the footage the movies on photo shop for that group because I don't even know how to do that and I think you win on you graded the contrast you graded it to black and white it looks just like the still they think you made this video you put it to sixty music it's a hollywood video and it's amazing it's incredible that blows me away all right a couple of other trips on the back of your camera now I'm shooting cannon so for those of you that is shooting for the john nikon I don't actually know the difference but I have lots of friends that she don't know icon so I'm going to ask and if you want to ask in that group how many of you want tio shoot on different cameras what the sittings air we'll find out there's always people that know but basically this is what's going to help me take a bit of footage my portrait sitting so on here my portrait sitting is sit to neutral okay now I was told a long time ago that my portrait sitting is unusual with minus contrast because the cannon she's quite contrast e and that neutral was the sitting because then when a videographer graded my footage or when I graded my footage in roar I had room to move so it would always give me a very neutral time aa lot of people when they shooting with may see my stills and then I show the back of the camera and they always say, how does it look so good? Straight out of it? Like my kid, the back of my camera doesn't look that good, and I always explain my portrait sitting is sick to neutral now with minus contrast. So my portrait sitting a seat to neutral minus contrast. Sorry, it's called picture style. In the end, what I've done is I've got minus contrast in two minus color, sir alex, you post I had posted a block about this maybe two years ago, so I'll find it and repost my sittings because what happens? It makes the capture more neutral, which then you khun grade the footage now when I'm shooting for an emotive video and I don't have the opportunity to grade my footage. So when I shot that video of me in the hotel, I sit the portrait, sitting to portrait, which is plus to contrast and soon a minus four. So basically what I did is I shot it contrast t and then changed my white balance to get a tone based on it will not be edited or graded. Because I don't have that capability, so I shot and allowed for that. So instead of people watching the tutorial on had a grade footage in photo shop and why, like, really hacking it up here? And I was like, am I showing you how heck with the this is? Hey, this is head hacky hack. She means by hack, it means that she's winging it by the seat of her pants she's just making it work. Yeah happened, but my whole career has been based on that. I just I've always been a gift, a kind of go just talking way through its ticket together and hope for the best, you know, we grew up with my guy either, and you see lint. Thank you guys all know whom a diver is. I'm like for us, it was always my garba and it's. Also kiwi ingenuity. Kiwi ingenuity is number eight wire and, you know, a bit of denko taped. She'll be right, mate, we've always been a heck it up and just make it work so that's, how I mean so that's about as hecky is I can get and I can create videos. That means something, and I can create videos that is sheer worthy, and I can create videos. That have a message and that somebody is going to listen to them watch them share them like them and that's nothing that has done so simply I cannot wait to see what people will be capable of in the next year once they push through the barriers and I can't wait to see what brilliant ideas people come up with so I hope you enjoy being part of that group because I feel like it's going to be a pretty cool fun cool fun way off marketing a business any more christians place general q and a year why don't I come up enjoy your victory and if you have any questions in the studio audience feel free right soup rice wow always blow me away sue all right let's start here oh, I just lost all my questions does anyone have a question so let's go ahead it's ah it's not a question it's more of observation when I started marketing on the periphery well I guess I started out first I said you know I'm coming to michigan for a week and it's gonna have this many sessions open for this price nothing no bookings when I started marketing on the periphery you know I said I'm excited them coming to michigan I get five shoots you know it's just a huge thing that it it's because you're not you're being genuine you're you know you know you know you're not selling anything you know people don't want to be so tio I don't understand it this is the only world we they'll create an entire trade show off vendors and sixty thousand people will go and go not to look at a single vendor in case they're getting sold to have done it time and time again I've stood at a booth holding my weir's waiting while people disengage with the eyes in the body language so as not to get given anything for free it mystifies may so what I would do is I go to this trade show it's set up my booth and I would make all the girls stand this way and look at the both and then people would line up behind us to see why we were lined up and they stand beside you and you'd be looking at the booth and then they looking at the images to and you go high and then you'd hand them a pimple and they go but I was simply standing in the opposite direction so if I have my back to you you've approached me but if I stay and forward looking out of my both ninety percent of the people that didn't want to see my product didn't want to be sold to didn't want to be caught didn't want to be didn't want to have to be in that awkward moment where I would try and sell him something I could just keep walking by. And I thought, what is that? This human nature? You know, the guy on the street that's handing out pamphlets, you've got two choices. Ignore him, shut him down or take one and throw it in the bin. Why do they keep doing it? It doesn't work. It's the first scrub jay would like to know what length should the finished products be? Um, you need to be under four minutes. You need to be under three, four minutes if you're telling us a big story. Three minutes of you telling a medium story two minutes if it's a consistent like slide show because it's boring and it's not gonna hold your attention in one minute is just sweet spot, because anybody's going to watch a minute. But I must say, if you watch it and you don't get distracted by your dog, your children or your iphone, you've got you've got a winner because when somebody sends me a video, if I looked down at my phone, I look