How to Light and Pose Beauty Shots


How to Light and Pose Beauty Shots


Class Description

Clients love the feeling of a photo shoot, especially when it feels like an magazine editorial. In this class, Courtney Dailey will help you create that feeling in your studio by sharing some of her favorite beauty photography tricks. Courtney will share her preferred beauty lighting set-ups, creative tricks and posing directives. You’ll learn how to direct your clients with confidence and ease.


Teresa Koehler

LOVED this course! Courtney is such a cool and fun teacher with a wealth of knowledge. I have been shooting professionally for 8 years and know a lot, but she still taught me so much! I look forward to seeing more of her classes on CL! Thank you Courtney and CL! Teresa Koehler, California

Allen Turner

Beauty photography with a sympathic teacher? Courtney definitely knows how to teach a class in a professional way. Without talking too much with technical jargon, she presents in a way, that you can feel the passion for her art. That's what it makes so enjoyable to watch. Thank you so much for this course, Courtney! All the best from Germany. Allen