Pose 2: Woman Standing


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Pose 2: Woman Standing

let's jump to pose number two woman standing I have I actually have a couple guy poses too but I tend to photograph more women so I've got a couple of these all right so here is one general post and then if you can see that but general poses one hip out with the bottom foot turned out in this hand on the hip this would be a fashion pose but not to fashion you know not like you know not like dramatic fashion but this is really good if it's for model's high school senior girls if it's going to be maybe a musician it's a singer and this is going to be her shot this wouldn't be opposed this one over here maybe wouldn't be opposed that I would do for a more mature woman but maybe it would be depends on what I'm trying to to communicate if this is confidence like I get confidence out that so one foot needs to be turned out with the opposite hips stick stuck out and a hand on that hip but then I can change everything so these are actually the same post this just has both hands on the hips so ...

for example let's do where my more comfortable this way I could do this I could do this I could do this I could do that like you can do everything so it's that general movement and keep in mind as well that you know no leaning back even just pulling ford towards the camera playing up and ford is going to be a little more flattering so let's get this one first looks perfect and now the reason I like this these are full length what I do like is her foot turned out if you turned your foot towards the camera and I'm gonna take a picture of this it's not bad but it's not a dynamic and I'll show you why take a quick shot great and pop your elbow back towards me just a little great okay and now turn your foot out no I shone the difference good and lean towards it with just a tiny bit okay so the difference between these two is when her foot is out it's a leading line for me like it gives me this shape to follow can you go back to the foot forward when her foot's forward or when she's not bending it it's very straight up and down like for a woman we're trying to get some kind of shape to follow in the form usually straight lines don't work so well I avoid locked knees lock knees it's just it's very static so it and also flat hips so I usually have either the hips back or the hips to the side and a foot turned out or a foot turned in anything that's flat foot flat hips that doesn't work so if you're looking at a shot and you're trying to figure out what's wrong with your pose you think you're close well often it's the flat foot flat hips that are killing it you need a little bit of movement in some way so let's go back one more into the leg flip down again and I had her bend her need just a little bit to give me a little bit more shape so I'm gonna have you do that again good perfect so let's see some variations on this post so much have you saved just like that for a second now can you lean forward and put your hand on that knee a little bit more great keep going keep leaning you got it right there and then that elbow towards me perfect and now I'm gonna have you put that hand to your neck perfect good and I would have put in your hair whatever is comfortable and pop your elbow out good and I want to show you something bad can you put through this quick watch out for an elbow street towards me watch out for this I see this super duper often this and this uh so I told you whatever looks closest to the camera is biggest in another word for this is for shortening s o that's the same thing when if somebody sitting on the ground with their legs out there look like they have no legs well it's the same thing here with her arms straight towards camera it kind of looks like she doesn't have a four armor or something so you want to watch out whenever you have something coming towards the camera lifting up that it's not like this so for her arm position I would dio down or to the side or up or something that's not in this realm okay not in the chicken so that's the first variation of that as you know you khun d'oh arm down arm up can you both our hands on your hips that same me out perfect great and something also that if you want more dynamic poses is usually don't want um if you do go ahead and get this pose and you're moving arms round here so you don't want both arms doing the exact same thing for like for example right like both arms up here I'm gonna fly away like that kind of thing both hands on the hips are fine but I recommend putting one lower than the other it just gives you a little bit more movement it looks a little less static so can you take the left arm and just lower it down just a little bit and the other hand on your hip perfect looks great so it's going to be a more dynamic pose then both equal set something toe add to your list um yeah so those air on the checklist when you're shooting this pose cropping if you've noticed now have coughed in tighter because I liked triangle triangle triangle it's it's got a lot of nice negative space and it's flattering to her what you want to watch out for for cropping is you don't have that same pose you don't want to crop here usually because it's it's just like an awkward you where I want to continue because you're so close to the feet you can almost see it but you can't say you feel like she got chopped off I recommend if you're shooting this pose either include the feet or crop just above the knees just below tend to be less visually pleasing but just above looks good so that that would be how I'd shoot this so I'm going to move on to the next one to make sure you get all these next one for woman standing this one just a super essential and I call this my facebook post because when anybody poses with me for facebook like a photo for facebook is what I do okay you event like you can totally I'll call me out I don't even mind

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You don't need to memorize hundreds of poses to create dynamic and engaging shots of your subjects. Instead, you can learn just 10 essential poses, and make slight modifications to them to create an endless range of looks. In this class Lindsay Adler will share 10 poses you can use again and again to create dramatically different photos.


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This is a short, concise class, that is filled with great, basic posing information. It's more for the beginner though and while I did take away some excellent points, I wish I'd put the money towards a more advanced Lindsay Adler class that I could have taken more from. She's one of the best teachers on Creative Live, so go for it if you need some solid advice on posing.