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Hello, internet and welcome to create alive. We are here on arthur third day of shoot what you love a three day siri's sponsored by sony. We have had three very special sony artisans of imagery here with us. Miracle on monday yesterday was christina mittermeier, as well as john gringo teaching us all about the sony a ninety nine, and today we are so honored to have back matthew jordan smith, he is going to be teaching us about how to build your career using personal projects. And again, the whole theme of this this three days has been getting back in touch with what made you fall in love with photography in the first place. My name is ken klosterman. I'll be your host today, along with ari shapiro. Ari, how are you doing this morning? I'm great. I'm really ready for an exciting day with matthew jordan smith. All right, well, we're happy to have you back on your second day here, but you look so fine, let's do it. Yeah, that's, right? Very much so, folks, we're going to do about five min...

utes of pre show. Let us know when the chat rooms. If you can see us and hear us, and as always, let us know where you're joining us from also, if you have been in spired in the past two days or if you have a personal project that you are working on let's start getting those in the chat room so we can hear about them we can pass them along to matthew we want to have you be part of today's dialogue so matthew jordan smith before we introduce our students how are you doing this morning? I am so happy to be here back on crave law welcome and talking about this more than anything else you know because it's I'm just very passionate about personal projects and a lot I want to share about it and and shift the audience you know wherever you are anywhere in the world why this is important for you lot weii do have a lot to talk about yeah we really do we've got a great audience out on the internet it's great to have you all here with us and of course we have a wonderful audience here in the studio with us as well we're going to give them an opportunity to introduce themselves why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself your name where you're from maybe where to find your stuff online and what inspires you maybe even what's inspired you over the last couple days here let's start with mary down in the end hi my name is mary maguire I'm from deerfield beach florida you can find me at mary maguire photography dot com and this has just been an amazing three days I mentioned the first day that having mirrors the class the confidence class was just a game changer this has been another game changer for me and I'm very excited because I have a personal project that I've been working on with my daughters and when it's about your project it it's a book a photo book that I'm working on with them my youngest actually got the idea it's a family of ducks and we have photographed these rubber ducks all over the country all over our state and they're trying to find a home and I'd like to print it I've got friends and family who said yeah, I'd like to have that and I'd like it to be bigger so I'm very curious about how to approach that on some excited fantastic hi my name is carla statement and I'm here from chicago just made a move so this from florida to chicago so this three days has been very inspiring to me it's just given me kind of that a boost that I've needed tio I kind of do some new things and it's time to do things my way do things that inspire me and what I'm passionate about so that's been really exciting and you can find me online on twitter at statement photo beautiful chicago chicago hi my name is eugene esso and I was just a um witness christina's vibrant and charismatic personality, and she actually spurs me on to try to do great stuff. My personal project is actually one thousand portraits the d c maryland area, so I have at least maybe two hundred I really need together just to document the human personality and faces we are we look different, but the same it and that's my project because I mean the reserve efforts reserve so I get to deploy all over the world, so I'm trying to do that plus that and you can find you and on twitter at fotos y gene fo to us by gene dot com and yeah, that's, beautiful, wonderful! Good morning! My name is allison hurley, and I am a cosmetic dentist slash photographer, and I am lucky enough to be here in seattle not only for being with matthew for my personal project, but also as an accredited member of the american academy of cosmetic dentistry. We're going to be holding our meeting for the next three days, so I'm lucky enough to have a duel reason to be here. My personal project is the stories behind the smiles, and I'm very fortunate enough to be able to change lives when I change smiles and the story is the really most important part that I will be able to have in my book I'm also going to be using it for marketing my practice you confined me on allison hurley dot com and that's a l l y s o n h u r l e y I'm in bedminster new jersey and I look forward to today it's very exciting to have the marriage of my dentistry along with my photography thanks for the story behind the smiles I like that a lot I mean that's that's cool how about my name is eric jones and I am an attorney and immigration thirty here in seattle washington and I have been inspired over the last three days by the incredible speakers they have shared so much wealth so much information so much passion so much heart and we all have our own passions and whether it be ponder projects, et cetera and so I've my own passion has been inspired the project that I'm specifically working on is that I work with a patient who has dementia and I've been working with our working within around people who have dimension alzheimer's and and in working around them I started photographing them and taking video is like because I want to capture the life that's what then? Because sometimes people get focused on the disease on I want to be able to create something that would leave a legacy behind for their families is like become unfortunately these air terminal so the project I'm working on is creating these images and video and audio memories is like for people so that when their loved one's past they have something to remember them from beyond the illness is like but the life that was within I love that I love that I love that you guys all have projects also so we have a lot we're going into the day I'm so excited you know to hear you guys stories and hopefully we'll hear more from online share your stories with us we want to be a lot of information today about how to take it to the next level. All right, well we do have let's give just a few shout outs to folks online who are charming in from all over the world as usual we have plano, texas is maxi heart photo a j skulls edie is a j anthony from atlanta who says he's already told you about his personal project s so let us give us more details there on we have what's end from good afternoon from pool england also high to mike adams joining us from platteville, wisconsin say hello to thump a thirty three from boston mass and o j vest from north carolina and a little boston tastic and everyone is coming in and loving your idea about the being a dentist and combining that into you I love their project it's very cool

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"You build your business shooting for other people. You build your career shooting for yourself." From creating and choosing projects to organizing details and financing, this course will teach you how to effectively manage personal projects to grow your photography business. This inspirational workshop is designed to help you practice your craft and elevate your photography business. During this comprehensive course, Matthew will offer step-by-step instruction on how to launch and execute personal photography projects. Matthew’s workshop is part of a 3-day event sponsored by Sony called “Shoot What You Love", a 3-day inspirational event sponsored on April 22-24 with fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, family photographer Me Ra Koh, and conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier.