How to Shoot with Polaroid®


How to Shoot with Polaroid®


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How to Shoot with Polaroid®

Today we are shooting polaroids and I see some note pads that air out here put away your note pads this is the end we're done we're closing it down right you guys have learned everything s ceo how to shoot portrait's how to do all this stuff today it's you know how to do this I'm just going to turn you back onto it how many of you guys have shot with polaroids everybody's shot awesome command maybe never in your life awesome you're going to be shooting with one today and I'm gonna be taking pictures of everybody here so don't be afraid because we're going to have some fun I'm gonna turn you on to some new gear the big thing that I want you to walk away is that anybody can do this seriously that's what's so cool about instant film is that you know peter harley kicked off this amazing week you know saw him he saw that fancy gear right you're like yeah I want that dick you giga pixel you know whatever you know that thirty thousand dollars back I want that I can't afford that are you guys ...

going to run out and buy that you know fancy back it serves its purpose but the beauty of this medium is that it's accessible to everybody chances are you have one of these cameras in your garage in your closet your mom's attic you got you just need to get some film we're going to go talk about all these different crazy cameras that I've got here rich you with him all talk about some film do some creative techniques and there is a magic to this medium that no other rivals we were shooting polaroids last night right? We had some fun absolutely so this is a favorite quote of mine from dr edwin land everybody know who he is no nobody knows who he is right? This man is legendary genius he's the inventor of polaroid and I really think that it speaks to what creative life preaches here about you got to go out you've got to do it and you know an essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail you know? The reality is you should people are roy you're going to fail at it there's no magic button that makes it all work you've got to do it you've got to commit uh you know, here standing right now is like I'm going to shoot polaroid we're going to see if they come out right? Yeah, I'm supposed to be the expert but that's the reality we can educate ourselves with different techniques but these cameras some of them were fifty years old they've got a mind of their own so there are going to function a little differently but you know the beauty of it we fail, we pick ourselves back up, we keep moving forward so being that nobody knows who I am, I'm just going to give you a quick a brief history where I got started in photography internet I know there's about five people I know watching out there, so I appreciate you say for everybody else these air, my beginnings that's me nineteen, eighty six look at that. I still feel like that young kid so stoked like, oh yeah, the euro discovered photography. I was not going to pass high school counselor said, johnny, you're going toe fail high school, you get one elected, choose it wisely and enrolled in a film class in a photography because the computer teacher taught, uh, the computer class taught photography and if you showed up your past so I'm taking photography because I could pass and it was right there. And then I found my life's calling, you know, I am an f lister seriously, I shoot film. I'm not the a list or on the f lister and I was the guy that was failing high school. I had two inspirations. You guys know glenn e friedman? Yeah, legendary skate punk rock photographer documented doc town z boys. Amazing. I wanted to be like that. That was where I wanted to start, and then a fashion photographer named phillip nixon created by amazing photographer you won't find virtually anything on him, but those were my inspirations and so this is where I stood I stood on the edge of a skate ramp escape pool wasn't really a part of this, casey and I had some friends that were into it and I was like, I just wanted to skate so bad, but I sucked and so I figured I'd pick up a camera and just hang out. Um, and so that's where I began that's a polaroid transfer print, we're going to try and pull some of those today show you some of that cool creative technique move down south, uh, was on my way. And then, uh, squire gear, my first job was in a photo lab and next thing I knew, I had some gear, everything got stolen, my life imploded, don't boo, you know, we know about it. A couple months later, a friend of mine finds out like, hey, you know, I heard you got all your stuff stolen like, yeah, I was like, I've got this camera and he gave me this little point shoot camera, I was like, oh, yeah, I'm a photographer with this, you know, like, write you like, no point shoot cameron threw it in a drawer and let couple months go by. I picked up a pen instead. I was doing folding staples scenes, you know, copping on a xerox or doing that kind of stuff. And then I came back to that cameron I picked it up and it started shooting with it. It was like I like, you know, photography them. So when do it this is all I got. And so I started playing with that camera, and I learned three chords with that camera, I learned how to load it learned out a locket, I learned how to rock it. You don't need anything else beyond that. Bring a passion. All this gear up here that I'm showing you this is all cool vintage stuff use what you got don't need anything it comes from your heart comes from your eye and I'm living testament of that right here standing right here before you like what I want creative life. This is so awesome. So as we talk about all this to, like, what's your passion, you know, is it portrait photography? Is that fashion photography? You don't know yet what you want to shoot? I want you to think about that because I really think that, you know, start thinking, what is your passion? You know this is mine instant photography so awesome so this is what photography means to me real quick you know again this is what I want you to kind of think about as I'm sure you all this cool stuff and you guys know zacarias you know I think he was on creative live here a few years ago and I asked him you know what's the difference between an amateur and professional look it up he's got a great reply I consider myself the professional amateur I don't make my living shooting pictures I worked for a photographer software company guys we have seen someone my bro's here the other day on one software big shout out to my bro's s o think about what you want follow your own heart that's what? I want you to go away from here today you know the week is done we're ending with this this is going to be so awesome so just quickly these air someone my photograph these are the things that are super important to me these airport all polaroids that I'm showing here this is my nephew learning to walk two years old standing on the edge right that curb can I do this? You know here we are can I do this? Can I succeed love that my best friend just had surgery yesterday big shout out to you brother you're with me love that were born on chris crazy store my life like were born on the same day our lives and parallel this is just nuts my buddies sign twenty years old. That was his birthday. He gets his first polaroid that he ever had. He loves that photo. One of my best friends, dan and his two kids that she looks all dreamy. She thinks I'm her boyfriend. So funny, my good buddy dave, this is a specter film. Some of the new impossible stuff will be talking about I just love the lighting on that that's, you know, just so contrast a kindred spirit my god, daughter, my niece with my sx seventy, my good friend hides look at the texture on that. You know, we try and recreate that look digitally, right? You guys are all you know, that's what we do right shoot instant film, you know, that's that's all you have to do well, you're right, but I recognize that, you know, not everybody is going to do that. We'll talk about some of that, but here but what a great smile loved that when my best pros jefty his birthday today. If it wasn't his birthday, he would've been lugging all my gear happy birthday, brother, we have shot a lot of polaroids together and this is like what it is to me it's about having fun it's about connecting on you know, if you guys are thinking about going into business maybe already having established studio you can incorporate this you know, this is the behind the scenes this is after the big shoot whatever that is you know pop up all right man you'd be amazed at what the connection that you get from just that print my niece kk she's cray cray love yeah, this is where it began for me this was vegas. This is where I met a few the creative life folk this is what it was about