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How to Photograph Men


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How to Photograph Men

How many of you photograph men or men are your frequent clients how many of you shoot weddings how many of you shoe commercial portrait ce how many of you have trouble shooting men do you feel like you get in front of camera and it's ok this this guy he's just standing there had like close and what do I do what am I looking for and it's it's really common right we look at men and we see these kind of just rough face is kind of just got in stoic and we don't know what to do with them as opposed to women a very beautiful very flowy and we know how to pose because we're looking for those curves we're looking for the accentuation of jaw lines and beautiful faces and things like that we don't have the same appreciation for men because we just don't know what to do a lot of time so I started doing aa lot of portrait photography with women and what it realized quickly is the seeing thing that we're doing with women waken also replicate and shoot meant in the same style so you just kind of pic...

king up your camera and looking at a man everything kind of falls apart you don't know what to do but the concepts and the techniques they're still there you're still using the same techniques that you do with women with men in a different standard to I tend to shoot very, very, very dramatic lighting styles and I'm going to show you guys different lighting cells that were going over today to different specifically to different leading cells that were aligned abusing I've multipurpose for both women and for men so it's nothing that is strictly for men strictly for women I used we'll talk about the second lightning stuff that on abusing but I've used that one for look books the first one is kind of really standard portraiture one one west got zeppelin that I love and the reason that I use it, we'll go over that in a minute, so next thing is photographing men can feel extremely overwhelming there was a lot of times where I sit in front of a camera and I like I said I wouldn't know what to do here's a guy? How do I pose him? I'm going take this photo this is him there's the most uncomfortable position you ever want to be in and that translates to my client's, right? Because if I'm trying to shoot them and I'm looking them with like my mouth open, okay, what do I do that doesn't translate well in regards to sales right? They think you don't know what you're doing so it's good to kind of have some aspect of what we're trying to do, so the only difference between shooting men and shooting women is the minute details the small little tiny variations and details when it comes to lighting why you like certain ways the small attention to details of what you're trying to do and what you're trying to accomplish but the lighting styles khun b the same deposing can be very, very similar the the editing can be very, very similar retouching everything is very, very similar if you want it to be so you can replicate everything that you're currently doing with women with men so next is an example. Okay, so next is an example of two different photographs that I use the same lighting for different editing techniques but those same lightings they're similar posing in regards to the way that their faces structure right there both looking over to the side their eyes are more or less in the same position with the lighting concepts of exactly the same. So I shot the one on the right before I shut the one on the left and the one on the right specifically for a client that I wanted of having that has these extreme metal pieces and she wanted to just showcase those that right one was featured in elle magazine for sweetened right so it's a good way to represent it's a woman's portrait that was featured in this publication why can't I just do that with guys all that? It was at a bit of contrast in a little bit of let's go just kind of under exposing his face a tiny bit to showcase his eyebrows to showcase is draw line those were the things that I was looking at there but the premise of what I'm looking for is exactly the same. So what am I looking for? Here's? A nice tip. I don't really just it takes statistics very often. This is the last statistic that you need to know for men. Okay. When a partner is looking for a man when a woman or a man is looking at a man as a potential partner, what are they looking for? You guys is going in russia's. Well, this will make you feel great, right? Because thirty percent of women and men that they're looking for men are attracted to style, right? What a person's dress like how they present themselves. Twenty six percent. It has to do the hands and face fifteen percent. Your height, thirteen percent is muscular build and twelve percent fitness four percent other which is probably money. I'm joking. If I look at this, what do I have control over as a photographer? You know what do I have direct control over. I know that I have control over a person style. I can advise a client. This looks good on camera. This doesn't look good on camera. That's too big that's too small. I can use an eight clamp if you guys seen somebody that's wearing too big of a shirt to clamp the shirt to make it a look. Look a little better. I can retouch aiken take certain variations of clothing out to exude correct clothing and style and size for a person. Next thing I'm worried about is the face I know I have direct control with lighting, with retouching with everything that I do is a photographer. That's. What? I have direct control over. I don't have direct control. Over. Is that person good looking? But I can go ahead and like them so they look good, right? That's our jobs next one is height. Now how do you control hype? You shoot it a lower angle you can shoot with a wider lens if you want to shoot let's. A portrait and kind of along the body there's many different ways that you can play with the person's eye to help them look tall. I have direct control over seventy one percent of why men look good. Now how awesome is that for? Use a photographer to have direct control over the way that somebody looks so if you guys have a client that's sitting there asking you to take a photo of them no one hires you to take a bad photo name one client that to ask you I'm going to pay you one thousand dollars to take a bad photo not a single person, right? So I know that I need to make everyone look good and I know that I have direct control over seventy one percent of the way that people look in a photo so let's look at this thirty percent of style you know? What does that mean? I'm not talking about colors I'm not talking about collars, whatever you want to say in regards to colors, textures and style in the latest trends it's not what I'm speaking about I'm talking about if it meant of clothing and why it's important to men when you guys are thinking about fit minute clothing, a suit suit tops the way that they look and photographs I was just in a wedding where the groom looked like he was a little boy and a man's suit and I'm sure you guys have seen that as well it's an oversized right fit mint of suit is extremely important with the final image, so these air different photographs this is I don't agree with name of the company but it's real men rials style which is styling men right that can argue that all day but if you look at the shoulders right fit just right it lays completely over the shoulder and in a good image if it's too small since the bunch up all the sleeves bunch up that last one's too big right you can provide your students into sight you can buy provide your your clients with a diagram and say you know what do you look good the shoot do you want investing clothing the same way you do with kids and say, listen, look, can you invest in this because I want you to look this way I don't want you to wear all black and a white t shirt or, you know, thrown genes if you're trying to look good in a photo if you're trying to have let's say, a ceo for a company, what are you looking for in the photograph? The second I go to take that photo how did the shoulders look? You know what what's happening in the photo? Because that's what we forget we're so focused on the face no one's looking at the styling of the man and that's really what's going to represent the final image I can still take a photograph even it let's say you know crops mid crop he doesn't have to wear pants I mean he could be basically on underwear it doesn't matter as long as that top portion looks good so next figment of pants if you're shooting full length right? This is very, very, very important no one unless it's in style and I'm not gonna discuss style high waters are not attractive when it comes to men, it makes them look short or tall depending on the person usually it makes them look like they have to smaller pants and it's very, very awkward to big makes him look like little kids and men's clothing right? Not attractive. So those of you that are going on dating websites by there's somebody you're looking at my pants I saw that you like because it's like this last one it fits. So I want to always make sure that I look for the best for my client as well. So these the same tools and tips that I use when I'm meeting my clients, I want to make sure I represent myself in the right way we're not talking about me, we're talking about clients here, but again I'd aggress pants is another issue shirts if I put my shoulders back, you noticed that this is extremely tight my buttons are starting to bulge many men will wear shirts over, compensate for their size by wearing two smaller shirt and bigger men will tend to wear to bigger shirts to compensate because they're bigger problems they start looking like they're swimming inside the shirts I guess if you guys start looking at the torso when you guys were talking in your pants and you guys are looking at a portrait of mail, make sure they're talking in that shirt because it looks bag it doesn't look attractive so it's not just taking the photograph these are things that I can fix and retouching a little bit of liquefied I can take those there's little wrinkles out of here if I need to but know what you're looking for when you're trying to reach those things are important to make a man look confident clothing is all about confidence, right? The way you dress the way that you look is all about confidence in the way that you're presenting yourself so it's extremely important so if you guys do you want more style tips, I love pinterest I started say I used to save all my photos on my computer and I just found irrelevant because all the space and things that you have everything is now on pinterest if you notice savior fetches technically my name backwards, I can't I don't care how you pronounce it that's just what it is it's just my name backwards I have dyslexia, you can call