Pose 7: Man Standing


How to Set Up 10 Essential Poses


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Pose 7: Man Standing

all right so let's start with a guy standing all right so the most basic for guy standing of course they'll cross their arms right crossed arms that's comfortable for most guys I'm not going to say I remember that because that's obvious like that's really an obvious line that they do by default but if you do shoot that what you want to watch out for is a depending on what should they have that everything doesn't just crinkle up because that is what destroys the key look super comfortable I have him in a fitted black tea it'll look totally fine with this post but like I said don't this isn't my ten come up a little bit closer okay right there perfect and I said noticed like there's no problem with his shirt but if he had a dress shirt on and that's what I see happen a lot is this is the go to pose you'll have ah guy coming in for a corporate head shot and he comes in and he goes like this and just his whole dress shirt crumples so you might want to avoid that so one that doesn't mess wi...

th the clothes is this next one guy's keynote quick super simple guys standing pose and just like that like he just doesn't know he's a model you know but generally what looks better his fingers in the pockets then thumb in and fingers out so I'm gonna be switched great perfect it just gets you it just draws a whole bunch of attention it just looks really big especially if they're wearing dark jeans and then at the same time both of his hands now are at the same level with my eyes were just drawn there which is usually not what I want a portrait s so instead of having that'll make huge difference is gonna look much better great next thing he's already doing some of this right because this is what he does so it just looks much better the next thing is depending on the size of your subject depends on where you want to angle them so I do this you know hands in pockets I have a pocket in really good hands in pockets other hand just lose their super comfortable if your subject is very wide and broad shoulders you might for example want to take this side decide without the hand and just pull it back a little bit and then have them lean towards camera because straight on they're going to be widest if you've got a really scrawny guy like really really skinny you probably want him more or less facing straight towards camera and then instead of like leaning forward haven't been more of a step this is going to make them look a little bit bigger a little bit more aggressive versace for some guy that's just a little bit wider turn them to the side and have them lean towards you a little bit first is the skinny guy straight on and step so just little tweaks but it's super basic and four full length version of this how you are is good something you usually want to watch out for can you bring your foot over to the side this isn't terrible so this one doesn't bother me too much but sometimes when guys legs were apart too much it looks like they're posing kind of girly which I mean it depends on what look you're going for but in general if you have a guy we like his foot out it looks too posed like they almost look better if it's maur less lined up or closer together as soon as it's like really posey it looks really posed he's a model so it just looks good everywhere on him

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You don't need to memorize hundreds of poses to create dynamic and engaging shots of your subjects. Instead, you can learn just 10 essential poses, and make slight modifications to them to create an endless range of looks. In this class Lindsay Adler will share 10 poses you can use again and again to create dramatically different photos.


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This is a short, concise class, that is filled with great, basic posing information. It's more for the beginner though and while I did take away some excellent points, I wish I'd put the money towards a more advanced Lindsay Adler class that I could have taken more from. She's one of the best teachers on Creative Live, so go for it if you need some solid advice on posing.