away it cookie or look at something out and come back to the video. I know they lost me and I realized afterwards that they lost me if I want to video and I'm like this and then I want to watch it again, so I want to watch it again, I'm sharing it. And if I'm sharing it I'm going to watch it maybe five or six times and then I'll be like did you see the video I put in my face yesterday? Yeah did you see the video she had something amazing is today going want to sell my feet? I put it on my feet because I have to watch it again if I do not get interrupted when you editing what do you think that you could feel it running? Yeah when you're making your own video if you if you get sidetracked making your own video it's too long you'll actually get distracted with your own video I swear to you yeah, so you'll boyd points for saudi that you created you put your heart and soul yeah it's such an interesting thing also every frame has a life and you know I would look at it and go that frame just got held two seconds too long like I want to see it and I wanted to go I want it to be visually pleasing a reference in the move on I will say that the same way that you're watching supervise videos and you get kind of clumped you get a little choked up, you will get choked up watching their own videos and if you if you get choked up watching your own video no matter how many times you watch it over you've done something right? Yeah that's how do you manage to separate your personal account from your professional a considerable share lots of personal content in juror and remain on facebook? Yeah, this is ok, so my personal page was open like my business page was and that's the page I lost because somebody reported me is doing business on my personal page I lost it, which was acceptably thing because I never had a personal page after it went public. So now my personal page is really personal I have one hundred forty three friends and I don't have any intention to have more than people are actually going to dinner with on that I know, and that is my family and in my personal family like my immediate the prices, we have a bryce page and that is not of my even based friends are in there like that is just for my family to shia family photographs of my children, nieces, nephews and cookie and and so basically, yeah, I've got those but my business pay ted, I manage how much personal content I don't really talk about very personal, but I don't talk about anything negative because I'm not interested in hearing my laundry or talk about anything up sitting on my pate I share a lot about what I'm doing, but I'm very careful about what I show up my house I'm trying to be careful with what I shall about my personal self, because the more I show up that the least people follow me, they just want team between about then I won the whole they don't want to see all that stuff in some people who are and she said they want to know more, they usually write and ask me or ask me on the street what they want to know, to try and keep ten percent of your personal self on there and, you know, just know bitching mining between a mining is so off putting on facebook and people just sound interested in following it. They're just not interested, you know, to be trying usual words for power, and I mean, that is when you're talking about things, talk about ideas and creative ideas don't talk about people you shall words for power utah energy for power try and uplift try to inspire trying to support but don't use your words to bring people down or bring other people down. Your words are so powerful and they should be every where they should be important should be everything it is infused in you it's coming out of you is being felt on your social media, and I feel like if you infuse that, you get it. Awesome! Ok, when we have time for about one more, lucille wanted to know what if I'm just starting and I don't have much to say about my work in the video. I don't believe you don't have much to say about your work, because everybody does. Everybody has something to say, even when I can't remember I was so afraid of public speaking, I was so afraid of putting myself out there that I was muzzled and paralyzed by my voice, and that didn't mean I didn't have something to say that was that I was struggling to say it, and it wasn't until I started to free that that I started to really empower myself that I realized that my message was coming forward. Everybody has a message, even if it's look at my beautiful wick, even if it's, you deserve to be beautiful. Even if it's captured these memories, even if it's everybody has something to say and you just need to find a way to say it and you need to find your voice and even if you're an inter vit, you're still an extra bit when you're excited because my brother's air inter vits and when they're excited about something they big and loud and fabulous, and I look at them and unlike and you're an inch of it and then they go back to being an inch of it you know it's my sister and I extra voted in louder and more gradations and the thing is is that either the day you are that so every every intervene has something to say thank you so very much do you have anything any final work no, I don't you know I'm gonna watch this challenge I'm going to enjoy it I hope you all just enjoy it I hope you embrace it and go for it and make great videos I hope you start getting beautiful big sheers and traction and that you join this group and support and help other than that you make really amazing sheer where the marketing I hope you find your voice and I hope you find your you know your spirit animal which is just that fit moment where what you're doing and what you want to say is now tied into who you are and what and what you're getting paid for there's no greater joy in this world than having the freedom I mean you have to speak through your work I took me a very long time to be able to do it and now I feel like I have the tools to communicate with my voice even when it's not in my budget because I'm the creative and I want to speak and I want to share and I want to embrace it. And I want other people to hear it. And I want other people to be enriched and empowered by it. And I want people coming to be money in my business. And I want to be paid for this joy. Awesome. Thank you so much to such a pleasure having you here. Oh, I love her.

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Let Sue Bryce show you how to create your own compelling, highly visual marketing materials and grow your photography business.

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