it soldier or whatever it is that whatever twenty six percent of face you know what am I looking for in regards to making a man physically attractive right to I did I was speaking to us earlier, which was I said to myself, if I were to photograph russ, what am I looking for doing homework now I'm trying to figure out what this rust look like what what physical attributes do I found a track find attractive about russ right in the first thing that I like about russ was the symmetry is everything every photo he takes it himself, he doesn't have a good angle, right? Because we see a lot of people that they'll take a selfie let's say, and always doing this angle and always in this angle because they're ashamed of their other cider naturally they just have one side russia's faces extremely symmetrical he doesn't care because he has a very symmetrical face must be nice the only face of so you know, I look at his face, I'm seeing that I like the symmetry regards this face so I know that I want to photograph that I can still shoot him direct doesn't matter, we're imposing I'm doing my homework before I meet my client let's say for us is my client to see what his best attributes are sounds like stalking, I promise you it's, not a tomar ok, so again? What? What variations says you have his neck? Is he conscious? And the other thing that you could tell us when somebody's taking let's say a selfie where they're putting their neck in relation to their body are the unconscious let's see if they have a double chandra that conscious of that? Do they tend to put their face down? Do they tend to shy away from a certain side? Those are things that you can look at when you're shooting any type of client. So if a client is asking you to work with them, just ask him, hey, kings and me a couple photos of you guys, so I can see you know what? I'm working with second prep for the day, if they sound a little weirded out by that, I would just explain, listen, look, I like to do my home work the same way that to you guys, I would like to look at, you know what your best angles are where you guys feel comfortable with because I think it's imperative to your photo shoot, okay? Um eyes, jawline, cheekbones and lips, okay, so if I'm looking at somebody, what do I find the most attractive about that person is that their cheekbones is that they're drawn line, maybe they don't have a strong jaw line, maybe they have ah very very soft goal line so how can I accentuate the jaw line to make it look more defined what can I do with lighting what can I do with retouching to make that look better without necessarily changing somebody's look right there's the considerations that I'm having eyes eyes extremely important photographs is the windows of the soul you guys always looking at eyes but at the same token what do we do with men began we put their kind of face towards the camera like ok stand there they look brooding you know? So what can you do to give a little bit definition eyes what can you do with lighting? What can you do it retouching to make that stand out in regards to an image cheekbone same thing way tend to like people with narrow faces well, some of us like people with narrow faces that show definition the face we like structure we're just so in tune to structure as photographers and humans that we love definition in those cheap out. So what strikes you most about your subject? I use a lot of shapes in my photography and it wasn't until I really started studying my photography and what I was doing and what I liked about my photography that I really did understand what I was try and accentuate ok I wasn't always a photographer I grew up drawing I used to love love love driving I got really lazy and I said what's the easiest way you can copy somebody's face without actually necessary spending hours sitting there drawing it photography just saying that's the easiest way you could get somebody's face on a paper on a digital aspect without necessarily drawing them but I use the same techniques that I did drawing a cz well it's photography and a neatly a lot of us are doing the same exact thing there's a power an emphasis in structure and that's why we look at some money and somebody let's say if they move their shoulders back and they have their head up again it's showing structure is showing posture it's showing somebody who's confident we tend to look at structures is more confident people we can also use structure for lighting we can also use structure to accentuate certain features so in the process of this model what I'm trying to do is essentially his jaw line. Now the first thing I would I used to do when I first started was hauling what I do turn to the side because I want to see the jaw line but how do you do that necessarily facing forward? Well, I need to use lights and shadows and contouring with light so I can make it sure that his face is defined so michael, can I borrow you for a second just temporarily so our, uh our subject our friend we're gonna call him friend for the debt our friend michael today michael if you want introduce yourself so our friend michael here I had a chance to study his his portfolio will say I got a chance to study his face but if I'm looking him what what strikes me most about michael aside from his hair aside from his his facial hair but what physically about his facial structure stands out and I think that I like his jawline right can you turn your face that way aside okay, so if I'm looking this what happens when he turns a straw like it goes away? Those things I'm considering as I'm looking at my subject I don't necessarily want to stare at somebody is I'm meeting them for the first time we're meeting a client but is keeping in mind what looks best in that person microphones from back this way so other things I'm noticing I love his cheekbones and certain life right on like his cheekbones and sometimes it flattens out sometimes sometimes it's defined as a person's walking towards us or as you're having a conversation with the person that if it's a client keep in mind those aspects of that person's face because you wanna accentuate those later on you don't necessarily want to have to study all night the night before to make it look at the next day to the other thing I'm liking is I like the curvature will go back into their like the coverage of his hair so how to accentuate those I like his what's called the way that he shapes his face I like all the facial hair that he has this so how to accentuate those those are things that I'm having considerations for before the day of the shoot I mean have you sit down temporarily so if you wanna go take take a seat again with lighting how do I use basic shapes to show structure on the man's face now all of models will look good in that specific lighting but I like this cheek bones in the specific shot this is the same model that I had before there goes his cheekbones hit a sheep bones and with china accentuate injustice draw line not as she won't next is this cheap phones and his jaw line so how do I do that with lighting? So this is natural light respect this is naturally this is studio I have more control in the studio so I can go ahead and essentially things in facial features next this necklines also liked his neck. I long aided his neck by accentuating those with triangles if you look at the way the base of the lighting is as well as a shape imposing that he has everything is structured in triangles everything is structured in some form of basic shape. So let's go forward lighting for men. So I loved lighting specifically in a studio environment when I first started photography because I felt like I can control everything, but the problem is it gets it gets a little boring, right? Because you get to manipulate, manipulate everything, so give yourself a challenge. I love shooting natural light. Now it gives me a bit of a challenge to figure out where subject looks best and how the light looks best. I've started shooting a lot with I'll go back one and work that's, natural light, so we'll go with this one. I start shooting and a few guys look at the catch light in his eyes. I start shooting a lot in window life with the flat or the flag with that person in between. I call it doesn't find it called the man closet writes like they're standing in between there inside I'm like, ok, it feels like a coffin, so you kind of have to walk him through there, but can you go stand in there? They're looking at your little weird and I digress. So if I look at the lighting that I'm having, I'm using it because it's difficult to if you don't have the tools to go ahead and manipulate natural life, I don't have a reflective I don't have the basic equipment aside for my camera. What do I need to do to pose that person's face? What direction? What tone? Ality sorry. What direction? What suppose I need to do to make sure that life is best and how that helped me as a student photographer was I was able to translate everything that I was doing with natural light and how complicated it really was without tools back in the studio. And I was able to kind of minimize the time that I needed to do things on set. Okay, well, I need to move this like, you know, this high because that's usually where the lights moving from, you can start replicating those lights in studio and ideo, I have it on facebook, but I need to go ahead and posted elsewhere. I have this same light that I shot naturally and studio light to replicate the same thing and it looks very, very similar aside from the contrast of the jaw line but it looks it's replicated ble if that makes any sense let's go forward, soo lighting for men. It's very quiet in here. I love simple lights, okay, when we're shooting in a studio, we tend to put two three for five whatever whatever you have in the studio we tend to overcomplicate things right but we really need to go back to the basics of what we're trying to shoot if we're trying to grow as photographers we need to find tune and master those little tiny lighting concepts before we move photo right so I tend to build light now meaning I think one light okay that light looks good I take the second line that looks good I take the third life if I wanted to like that looks good I'm building light right? I'm progressing I'm evolving my lighting a lot of people will put three lights and then hope it looks the best ok, that one kind of moves over there this one it's very very complicated to do that so what I started doing was minimizing the amount of light that I have on set why? Because I can go ahead and focus on what's important which is does my client look good that's ultimately what you're doing right? You want to make your client look good? I don't care how well that photo is but if your client doesn't look good it's really not a successful photo because they're the ones they're going to pay you for said photo right so you can think the lighting's great, but if