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Maximizing the Import and Flag Ratings

Well go ahead and click the import button and now those photos are being copied into two locations they're being renamed on adding copyright in contact information to the metadata I've added a couple of key words all sorts excuse me all sorts of great things are being done I love efficiency and I just accomplished like a bunch of tasks all at once I've got a backup copy of got the photos renamed all sorts of things that I've done in one simple step well let's take a look at how easy it is the next time because those settings that we just looked at their all sticky well not all all that a couple or sticky I'll click import again I'll set the source to my second card and let's take a look it's still set to copy it's still going to my photos dr standard previews don't import suspect the duplicates backing up rename so I am going to read a name but I don't want to start with the sequence number of one again why it doesn't fix this automatically I don't know but I'm sure someday soon and he...

's going to fix this so instead I have to go back to my photos and see ok, that was number fifteen so let's get back into the import dialogue and now fifteen plus one sixteen so I'm begging nervous one don't have just making it up all right so now we're going toe said that naming so far that's one thing we had to change meditated pretty set still the same key words uh why didn't clear out my key words? This seems like a bad thing until you go somewhere else and then you import those photos and your seattle photos have alaska is a keyword or something so it's actually kind of a good thing in terms of not accidentally putting keywords onto images that you didn't want applied, so we used alaska and we used water this time water is not included in every photo and so we can't add water is a key word, but we can have alaska same folder so what? I changed two things that's awesome and every new compact flash card on downloading images from same thing I'll change the sequence number if I'm renaming and I'll change the key words as applicable or add those key words as applicable the next time I go somewhere else it's no problem at all I don't have to change muchmore well let's see all of these settings up here going to say the same the renaming obviously I would change that structure, reset it toe one and give it a different name like seattle, for example and then come down here and change the folder name just a couple things it's so easy so really streamlines the workflow light room is not the fastest tool when it comes to copying your photos for whatever reason a little bit slower than other processes you might use but I'll be patient with that and let it do all this other stuff in such an efficient way so my second import from that trip then I'll go ahead and click import and all of those photos are being copied again to two locations they're being renamed et cetera et cetera and so I'll go ahead and navigate now to my alaska folder so we could take a look at all those images so now I've taken images how we gonna get them even more organized now in theory? Well, not really but in theory I've already done everything I need because I have a folder called alaska so when someone says hey do you have any pictures of ice? Well yes I took pictures of ice in alaska let me go to my alaska folder and find the images the problem is that they're still going to be way too many images in that folder how many are going to be in that folder in this case only twenty nine that's not so that but how many pictures did I really taken alaska? This was an eight day trip I'm only a little embarrassed to admit that I took over ten thousand pictures and eight days in alaska now in my defense a few of those were time lapse captures but still so now we need a way to filter things down I mean, maybe I need to get my trigger finger fix so I don't take so many pictures in the first place, but the point is that I have lots and lots of images to go through on a on a typical trip. So now how am I going to identify my favorites? My real favorites from the trip there sort of three basic options because what I want to do is be able to just mark my photos in some way to say this one I really like this one I don't like whatever the case may be, there are three basic options on lee, one of which I really use extensively only one of which I used as my primary method of organizing these photos or identifying my favorites and that is a star rating so we have star ratings, we have picked flags and we have color labels let's talk about pick flags first they're two issues I have with pick flags personally number one I'm not good with the whole yes, no thing pic flag is either I picked this photo as a winner or I reject this photo as a loser that feels a little harsh to me I like to have, you know, some great asians of quality and especially for me personally do I really only want tohave my very, very best photos no, maybe for hanging on the wall. But what if I'm writing a magazine article, I might need some supplemental images that are not my favorite or best photos from that location, but they helped to tell the story about the location. Please that's what I tell myself, but also more importantly, remember we talked about pick flags not being preserved in that ex mp sidecar file pic flags are dependent upon your light room catalog. Personally, I try to maintain a little independence from that dependency, and so I prefer not to use pick blacks. But if you're picked flag person, you compress the letter p on the keyboard for pick, meaning this is a favorite image, so to speak. You compress the letter x on the key to reject and image, saying, this is one that I'll probably throw away. And if you've said, well, never mind. I don't want either you compress the letter you to unpick or to remove that flag altogether.

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A consistent workflow is key to keeping your photos organized in Lightroom. In How to Get and Stay Organized in Lightroom, Tim Grey will help you develop a workflow that is right for you.

Tim will guide you through the essential components of an image-management workflow and recommend reliable systems for organizing your photos. You’ll learn how to import photos into your catalog, manage folders, and identify favorite photos. Tim will help you develop a functioning protocol so you can always find the photo you’re looking for.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


Doris Woodruff

Tim is an excellent teacher with the skill to make any part of lightroom clearly understood. He goes at a pace that allows me to follow easily though I am a new lightroom user! After watching this class i recommended it to a friend who was even more a newbie than I and had really messed up beginning use of lightroom..after watching she and I were able to start fresh and get all her photos organized and now both of us can confidently download into lightroom and set up any photo and find anything quickly and be efficient in our time! Thanks Tim!!