a friend of mine miley cyrus was playing that evening or the evening before and that was sort of the running joke like oh good lord and you know it said give me your best miley and this is what she did we just it reminds me of all the fun that we had there some new friends of mine beth into him thirty six years married how awesome is that that is so cool and they use this photo to, um put up against, uh high school sweetheart so high school sweetheart picture and then this photo and I was just like, wow to be a part of that experience with, you know that print my lovely mom beautiful mother wouldn't be here without her lover death my dad he passed away about seven and a half years ago man, if I could be a tenth of a man he was stuck but that was shot on a polaroid in mike kishen four by five just love it this is what I look for in my photographs emotional resin and I want to see your guys his photographs out there you know, connect with me I'm sitting here talking to you guys hear the interwebs use that connect with me I want to see what you guys were doing because I know if I'm standing here with my photographs and you can be too absolutely this is what I seek in my photographs you know I'm barreling through life I'm a guy that's just slamming into walls bouncing off I take a digger pick myself back up I'm inhaling life and I'm expelling photographs of those moments that we're having so I want to see your photographs that use that hashtag quick reef story you know let's take up some pictures here right that's why we're here come up here it's just pop up all right, right, right and that will just tear right you know does trace strike it working your o beauty there we go that yeah you looking away there there's one hey, buddy, you're looking good we gotta wait for the flash that charge you having fun blurred a lot not really thinking you know, everybody thinks they blink. Come on. Right. This is what we do know this is how we do it. I got away from the flaps in charge though. It's oh, so right. All right, I'm not gonna waste. Oh, come on time and no, I don't want to get some of the two of you here right there. One, two, three. This is all about the experience, right? Exactly. Oh, they were great. Are you kidding me? Those look awesome. I love those glasses right here. This's the experience this is what it's about and looking to you you just you were the one in peter's wearing that striped shirt he couldn't use that I could like we put you on that white wall, right? Yeah, absolutely. Man, you look great. That's what we do right there shoot pool, right? Just like that. So the story of polaroids you I'm surprised. I guess the history of the medium is kind of lost. You know, we live in a digital age and we're lost in the stream of twitter and facebook and it's like we get a photo and it's gone. You know, you guys are all shaking your pictures to that's a myth right you like, hey, yeah, exactly, you know, uh, don't do that and and actually, you know, the film will be talking about here in a minute when you're outdoors. It's a little light sensitive, but this stuff not too concerned about what we'll talk about that but the story of glory, this photograph to me exemplifies the story of polaroid. Nineteen forty three you guys were gonna get a brief history lesson. I know you're like, uh, history. I know I was, um this photograph really sums it up for me because it was edwin land founder polaroid he was producing polarizing products was even in the photo industry, his daughter there on a family vacation. Nineteen forty three takes a photo says, hey, daddy, why can I see the photo? And he thought about it and in that little inkling of his daughter now, everybody's kids were taken pictures with their cell phone selfies looking at themselves, you know, you can thank dr edwin land, steve jobs consider this man to be a national treasure, and, you know, nobody knows about him, and I'm such a huge fan because he is forever changed my life, I think about two, two guys and when landed steve, jobs that have totally changed my life, so I'm stoked to be a part of it killer books. Look, you know polaroid years you want to see awesome examples of photography pick this book up there's tons I had a stack like this high I was like I got to cut some of this stuff out I've got too much crap one hundred ways to do something impossible great book and this is an old this is the man right there that was his legacy with the sx seventy. We've got that camera here. Dig this stuff up, get passionate about the media. Amazing artists have used instant photography through the career of warhol. Uh, adams ansel adams he was a right hand man to uh edwin land. So check this stuff out. Super cool let's keep moving here. So film eso polaroid starts in the forties they released this camera right here. Nineteen forty eight I stole this from creative life don't tell anybody check that out. How awesome is that that's pretty cool. So but that's a beast, right? You're like, oh, good that's crazy. So hey starts out with that camera goes through the sixties, comes out with sort of these style cameras will take a look at these and then into the seventies that sx seventy good stuff and then in two thousand eight in the early two thousand digital happens and polaroid basically files for bankruptcy in two thousand eight they've stopped producing phil and it's with these words, is another quote. Don't undertake a project unless it's manifestly important and nearly impossible. And with that, the impossible project was born there were closing down the last factory in the netherlands. Some of you probably already know that on the internet, but two guys guy named florian dot cops on ray bozman brokered a last minute deal to acquire that manufacturing facility. They didn't get anything of the chemistry. It was just this facility and some old stock ville, and they undertook the her killer lan effort to bring instant film back. So I bowed down to those guys for doing that because it is so awesome. It's not the old polaroid, says new instant film stuff that is just so magical. So filming is available. That's what? I want to talk to you about every you know, when I shoot this stuff, people like they still make film for that what they do it's. Impossible project. So they make a series of films, the six hundred siri's that's the one I shoot the most. They make a color, they make a black and white. We're going to be shooting aa lot of it. The color takes a little longer to develop s so it's, not like that instant, you know you were in two minutes and you saw your picture this stuff the color steps taking about thirty minutes to forty minutes so it's sort of really come up its light sensitive so you want to pick put it face down after you shoot it black and white comes up super fast we're going to be shooting a lot of that today fuji that's the other thing fuji makes film so they make the one hundred psi and they make this but they just announced they discontinue this is the first the year the three thousand beat fuji are you listening we want our three thousand b back this seriously you guys are going to go home with some of this film I'm turning me on to this I want that it is so amazing so this is pac film so we're going to talk about as we shoot with these different cameras some of the different films and how they use this is the peel apart kind of film but this film is amazing you can still find it online pro photo supply my local retailer hooked me up with this stuff the last of it so I'm very thankful to have it and then they've got the one hundred speed color don't shoot a lot of this but yeah it's good stuff I'm gonna get you hoped up you can find it out there get turned on and then old stock polaroid you know this is awesome look at this. So we just shot this. This is one of the p a is can we get it on pat that's expired polaroid film. Go ahead, pass it around. Take a look at that. How awesome is that? That's, the beauty of the medium right there. You sort of give yourself to the medium. You take a photo, you're not sure what you're going to get. You get that it's just amazing. So you can find old polaroid stock. So there's, a great shop here in town called rare medium in seattle. I just picked up some expired six, six, nine is great for we're going to do some transfers here, take a look at that super cool stuff. So there is film available. This is expired spectra. You might get that and go. What? That's? A total weight. I spent twenty dollars on ebay by an old pack. This is the crazy results I get that's what I love about the media because you don't know exactly what you're going to get all the time this is expired six, six, nine again. You know, this is the kind of stuff we try and recreate those film looks right. You guys using digital software to do that, trying to try and figure it out, right shoot sixty nine, shoot expired