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Updating Metadata

Let's take a look also at the meta data so this is a mixed bag in that it's both information about your pictures that you can't touch. So for example, you took a picture with that particular lens that lens is stored in the exit metadata the name of that lens you can't take your picture photographed with the two hundred millimeter lens and update the meta data make it look like it was a five hundred millimeter lens just to impress your friends. Actually, there are ways that you could do that but not in like room, so we have some information that we can just review we have other information that we can update so we can see, for example, that theis so setting was one hundred and the focal length of the lens was twenty four millimeters et cetera, but we also have some additional details that we can add if we want to, so maybe I want to apply headlines so the headline in the description in meditated in the I p c metadata those fields can be used, for example, when we're sharing our photos. ...

So the headline or the caption khun b used toe label the image in facebook, for example, if you sharing automatically to facebook or if you're e mailing the photo so their situations where you can use that metadata information in an automated way for me personally almost without exception, my meditated updates relate to key words and that's it anything that I might otherwise put into other meditative fields I just added as a key word, and I'm good to go, but again, it just depends on your specific needs, how you want to be able to look for your images and how you want to be able to use that meditative again. For example, if you're sharing images directly, be a light room, then you might want to update some of the other meditative fields, but it's very simple we can choose, which feels we want to see some of school back up to where we can see the header for the metadata section, I can click the pop up and choose which specific values I want to be able to see. Maybe I just want to see the I p c meditative fields, for example, and then I can scroll down and maybe I'll type a headline I'll call this paris at sunset, for example, and then that information is available to other applications, et cetera, so in some cases, useful just depends on your specific needs. But again, most importantly is that we're assigning that information to our images so that we'll be able to find our images through a variety of means a little bit later on, we'll see that in just a moment

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A consistent workflow is key to keeping your photos organized in Lightroom. In How to Get and Stay Organized in Lightroom, Tim Grey will help you develop a workflow that is right for you.

Tim will guide you through the essential components of an image-management workflow and recommend reliable systems for organizing your photos. You’ll learn how to import photos into your catalog, manage folders, and identify favorite photos. Tim will help you develop a functioning protocol so you can always find the photo you’re looking for.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5