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Make Money With Microstock Photography

Lesa Snider

Make Money With Microstock Photography

Lesa Snider

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Class Description

There's money to be made in the realm of stock photography, specifically the super affordable royalty-free phenomenon called "microstock". However, with so many great photographers jumping on the bandwagon, competition is stiff. In this informative session, iStockphoto's former chief evangelist shares her tips for a successful career shooting microstock photography. Learn what kind of photos sell, five shoot ideas guaranteed to produce results, and more. You'll also learn processing tips in Lightroom and Camera Raw, how to describe and keyword images so they're found, as well as how to save and submit your microstock files.

This course is part of the series on how to make money with photography.

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Ratings and Reviews

Christopher Lawrence

As much as I love CreativeLive courses - I was somewhat disappointed with this one. What caught my eye today (11/15/17) was that the class was being broadcast for free. I made the (incorrect) assumption that it was actually being "taped" today. This material is quite old. I wish CreativeLive would put the original "broadcast" date in their materials - or, if they do, make it easy and clear to find. I also found that this instructor was not as professional as others. She frequently used words like "pissed off", etc. when talking about models and companies. She also came across as being "short" with the hosts when it came to answering student questions. I'm not a prude by any means, but when I am paying for a class, I always hope for, and expect professionalism. I am still giving this course a "thumbs up" because most of the information that I received was good, but I just wish it was a little more current. Chris


For a starter, it is a good course, I am not sure if it's up to date, like what Cynthia said below, but it sure gave me a push to consider this project seriously, those saved images lying there in my hard desk should get out there with benefit.


I really enjoyed Lesa's webinar. It gave me the encouragement and information I needed to apply to iStock. My photos were accepted on my first try, and I owe a lot of that to this class. Thanks Lesa!

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