they're drawn line doesn't look good and they look a thousand pounds heavier than they really are probably not a successful photograph. You want to accentuate their features. So with that, the reason I started using this zeppelin was because it gave off a very, very interesting form, like, we're actually going to turn this one on for today like I look at it and I'm like, how do you work? I do know how this thing works promising, do we have a sandbank? So I don't kill anybody with this light if you don't mind, I'm very, very caught, like, conscious about safeties in the studio because you don't want to ever have to make a claim on insurance. I promise you no one likes claiming on insurance. Let me put this down for two seconds. I promise I will pick this up and not lose it, okay? And if you see me struggle for whatever reason, I just had shoulder surgery like five months ago, so I'm still getting used to this right arm or having a right on for that matter is what it feels like. So I was kind of I did this little thing called sling diaries every single day, things that I had to learn to redo, like brushing your teeth if that only real earns a brush if it's not fun, it's very embarrassing so what I'm looking for is I want accentuate michael space and I'm looking for those of you that can see michael you know what can you stand over here for two seconds it's a total opposite what we wear before so if I look at directly it's what I'm looking at split lighting let's and I'm focusing here I can see the split light on his face I can see what what's accentuating in that specific like michael king it's in your head right? You got confused that I saw that and face left okay so what I'm doing is I'm looking again where the lights uh kind of based on what his best features are michael what's your best side what do you feel is your best side when you take what do you take yourself he's which angle like have you held you found are you anti self is how dare you how do people where do you pose when somebody takes a photo of you so that that so don't don't be afraid to ask people that notices anti selfie but he likes that tattoo why don't you like that tend to its okay okay, so I do I do like let's say I like the tattoo but I'm also I'm not thinking about tattoos I'm thinking about where he's comfortable right that's the first thing I'm thinking about he doesn't like that one that could make him feel a little uncomfortable pressure from that side I'm asking you these things is I'm kind of narrating everything so I'm gonna have you just move back a tiny but we're going to try to figure out where the light looks best. Um let's turn this thing off, ok? So here's my secret I always keep my mom in like it's a max power I don't generally vote to prop only because I like to make it look so it is difficult to use the so you guys know in our studio my putting my business partner and my business partner and a good friend lindsey adler, our studio is I'm also a human resource is in our relations with those you guys know it's my significant other I'm also a human resource is so it's totally cool, totally, totally cool in our city we have a very form of mixed light with the large bay windows that we have, we have a very narrow studio and within I would say man fifteen feet we already are in studio space, right? So at this point that's where he is my windows air there I'm constantly looking at a mixture of light we do have uh what's called we do have curren's, I really use them, I'm like whatever again I'm I'm that whatever photographer like as long as it look it's good that's all that matters, okay if I'm looking at this thank you very much by the way, what am I what am I seeing about his facial features that I like I told you guys that like his jaw line can I have a camera if anybody doesn't mind I'm gonna sneak this way thank you, ma'am I appreciate it using eighty five why not go with it? Thank you. You know why I'm walking very, very slowly his styling life I have little metal tips at the bottom that's it doesn't ruin my shoes and therefore it's scuffs and then all you guys have to get the e u it's not fun, it's not so if you guys saw brooks brooks shadings for thai powder and slipping and dying again okay, so I'm looking I digress gonna put my camera down I usually would have a camera holster on I'm just going to say you can't because of the clothes that you were actually I can't wear a camera hall certificate so I need to make sure I wear one next time okay? First thing I'm looking at in regards to our michael here friend michael is how does this shirt look on him as I'm about to take his photo side lighting how does it look on him? I know that it's very bunched here, right? If I was going to retouch this key turn sideways just saying this so they can see it it's very very bunched at the body how much of a pain in the behind would that be to retouch so those considerations I need toe have right? The second thing I'm noticing I'm not making fun of her clothes I promise wade got a shot of that of what you're seeing that to make sure that you get doesn't move about this right if you wanna move forward look forward come on over the notice I've never touched him at any given point I move him with my hands and I moved in with my explanation so those air that photographing people just trying not to touch people's on people don't like being touched other people feel very awkward about it okay, so I'm looking at you know if you guys got the shot there I'm looking at his clothing it's very very bunched up next thing I'm noticing is I loved the way that he has a v neck and the reason I loved the way that he had a veena I love the fact that he's wearing a veena I asked them to bring one and here's the reason why those of you that are in tune toe wearing regular t shirts that have that round cut what happens I take a photo this is his neck this little area that my client is a very, very short neck this is all I have this little tiny area v necks a long gate, your neckline. Right. As, um if I had to shoot somebody in a t shirt, I would prefer v neck over just around or shorter cut. I like to accentuate the next. Think about basic shapes before. And I mentioned that because of posing, I want the longest. I'm gonna turn you if you wanna walk forward. Sorry for moving forward and backward. Left and right. Reverse. Ok. If I'm looking at him, if his shirt was here, what happens? This is his neck. The fact that I have some extra distance and triangle I get to see along gatien of his neckline. So if I want him to look like he has a longer neck, I can do so. So just make sure that I asked him to bring those things. If somebody's going to show up in a t shirt and that's that's all they're gonna wear can you at least bring a v neck that's all you need to ask someone a movie back. Thank you, sir. So next thing I want to do is accentuate his jaw line, accentuate his his neck line there and we're in the brooding post that's our photo way discussed before. What is it that michael enjoys about his angles? What does he feel comfortable doing? He likes that tattoo if I have that tattoo he tends to be more comfortable than the other one just by asking that one question if I asked king do me a favor and turn slightly towards this side now you guys I'm gonna move back to you guys get the shot as well the other thing is as michael you're a professional model slash athlete cracked so he's fine but what happens if you don't have a fit model? So this is where I get into posing turn to the side slightly that side towards that background so as I'm turning him his with of his waist searched narrowing down nothing happened it's not like he lost any pounds or he's I mean he's fit but just by turning to the side here you go he turns inside how much like less size do we have even turning slightly helps out in regards to posing a man right? So if you have a subject that is wider, you probably don't want to shoot them with two with, you know, just shooting them over to the side of tiny but the other thing I told you I want accentuate his neckline. So how is that? Like I'm gonna have you switch around so they could see you as well ok, how does his neckline look and reversed if I was going to take this is my final photo well here we go he goes this basic triangles the bottom of the neckline here the shirt here here's the accentuation the triangle there I go ahead and have a longer definition his face just by turning him over to the side. Now if I wanted more I could go ahead and shoot a little bit lower just so I could get more accentuation of neckline if he had a longer neck and I don't want to showcase that could she live with higher and shoot down second exception so michael yours probably as tall as I write so it's worked pretty even but if you're sure you're you're taller you have to compensate for those things in the studio you can't just say I'm gonna take your photo and just hope it's good you need to compensate is he tall is the short do we need to make his neckline look longer? I need to come thanks so we're finally going to take a picture let's see just make sure when the right settings how about that format camera and see picture style I'm going to show you guys I'm gonna shoot a monochrome almost we have a focus on the light not the colors, not the details anything aside from that how the light looks on michael so we look like they're perfect kinsman's aside you know what we'll do to show you guys what it looks like into so one two three perfect. Okay, this needs to be on my fault user air perfect which are the ones that one too perfect. Okay, let's see what that looks like and I'm gonna move this way on lee because can we bring up that shot there? Thanks not just if you want to say I really used white film just temporarily ok, so if I'm looking at the light that we have here if I was just going to take a standard shot of michael right what am I seeing michael don't look at this I promise you it will be better okay? What happens shorter neckline right? Because if I'm shooting him directly intends to put his chin down. Next is I told you I liked his jaw online what happens? He smiles he brought his neck back it's not accentuating his neckline I need to ask him can you put your chin voter tiny tiny bit ticked injury is is john ling there next is I have no clear cut definition his eyes he has very, very light eyebrows right? So I need to accommodate for that as well. So what can I do to make those things happen? Why no, the light right now is just blowing at him. I raised that light ever so slightly move it down a tiny but I have a bit more contrast in this case right because the the higher we have like more shadows were filling underneath so those two ways that I can go ahead and essentially those the other thing I'm noticing is the left side is very, very flat right? I want to have it it's too dark plan taste all right if this was just a standard portrait I wanted a tiny bit light in there I want essentially is best as possible next is how wide he looks in the photo rights if he was if he was a not ok so the famous words of lou freeman if you guys have ever seen her classes that we all want to look tall thin beautiful right? That's generally men too this is not just women all men want a look thinner, taller and more handsome I'm not going to say beautiful cause that would be awkward ok, so we all want to look better I'm not doing my job by this photo I'm not right I went essentially he's drawing I make him look thinner because right now that's not been michael you're sittin person don't look at that photo I want to make him look taller so can you do a favorite tournament inside a tiny back tour will do opposite side I hate the fact that you don't like this life but then involves moving this over so for all intensive purposes of teaching it's gonna turn it this way perfect sideways a tiny bit ok so I'm just going to shoot eyes forward perfect we'll see what that looks like I'm not moving anything aside from if I look at these I don't if you guys could get a comparison look at his neck line ok so if I look at his neck line I'm shooting around the same compression but how does his neckline look I see more more skin here which tends the longer his neck I can see his draw line okay I couldn't see that before he looks kind of straightened squash look at his eyebrows this eyebrows completely missing I'm starting to see eyebrows in certain areas so I want this to showcase in time you bet I can have him to move his chin down ever so slightly I just need to move that light okay so let's see if I'm happy with this this is happy with the post we'll go over posing in a bit it's going on the second image was well is shadowing on that muscle on tech there is you know what it looks really cool because he's beefy that's why you see guys joke like so lindsay always laughs at me because I like all my quote unquote man crushes like guys that like I like that guy I wish I was that guy they're all like tall brooding guys like the rock right? You know blaine johnson I'm like I wish I looked like that man I walk around that's a different circuit city and say hey does well ok, just moving up that light slightly let's see with that this perfect and you face forward this way perfect thank you, sir. And shin down ever so slightly and chin out perfect and I'm going to shoot a little lower perfect so that looks like it's moving that light up I should have comparison between those two let's see what that guy's forget his eyes? I have a little darker by here just by moving that light up ever so slightly I'm starting to see the darkness under his eyes to give definition in his eyebrows in his brow I can start to see I had him put his chin down a tiny bit because of the light but because he's wearing a v neck his neck isn't looks so shortened squash so those are things that I can do two minute manipulate lighting that way the other thing I'm worried about is christian and his shoulder line if I want to make him look taller what do I need to do? I concern over slightly just their long at the neck. This looks shortened, squashed. All right, we're gonna take one more perfect it's that live from it perfect you can okay and face towards me a tiny bit right there, an ice floe word perfect the other thing, the other thing that you have to consider in regards to clothing is he's wearing blacks it's also carving out a bit of shadow there. I like that little card. Thank you very, very, very much thie other thing I'm looking at is that he's also wearing black so it's starting to carve out his jaw line the colors and the variations are going to start manipulating the way that skin texture looks in somebody's face. Just consider that if they're wearing white an actor's reflective they're wearing black that's gonna act is negative, phil so just considerations that way. So let's say I'm see if this was a client for a shot for a portrait I'm okay with his eyes look forward. His eyes look nice ing lowing will say that right? I could see the catch line in both eyes I wish that this was a bit darker. I would go ahead if this is post production. I just darken up a tiny bit if you guys use any type of any type of like dodging burn technique or contouring at that point I would start doing that if I can't find a happy medium and this is a quick shoot, okay, so these variations of the same thing if I wanted to add phil, what could I do? And so you guys know I usually am alone in my studio unless we have the interns there and then I make them do this but I like working alone because it's really personal and it's really just about whoever it is I'm photographing myself so it leaves it very common cool I got this whole look I could break everything apparently I can't do this on my own I lied thank you sir. That was fun I did a little like dance there so if you guys want a dancing class I can do that as well apparently perfect negative film in positive film positive filled that I really just say that phil and negative film the difference between these two lights is literally just that be flattened the difference that it makes on the subject you guys saw how he looked before I told you guys I wasn't happy with the amount of negative field that he had in his face all the shadows of the contrast I want a bit of film because it's gonna help out again the closer the more the farther away is going to go ahead and either put more fill in there take more fill out. All I know is that I'm looking toa extension a tiny bit without making it flat right flat meaning there's no contrast between the highlights in the shadows so I'm gonna move this back a tiny event we'll start with this and how many of you play pool? Just out of curiosity, ok? Those who do play pool lighting is just about angles. Right? So if that light is hitting, there should hit his face. Like if the lights nowhere near it's not going to have to just if you're in front of a client, think about that angles it's hitting back. It should hit him. You know, just the simple things. Because there are times where I've seen people on set. Hold the light holder. Reflect their not do anything. Groups are it's on the right place and move back. It's. Very embarrassing for this perfect face. Same direction. Perfect. Chin up. A tiny bet. Awesome. Perfect. Now, what's that going if I could have a comparison between that one in the one before. So you guys know, creative life has elves that work in the background so I can talk and things just happen. Thank you. Elves. I appreciate it. So what did that do in regards to lighting? I saw from that this shadows that in the back of his neck because I want the detail that's in there again. I'm shooting in black away, only to show you the difference in lighting and the way that things process bringing it in brought light into these shadows here but what else could I do? It took out all the definition that I had here I had the definition here before so then it comes in kind into taste so I want to move the light over so I want to move anything over I know that what I like about michael specifically is this jolly in his eyes and I like the muscles that he had before so just because the back of his head is in shadow I don't really care collect the physique that he had his neckline I like the fact that I was able to show what russ mentioned for all the muscles he had his neck I'm ok with the photo that we had before there's no reason to say it's too dark I don't like it I successfully accomplished what I want eyes jaw line and the muscles that he has his neck gonna skip those of you at home that haven't seen uh this set up in a diagram super simple just west got zeppelin by the way I had somebody make that and I think it looks so cute compared to everything else the grass so it is pretty easy of it the set up next thing fashion lighting the's two lights I tend to do things that work from an early care what again as always you know the rules, you can do whatever you want right photography is all about taste it's kind of like cooking I can give you a recipe I could give you how to create something you can add salt take away so it's up to you to your taste that could give you the tools and the concepts that I use um I hate but not that I hate I don't like bringing lots of equipment on set if I have to go somewhere right it's just if it's just me I told you guys I had shoulder surgery I don't want to carry too much I don't want to injure myself so how minimum of equipment do I need to bring? Well, I started trying to figure out how to do like joel grimes kind of like rim light you know, one light kind of thing one light but I see a three lights set up mainline into room lights there's trying to replicate that without bringing much equipment. Okay, so how do I do that? And this is when people are going to hate or love my idea by my idea I mean lindsay's because I stole it. Thank you. This giant fell over here but not john the light of this this way just behind michael michael if you can move forward from it just so we can have you nice and safe thank you sir so I've been asked before I'm going to turn this light off this is where the film crew's gonna hate me for all the lights and darks and facing cameras. And I'm gonna be completely under exposed. It should be fun. Okay. What is this going to do? Yes, ma'am and here's. Lindsey adler, are you ready for your class? Don't hurt yourself. Now look at her muscles. Watch this. She works. Okay. So the first thing you guys going to ask is you actually have a six by four at home? Yes, I have a six by four. Yes, I have a six by four. My studio. I don't need a six by four the same thing. I just need one. If I'm shooting full length, I'm gonna show you guys a cheap that I won. They're doing this is shot with a three by four because it's propped bread around here, which is fine because that'll fit in a three by four. The second I want to shoot anything. Three quarters. I use this. What happens if you want to do a full length? If this is my background light and I'm having michael, if you don't mind standing here, what happens to michael's legs? They're in shadow I can see the floor what do I do? Well I'm using this is my fill light from behind and my background I'm using it light and background to carve out the person's face so you guys look at these images again not only is it acting is my backgrounds of pure white background it's also acting is the room lights on my my subjects chain and things like that right? What do I do about that floor? I've used poster board masking taped it to the background sweeped it out and just did a quick kind of composite on the computer which is really sounds complicated it's really simple literally just a sweep light fills it in I'm good to go super simple that one under arrest what setting we have here I'm gonna switch this pro photo he switches tio what movies