How to Photograph Men


Learn how to capture men in their best light with an introduction to men’s portrait photography. Jeff Rojas will take you through the essential elements of Men’s Portraiture. Jeff will cover the basics of directing and posing male subjects so they look natural, masculine, and confident in front of the camera. You’ll also learn all about the lighting tools you’ll want to add to your gear collection.



  • I really enjoy Jeff's teaching style and demeanor. I'm also a fan of his YouTube channel. Great information, however I thought the class was going to show more ways to actually pose men instead of examples of how to light men.
  • While Jeff made some good observation about style etc in the beginning, it was almost unwatchable after that. I was really disappointed in this segment. Not sure how I get my money back. Jeff may be a great photographer, but I think it is very difficult to present and train on the same subject.
  • I was excited about this class because of his book Photographing Men and thought that I'd rather watch/listen instead of reading the book, however, I found this to be really cursory, never really diving into the specifics I craved. Maybe the book is better, but I am now hesitant to buy it.