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Class Introduction

okay so hey everybody out there lindsay adler and earlier this year I taught a class called posing wanna one and it was three days on posing which is super duper intense and I remember when they first approached me and suggested that I teach it was like how the heck could I possibly teach three days on posing and then when I was actually teaching it I was running out of time because I found out so much about posing and that's one of the reasons that I really enjoyed teaching is because I learned so much about photography I hadn't really thought about it most the time I was just posing and making it happen but I didn't actually realize what I was doing all right so there's one really common gigantic misconception on by the way here's the link tio supposing one a one class if you do want three entire days imposing but there's a common misconception that you have to remember a lot of poses or that you just have to be like in neatly great opposing and you see it and you make it happen I'm ...

a fan of the in between I'm a fan of remember a few poses and then when you know how to tweak them and make little changes it takes one pose and turns into ten or turned it into twenty so that's actually how I usually function on my shoot for a fashion shoot for example maybe I'll have up like three or four five inspiration images on set and I'll pick one to start with but I'm not really trying to replicate it I'm just giving myself some place to start but since I've gone ahead and I've practiced posing and I know that I can vary the angle of the head tilt the placement of the hands the movement of the hips like I know that I can take that one pose and then tweak it and make it into a million different things so what I want to talk about today are ten essential poses tto learn or I mean you can also tweak this yourself and pick another ten I'll give you ten that I use and then how I tweak that to make the whole bunch of other poses from it so hopefully you can use this as a guide and then not feel overwhelmed by the whole idea of posing all right so something else that I think I thought is that let's pick weddings for example I thought that in order to get a whole wedding album of photos I like legitimately needed to remember like fifty or sixty different poses because otherwise I'm not gonna have enough photos to fill the album and then it was stressful and I had this big long shot list I did use a shot list for like you know the group shot do we have grandma and grandpa together grandma grandpa and bride like that whole thing but as far as the individual a couple separately and then together that actually just slowed me down because then I'd be like hey what's it's next right check that off and you only have so little time running down this and trying to remember what I'm doing so instead what I have found is that different shots don't each have to be different poses so this is what makes up a different shot if you really think about it christ you got your essential post right you place the couple's I'm gonna use a couple of an example he placed a couple in the post but all of these things make a difference for example my lunch choice am I doing a wide shot of the two of them together or my switching over to say in eighty five one point four and just cropping in so I'm looking over his shoulder and I see her expression in the background and they haven't moved okay and then maybe the crop yeah I was shooting straight on one shot's full length and other ones croft in really tight maybe angle or perspective so I could come up high over the shoulder and shoot down so she's looking up and it's his just a profile of his face like and they haven't moved at all so my fear that I had remember fifty poses to get so many different shots isn't true at all how much is varying the depth of field in one shot she's in focus and the other shot he's in focus your changing that that's a new image the expressions maybe just one they're closing their eyes and putting their heads together and the next they're both laughing and looking at me like every single one of these is different and that's before I even got to moving anything like placing the hand slightly differently or maybe putting the hand on the shoulder like that's before even moved any of that so that's what I would kind of have you keep in mind and put on your checklist that basically you remember these ten essential poses and then you know once you get that pose work it like change your camera changer angled move around changer depth of field and you can get a ton of different shots so put this in you are remembering checklist and all actually show you this in action how it would photograph the couple and then we'll get into those ten shots

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You don't need to memorize hundreds of poses to create dynamic and engaging shots of your subjects. Instead, you can learn just 10 essential poses, and make slight modifications to them to create an endless range of looks. In this class Lindsay Adler will share 10 poses you can use again and again to create dramatically different photos.


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This is a short, concise class, that is filled with great, basic posing information. It's more for the beginner though and while I did take away some excellent points, I wish I'd put the money towards a more advanced Lindsay Adler class that I could have taken more from. She's one of the best teachers on Creative Live, so go for it if you need some solid advice on posing.