and he's like can we switch it eleven years ago to eleven felix is going to hate me for making that backs up felix is totally going to like that's the worst british accent I've ever heard ok can we lower the light a tiny that is their way to if not it's fine a little bit but that's if you don't mind sir this is a six pack for and it's huge we almost killed the model that it's not on an apple box that's fine so defined smooth back, we'll go with that because it will create some interesting rim lights in the back. Ok, so I'm going to shoot that's for those of you that sitting at home metering lies you can't really meter it's like, right pressed up against here. How do you meet her? This? You know, I'm saying like this really no definitive way to say this is what you need to shoot at, so just kind of put it behind the subject what you're looking for. So the first thing you do is just take my camera. I was switched anything if you notice that the same settings we are before and just kind of hope for the best. Perfect, you know what? Can I have a thirty five? Thank you, ma'am. Thank you. Give this perfect. Now I have to kind of get in there. Perfect. So what do I do? What am I saying? That I'm shooting black, white purposely I'm probably gonna move the light a tiny bit, but I'm starting to get if you guys noticed I'm starting to get room lights around the person without necessarily having multiple lights on set. I'm starting to accentuate not only his shoulders and his clothing again, his arms that kind of getting blown out because of where he's on arms are I'm just taking a standard portrait again if you think about the way the light is working it's blowing all this out and he's actually blocking his own shirt here so if I'm going to shoot this if you noticed the first one before it kind of had a little bit of separation from the body just to kind of make sure that it's wrapping around everything so you know what john you know it's still too completely that way it's fine the way it works it works all the box I won't kill him I promise not today anyway perfect yes surely not why not it's oh thank you you don't count is an al if I promise thank you perfect if you don't mind standing on it for me so we'll take another shot perfect just for the purposes of getting close in there to actually see what's going on I'm gonna have you moved back ever so slightly right there you could be right up on that thing perfect what am I looking for? Hands in your let's see hands in your front pockets from just there I'm the only thing I'm worried about right now showing you guys wear those room lights are ok and try to turn your body a tiny bit just facing forward just complete because right now you're like this right there perfect thank you see that one more time what what's that doing something in my room lights it's starting to come out what you want to worry about, guys, elves, christmas, elves of creative life if you can zoom into this little area right here. Thank you. I can see that I'm not getting blown out edges that's what? I want to make sure that I'm not overpowering that like again, I switch anything. I literally just switched it on, put it more or less where I usually have it and kept my same settings. I'm not really worried about that, but I want to be sure that his hair isn't too pieced out. If you're doing this with women, same thing using using highlights in the background are going to go ahead and start piecing out there. So just make sure that it's not full power enough to blow things out just make sure that you have a nice tonality, so scroll down for me and you got this perfect. So I'm starting to see the highlights and edges of the body. Can we go down to about his torso, keep going down while you guys likes girl and keeps growing perfect? I'm starting to lose a little bit of detail here it was the things that I want to be aware of keep going down, so what? Why is that? Where michael's arms right now they're kind of here they're closer to the lights that's why I'm starting to lose a bit of detail he has his like his hands back so what I need to do I could give a bit of space I can tell him you know what can you keep your arms the size just kind of be nice and flowy this is good for any time you want a subject to be shot and you don't have you don't want to have a sweep you don't have a background going to minimize that man equipment you bring all I need to use is a main line so in this case somebody's my beauty dish one of my china accentuate here I feel like this this is like r two d two onset thiss little weird no one understood that specifically because I'm just and in my mind works differently than everyone else's so just for safety purposes usually you want to lock this and stuff always keep it those of you at home make sure that this is facing the right so if it loosens it locks itself I didn't know that for a long time again I'm guesstimating remember what my life is it's not even on that one again one more time let's see perfect and channel let's see what we're gonna have my channel one be turned this way not to kill him I promise not to kill you today actually, I can't really promise that right now so there's either sitting at home and regrets to settings in this pro photo the ones I'm using five, eight on the front line on the main light in the backgrounds all the way yes, there will be also from the hot spot. Well, right now, if you look at the way his arms are like, if he'd do me a favor can you just face that way without dying? Perfect when he poses, what does he do? He's bringing his arms back right? So if you guys look, move, move the arms same way that you were before you kind of did this where you're moving forward what happens where my arms my arms were back here this is the first thing that's getting hit by life. If I wanted to make sure that it's not getting blown out, I can move forward park unless my life just a tiny bit who's the two options you so go with that I compose them any way I want. Remember those are highlights the better where I turn I don't need to move anything this's the cool part about this group and off this matter roman opposed if I take a photo from here that background light up to nine one more time doesn't matter where I take that photo there always be room lights behind, right? I don't have to readjust anything that's acting as my room lights and my background and said, I have to worry about anything. What I do want to worry about is body shape. I don't want to see this on a man. These are not these air he's bouncing them he's like no, they're muscle. Look at that. No one saw that I was gonna vegas, yet I have this you can, for the purposes of shooting a photograph of a man. Yes, pecs are large, but that doesn't look like max, right he's fit so I don't want to see that. So there's a considerations again that you need that. What are the highlights doing in the face? Can I zoom in here that you christmas elf certain to get a nice little highlight amusing instead of using shadows to contour neckline? Are jaw lines using lights, which is extremely simple? How easy is it for you if you have a small space to work in at homes? If you work in a garage, put a light behind somebody and put, you know, main line and you're going to get you just keep shooting all day. And you don't need to switch backgrounds and its chief instead of spending lots of money on backgrounds wait a multipurpose that again that's fine say if I'm happy with the way the room lights are and if you scroll scroll in a tiny bit more neckline thank you christmas elves going back here as long as it's not blown out and I can see the detail in there I'm happy now how can you do that right camera's zoom and make sure that you can see variations and it's not pieced out seeing with hair if you scroll up to his hair from a thank you guess how does a hair look again I wish I was a little taller but if you notice here his hair's a little pc I wouldn't want that in my photo anyway he has a mohawk so I'd want a lot that often retouching right? I only really want to see this here but they're starting to be pieces here so I can go ahead and replicate if I was going to retouch this theoretically speaking I would start replicating in these lines inside this hair you know it's a dark ending those things inside that what I don't want to worry about is for retouching purposes they don't have to deal with this so you just kind of want to move up the light at that point you have to do with that but for the purposes of theory today we're going to focus on that, ok? I mean, like, what? I need to do it again, this is going to be really up to taste. What are you trying to go ahead and accomplish with women? I, like flatter, form light because it goes ahead and takes out a lot of blemishes that having their skin but with men, I kind of like a more contrast image because I'd like to see the tonalities in their skin so it's a total opposite in theory, but the lights again the same way so let's, go ahead and I'm going to go ahead and try to turn that thing on. Let's, try that again. Technology it's a great thing ok, so I'm gonna keep the light flat on his face and again I'm building life. I won't kill you today I promise not to get a promise. I'll try my best. So from what I learned of michael before, this light here is probably not gonna be the most flattering, right? Because when we shot him before, I'm shooting directly at him, so I'm gonna start planning out has his cheekbones and all those different parameters his face that I did like can I have you stepped down? Thank you. You are no longer overlord today you can move back to the background thank you, sir moving down no longer have to reach out to those top things. Perfect. I'm shooting within thirty five. So there's you guys wondering I just like the cinematic impression of it. That's just made actually videos well in like thirty five I love it. We'll go with that perfect and face forward from a beautiful sorry, handsome some all the way he said, I'll take all the way at five eight so what do we have again? The thirty five has weird compression on space. I would shoot a little further but you get very, very flat light if I wanted to just going down the power level of that. This is why you should know these let's before you come on stage imagine I was like, how do I loathe that power transfer that perfect lowering the power what does it do? Can I have a comparison to it? We'll do that. Thank you, ma'am. What's happening? I would like a medium between that second see his eyebrows and it's jolly I'm getting again. What what am I using to carve out his drawl and that's the light so delights from behind. I'm not using shadows and not worried about that, I'm using that main light to make sure I have enough light in his face to go ahead and see his face and contour the highlights and his excuse me the shadows in his eyes the thing that I'm worried about here is it's