Turning Personal Projects Into a Career


Turning Personal Projects Into a Career


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Drew Temple of Sony

We're very lucky today we have drew temple who's, a product information specialist with sony digital imaging he's here in the creative life studio we're going to bring him on board right now drew is going to be taking your questions out there and internet land you've been doing a great job feeding us your questions and we're going to take more for drew so if you've got questions for drew police send those are way gear questions and everything else jump in the accused tab in the chat room um let's let's bring drew in drew with if you would I'd like you to start off by talking to us a little bit about the sony any except we've got two of those to give away which is so exciting thank you for being a part of the creative life family and for sponsoring oh is this the one I get to take home thank you for being so giving and bringing in these artisans and for giving us some great equipment to give away. So why don't you start off by telling us about the n e x six and let's let's welcome him o...

n board through temple every backs thank you so much are in canada and what just another great day of inspiration and the stories about how as photographers you khun cr and create our and just simple things like writing letters and talking to people so um thank you to matthew think everyone let me pardon me while I bring in a prop we're going to talk about this in one second because this is going to be the giveaway but what I wanted to do first was remind everyone that sony has this website called sony digital imaging dot com and that has matthews bio as well as christina miroku oh and our other artists is of imagery and from there you can see there works what they've done and if you it's a really good resource to learn more about our products as well so rsl ours are lenses what you can do with them you keeping download brochures so be sure to check out that website as a robotic reference and learn more about that so that sony digital imaging dot com to a search and it's a great resource now before we get into the six I do want to let everyone know that we are running a special promotion right now with the ninety nine so excellent camera great photographs as he saw from matthew if you're just getting into a new system we are offering when you purchase the body of free vertical grip and our flash now this flashes his phenomenal because it allows you when you're shooting portrait sor shooting verticals and horizontal is to quickly shift back and forth and the beauty of this is that it's not just a flash it's also a video light and it can also control up to three zones if you want to do multi light settings for shoots and so forth it's got a very, very lots of powerful control in addition, the vertical grip also has inside of it room for two additional batteries so now you can triple the battery life of your cameras and I could go for anywhere from forwarded shots up to twelve hundred shots so it really for someone that's just looking to get into the system and that inspired they've saw the work they saw the great still images that the camera could shoot the great video that can shoot we've got a really good get you in the kitchen the game now if that doesn't issue no that's a beautiful group from flash yeah that's great only care about that we have another promotion where we are including with the body are twenty eight to seventy five lengths that's a nine hundred dollar value that were including right now when you buy the entity nine so be sure to check out being h dot com there are partner for this but again that's just go to the s lt anthony nine v page and it will say the promotions you can choose what's right for you so that's the ninety nine and then for creative why we are doing a giveaway and this is one of my favorite little cameras now this is a great everywhere cameras actually shooting with us last night and kill and I had dinner and afterwards I went out for a little walk along the waterfront there's a full moon and it reminded me of when I was in vietnam last year because they have a looter festival every month they light the's lanterns and sure enough, I was just sitting outside relaxing, taking pictures and land and start flying up from over here sessions the beauty of seattle and I had my any x six with because it's such a lightweight go everywhere camera but I don't sacrifice because it's a small camera one of the key benefits with his cameras the fact that includes an a p s c size sensor so even though it's a small mirrlees camera we're not putting a smaller sensor inside of it so your little light sensitivity your focus accuracy mohr is included plus with e n e x six we included nolan viewfinder so you can frame with your eye the lcd tilts it has a pop up flash exposure dial and one of the coolest things it does is I can actually download customizable aps and do things like time lapse cinematic photo picture effects I can't even control of my iphone or android so that's going to be a great prize and if you don't win it sure to consider because for one hundred thousand dollars is a very very powerful camera and we've got two of them to give away two lucky winners are gonna get cameron today that's very exciting there was a question that just came in about the bundle how long is the