film, right? Absolutely so let's get into cameras and start shooting so that big camera that ninety five a that you just heard that ninety five that you just passed around this is the next this was a couple of generations the first cameras that they came out with we're all automatic this was the one that they went to a full manual super sharp lands on this puppy look at that yeah right you see that you're like that is a camera in and of itself you couldn't shoot these films it's been converted to take a pack film back so you can find these on ebay for maybe twenty five to one hundred bucks without the back and then to have it converted they run about five hundred I think I paid two hundred twenty five for mine company called four designs used to make him but hold that man take a look at that that's awesome right you roll around with that people think you're serious so this was shot with the f b three thousand let's take quick meter reading have you ever shot have you ever held on to anything like that? Nothing like that sixtieth let's see if we can get a photo here what do you think? So we're going to set our shutter speed again this is full manual second she pulled one of the things that I'm gonna you know talking about here you see this light meter if you guys are shooting polaroid, this is what you're gonna want with the manual cameras. So a lot of these cameras are auto, but I do recommend getting a light meter I use iconic, great company. They've got some new ones, but you want to start studying light. You know how light effects, everything you're going to get better by studying like this is going to help you at least sort of analysed light falling on subject on, especially with the manual cameras. You're gonna want to do that so let's. See if we get a shot here. So there's a little range finder and then another window. So you focus with the range? Yes. Ever looked arranged. Reiner that split where everything that was the first camera that I started with. And it was impossible. The view you're looking good, buddy. And then your triggers up here just like this. Hey, I see if we get anything here might help. If I cocked the shutter, should you know what I do? And right here we go just like that. So this is the pac will peel out straight out you well, that this is really fast. Baking film takes about fifteen seconds to come up and then it's a peel apart. So yeah you want prime one I'd be careful there with the chemistry you don't want to get this view all over you so that is the peel part what we do is we just grabbing ad here and I totally blew that shot awesome nice right but you remember that you like that that's that's the guy that blew the shot right there first shot that's the beauty and magic of polaroid you never know exactly what you're gonna get right so yeah great camera real classic camera I love that one because it's so old these air really popular with land cameras have you guys seen the land cameras you know those so they made some different versions they started with one hundred siri's they went to the four hundred siri's most of them are automatic and then I've got one here a guy the guy who wants rare medium here in town hooked me up with this this is like the creme de la creme of the land cameras with one ninety five so if you're in all manual shooter you know you want control this one has the f stops the shutter speeds and do you can shoot with that I like automatic I like pointing and shooting that's that's the whole reason why I'm here is pointing and shooting and that's that you know what I love so this is the maid a couple different versions so this is the three sixty metal version they've got the plastic versions the metal ones have tripod uh, sockets down on the bottom here the plastic bodies like this do not this is kind of a popular one the four twenty the viewfinder you notice on these you find her will collapse these ones they don't this doesn't have the shutter they used to take old batteries that sort of snapping batteries you know you can have them converted so you can take double a batteries like that or you can still find those batteries they run about I think I got some of the old three volt in four and a half full for about thirteen fifteen bucks online or you can have him converted eso that's ah, really cool camera let's uh show you how we load some film here so, uh I'm going to need some assistance you've opened a film pack, right? No, you know how to open one just terror don't don't blow it like I did right? So we'll put in a new film pack here so yeah, you open up that's what the camera looks like on the inside pretty cool and one of the cool things like when you go out and you start looking for some of this stuff if you get into a great job so pack ground the pack right here we load just like so pull this out and it sits like that and you just close the back here and then pull now you're locked and loaded ready to go so let's try this again so sixty eight of a second we'll set this this is a fancy camera thanks cory for ah the hook up because this is a really cool camera here strike and everybody how's class today right here on that number three we just talked that shutter press up here double check my settings yeah, here we go you guys a great man you can't pull pull this tab just like that that's where the magic happens so one ninety five these ones the full manual ones run about uh, five hundred eight hundred bucks those air really expensive so we'll let that cook for about fifteen, sixteen seconds people apart there's the magic you guys were walking home with the memories today, right? Question yeah. Is it really hard to get that out? I mean, you make it look easy but is that something you have to learn s so some of the uh using some of the older once they have springs in him that can sometimes be tough to pull that minor have all been they come out pretty easy so it's not too hard you just need to do it in a very clean stroke. I definitely have choked where it's and the yanks and it tears that's a problem that can happen yeah so you don't pull it right? You'll destroy the shot. You can? Yes, there are little workarounds that you could do. Yeah, just a follow up question. Do you actually you're saying fifteen seconds do you count fifteen seconds out, les I just more or less it myself? Yeah, the black and white house how much flexibility is there? I guess you're not gonna overbake the fujifilm it's got what I call their kill switch chemistry it's like the old polaroid, it was definitely like you wanted to cool within a certain time period with the fuji stuff it isn't is critical and then the impossible stuff you're not peeling apart anything, so I usually a temperature that's something to be aware of to I was just talking, I'm going blank when the guys here a creative live and he was saying, oh yeah, I was with the six hundred and all my pictures were coming out completely white and he was shooting with the three thousand b and it was because he was standing outside and it was like sub zero temperature, so temperature does effect development time. So something to be aware of here were, you know, seventy degrees, sixty eight degrees, you know, fifty it has got a little on the film, it'll tell you temperature like ideal temperature, too pull on s oh yeah that does affect that but these air great cameras a lot of fun so this is ahh my automatic so what I like about it looks almost like this one you know the too pretty similar this one's got the beef your lands the nicer lands and this one is then sort of the full automatic so you can pay five hundred to eight hundred dollars for something like this if you want the full control or I got this one for I think seven bucks yeah, right how awesome is that? You guys can afford seven bucks, right? So cock the shutter here I don't have to do any sort of manual adjustment get this side here high man I see you back there right here everybody bought pull oh, no we got it in there so there's a tab that's kind of stuck in here I had a little screwdriver around somewhere I like carrying a little screwdriver with me for moments like this I don't know where it is. Well, hold on to this will come back uh but tabs can get pulled it stuck in here so it's a great little tool tohave with you of shooting land cameras little jams can't get the battery door open really good we'll take a look at this a minute so that is the land cameras one of my favorite cams because they're just they fold up we these are all open lets you that so you press on this center column here closes up this little tab right there that uh closes it lt'd folds down just like that pulled that back up pop that out out it comes real simple really easy here, take a look at this all right have you guys held land cameras? No, they're fun. You're gonna want one you can go out I'm telling you probably have one of these you know, on your family's