How to Set Up 10 Essential Poses


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Understand What Your Camera Sees

You don't need to memorize hundreds of poses to create dynamic and engaging shots of your subjects. Instead, you can learn just 10 essential poses, and make slight modifications to them to create an endless range of looks. In this class Lindsay Adler will share 10 poses you can use again and again to create dramatically different photos.



  • <p>I would just like to say wow, it is the simple things that make it the best! Thank you for having Lindsay do this class. She is easy to follow and makes perfect sense. It is all about working smarter and not harder. I will be buying more of her classes because she explains everything so well. This has been the best class that I have purchased thus far. Thank you Lindsay for sharing your tips and expertise! Even if you &quot;think&quot; you know about posing, you can always learn something new. BUY THIS CLASS!</p>
  • <p>I have a bit of criticism, but first I want to say that the course is excellent and I don&#39;t regret getting it at all. It&#39;s worth every penny. Lindsay is great, and I like her so much I purchased another course of hers. My criticism has more to do when the way the video was edited. There are so many times when Lindsey is talking and describing something that she wants to model to do but I can&#39;t see what the model is doing because the videographer is focused on Lindsey instead of showing us what the model is doing. For example, Lindsay is telling the model to put her hand and move her adjust her body, and instead of showing us the model, the videographer is showing us Lindsey saying that, or showing us the photo of the model prior. This doesn&#39;t help. I don&#39;t need to see Lindsey talking, unless she is demonstrating what she wants to model to do. Instead, I want to see the model make the adjustments that Lindsey is telling her to make. Since this was taped with several cameras, I&#39;m sure Creative Live has the footage that shows what the model is doing, but instead they choose to show us the visual of Lindsey talking instead. It&#39;s hugely annoying and it leaves me frustrated as I wonder if my interpretation of what Lindsey is saying actually matches up with what the model is doing. Perhaps it would be helpful if they showed a spit screen. One one side, they can show Linsey talking and on the other side they show the model making the adjustments. In lieu of this, I&#39;d more rather see the model making the adjustments thank seeing the instructor talk. I hope Creative Live reads these reviews and hope they consider this for other videos.</p>
  • This is a short, concise class, that is filled with great, basic posing information. It's more for the beginner though and while I did take away some excellent points, I wish I'd put the money towards a more advanced Lindsay Adler class that I could have taken more from. She's one of the best teachers on Creative Live, so go for it if you need some solid advice on posing.