special on the ninety nine could run through may so that completes the commercial portions and I want to think about for putting up with me but really we're here to learn so I want to take the next few minutes before you break for lunch answer the questions yeah, we always like to start with our studio audience folks any questions for drew about any of the sony camera sony product line yeah, right in the center let's get a microphone you mentioned that the old minolta lenses will fit on the sony ninety nine is that correct? That is correct in fact what we're talking about is what soon is the lens mouth? And so this mount here is called an alfa mount so if you were to pick up from an old two camera konica minolta any lens made from nineteen eighty five on that is that would fit on a minolta or conical men also will fit on this mountain that also stands true for third party for sigma tamar and so forth and so be sure that there are ah a lot of people that are divest ing they don't want their equipment and mohr family members passed away and they're putting on ebay you can find really, really good esoteric lenses on places like ebay and craigslist, and again, as long as it's an alfa maxim mount, it will fit on this camera, and I'll give you the full control you could take full of the edge of the camera. Drew there's ah, kind of a follow up question that came in from the internet. Rhonda bertha asks, how can you identify specifically with the lenses, which lenses are made for? Maybe a crop sensor camera or which lenders are that's a very good question. Now we make two types of sensor sizes, we make the psc for the e mails. And then there s lt is like the a fifty eight a sixty five day seventy five. And in the eight, ninety nine, this is an example for a full frame. So should be cannons version of the five year the nikon d six hundred eight hundred. The camera the ninety nine. If you buy that cameron, you have legacy glass. It was optimized for any psc lens. The camera will actually recognize it. But the best way to tell is there be a d t and that stands for drew temple, no way digital technology, and so if you got like, a ceo, eighteen to two hundred, for example, that will have a dt in front of that just signifies that that is optimized for an a p s c sensor, but if you were to put that lens on a full frame camera, the camera, the ninety nine would recognize that it is a a psc lands, and we're crop the sensor down accordingly so that you wouldn't get in getting on the frame. Uh, we do have a global audience here at creative live, and we had a question coming from cyprus inca from cyprus who's asking about the convergence of but still photography and video be interesting to know about the video capabilities of sony and how much of sony video technology from the video cameras are being incorporated into the photographic still cameras that's a great question and I got to talk fast as I will go on and on about this. When we came out with the ninety nine, we really wanted to make it not just our flagship still camera and there's so much great technology fourteen bit raw, the ability to have advance focus control. But we also wanted to make that an unparallel camera for video and so in the camera I can shoot mp for so if I'm doing you youtube or you stream or something, I just want to push content to the web I can choose that kodak I can also choose high quality abc hd which is what I want to plan a big screen like this an abc h t is a rapper gives me maximum flexibility for control now in the camera I can choose different frame rates it has twenty four p for the film look and feel of film sixty I which is the most universal for television but it's also one of the few cameras in its size and price that includes sixty p sixty pig is in so much more flexibility for fast action or for rich data streams where I want to add it later on and have the ability to bring out rich slo mo. In fact, if you're thinking about sony I would highly encourage you to check out david mcclain, one of our artisans when we launched the united last year we actually he went out and created a movie called the calling the calling is eyes upon video so if you want to see the true full high definition version it's also available as a link off of the sony digital imaging website but that's a great testament to what you can do with a dslr and the lenses in the technology so be sure to check that I could literally go on for ten minutes about all the cool features in this camera but it is really our best still camera and best video camera I can tell that you get really excited about this so we have some more questions coming in and I want to address this just because she asked yesterday as well. Lisa portland said that the other day I think monday you had mentioned that a fifty millimeter lens that was the finest portrait lens available was that his ice? One point for that is and that's true opinion that's that sony's opinion or third party review sites but I feel that we've got this brand ellen's coming out in the summer it's going to be carl zeiss auto focus fifty millimeter it's going to be a one point four aperture and I think that that is again one more benefit of sony is the fact that we do offer auto focus carl zeiss we're the only manufacturer offer that so you have a wide selection of zeiss optics who were now pleased to add to fifty millimeter f one four to that collection of