somewhere you've got one issue with it oh, thank you. Awesome. So you guys just pass that around? We'll come back to that s oh yeah so the the one ninety five those air the expensive ones but you can find this stuff for so cheap you know, one of the cool things with all these cameras though is that they all sort of have a mind to their own I wish I could say that they're you know they all function the same they don't with these old cameras they don't you know who this was shot with that camera right there who has a boom box and a bacon tuxedo there ready to rock right come on so that's natural light the really diffuse light coming in through windows shot with the black and white film nothing fancy but that's the auto you know that's just point and shoot super easy to do this is three exposures then so there's an exposure compensation on the manual ones or excuse me on the auto once eso you've got dark and light and so darkens the stop or it brightens two stops and that is shot with the camera that you're holding right there all the way dark all the way in the center and all the way light and you notice that there's not three that doesn't look like three swings of exposure yeah, go ahead that by time or by aperture they is it varies it depends on the camera so it's doing all the thinking for you so it'll just on these things don't have fast lenses so they go down to about f eight f nine eleven somewhere in there there you know ah fixed kind of aperture you can move one setting and then it's adjusting time that based on that so it's mostly adjusting time, but that was shot yeah, three exposures and those all look pretty good, but the reality is is that you know you got to shoot the stuff, you're going to make mistakes there's no rhyme or reason necessarily to all the exposure when you're shooting with the auto stuff for sure big shot us in this camera all right, I need I need ah willing hand to come up here right up here so this beast how cool is that? Yeah it's got got got the bulls so this this camera this is I love this camera uh any warhol this was one of his favorites big shot you see these big shots on the gear channel? Those are my buddies dan and peter some of my favorite people so that's the big shot and through that I want to take your picture well, they use a different camera to do that though this is the big shop is one land two hundred twenty millimeter f twenty nine and a sixty of them second you know you don't change anything used these old flash cubes you can still get him. I think I paid fifteen bucks for like twenty four of them uh and you could still get him and you can convert these cameras tio the electronic flash so you khun have this converted I'm going to show you how to do that in my e book stand over here so you focus by going in and out so the foot optimal focal range is like thirty nine inches. So in my little range finder here I have two which is impossible to see in this particular lighting scenario let's just guess right here we go right here look into the camera looked off camera nice pull the tab and that's sometimes what will happen you choke you didn't pull correctly it gets jammed that's going to happen you know that that will take another one here so what I'll do is I'll pop this where's my little scrooge over you know I'm glad you guys are seeing this because this is the kind of stuff that happens there's no miracle to this this thing doesn't some so the land cameras some of the newer land cameras have rollers this uses their little bars and so the bars I think are a little more finicky than the typical rollers so great example of what can go wrong so let's try and see if we can get another one through here so pull that that was a wasted one and then let's uh let's get you back up here close this up and of course right john you have a question for so when you're opening that it is not gonna affect the film or anything exposure yeah absolutely so you do lose an exposure you know and that's that's the thing is like you're going to fail you're gonna have these you know mistakes and embrace it you know you're like a lot it's gonna happen so let's try that again here we go buddy you're looking good off camera right and there goes the second one so you see the old cameras this can happen and you know here I am failing epically on creative lives that's the beauty of it this is the big shot it is these run about sixty bucks we'll come back maybe one we're we'll see how we're doing time why has come back to that but these did you do to I've got so much can we get a garbage can over here? Because that was the one thing I forgot to ask for so I can dump some of this stuff these air some examples of the big shot my buddy jim golden amazing photographer dave cioni legendary snowboarder filmmaker my buddy scott that's the kind of stuff you can get we're going to get this fixed up we're going to take some photos you guys were going away with a big shot. This is the sx seventy so this was the crowning achievement of dr land. This is kind of a funkier version my blue I got it to match my vans. I take after my mother. This one by far has been the most finicky of the bunch for me. I spent a lot of money so you pop the bottom down here just like that and that drops this focusing is up here. The first version was brown and chrome released in nineteen seventy two seventy three exposure compensation wheel here here just like that and then you would focus right here check this out uh see if I've got one thing that you can do is keep a film pax old film packs wondering if I have any here uh when you use up your pack it's a great way to test cameras so when we get to let's shoot where is this camera here another one that's it's works the magic here yeah, right there. Look at that just like that right here let's get everybody holding the sx seventy round a couple because I'm going to show you how you can keep these film packs on and load them and be able to test these camera so here I've shot a pack so what you can do open this pack up here, press this button right there and then we just put that in that's how you low like that pop that up so you can get an idea of whether the camera's gonna work you keep those packs on it's a good way to test you find a camera in the goodwill use that that's a good way to check to see is the motor working? What I've done is I've also loaded up some of those old film packs uh with the leaders that come out of him the little dark slides and I'll see if the dark slatalla jek it's a great way to test old cameras so uh that is the sx seventy really cool camera again these air all audio that's my knees take himself is like her uncle so this was shot with the sx seventy and what I'm talking about exposure wise so that's normal setting on exposure you guys all shoot portrait's right? I shoot shoot portrait of crusty shoes that's what ideo uh this is all the way to the dark and so if you turn that little dial to the black that's the dark setting and that if I went all the way to the right on the light and setting that's what I'm going to get and they very so this is a different camera you can see the exposures are a little different is black and white were normal where we've gone really dark over here so again I wish I had like could say oh yeah I was you know said it on this kind of setting you don't get that these cameras kind of have a mind of their own as we've seen here like I just shot pat's the guy that you saw on the expired polaroid there I shot him with the big shot gorgeous shot that came out so well this is the s x seventy sonar this is the auto focus so they came out with an auto focus version of this um in my flash we can't really shoot with me stand up let's see what we can do here so this is the auto focus version looking good let's face the right there it's like that so this takes one hundred speed film and that's the thing with the sx seventy that I don't particularly care for is that they came out with the six hundred siri's but these take the one hundred speed films so you need a lot of light typically to shoot with these indoors they work great outdoors but indoors you need a fair amount of light so let's see what we can get here my auto focus doesn't really work on this thing so there's a little switch here just push that in a little red tab comes down and I can manually focus this so and the beauty of the sx seventy siri's cameras was that I could get actually pretty close focusing so I could get up to about ten inches where some of the other cameras that were shooting with or about three and a half to four feet so that was one of the really cool things with these cameras you're looking good so hold it let's see what we get here to your head off that way just bring your eyes right back here hold that look at that spin spin pictures right? We're expelling those photographs so this is the sx seventy sonar I've got