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Introduction to Family Posing

I'm a family portrait photographer, and we have an amazing family here with six children, which is awesome not quite as many as victoria's nine that we had last time I was here, but still they're they're adorable have asked them all to just wear black today because it really is just about posing. We're not gonna worry about lying it's just gonna be about puzzling bodies together and that's what group portrait are, whether their families or bridal parties or whatever kind of group that you're photographing, it really is a puzzle of bodies, and when I see bodies, when I'm working with groups I instantly think about how am I going to puzzle these pieces together? And how am I gonna puzzlement together so that everybody in that portrait looks good? Especially mom, right? Because mom's normally coming to me for the family portrait that's what she's interested in and what's the number one thing moms want to do in their family portrait. Anyone look good and thinner, right? That's the number o...

ne request I get from mom's how can you make me look thinner no matter how thin they are? So there's always kind of on my mind, and when you're working with family groups, you have a lot of different body sizes from little ones, and we have a two year old up to sixteen, mom and dad's there's. All different body sizes. And so when I start working with families instantly looking for who's, the largest person, who's, the smallest person, and how am I going to arrange them in my group to make them all look balanced? Because really easy to make a heavy person look heavier and it's, really easy to make. A small person looks smaller, which just it won't work when you're working with family groups. So we're gonna do a lot of things wrong today, so you can see what it looks like wrong, and then how we fix it.

Class Description

Capture the magic of a family in a group portrait. In How to Pose Family Portraits, Michele Celentano will teach you how to take memorable family photographs of groups – sized 2 to 100. You’ll learn how to use bodies as puzzle pieces and how to position them together as Michelle poses and shoots a family of eight.

This ninety minute class will offer up fresh inspiration for your group portraits and completely change the way you photograph families of all sizes.


Joshua Meadows

A good course on posing groups and families. It is good supplemental information if you've already studied some other posing courses. The only drawback for me is aspects of the photographers social interactions aren't to my liking (acting like a chimp and blowing raspberries). I will say though that she does have high energy and give compliments and talks with the subjects on things they like. That is what I would do on a shoot and she does that well. As for the posing it was macro level of fitting people together with a skimming of the minor details. It is a good condensed lesson and worth a watch.