anymore but questions? I know that sometimes questions will pop up late in our studio audience anything coming up guys, you know, I just have a question because I was looking at the lens that they're sorry the flash that you have mounted to that a ninety nine in that cool is that is that tillerson technology so are you have a good eye and so as a photographer's portrait photographers were used to shooting like this but then we have to take the camera off with the quick shift bounce, which we've had now since two thousand seven. It really gives me maximum flexibility, so if I'm shooting portrait ce I can flash behind it can flash a wall has a built in diffuser that even has the ability to control up to three different zones for wireless flash and I can tell his portrait photographers you can see with matthews approached a one light being able to take the camera and control with extra flashes and the beauty and detail you could bring out with that. And remember, this is free along with photographs when you buy the body great. And then there was another question that came in from online the rumor in the passes that the flash mt was a little bit different for sony's in the past. And I know that that's been addressed more recently. Can you talk about the half shell? Very good questions that john did talk about that yesterday. So sony is not a camera company. You know where video company and I think that, um I always you know, people will throw that out and say, well, what gives you the right to compete in this space and it's like, well, we may not be a camera company, but our ability to innovate and come out with a new technology and so bring that around ari's question he said he was talking about prior to the eight, ninety nine the flash mount on top was a legacy piece of technology from konica minolta the engineers from adult if l pit while the eye so she was nice it really the take the products to come off and so they came up with their own version of auto lock and so up until last year we kept that are flashes the forty three the fifty eight the microphones they fit in that siding they fit in that socket they locked in they were good until you press the button to replace it, but the problem with that is it products emerging camcorders air replacing higher and technology you're seeing a emerging of cameras, camcorders and so forth and so with the my shoe, which is what we call it it's a nice issue I can put a guitar son packed on the camera that will control it, but I've also added intelligent pins and so the benefit of that and said it really opens the door. And so in the case of the night and one of the products that we're not showing here but I'm really excited about is the ability to put true balance audio, so if you're adding motion into your portfolio if you want to be able to record true heidi efficient video unparalleled audio you can put in xlr kit on the actual camera and used the my shoe and take full advantage instead of going into the camera being the mini plug with a third party with the amish you can use a high quality microphone of your own choosing or use the mike it's including the kit come in via the m my shoe and have just incredible audio so that's just one of many accessories and solutions for that well drew it is a past of human not don't be sorry great to have the goodness of thank you so much for over the course of the past three days sharing so much of sony expertise with us I think I could listen to you all day as well you are so knowledgeable just top right in that's right where can people continue? Tio go too get their questions answered I know you mentioned a website earlier well are part of information I think you can are part of information website again this is a brand it's agnostic so it's really designed just is a place for you to learn about the product and we have many, many retailer partners including our own sunny director as well as being a tresses are a partner for the event but it's sony digital media dot com so it's www dot sony digital imaging dot com there's any questions out there is the gold more detail, be sure to shoot me an email it drew dot temple. It am sunny, dot com. I won't know all the answers. I play that right now, but what I can do if its service related, we'll get our service. People that's, rumor, rumor related well, fantasize together about future products, but it is a technical question will find the answer true. I hope you know what you just did in terms of opening up your email to the creative life community, the flood.

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"You build your business shooting for other people. You build your career shooting for yourself." From creating and choosing projects to organizing details and financing, this course will teach you how to effectively manage personal projects to grow your photography business. This inspirational workshop is designed to help you practice your craft and elevate your photography business. During this comprehensive course, Matthew will offer step-by-step instruction on how to launch and execute personal photography projects. Matthew’s workshop is part of a 3-day event sponsored by Sony called “Shoot What You Love", a 3-day inspirational event sponsored on April 22-24 with fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, family photographer Me Ra Koh, and conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier.