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How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Pei Ketron

How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Pei Ketron

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Class Description

As technology evolves, so does the landscape of photography. With Instagram and other highly-visual, social platforms, photographers can reach and grow their audiences in a variety ways. Learn how you can maximize your reach, cultivate your social media voice, and build your business through photo-sharing apps.

Ratings and Reviews

Christine Yun

Great class as she goes through the main points on what followers look for and how to improve the quality of your Instagram. The class is super short so it's an easy watch. The tips are easy to remember too. This class is great for someone who's looking to cover their bases on Instagram from content, hashtags, engagement to photo editing.

Giles Rocholl

A really great compact overview of Instagram delivered with charm and authenticity. Pei covered all areas with a light touch and subjects were very easy to understand without getting bogged down in technicalities. For a short course she packed in a great deal of useful and finger tip motivating information.

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