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Intro to GPS Metadata in LR

Another option, which I think is really amazingly cool, is the ability to plot our photos on the map, so I'm going to switch to the map module. I'm actually going to switch back to that folder so here's, our map module and let's zoom out. This does require internet access, and so if I zoom out a little bit oh, look, there's a picture on the map a look it's me! Wow, how that happened. Amazing! Look, it knew exactly where I took the picture, how easy this picture was taken with an iphone and iphone has gps receiver built in. So as long as it's, not an airplane road, the iphone knows where the picture was taken. This picture was taken in the exact same place with a digital slr that does not have a gps receiver, so I have no idea where the picture was taken, except I do because I knew that my camera, my slr, didn't have a gps receiver and that I could just use an iphone to take an image that would be plotted on the map automatically in light room. How cool is that? And so now I can use thi...

s what I refer to as a location snapshot to plot my photo on the map. I'll go ahead and click a little push pin on this photo so I can see the location on the map, and then I'm going to drag this other photo taken at the exact same location I'll drag and drop it right onto the map and now, although in enable that geo encoding now you can see gps coordinates have been added for this image automatically. Is that just amazing or what? I could also record a track logs. I'm not going to go into significant detail here, but we will load a track log, so I recorded a track log using my phone. There it is, I forgot to change the time on my phone, and therefore I have to apply an offset to correct the time for that track log, but now I can select all of my images and tell light room that I want to auto tag those selected images apps, and I didn't correct this the right way, and so it doesn't work, but it's gonna work, we're gonna make it work so let's love that track log again and make sure that the right off said, oh, because now we're probably offset by jill wrote, sometimes on offset plus I believe it was six hours I hope it was six hours if not gonna fly right past this, so auto tag no matching photos, I don't know what happened, probably I changed the date and time on these pictures of some point, but anyway, had that worked the way it was supposed to have work, all of these photos would magically appear on the map so that, for example, this photo would appear right there on the map, so you would know where you could buy those doughnuts in gratz in southern austria. So always fun when the permitted in this match doesn't work the way it's supposed to, but the point is, it is completely possible, and even if you had photos where you did not record a track log, so I've got these photos down here and I'm going to zoom in on the map and you could probably tell if you look at those thumbnails, you can see those air, some graffiti photos if you're familiar with karatz and so in austria, you probably recognize them as having been captured on neeson burger, gaza and so there is neeson burger, gaza right by the hospital. All drag and drop lots of photos. What is this? Twenty four photos all at once or harmony that is eight selected photos drag and drop onto the map. And there are all of those photos positioned on the map and what I find really cool about this is that then I can navigate around the map on this case I just have a handful of images of course that have been added to the map because I didn't add the others correctly and I haven't I'm using just a very small subset of my overall catalog, but you can imagine that if I've got lots and lots of pictures captured and lots of lots of places I can actually use the map is a way to remind myself of certain photos I'm looking for a picture oh how about austria? Oh yes the one captured near hall start above the lake, etcetera so that part's kind of cool but also then aiken search based on specific location information now that works wonderfully well for me I think it's tremendously incredibly awesome but that's because I tend to think about location information a lot for my photos so if you're not keyed on location, then what will you do? Well, a couple of different things first off remember we've got the folder structure so might navigate to a specific folder in order to find a particular image let's go ahead and go to the alaska folder, for example and now I want to filter down my images well, I mentioned that on this trip I actually captured about ten thousand photos and then once I went through a sign star ratings, I was left with on ly four hundred. Photos. Still a lot of images. But now I filter based on my star ratings. And I'm down to four hundred images in a single klicks. I went from three hundred thousand images in my catalog to ten thousand images in my alaska folder to just four hundred images. That's, reasonably manageable. And I still have all sorts of other meditative.

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A consistent workflow is key to keeping your photos organized in Lightroom. In How to Get and Stay Organized in Lightroom, Tim Grey will help you develop a workflow that is right for you.

Tim will guide you through the essential components of an image-management workflow and recommend reliable systems for organizing your photos. You’ll learn how to import photos into your catalog, manage folders, and identify favorite photos. Tim will help you develop a functioning protocol so you can always find the photo you’re looking for.

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Doris Woodruff

Tim is an excellent teacher with the skill to make any part of lightroom clearly understood. He goes at a pace that allows me to follow easily though I am a new lightroom user! After watching this class i recommended it to a friend who was even more a newbie than I and had really messed up beginning use of lightroom..after watching she and I were able to start fresh and get all her photos organized and now both of us can confidently download into lightroom and set up any photo and find anything quickly and be efficient in our time! Thanks Tim!!