very flat form a light so what do we need to do I can either help it or use great kind of two options I could move this tilted tiny but this way I told you I won't kill you today tomorrow is a different story but it's like what are you doing to make is it intimidating is that it so now I promise you get twenty four one of five so those of you at home that are probably wondering how I'm finding focus this's probably when it was anything how do you find focus because it's under exposed I'm using those same highlights I can use a highlight on his face just to find exposure and then recompose so amusing back focused to do this okay so what we have here it is very very flat former light to go ahead and lower ever so slightly a couple clicks again I'm shooting black I'm also shooting raw so I can shoot until now is if I want to make sure that this was a nice is shot and was completely color corrected shoot a color card before make sure I'm happy I shoot everything in black and white specifically just to make sure all my hellickson shadows air in there it's kind of like retouching retouching skin you know, you have to find the reds and the yellows and the oranges and it's very difficult to do that by because there's so many variations of colors the second turn into black and white you can actually just focus on the highlights and shadows and the actual skin same with lighting think about that for two seconds if I'm just finding light on his face, why do I need color? I need to make sure that its color correct shoot a color card before I'm ok with shooting monochrome specifically I'm shooting wrong process into light room see all the photographs as they want and then just make sure that the color correct color corrections crack with that perfect again, I'm focusing on his highlight perfect okay, so as we start going in there, you guys going to start seeing a tiny bit of halo ing? They're gonna focus where we at seven day perfect perfect! So what am I starting to see john king's mea favor lower that power on the back from eight to about seven three? I'm guesstimating seven, three, seven, five seven two seven three perfect permanent so highlight so what was happening before? Can I get those too last shots comparatively lucas cheeks because I'm shooting so bright I'm starting to get these little two hearts, but because directly behind his head is my life not meaning not the modifier the actual light is right behind his head lowering that couple stops or not a couple subjects there's there's the points we want them having this and I'm okay with this I'm starting to see fish cheekbones I'm starting to see his jaw line I can see his third catch light his eyes I can see his, his eyebrows I'm going ahead and essentially just using to life I don't need more than that if I wanted to define his jaw line even mawr I can use don't have somebody bring in just negative phil just bring in a negative reflect let's see what this looks like in color but I guess think how I do that how do you switch the color one more time? How about this before I do this, make sure we're on the right white balance because that would've been funny perfect, perfect thing down perfect one more time so right now we're just going over a lighting. How does that look? Let's go over a tiny, bit slower dark um I would brighten up a tiny bit either in post or in camera that's it again I focus before just in black and white because I wanted to make sure I had the detail that was in the skin had the detail that was in the background I'm complacent with them okay, I'm gonna have you figure out we'll go with the next one will go with the next line I'm gonna have you sit down for two seconds before we go proposing so get a break so I just went over lighting just two different lighting set ups you guys could use at home in any other fashion or portrait photography to save you guys time and retouching so again things that you can kind of replicate their turn this off I don't want to see this those of you that our home that actually looking for the set up this is exactly what it is I could go ahead and move the light anywhere that I want forward rembrandt or using the back lights in there that's that same lighting the only thing that's different with the one on the left has added a tiny bit more contrast in postproduction height emphasize height and confidence with posing camera angle what what does that mean? Um I'm not asking myself that I'm asking you guys that in my head how about that that's on the court? What am I what am I speaking about is why take very small steps on set posing opposing men is very very simple and you guys like need talking about it's really not that simple I use the same techniques in opposing them that I did with looking at a long getting next I use this simple shapes right posing is really some of the masters if it's higher if we just wanted a just using just simple triangles with imposing right they tend to do you know hands on hips kind of thing that's what started off with and then it went to do this what is that to try to triangles not that those air good poses any more but I'm saying when when posing first came out that's what people are looking at and if you look at old paintings if you look at somebody like the mona lisa the theory is that it's literally just a triangle all the the correct angles of life the other thing is you ever seen james dean or let's say steve mcqueen on a car what are they doing they're holding kind of over to the side and if you start looking at the way that accentuation of the car is comparatively to where they are it's all triangles that's really all it is it's really just basic shapes it's really not know more than that perfect example this is shot no modifiers this is just attention toe light imposing subject so no phil cards no uh no reflect there's nothing okay how do I and long it's somebody's body I need to make them look taller so what do I need to do? I should a at a lower angle the lower I shoot the taller somebody looks same premise if I had a camera near the ground and the personal huge completes if I had a bird's eye view what the person looks down it's just variations of that so shooting a tiny bit lower than angle and posing wise using triangles emphasize length, length of his arm's length of his legs length of his posture. The other thing is, people tend to over pose and we're going to go ahead and and discuss that people tens or over post subjects, right? I want you to they do my new posing I want you to move your thumb this way and your finger this way and the pinky this way and your men don't like to be told what to do I mean that's the honest like most men, I don't know how you guys feel but that's generally like don't tell me what to do but you can kind of advise us of what to do okay if you give me you know ok, can you you know, it looked cool when you do this that's fine just don't give us my new position because it makes you feel a little awkward. Let's discuss next thing again fashion tips meaning contrast in body what one of my discussing here using triangle six century length of that person's neckline is very shortened neckline so what do I need to do? Uh even regard supposing in lighting and shooting at a low angle and shooting a tiny bit lower angle mostly using contrast to make him look a little taller if this is black he would have a short neck because this is black and this is why I can accentuate his neckline there so fashion tip that way posing wise his neckline is touching his his shoulder there which makes its neck look short what makes it let neck look longer is the fact that I can see his neckline here and the excess length of the contrast to the shirt next try capturing candid photos have you guys ever seen america's next top model? I don't watch tv that guy was on there and I photographed him I posted online somebody goes is that phil and like how do you know this person? I don't want to stevie I'm ashamed of myself candid photos man I love looking at old photos of guys like steve mcqueen and again like let's go james dean they just embody cool why? Because they're not trying like that's the honest truth the second somebody goes in there like cross your arms what happens looks very awkward but if you said hey do you mind or cross your arms that my new positions move hand up, move hand down what happens you start kind of contorting into position it just doesn't look natural but if you said hey can you do me a favor and kind of just cross your arms until forward a tiny but what happens afterwards now it looks natural now looks less posed now it looks less constricted and regrets deposed try shooting candid shots and this is a point proven I asked him to do two things at once I don't see that thing thiss funny but I wish I could've caught it because I was like looking at you at the time okay so first shot can you bring your arm up to your shoulder? Can you bring your arm downs here to your torso like towards your waist what happens? You went from here to move down he did his own thing I wanted a publishing the second photo because I felt that that was more natural and he looked less hungry because that one looks hungry to me and less lonely you know so it's like it's the candid photo those two next natural versus posed this is not this is not implied it make this up this is actually in studio I tell the guy what I was doing I was like ok, can you do me a favor and you know, just cross your arms for me and where is he did this so then I kind of started asking to pose a little bit and next thing I asked was can you cross your arm this way? Can you put your on this week and you move this way for what I was envisioning that's the second shot that I got that shot looks like I don't want to be here right? I don't want to be here but that goes back into the confidence thing right that we talked about before which is explaining to man what you're looking for what what you're attempting to do being comfortable being hey, you know this looks good on you that looks good on you that doesn't look good on you those were things that were kind of looking at that looks awkward if I would have you know have a client see that they don't look at all happy it's body language right body language moz confidence so as I'm looking at all of you, what am I seeing? I'm seeing a lot of nodding their heads I see a couple crossed arms like no, this isn't true this isn't true there's always differences in the way that we show body language but body language expresses uh things that were capturing body languages photographers right? So we have to be conscious of it what did you try to exude? So we'll go back into this what posing considerations we have hands in your pockets communicates uncertainty most of the time that's not a rule notice it doesn't say posing rules because there's a lot of times you seem like james dean again and steve mcqueen crossing the arms they look cool, he looks