a flash that ah I went in my that again if you're shooting indoors meant for our impossible makes a little flash you get flash bars for these but if you're using this particular style camera inside your typically don't want to have a lot of light to do that s so that is the sonar version that's a good one and I that questions what do we got what's going on how is the interwebs way but we hadn't really gotten to the camera yet we should not I know this is I have two photos johnny where do you buy polaroid film for four by five inches create question they do not make it we're going to get to that I'll talk a little bit about that here when I get to I've got some backs that we're going to show so answer that question then is that sound good so yeah this is you know what let's give away something to somebody if somebody uh out there on the interwebs khun tell me what that camera is you're getting some fuji film from me anybody? Yeah that's one of my old crazy classic cameras got my buddy had a photo studio acquired some really cool stuff from him but if you can tell me what that camera is you get some fuji film for me right here. This is the camera that brought me here right here this one this one that we've been shooting with how awesome is this thing right? This is pretty cool can you? I just actually ran out of film to can you help me out and open up a pack of that so six sixty I've gaffe taped out the polaroid logo I rolled around and collect all this how many photographers here it creative live can say that they got here with a two dollars camera right this is the camera that got me here and I am so much love in this camera you kidding me? I photographed brian smith peter earley sue bryce all these great off canada's susan okay you guys have a photo back there I think right we dio friend bring that up let's take a look at that bring it up you know this is the story of awesome right here look at that so we're shooting in vegas I met these girls and said oh my gosh you guys are so awesome I love you guys let me get a photo with the two of you so I gave my but my camera to my buddy he took the picture and it comes pleat lee removed me in that how awesome is that job you ever existed that's the magic of this medium that just do not get that that is so sweet thank you. I love that photo what can I just say what I love about this photo is that susan knew but I couldn't remember who was in the middle joining me a couple weeks we go way do you have a photo where I was in the middle of the other shoes you know anyhow good story also love it. Right? So connect with me. Somebody on the interwebs is getting this camera. You're gonna get some packs of film. I'm going to give out some details next week. There's so much love in this camera that I want. And it's a camera that got me here. I want somebody to have this camera. Uh, so yeah, and what do you guys if you look under your seats, they're to somebody here is walking away with the camera. You know, I am all about sharing the love we're getting people turned on way as we're talking about this somebody's got something under there, somebody's going home with the camera. But really, this is my favorite camera. Two dollar camera I picked up. I have taken so many fun photos with this. What I like about the sun. Six six, steve so all these cameras have exposure. Coming. Look at you. You're going home? Yeah. We've got a good camera for you. Two were going to surprise you, but this is sonar focusing. This was, like, early eighties exposure. Compensation. Where on like the sx seventy that you guys got over there. Uh, when you close the body, it would reset the exposure compensation, so with these cameras, they don't and so what happens is I'm in vegas and all of a sudden we put it to the dark setting and then close it up and then start taking photos again and everything's coming out dark what's going on? Oh, duh. All right, so those are the mistakes you're going to make, but great camera. What I like about this one come back. How do you that is, you know, we could get within about two feet. That's the one thing that I love with this camera that makes it so cool is that I get a lot more closer focusing that some of the other ones that I've got here s o this is sun sixty somebody you guys connect with me. I think I had fifty five followers on twitter this morning. Huge right? Connect with may somebody's going to get that camera so stoked to be here because of that questions, anything? What do we got? You guys having fun? Yeah, right. You're like, this is the way we and photo, right? None of this s e and I were having fun. So s o r succeeded. This is my buddy and his little daughter, uh, shot with this camera where is that one right here, this is considered by many to be the polaroid like polaroids best camera because they use the six hundred siri's with this camera you could get close focusing and had the flash built in with that so I can turn the flash on a little switch on the back hello I'm gonna take a picture you can I do that? I love to know its collapse I hear we ggo you're looking good. So auto focus here, right? Look at that. No foam so that's the other thing make sure you got pulling your camera right? How awesome is that? You want to do me the favor to open that up? Yeah, awesome. So you maybe with this one, you just can you show us again how you walk into good? Will you get a camera and you were talking about you contest it, you were able to get in and out between about it harming the film? Well, so you're going to when I put yank the film out you're blowing the film the top exposure yeah, and so depending on the camera, so if you find the pat camera what you can do here, let me so let's open this one. I'll show you here we've got some film in here but ways to test so these used those batteries so when you caught the shutter was like the land camera, you hear the one click then you hear the second click so that's the battery controlling the second shutter speed on that so for me I carry if I'm on the prowl looking for cameras all carry like these polaroid batteries is three bowl for bolt on plug him in you know that's the first thing to check if you're looking for an old camera check the battery pack to see if it's all corroded aa lot of the cameras that I have had have like they have those seventies batteries and they're not bad they've got some corrosion and I'll just problem out clean it up with like a little rubbing alcohol on then I'll have a battery with me but so the thing you want to test with the land cameras is that second click of the the shutter so if you're not getting so if you point down to the ground and they're measured with that electric eye to sew my point up here it should be pretty clip quick and if I point down on the ground it should be bring it up you hear that second clip so that's a great way to test and then with like the six hundred year the sx seventy two six hundred the impossible stuff so this is using the fuji I carry around those extra dead packs so like this put that in and what where did my ducks like I do have a dark side awesome I'm throwing it right think of your own dark slide what I'll do is there's uh, some tabs here, aiken, slide this back in just like this and there's two springs the film goes under I don't know if this is proved by anybody but it's worked for me and I just pushed that dark slide back in just like that. And then so I've got an empty pack so low that into one of the cameras to see if it works and if the dark slide ejects, then it's like, oh, yeah, that's worth two bucks for me. I've got a policy of, like, if it's under twenty five bucks and it looks good and I think it's going to be good, I'll go with it, so uh, yes, we've got this one. We just loaded this, right? No, we did not let's try that again. I want to make sure they can't. I want a picture of everybody here. This is so much fun. Are you guys having fun? This's the best class, right it is. Thank you. I'm still I'm honor the best. Okay, you guys way. We're going over here, that's right for you? Yeah, yeah, hold on here. My auto focus sometimes can get a little fucking when it's so we go to manual, he loves you yes so I know as a digital photographer when you think about going on a trip and the gear that you bring I mean as a polaroid shooter are you taking one of these when you go somewhere you taking but I tried to got shot coming here it was like I mean, this is a little bit of s o hey I'm a guy that typically rules around with one camera maybe too depending on what it is I might have like color and one black and white in the other ana I use actually up a small point you that's the kind of guy I am I'd recommend just carrying one you know, if you're a digital person that's looking to get into instant photography you know yeah, absolutely it's it's so funny because nowadays we sort of use digital proof our polaroids