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Pose 1: Couple Standing

okay so I decided that I would start with the couple can I have the two of you together I hope you know each other just getting an accurate history I'm going to start with the couple standing together and I'm just have you gotta step up here you can stand out there to show you how this all comes into play can I have you on this sign perfect all right so let's take a look at a sample shot that I have here all right so the general pose that I get them into to start when were you guys up a little bit perfect can you go ahead and put your left arm on his chest great can you put your hand on her hip and just move closer like you like each other and get that hand up behind okay so now they look kind of together ish do you actually know each other okay good things like a little less awkward and I'm gonna have you flip your hair off that shoulder this isn't exactly posing but whatever side of the neck for a woman's closest to the camera I usually make sure their hair is not on that sign becaus...

e I have a checklist of things we think are beautiful and one of those things I said are necklines and another one's jaw lines so when I do this I neither have john or neck so it's something you always have to but I usually make sure the hair is on the far side or at least you can see one jaw line in the shot okay so I'm gonna have you relax a little bit perfect all right so this is the general shot grab quickly and can you bring your back shoulder closer to him I'm going to show you before african you pull it away again so this one looks a little more fashion and both of you look at me real quick okay so this looks a little bit fashion like I don't know if I tell the guys you're perfect uh it looks a little more she's like posing up against him but it doesn't necessarily look at a couple like because of this space in the back so I asked her to bring her shoulder around just they looked more united as a couple all right so I'm going to get through this pose right first so that's perfect good and then I'm looking at this I'm saying ok so see how they look a little bit more like she's nuzzled into him that looked like a couple not like she's posing on a model and then the last part would be their head to get this base shot because right now they're kind of straightforward or even hurt a little bit back but if you're posing a couple they would be tilted together and if you watch roberto did a class a while back and he calls magnetized in the head is what he says for it so now they've got their heads together perfect and can you instead of your hand all the way around back just a little more on her hip for your right arm just pull it down a little bit perfect okay so this would be more or less my base shot okay something like that that's getting your general couple shot under control all right so I can d'oh a million billion things from here so let's go check through the checklist can you do me a favor and can you put your hand up next to his face just touch really softly great there and a little bit higher good and I'll put it back on his neck a little more good and you're going to put your head towards her and I'm actually going to look at her okay good can you roll lower your front shoulder a little perfect so what she was doing she had her shoulder up real high I couldn't see her neck we need to see her neck when she put her hand up to his face originally it was covering the front of his face and was looked like she had a bigger hand and can you wiggle it just a little softly good perfect and then when he was looking at me it just looked too aggressive like this is a soft moment he's like intense with her so I varied the hand and his face so that is going to be a different shot okay and by that this actually would be easier this particular thing right now I'm trying to keep the light the same but outdoors naturally I could move around so I would probably shoot this maybe from here and I'm shooting right now at f sixthree I'd probably shoot this wider open so let's see this so this will be a different shot thank you okay so I haven't I haven't moved anything yet all right so let's try I'm goingto have you okay toki no as you kiss the top of her head and you kind of know each other all right and put your hand back up on this you put on her shoulder this time so I can still work that angle and I've got that okay all right the next one that I could do what else can I move so gotten their heads tilted together got him looking at her how about um can I can never someone's diamond ring yes sorry about that just for a second thank you can you put this on your ring finger okay s so another to bigger too smart uh okay to switch it totally thank you so you have tiny fingers that's cute I have no idea okay perfect so put your hand right on his shoulder and I'm going to do is I'm going to pretend we're on a background I'm going to pretend that I came around to the back can you just rotate that sorry away from me keep going right there perfect all right so you're just going to look exactly how you're looking look out of them great I'm gonna have you put your ring hand it's a little bit further over perfect and now what I'm going to dio and put your hand down just a little bit more rapid back sorry back around his yeah right here looking for I can see that right perfect right there okay so another shot grab in eighty five one four maybe and know what to do with a really narrow down the field I'll just focus on that ring and then have her out of focus in the background so they still have not moved from their original pose like I said I would have just moved around because I'm shooting in the studio kind of consistently here I'll see if I can open up a little bit just like that I'm gonna focus on that ring and can you close your eyes and control your head just a little bit back perfect ah wait of course my lights moving since the pain okay with this right there good okay something get that ring in focus and both you close your eyes okay so again with a wider aperture this is another shot she could be he could be whispering into her ear and she could be laughing or maybe I have this even right now this is for oh maybe I shoot at to point out and so they're just totally out of focus or you could have them kissing for example or something like that so we still have not moved the same the this pose yet let's see another one okay so have you rotate back towards me thank you can you this time go ahead and I'm going to switch can you put your hand on his hip and you're gonna put your hand up next to her face perfect and you're gonna kiss the side of her head and you're gonna close your eyes okay let's try this and I think when I look at this kind of apple box what I notice I'm getting super distracted by this the pose is there I think him kissing her head her having a nice quiet moment but whatever's closest to the camera is largest so I'm short and so all I've got is shoulder so I'm actually gonna use it for me being short okay let's see how this works here should we um I actually generally when I'm shooting things like this I do keep uh a little stepladder when I'm traveling I'm a little short I don't have like tall people can get down low sort people we're stuck okay cool let's see I'm gonna get a little bit higher something so kiss your forehead and just real soft perfect so now great and I would use a narrative of the field but and I came in here to relax your lips a little bit more just so shooting wide open so you see like again they have not moved by the time I switched their hands same pose same thing so do you guys overall like yeah that makes sense right ok so that would be the number one pose that I would remember four couples I'm going to go off of this just a little bit so don't don't put this on your ten but I just wanted to give you an idea of how I don't have to do much I mean now what I could have a do can you face straight forward and I'm gonna have to do is screwed around to the back a little bit more and I propose of your hands up on the shoulder okay and so now I can do the exact same thing but I can shoot so I'm here he's out of focus and she is looking at me from behind with her hand on his shoulder and then I can look over here from this side he can be looking out and she's tilting your head towards me and I have her and focus and him out of focus and then he can turn back towards her and they could have a moment and I can shoot there so it's varying all of those things all right so let's see I have I would have you take a break and I'm gonna leave you up here so that is couples pose number one if you have to remember one pose just remember that him on whatever side but the reason I had him stand on the left hand side is if it is a bridal shop she can have her ring showing in her left hand that's why I pretty much always have him on the left so there was some kind of logic behind that and I have her hand up so I can see that and then it's just tweaks and angles and depth of field and they can say pretty much the same

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You don't need to memorize hundreds of poses to create dynamic and engaging shots of your subjects. Instead, you can learn just 10 essential poses, and make slight modifications to them to create an endless range of looks. In this class Lindsay Adler will share 10 poses you can use again and again to create dramatically different photos.


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This is a short, concise class, that is filled with great, basic posing information. It's more for the beginner though and while I did take away some excellent points, I wish I'd put the money towards a more advanced Lindsay Adler class that I could have taken more from. She's one of the best teachers on Creative Live, so go for it if you need some solid advice on posing.