like he's fine like that crossing his arms, shoulders back communicates confidence if you have somebody who's like this and they're doing this, they don't look very confident. They looked like mom, help me crossing arms communicates defense, crossing your arms generally communicates defense and I don't want to be here I don't want to listen right? Well, I don't want to do this as you're posing grooms or as you're posing any type of male subject regardless, if it's portrait fashion doesn't matter that's what that that's what that's a moting if you don't have the right perception of the way that person's face looks because they can have a facial structure, look confident and still have their arms crossed without looking confident and kind of looking for laurin so that's, I'm saying it's, not the rule it's what you should have his consideration so as they're crossing their arms, what are you trying? What emotion of they're trying to imbue? If you're shooting a groom, this is probably not the look you want to have because his wife is gonna be very happy when she sees this photos whatsoever he doesn't want to be there more opposing tips I would go ahead and go to pinches dot com says saja fetish posing men I'm gonna go slide wise I'm done with slides but we're gonna have a couple of a couple kind of talks and discussions here about posing and then I have a secret for you guys, ok? Supposing men I try to put everything as much as I can on pinterest because it's something I can keep in my pocket I can refer to I can pick it up and say, hey, you know what? I was trying to do something like this, you know, you could easily use your client something that you're trying to do and just trying to replicate that make sure that it's a very natural motion because people that try to replicate things make it do it very awkwardly, point and example, if you're shooting fashion, you guys have seen like the broken doll thing the second you ask somebody to do that, they're like, ok got it and it's like it's overemphasized, so you've got to make sure you're asking them to do things and still trying to get that natural shot of candid photos were great. So those of you and we'll discuss this, those of you that are looking for more tips again pinchers dot com slash whatever you want to pronounce my name backwards, slash posing and dash men and that's actually my my website suit nerdy thing I just play a lot of video games as a kid that was my caller I d thing that is not my business name now you guys know the secret so posing men we didn't go very much in depth in regrets supposing men but what I want to say is this way talked about basic structures before foreman body the galman have you stand up with me? Okay sorry I'm thinking about something come come with me the first thing I said was I said his name wrong what did he do? I don't want to be here that's what he's in viewing notice now he's putting his hands in his pockets what is this showing it's showing I'm I don't want to be here either it's uh you're ok you're fine okay? Body language communicates a lot about a person writes as you guys a photograph and never forget that that's what you're photographing doesn't matter what position you have and it doesn't matter if they're this way and there you know at the camera this way and they're at the camera it's the way that what you're capturing embodies in the photograph it showcases a lot you guys air capturing body language as photographers doesn't matter if you have the best strike pose in a fashion you know, shot as you want as long as it looks like your moting, whatever motion that you're trying to get out of the final image, if I was photographing him, the first thing I did was say his name wrong, right? I don't want to be here remembering names, that's, what he's giving off. I was going to take a photo, him that's, the first thing that's going to come across, I need to think that if I was going to photograph him, I need to make sure to do it the right way, you know, I need to discuss with him. This is what we're trying to do. This is what we're trying to do, and for him to feel confident and cool, men tend to be very, very like still don't want to be here. I don't want to get my photo taken, or they tend to be narcissistic and then, like high, you know, it's very, very offered, so trying to get a coolness out of them in a very calm manner and discussing those next thing is, if I ask them kids a favor and just take your hands out your pockets, ok, what did you do in his hand? Hence maine's hands? I've had models with hands, natural hand poses like this, like this is naturally their hands right as member, like your doesn't look ok, so what do you do it? Well, if it's a younger person and it looks like I think we're going to go ahead and, you know, try to make him look a little cool and confident I have I have this kind of theory behind men and that's that younger men tend to over pose an older men tend to just under pose, meaning they just have a natural factors hit him, you guys, if you notice when they take a photo there like an older man like you, whatever take my picture like I don't really care, and you'll see that in a lot of ads, you'll see that much ads where younger men are trying to overemphasize themselves because they're trying to prove themselves where's older men tend to just they're very calm, stoic and calm people like they don't they don't mean toe over they've written live life, they've already done things you don't really have toe show off. Those are things that I like about capturing men is those that that physical factor or that people physical trait of him? Next thing is I'm looking at him and I'm not putting you guys know actually know who he is in person, I'm not just picking on a random person, what is he? What is he showcasing now? He's blocking himself so somebody seeking a photo again, you see that way? Gotta speeches conscious about who? You're taking a vote. I'm gonna have you sit down. I just did that just to see what you were there. You're good? Ok, so those are little factors as I'm speaking, I'm watching him and I'm looking at you guys insuring what he's he's doing. People are going to wind up doing with you while you're on set. They're going to do this. Okay? Can you pose this way? They're going to do this. Can you post those? Just make sure that you're looking at people's body language. What is it? Communicating, it's. Extremely important. So my secret for you guys press. I have a secret for you. Want to? I want to make you look like matt damon. And I want to make you look like if anybody happened. Tio, check out jeff's facebook the other day yesterday he posted a picture of me that was kind of hilarious. My face next to kind of a split. This was he said he was doing research. And it was true, which is kind of creepy, but also on you, like the top half of matt damon shaved head and the lower half of david beckham's david beckham's face with his facial hair. I will bet that creative live as much as possible or as quick as possible. David beckham down here? Definitely matt damon from the top up you guys got to see what he's like he's like the love child of if they had been so sweet to me. Okay, so I discussed before trust you mind if I borrow you for a second? I don't mind at all. So it's actually kind of funny because there were a few folks in the chat room who were saying I love jeffs techniques these air amazing, but what, like what do you do if you don't have and this is a direct quote, michael, a perfect specimen uh, what if they do if they have more of a like, you know, have a plus size average do so? So the first thing I'm looking at here, us on a on a serious note is how do you dress? How do you present yourself and what do you exuding a guard? Teo, you looking at a lot of the time is if I'm shooting you forward, two of us were both the same same here way like a wider issue goes forward to just kind of turning over to the side, and then I got to worry about, is it wider here to, like, those are considerations that you have to have well, it's, funny as you mentioned earlier talking about style I do tend to wear a slightly bigger shirt that I actually technically should. And my jeans were also slightly. You saw the nation absolutely paying attention. I only brought that just for us. You guys know that I was a kid, the same stuff. I'm joking. Okay, so what I do notice is again the way that he's dressed in form fitting. So if I was going to take a photo of him, he was my client for the day. How could I make his jeans look better if I had clamps with that clips? Yes, I'll brooke, before she brought paperclips was a great if you guys will have a clamps. That's. Just easy. You know, enough to tie. How are your pants fitting? The other thing is, how where do you have your pants tucked in? You gotta pull up your pants. So what? What? What is he embodying? So those are considerations that have and the truth is, man or men, like we're supposed to all be different sizes, shapes and sizes. Some of this around. So it was a small doesn't really matter. I like the way that you look me personally as a photographer if I want to make you look as best as possible I need to make sure that you're showing confidence in a photo right is your body language showing confidence right now he's doing this what does that bring attention to trying to hide out this stuff there's no reason to hide it out but you do that the first thing you do is you bring your shirt you tuck it in so if you guys sorry I don't know if you guys when you do that what do you do? You're bringing your shirt in which does what it rounds this out so if I was going to make him look a little skin this is a great part about working in fashion and working as a portrait photographer you kind of learn each one you know the girls that have wider hips so they wear these little flare e things on the outside to mate make him look skinnier. I could do that with you move your hands over to the side and let you should drop he has a thin or waste just by doing that. Those considerations you have it's starting from the middle of nowhere and he looks thinner just by having a wider shirt so what can I do? I can turn you to the side let's say ok, so if I look this way he looks about the same with I would go ahead and shoot him let's say forward leaning forward so just to accentuate lean forward for me from the waste from the shoulders I don't want to touch you no fans you can't I love you but ok, if I was going to him I gotta worry about how this looks do I need to clamp it back just a tiny bit how does that look in regards to his his physique? Right? I want to make a shoot forward I kind of want to shoot down so I can kind of thin these areas out right it's all about perception and what we talked about before impressed to shooting with height and shooting different heights for certain people then I have to worry about his neckline russ what happens when you wear the colin shirts? You have no neck that's open that second button up messed up my how you doing, russ? What happens? How long? How much longer is his neck like that? If I did this compared to about probably in touching my life right now if I did this compared to this I have a longer neckline regardless of the vote I'm not trying to look like you know eighties with beard and hair hanging out with you guys is clothing says a lot about a man's feet physique and just those little axe situations of am I trying to showcase that? He has a longer neckline just opening that second, but ever so slightly, even if you have to pin something there. So it's not looking like fabio back in the eighties that's all it's supposed to look like. So there goes another way if I was going to shoot you. And you, you dressed like you dress like today and this isn't what you want to look like and represent. I'm ok with shooting just a poor church if that's what the person wanted for the day. But this goes back into if I was photographing you in you were my client. I would go ahead and send you a whole emo in saying this is what you should wear for the day. These are considerations that you should have. So I would say, in a case like this, we would have a discussion. Okay, russ, do you feel comfortable right now? Are you fine? See, this is why you don't do this on their pick up your pants. Bring your pants. If I'm shooting your full length, make sure that you're not bringing attention to your belly. Right? Make sure that your hands in your pockets are russ, how are you hire your hands right now, typical man. They around and curved so what do I need to do if you're going to put your hands in your pockets? You trying to be cool key things in your pockets kind of lean back aren't you back see if I was going to be cool and then chin forward from it so bring a little bit of me a little bit of back to me he looks column he looks confident he looks cool it's not like before just bringing just a little bit of confidence you there's no reason toe over pose that goes back into what I mentioned before about older men not trying so hard you're going like older men like you and whatever like I look good as long as my belly is not you know hanging out in the photo have those considerations again with the shirt is this bringing attention to him? Is it is it doing this that's not what I want I want to make sure that it has a nice fit mint to it I just don't want attention to be brought to that so again posing wise, you're confident you're cool would I use this light on you know you know why? Because I would start carving out these areas and this isn't what I want to see of yours I want to see this I want to see matt damon and I want to see what's it called beckham thank you ok so we're gonna move these lights can I have the uh what's it called can I have the zeppelin please russ yes suit was the last person to photograph you uh yeah I think so how did she photographed you weigh it was all natural light uh sitting in a room with a reflector but that I think was it why um just to keep it casual and simple and easy it gave a little bit of ah like dimensionality but uh it's been a while since where she could have been like for us but that which you have the light face if you had it on the left I was sitting in the room the light was coming in through the window on the left and then reflected on the right and or she took that reflect your wayto give negative feelings we're talking about trust what I have the light over here you have the lead over there to give dimensionality to my face because that's that he's seen this photo here ok that might be so again I got you covered I got you never know where it's here there's no do you work it's okay you can drop it on me no never safety safety in numbers and you know what I'm gonna move this and I'm gonna do is turn that to the sad and we'll be good I'm not very picky see I told you, it's a war that could turn that light on I'm glad I'm probably important. Okay, so when suit photographed, you see, I loves you. This is what I'm saying. This when soo photographed, he was very much rembert like you wearing a black shirt, you were leaning forward because you're trying to hide anything that you may feel uncomfortable with, your kind of just leaning forward you're still crunched up so the main aspects of the photo where your face, your hands and the way that the black is hiding the physique that you have the beautiful, godly physique I love you, you're like the brother I never had. I've been on lee child, so you guys knew that. So that's why I'm a little bit odd who called the perfect okay, where we at find here, I probably should stay at a modicum perfect! I'm just going to go preliminary shot of you just to make sure that we have great lighting and look at that first photo and tell me what I'm missing. Christmas gnomes of creative lab books online christmas now, of course, we've got chris and me go and on audio oh my gosh, matt in the booth, who are delightful, wonderful individuals, even though I forget mats name sometimes he's from san francisco, so I don't seem not often enough man thank you, ma'am, I think this is a little too close them I couldn't see where I was before you got a kid you guys know I referred in lindsay is adler or adler fashion photography that's very romantic of thank you man you could if you want to blake you khun blake to that's cool it may if you guys aren't feeling breaking google it perfect so you were right before shot comparatively good I'm just judging light making sure that he's comfortable confident so what do we see between those two photos? What's the first thing that he does he retracts his chin which isn't very, very flattering can I have my apple box? Thank you very much. I'm gonna borrow that for me why am I doing that to make you look shorter I'm doing it because I need to go ahead and shoot at a higher angle I don't want to see a change I want to see his face right so I don't wantto I want to emphasize his face and a long day his neck as much as possible so do me a favour us shut up a tiny bit lean forward a tiny bit from a perfect I feel like we should be more intimate unite a bit closer not for me to talk about perfect for us was my prospect do if your butt in the top one there's a first time somebody ever told you put on your clothes that again perfect I'm sure you guys compared to take that not one but two see this confusing man perfect perfect where's the music okay let's look at this two photos quickly and then I'm gonna actually just voted for us okay we're going to do it a tiny bit more okay there we go first button second button one button I long get his neck an inch longer and he still doesn't look like bobby because he doesn't have enough hair on his chest tio okay, next thing I'm worried about is this chin as I'm shooting him higher he tends to do this and his his neckline is kind of controllers what I need to do is keep doing favour drop your ball and kick it let's go bring out each and every so slightly someone who worked with him I'm confident I was asking that your confidence okay, I was saying you're confident cnn arguing that shows how okay so I'm just going to shoot a portion of you so what? You just put your neck up? I'm shooting a little taller and you are just by bringing your chin out ever so slightly I'm reducing anything that I see under here perfect I see the tiny bit of a higher angle I'm going to be in your face but since we're friends that's okay totally ok you should ever so slightly perfect chin down a tiny but you got to fake laugh I know you hate me but you have to be perfect ok isa perfect chin forward you look brooding you look like you're mad at me so perfect perfect perfect perfect ok so if he was one of my clients what did I just do? I did whatever it took to get a smile out of him because he was like I don't want to be here so chin up a slight bit I'm going try to make you laugh again anybody know a funny song can you do it funny songs anybody perfect you had a gorgeous face there what happened I don't know perfect busy so what we have I was able to elongate his neck line once it's done loading compared to that before we are saluting because my camera said busy I'm one six three three five if you guys want to get forward three five that I really just five five way have here that's not loading on their side to show you guys the image I have actual like smile at him which is great all I wanted was a natural shot out of him I wanted to try to make him laugh so we have at least some expression I didn't say smile I tried my best to make sure that he was laughing I try to find interest that he had I try to make him laugh and saying his dad was matt damon and all the ways that I could try to make him laugh a long day to his neck and try to bring back his neckline morning smiles the more this goes away, right? Because he's flexing all the muscles in his neck line so just him smiling made this disappear the position that I'm shooting his neck, the fact that his button is open a tiny bit more longest is neckline and I think you look manly very, very manly. Thank you, sir. I like it. I like your your handshakes way have to hide it. So I come here. I want everyone to help me give my personal round of applause to mr jeff it's. Funny, because people assume and people are making jokes, you know how you take a picture of a man, you just put a manager of a camera, then press the button. And as jeff has shown, it is not that easy. Like it's. Funny, I'm on camera every day, and yet for some reason, that made me extremely nervous. I don't know why, but it does. It does, and men like I don't know why we try to make that distinction. Men and women are both people and people get nervous and if you want to learn howto actually take good pictures of your men in your life, and they want that we do. People pretend we don't. But we do. This's the first step. Thank you, sir, thank you so much.

Class Description

Learn how to capture men in their best light with an introduction to men’s portrait photography. Jeff Rojas will take you through the essential elements of Men’s Portraiture. Jeff will cover the basics of directing and posing male subjects so they look natural, masculine, and confident in front of the camera. You’ll also learn all about the lighting tools you’ll want to add to your gear collection.



I really enjoy Jeff's teaching style and demeanor. I'm also a fan of his YouTube channel. Great information, however I thought the class was going to show more ways to actually pose men instead of examples of how to light men.

Christian Fleming

I was excited about this class because of his book Photographing Men and thought that I'd rather watch/listen instead of reading the book, however, I found this to be really cursory, never really diving into the specifics I craved. Maybe the book is better, but I am now hesitant to buy it.