we're back in the day polaroids we're used to prove your film yeah and it's just like it's a cool thing but I didn't answer the question I'm sort of going on tangents right? Although this is one of my favorite ones these air chief I paid five bucks for this camera what I like about this one the s e look at that that's old impossible film so that was sort of there c p a is it's kind of fading if I can get this thing that's the one thing that was crazy with this camera was that the flash would stick so that was you know, a couple bucks but this has some really cool film in here. Let's get amanda here actually no let's get these girls all right, all right, here we go. Put that one down and that's a that's a special one with that film type impossible makes this uh, magenta it's a magenta to tone france so that's going to be that should be pretty cool but what I liked about this the imports so this one you grip this way I'm not I prefer sort of holding this way, triggering this way as opposed to this but this one it's got a little self timer. So for all you selfie fans, you guys read the creative live log right? How to take a good selfie I guess I'm doing it all wrong I'm always doing duck faces and trying to show my cleavage and like, come on but if you guys like self orchards this is a good cheap camera impulse cheap plastic lands and again you're just adjusting those exposures with a little slider. So if it comes out a little like, you know that's the thing you've got to start shooting with amore to really sort of understand your camera that's that's the big key or, you know, commit spend fifty bucks on some film, grab a little note pad take notes like ok study like get a light meter you know even using a light meter for all automatic cameras or is really good because you can just get a sense of what the light is and you're like well I was in this kind of lighting scenario so uh six hundred e this is the big bad boy of polaroid cameras right here well yeah you roll out with that and they're like your pro aren't you absolutely so this is all manual built on him and me a press uses the pack film so from fuji uh and again they're only making the one hundred you can still get the three thousand but you know what was really cool was my first production meeting here with creative live justin calls me up it was august twentieth today is what september twentieth right hey says oh yeah you know chase johnson polaroids like cool yeah whatever you know and then an hour later I saw in chase's twitter feed this amazing like collection of polaroids that he used to shoot the entire staff well he provided me with a photo here that's all shot the entire set this guy has million dollar camp has everything but he chose to shoot with this particular camera so that man can you give me a quote that is so awesome and this is what he said about there's something special about the textile aspect of polaroid there is a legacy in history there, not to mention the photo creates a different experience between photographer and subject there's a value walking away with an artifact rather than just having pixels on a screen, you know? And that is the magic of this medium that nothing rivals nothing. You what you're walking out of here with prince, right? You're like, yeah, this is so cool, konica instant present. So these cameras run about six hundred bucks five, six hundred bucks full manual control, you can shoot lots of great stuff. You're emanuel guy, this is a good one. We just shot some pictures in the back there on the wall super awesome camera, but it is beefy, it is expensive. I prefer rolling with the smaller point shoots myself. Konica instant press this is a great one. Expensive, very rare polaroid I've got some expired six, six, nine in here, that picture that you saw of pat with the funky edge there that was shot yet right there that was shot with this camera. Let's, let's, bring somebody up here, who's volunteering. You got it. So we don't know what we're going to get so very rare camera made in the nineties, but this is like crandall a crime, this is going to set you back uh fifteen hundred two thousand bucks for this poppy yeah so when working with expired film does each exposure ten to ten and do the same thing repeatedly within a path it depends you know honestly I've had stuff that I'll get one like that and everything else comes out like a full print and stump stuff where the so fortunate that you saw on this old spectra where's all wacky the whole pack looked like that so it varies and that's what I'm interested in seeing here is are we going to get something that comes out like that or not so this has range finder focusing but what was really cool about this particular cameras got a big beefy grip super sharp lands on it but you can get close like two feet focusing where most of the other old polaroids you could only get about three and a half so that's what I really liked about this one so you look good right there does when you turn your head a little to this way yeah yeah uh oh yeah right there, man and you're a good looking guy bring your eyes right here so this is expired polaroid we'll see what we get pull out and that's what happens with expired polaroid sometimes it totally falls apart right that's that's the craziness of some of this old stuff so why don't we try I'll swap out this pack let's try another pack here we've got some old you know that's the beauty of what I love about shooting with this stuff is you know sometimes you get it sometimes you know it's black right it's still cooking it's going it's going to take so that one's going to take a while if we're gonna be lucky if we get that by the end of the show you know it's fine absolutely so so let's try this one again here it might help if I cock the shutter again pull straight out just like that that one looks pretty good we're cooking here so we'll let that one big for about a minute that's the instant press really bad ass camera but again that was going to run you a lot of money uh but it is ah goody pro camp this is a super beefy camera. I knew a lot of scouts location scouts that use this camera this one was slightly wider angle so it had a ninety millimeter on it open it up just like that. This is a really cool one. We can pop off one's real quick with this everybody look get amanda's uh so this use a spectra film so this film slightly wider then like the sx seventy the six hundred stuff that's a little wider so that'll come in let's turn that down for a second but this is a real bomb camera get him I think I got mine for about sixty bucks but it's so beef you hear pass that around pop some polaroids of each other enjoy like that's how we learned to do it really good care but I've got this example of here because that's mixed lighting so this is you know, one of the things to learn from polaroid from shooting instant film I should say is that in harsh conditions if you've got like, super bright and then some shade, you definitely want to move the subject more into the shade or you're gonna blow the face out or your subjects something to be aware of this is one of my favorite this is one time polaroid license their technology tio uh somebody else minolta exactly. This one has a bunch of control. This is crazy. This is the power of the medium ten I met these people about a month ago, they heard my camera motor they're like is that a polaroid camera yet turned around them like you want your picture like yeah, so I popped a polaroid of them they're looking at that it was their ten year anniversary and they're like this has made our night and now we're great france so cool here so let's do that one to you go right let's come on oh yeah great that's what you're so that I love this one because it's the spectra it's takes that impossible yes can I have a question and can you see how far back do you need? Can you be how close can you be with these like can we do a selfie you can yeah I mean you can try what if I'm within that range typically what I would do is adjust the exposure so all typically set that to darken they find it within like arm's reach because the flash does go off yeah give that a try we'll see I mean I don't know if you guys know about canada and selfies but she's got really long arms and she she could be oh, she could do this all press the button right because no no I would need to be another way you could look at that yeah, you get a picture of that? Oh actually actually we have ah question that's kind of related to that you know mind from linda till it who says if you are giving images away as they come out of the camera like we are here or say you're on in thailand or something? Do you take pictures of them? Where do you keep for archival purposes or for copyright? So yeah, what what I'll do is depending on the image sometimes when I was in vegas and we're shooting these off I didn't see a lot of