Understand What Your Camera Sees


How to Set Up 10 Essential Poses


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Understand What Your Camera Sees

if you watch my posing wanna one class I go into this much more and death but I did want to give you a little bit of background behind posing more than just posing essentials like posing essentials that we get into for example is you know you never want everything merged like in that class is on your hands by your side my side my arms are like two and a half inches wide I just put two and half inches on either side of me I just gave myself five inches wider no imagine wearing black with long black sleeves I literally made myself five inches wider like those types of things we get into in death but some of that that makes more sense you can see it but what about lynch choice and camera and angle and all that stuff so really quick I want to do a couple essentials before we jump into those ten poses and so if you want my class he heard me say this over and over again but we want to remember is whatever is closest to the camera is largest so this comes into play a million different ways fo...

r example if you have a couple post side by side and you're shooting let's say that this is the groom and this is the bride and you're shooting over her shoulder her arm might look really fat because it is closer to the camera so it'll look larger and so maybe maybe tweaking the angle and shooting from the other side that makes a difference to posing you might have the spot on perfect pose and you're looking at your camera going what am I doing wrong this's the pot's lindsay said to dio it might be things like that and knowing how your camera seas and so we and I'll show you a couple of show you this in action but conversely so whatever's closest the camera appears largest whatever is furthest from the camera appears smallest that's super important proposing and tweaking it to look right so for example for a boudoir shot okay you have a girl in lingerie reclining on the bed and your camera angle is shooting from about here okay this will look large and these will look smaller probably want the opposite you probably want this to look a larger in this to look smaller so your poses might be spot on but your camera angle might be a little off so posing is is not the end all be all it's it's everything that works together so don't just think like oh I remember that pose that doesn't mean the shot will look good it all works together so to see this put basically look how much bigger her hand looks when it's closer to the camera and all she did was this I didn't change my lens I didn't change my position and so imagine you have somebody sitting on the floor with their legs out in front of them and they have gigantic looking feet that's why it's usually distracting you that element that's really close to the camera is going to draw a lot of attention is going to look much larger but how it plays practically for particularly photographing women this is a big one it's all about the hips okay and then this is shoulders and chest and all of that but the hip example is if a girl's giving you sat like this and she puts her hips towards the camera my chest is further back and my hip is closer so my hips are going to look much larger not to mention that when I do this my neck crunches in so I have no neck and my hips are closer to the camera but when I flip it the other way now my hips are back so the looks smaller my waist look smaller my chest will look larger my eyes will look larger and now I'm stretching my neck out towards you so it's going to be a much better pose so just take a look here ready hips towards camera hips away it has even opened that have hips away so one more time like it's a huge difference towards even away it's massive and I didn't change anything but where her hips were so here's the comparison side by side and I don't even think like doesn't look remotely the same body type looking at that so just keep that in mind as well so what I recommend you do it's when you remember these poses you have your subject there you go all right looking at this photo what what looks too big or too distracting for me all right so the first thing if it's too distracting can I put that element that's too big further away can I move it can I push the hips back can I pull the arm back can I do something to pull it away from the camera and if that won't work can I change my angle maybe I'm a little bit too low to her hips so they look closer so maybe a little bit of a more high angle is going to make her face and her chest look larger instead of just her hips so those two things will massively affect your shot and so if you find that in most of your portrait's most of the time you're standing still straight onto your subject at whatever height you are you're probably not really using the poses to the best of their advantage that gets a combination of angle it's a combination of one choice all of that work together

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You don't need to memorize hundreds of poses to create dynamic and engaging shots of your subjects. Instead, you can learn just 10 essential poses, and make slight modifications to them to create an endless range of looks. In this class Lindsay Adler will share 10 poses you can use again and again to create dramatically different photos.


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This is a short, concise class, that is filled with great, basic posing information. It's more for the beginner though and while I did take away some excellent points, I wish I'd put the money towards a more advanced Lindsay Adler class that I could have taken more from. She's one of the best teachers on Creative Live, so go for it if you need some solid advice on posing.