home uh and you know I'm fine with that for people that I'm hanging out with that I give him tio what I'll try and do is take an iphone a photo of it and what I do it's like you know hey here's a polaroid and I'm giving this to you if you don't want me to take a picture of it I'm ok with that too I'm all about just giving and sharing love so this is a crazy camera the macro five this is the kind of stuff that I do with that right? You notice my shirt here superfly shirt that my buddy made for me uh yeah this is this is really cool somebody come up here who's volunteering yeah there you go right? So this congee it's so close power this on this was made for the dental medical market five settings that you control upon that dial there it's like that we're gonna get it we're going to dio so and the focusing let's see if we can so you see on her forehead there and you get that so you get you're focusing by bringing those two beams and right why don't we take your glasses off? Because I'll probably get some kickback will come into the eye here and what's this camera so hard because you're like zooming in and out and it goes in and out of focus but it's so cool all right right can you open a bigger one wait can actually then change the setting and come back out a little more so right get both pretty bright and then we'll take one of the other I see what we get way right it's fine we'll find them together right exactly ok, great. Can you open that I so this is a crazy kind of stuff that I do with this pass out around because it is a fun one that we are we getting shots over here we have a fun yeah really that much all right backs the question came up about four by five so they don't make uh four by five film anymore there's a guy named bob crowley who's undertaken the project of trying to recreate type fifty five and so this is a four by five back uh with type fifty five they don't make the film anymore unfortunately, but a guy's undertaking the project to try and recreate type fifty five which was a positive negative and then you have the four o five film back which takes pack films. So if your four by five guy get one of these backs and you can use the fuji pack film from this stuff, this is a self portrait shot on the fifty five and it's these cool edges you guys were having tons of fun, aren't you? Did I really like because of this film so r z somebody acquired asked me about you know in our z can I get ah film back this is if you're a film guy looking to shoot polar right on like a real film camera I'd look in r z you can get those sochi expired polaroid last photograph that I make like I should get my r z and talk about that one shot look at that that's the beauty of like expired what you can get so super cool ah fujian stacks we've got one of those somewhere here right here pass out one I've only shot one photograph with this thing uh but my buddy gabriel bitterman were in a show and hey popped a photo for a test and then a cz we're leaving you go here take this I'm like I don't want this ok I second my pocket I went and visited my grandmother she's ninety eight has dementia and I went hung out with her in the evening I got there that said I'm gonna come back and see you grandma the next day well she was sound asleep and I didn't want to wake her and I sat with her for a half hour and then I was like I've got this print I'll just write on it and so I left that with her suck that in her hand a road or note do you think she's on instagram do you think she's on to you no no that's the power of this medium is that I was able to leave my love one with a print creative techniques we got to get moving along here uh that video so creative techniques that was my studio back in the day looking that's all polaroid eight by ten square format it was just not had so much fun shooting it instant slide printer let's try and do some magic here real quick so the instant slide printer I'm a guy that has a bunch of slides so this thing here it was cool for doing image transfers so what I can do is and, uh, this thing super sweet because I can take my old slides put this in and then do a print so I'll show you here we got that these air expired six six nine er fuji pass those around and so I can print from my old slides and then the other cool thing that I can do is an image transfer so let's will try one again but this is an image transfer then so we peel that so this is you can do this with fuji film but you need to do it in the dark with the fuji film were very dim light we couldn't do it here but with six, six nine go ahead pass around six six nine you can do this with six sixty nine it's awesome let's attempt one so I've got to slide in there we've got our water color arches one hundred forty pound hot press ha presses smooth what we do is we just pop this bone like that pull that out pull we let that cook for about twenty seconds and then ah, we peel it and we put the negative side down on the paper here, so we'll let that cook for a minute these air some image transfers of mine, so appeal this like so and then I'll throw this down on the paper here like that, then we use a little brera like a just roll that on there go over that a couple times, some some people will pull the edge off. Uh, I've got a little heating thing I've been told that it works if you don't want image peel like the hand that's got image peel on I like image field you never know what you're going to get but keeping using a hairdresser or something on that well that's developing to keep it warm and then you'll peel it off we'll let that cook for a minute collages so that's using that macron, this is my buddy tim kerr you guys need to get turned on to this guy amazing music go to my web site under the french section he's the guy that did this shirt punk rock legend amazing human being we shot this in seattle in front of the art museum this is the kind of stuff I do you know take this media go out with it do what you do uh these are my better half portrait I shoot the significant other you know crazy stuff that I do negatives you know so the peel apart I'll give people the prince I keep the negatives I scan them and I can reverse them or get those crusty edge is I'm doing an installation piece of all these different neck I've been looking at negatives as an old dark room guy for my entire life so I love looking at that kind of stuff a motion lifts whole other story here so let's try to peel off and this one did not appeal but so when you get something like that you know that's what you're going to get hit miss but what I do is I'll take the like the so I've got a print we've got that print that's going around take that print scan that print I'll scan that lay that on top of it and do a blending mode change and then we can get like this really cool overlay texture so even though that might not be the best image transfer you know abroad one just in case that happens so we could see what it looks like and it does take some experimenting some people went this uh, with ah water and then squeeze yet I've never done it. I've had really good luck. A motion laughs whole nother story what you're doing is you're taking these prints and you're trimming the edges. Then you're soaking them in water and hot water and then the plastic comes off the back and comes off and, uh, the emotion comes out and then you slip up piece of watercolor paper under it would have taken me an hour and a half just to kind of show you this. But this stuff's amazing. I've seen some really great work, it's. Just a lot of work. Instant lab so quickly. Instantly. You guys know the instant lamb? This is the a perfect combination of, like, steve jobs and, uh, dr edwin land like the guys and impossible that came up with this. This is my niece and nephew. He's got the metal hands up trying to teacher and she's got the peace sign up like is this how you doing, bro? So way gave this to my sister is a gallery rap thirty inch gallery wrapped from the phone from the iphone, but I just wanted to print. Go get the impossible project app. Then you go into the instant lab, ugo here you can choose an album or shoot with a camera so I've gone in selected a photo go into my library choose this photo I download the free app called split cam this is my breast friend and I on our birthday so I shot had him shoot half and half and aiken it basically combines them and then you tap where you want the exposure to go s o I didn't tap that and then you put your phone down come up with a print like that so yeah super cool let's see if we can do one real quick here so I've got one here I've got actually this photo of my sister and her daughter love this pick uh and I'm going to attempt to do an impossible so we just load the phone up top just like that says pull that out it exposes that will do a little click when it's done push the dark slide back in hit the eject button way let that cook so uh I'll have that print I've got some black and white film in there and I've got an instant bookmark I've got you know my loved ones anywhere so cool thing about the instant lab eight by temporary house time check we're coming down to the wire ten minutes I think we might be able to do this all right I might need some hands here though thank you yeah so way are ending big you guys have probably never seen guys ever seen eight by ten so this is a beast I've got why don't we show this print we did this let's give it up to this amazing team who produced all this you guys rock seriously so we this was our test last night let's see if we can channel a little of the instant magic love here tonight on end with an eight by ten polaroid this is impossible project uh film that they're using or we're using so let's get this going so you need to do yeah like kick the light kick it right about here and we're gonna I think we should try and get everybody in here right it's like class you know two thousand fourteen photo we coming to an end are you kidding me so we're gonna have to squeeze in yeah it's gonna be oh so eight by ten film holder how we load that set that there pull out my negative so negative gets loaded like that well that down we close that up just like that I'll wait to pull the sleeve all right whoa every eso let's go this way we want to get out of the hot yeah keep a let's see here let me go under my dark claude so we are mixing things up for sure so I've got where is their five are you there who's on the that's the thing these things are hard to see is you can see ok you know yeah right they're awesome so here we are adjusting focus and you guys are going to be still you're not going to move you're gonna keep it just like that how's everybody doing out there diffused light just a little sweet so we did a test last night so hopefully we we're still on with that right? I want to check my shutter here it's a little sticky sometimes so this is the eight by ten film holder what we dio pull this out like that that's the sleeve let me just double check everything here cook the shutter there would go you guys look great I am so stoked let's see if we could channel a little instant magic here with the eight by ten we're going to throw this stand into the back here like that all right, you guys hold that hopefully I didn't kick it too much there and we're gonna go hot here pulling the dark slide hold that right there don't move you still into the camera everybody push that in like that pull out our film back how cool is that right you like days before digital so now we grab our tray here and I grabbed the positive side that's this she and so this is in a girl so unlike the polaroid were used the peel apart this actually takes the negative and puts it on the positive back in here so we lay this down here like so flip this over and what it does is that sort of sandwiches the two together actually let me love this right uh so this where like so and then we sandwich these two together and that lit goes right through there just like that I think this is how's everybody doing out there there we go. So now we've got that lip coming out right there and what it's going to do? We feed this through the eight by ten processor this be straight here way can pull this out a little here flip this lid just like that it's a power and now what we do know take this we sandwich this in here like this like that we press this button that was a good sound so now we let it bake it's gotta close that develops in the dark we got four minutes for that to cook. Let me show you some examples that have come out of this camera my clicker. So this is what it looks like through there when you got a lot of light on the back of the eight by ten camera. That was my buddy nathan great guy crazy like look at that I never would have gotten that I don't know what that streaking is like that came in and just kind of weird on my shutter sticking my buddy jim kish, legendary frame builder playing violently I mean that's so dreamy right? We try and get that boca that totally out of focus stuff that's a polaroid so that's type eight o nine you can get this on ebay it's still expensive attack but so you notice it so it's backwards so that's the thing with the impossible project stuff is it it's backwards versus the polaroid which is correct we tried to do an image transfer so that peel apart stuff with this didn't come out but what I'm gonna do sandwich it uh great friends of mine heidi and dawn love you guys you guys were watching shot that eight by ten boom we nailed that we had so much fun shooting pool it we were just shooting polaroids all they peel that and I pulled that we did an image transfer and I saw that print my god did I just ruin this print? We got that I love that you know that's the magic of the medium is that I would have never come up with that on my own we kept the pizza peel stuck this is ah ah cold press paper so there's a lot of texture in it but that is the beauty of eight by ten so we've got that cooking it's going to be a couple minutes time wide time check we're at what cup few minutes sweet questions anybody I asked a question from ijust there, which is what's the best way to preserve, store and take care of your snow polaroid snaps I have a nineteen seventies leather covered sx seventy and using impossible films, so not just and that's just the film, but the cameras, too. S o great great storage, I would put them in archival sleeping are where I keep mine in a box, you know? So I put a lot of them in a storage in a photo storage boxes. What I use is, which is where most of my polaroids go or not archival sleeping as opposed to like a sticky thing. Cameras impossible. I've got a great case. I don't see it here for the sx seventy camera leather camera case that's what you were asking right print stories in camera storage? Yeah, just a decent back. I mean, I'm terrible with my cameras and they're just going whatever so great question them. And how about cleaning? This came from a primal, never disassembled the sx seventy. Any tips on cleaning and chemical residual so a residue cleaning so the one thing I would do is, you know, if you're having problems with stuff coming out, you can clean the rollers that's about the extent of any kind of cleaning that I would do with my cameras is the rollers where the film comes out use a q tip rubbed those down with like rubbing alcohol it's a great way to clear I don't clean a lot of mind so if you notice like the print you see sort of tracking on some of these prints I like that effect but that's the only part of cleaning that I would do to a camera and recommend if you're having problems beyond that go to a place like rare medium here in seattle he does clean and repair and rest rest restoration that brings it like back to original specs so so we've got a couple of minutes here while we're wrapping up I would like to thank my friends that resource magazine they just didn't interview with me uh yes friday s so if you want to see more about what makes me tick, check it out love these guys my favorite photo magazine that they're doing pro photo supply they hooked me up my go to camera supply in portland I'm a fan of supporting local business film a guy and I worked for on one software you know, on one right? If you guys don't know on when we need to talk uh they're the ones that pay me love these guys and I want you to connect with me uh there's there's the buzzer let's see what we got right but I want you guys to connect with me it's I love like sitting here talking, chatting with you but the internet man I want to connect with you guys like hook me up I'm working on an e book that we're going to cover like all this stuff in any book I'm working on polaroid edges textures so you can do that because I know some people aren't going to go to the medium and you're missing out let me tell you but if you want to recreate that look I'm going to give you some digital stuff to do that undaunted dot com is my website oh well it is not my night tonight class of twenty four tio way I am so humbled and honored tio have shared the last hour and a half with you it went by in a blink of an eye we had some failures right that's all right that's the thing that's gonna have and then we're gonna have some successes as well and the meat you got to get into the media you got to take a picture it let's enjoy this moment and like I just found out that well susan over here it's her last last episode are you kidding shell to the next episode? Yeah, you know I'm not kidding you have been such an amazing wonderful co pilot here driving this machine you can I am so so I had been a part of this. Thank you. You're gonna be sorely missed. A great part of thank you so much as a break. Give it up for these guys, right thing. Amazing job.

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